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When GOD gives a wife / kids, then it is your duty to keep them. When the devil makes idols to take them, you are to keep your charge from GOD, your wife, and the freedom for your sons, so they may be free to serve GOD and not be slaves to the idols that take your kids. 

Preacher Blair is on almost all major media sites, search for preacher Blair, or elected royalty, and you will find his sermons. 

We challenge you to find better, truer, and if you do, we are willing to bet it is in scripture, that Preacher Blair preaches from. about and too. 

idols made by men make

Themes Library offers a comprehensive exploration of The Holy Scriptures, enabling a deeper understanding of one's duty to uphold them. This library is designed to showcase the rich and diverse tapestry of The Holy Scriptures, which have been passed down to us through our fathers via written testimony in covenant to THE LORD, woven in spirit, word, and blood.
Themes Library serves as a guide for those stepping into faith. Themes is a companion for those navigating its expansive halls of Faith's mansion. Themes provides the timeless universal standard set by THE LORD. Themes is not following transient trends, or giving opinions, and thus are not subject to peers, but the peers are subject to Themes' Truths. Words being tasted, truth is that standard ensuring that the average person is well-equipped to understand. When standing with GOD you will much have to apologize, and GOD's Command will both string it and strum this chord, so all individuals could know it,, Themes like all issues in the scritpures are based off the commmand.  in accordance with GOD's command for every individual. For the elder who seeks truth, this library offers confirmation and comfort, aligning with their faith and the teachings received from the same unified ONE Spirit of GOD


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