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Mon, May 16


300 SW 7th St

Monday Knights Sermons

THE LORD'S SENT Covenants truth one law of one true God the truth true word declaration Holy Scripture ten commands 10 Bill of Rights the duty of men told by The sent servant of the Lord . Everything you need to know of how GOD will judge! RIGHTEOUS ANSWERS!

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Monday Knights Sermons

Time & Location

May 16, 2022, 7:00 PM – May 17, 2022, 7:00 PM

300 SW 7th St, 300 SW 7th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73109, USA

About the event

THE LORD SENT servant. The Apostle to this nation this generation. I do not preach to women or to children but I do not refuse them. As most my sermons are only aimed at the truth and I do not cater to men or women or children but only to GOD. For if I did move my sermon for men and women and kids I could not be a servant of GOD. I keep my salt and each other's the same I inform you of your covenants and the righteous judgments in which God will judge has judged and God being without a shadow of turning my teachings are Holy Spirit interpreted and taught without refute. Knowing these things already I do it for the Lord alone. Not one past learning but that which I teach I would die to tell and therefore the odds of anyone refuting or adding to a slim tonight as my teacher is the best in all creation the Holy Spirit ourself from the Lord God himself. I teach men that which I practice. Truth truly letting God define and not us. Every Monday night on the northeast corner at scissortail Park in downtown Oklahoma City. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask I do not refuse women or kids but I do not call them to die preaching to them the Christian sermon pick up your cross and follow me remaining faithful covering your bride bringing her playlist before God that's all creation. To do that which Christ done for us. If you have any questions or comments please meet me after the sermon as I would be glad to tell you what the Lord has told me and to tell you how the spirit interprets your question or your dilemma. Whatever it be my counsel is better than the whole nation put together as I am the one that fears God the most. I think it's not too great of a feat for a 14 year old girls have literally done this. It Is by God himself and he is no liar and is easy for him to do as many think this is too impossible for God to put upon a man who has not money or worldly riches but is faithful true to God's word in the testimony in which GOD reveals in him, to die for the word true is to live forever, for God does not deny himself and he is always true. I've already proven the entire education system prehistoric straight out of Exodus 5. I've already proven the entire government in open air treason. I've already proven every father has failed at his station. I've already proven none of them knew God that their tongues are a lie and nothing of God. I've proven their Christianity is nothing but an adulterous whorehouse that rolls over for any wind blowing her way. For none of the preachers teachers judges sheriffs or fathers have been teaching the covenants in which I give you this is a clear sign that I work the miracle of the scent servant of the Lord to this nation. For the words that I give you are from your father's and blood and in truth that everybody in the nation swears to God to uphold and do. I've been in this for 10 years and I'm without a doubt chilled in the face many think I am too harsh or I use curse words I use my words that God gave Me growing up and I do not negate the salts in which he has given me for any mother f***** in the world. I would be f****** my mother by God and f****** God if I did such a thing for you know the words I use for you are from my country I'm not foreign to you nor are you to me and therefore the words I use are true and that's the only thing anyone with God would ever look to. And that is what you'll find with me not as all you'll find with me and I hope nothing else more that is exactly what you'll need to live for eternity and to be free in this world and faithful to your wife and your children and not building them prisons telling sparming God damn lies while you crucify them on paper legal idolatries. I've not come to compromise with liars nor with a legal system nor government nor Church as the never get their own congregation that I've seen we usually die alone poor and in prison filled up with the greatest wealth of world ever known Holy Spirit wisdom truth from God for you cannot Chase Idols than men make and wisdom which God push forth there is a line drawn between the two and any of the pursue the one cannot pursue the other and I have chosen the greater pursuit the best gift and it will not be taken from me even in death nakedness or prisons and that is what I offer you. If you are not coming for this you need to go somewhere else. They slander my name as I'm sure you've heard many things that just let you know that I'm with God and they are not. My work speak for themselves and they stand without me and therefore they are God made. And he is a consuming fire that will burn down everything that is not of him and you'd be a fool to think that he does not do this. I teach Mercy absolute as long as you come in truth for Christ says we cover so we cover you even if you're plowing my wife on my field if you're true about it then God will work with you and I am under him. But if you come with an idol liesaying that you can invoke the evil I will rebuke you while you stand or die trying. I know the game better than you and how much you suck at it I know why you do it I know you do it for and who you do it too I know you better than you for a liar does not know himself for he cannot be himself truly this is what I try to give you the courage to be the best thing that God ever made you truly you true. This is God's favorite handiwork no matter what you've done as long as you are in truth you are my brother my sister and I would gladly die for you. I will see you in heaven and there will be much competition there of who died for who before they died for them. For we know that death is not death to God and to die for one another is the greatest honor you can bear for one another. I have already died multiple times for my country my wife and my son my brothers and my sisters and in this I've been made more than a conquer and I care not for the praise of men for I know most of you are lying cowards I know all of you were born. Takes one to know one I've been you I am praying you will be like me and follow him for his way is true and it is the only to God and to our children's freedom and the safeguarding of our nation's most estimable values natural law and Nature's God have entitled us. To not survivals but to be free and our God commands this. Whether you serve him or not this nation must be free as it is it's Covenant. I've come to destroy your item and your witchcraft and your game where you only gain using the word as a lie and building up idols. I'm the first sent an invisible voice in 2000 years that I have found. I am not a bad General for I command them in the Lord's Armada and it is true I am only the general of custodial services, that is I clean up the s*** after the saints you think it nada great job but I do I find much honor in it. I've already won this war for in the battle & victory are THE LORD'S ALONE! I've already won this war because every battle I have 100% sure victory for no good General leads his men in the battle or himself but is led he is called, and it is because he has made and chosen the will of Heaven above his own. And if you have not the moral cause of which I most assuredly have by the covenants and the oaths and if I was wrong they would not swear to God to keep these things. But if you have not the moral cause then your cause is no cause at all and you've already lost everything for you leave your children nothing. Seek you first the kingdom of heaven for this is the only will that will be done on Earth and everything else is just passing by. I secure men in the door I tell them what they will need to pass the sword if you do not believe my words you will not see Christ again. So I pray you do adhere to them be true for all I do is establish you as an elected Royal king queen & priest to GOD I establish your children the same my secure your home your name and your lineage with the words from your God your fathers for I tell you nothing new I only remind you of that which you have forgotten misplaced or they have taken. Just like HE said I would. HE says to tell her that is the whole of the nation for the men are being women tell her to repent from her greed to the truth I will make her eat her children and if she asks when tell her in this flesh. Your lord God offers Mercy now take it for he is ever merciful more than he is just. Come over to the throne of grace and need a mercy come in truth for you are in need of his Mercy as all of us in creation.

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