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Though Exodus 12 doesn't say anything about atonement

Though Exodus 12 doesn't say anything about atonement, It is always about atonement for the male, that is why The Lamb's blood is put over the door posts. 

That is that death passes over their house. Did death pass over Adam when he wasn't there to put his blood over the posts. 


Look if you can not see that the main cause of GOD's Plight with man is that he will not be a man, to defend the family, then let me help you. Because GOD has ordained husbandry, you know that very thing which makes abomination to the Egyptian. The Egyptian being one that brings his children to the slaughter by his works, holding not the family unit in value, as much anyways, as they do their paying and obeying. 

Israel however, being THE LORD's First Born, because he learns the importance of husbandry, and how to keep the wives, the daughters of THE FATHER, and yes Laban too of course, as it is Laban that THE FATHER uses to teach Israel the covenant, of sorts, that being THE FATHER was teaching Jacob before birth, at birth, with brother, mother, father, then with Rachel, and Leah, which is with and too Laban of course. 

Thus then it is with the husbandry that the Egyptians find so abominable. This is the sacrifice in which they find abominable that Moses can not perform sacrifice. That is also why they must go three days journey to do so, three being an 180 degrees, an about face, to show they are opposed going different ways. 



The same that Jacob puts the kettle into adversity for breeding, so too does GOD in Egypt, as pharaoh states,

Exodus 1:10 Come on, let us deal wisely with them; lest they multiply, and it come to pass, that, when there falleth out any war, they join also unto our enemies, and fight against us, and so get them up out of the land.

 wisely of course meaning cunning, to bring them into affliction, at the watering whole is where Jacob does it, that is the wisdom of GOD, the waters that pour out from heaven, when the men are not getting it right, taking the mark of the beast buying and selling in marriage. That is claiming to be sons of God but are nothing but daughters being born. For as in pharaoh's day so too with the cattle of Jacob, that is the Israeli story in the cattle of Jacob, he brings them out. 

Thus too does he bring out the daughters, and this by what? Nothing other than the covenant. This is where they eat bread, on this pillar, this is the mana from heaven, that men are to eat, the help meet, the meat of the faith, the big boy stuff to them that believe and don't have that wicked spirit of unbelief. 

Thus is the point, the beginning, for the end's sake. The ground is cursed for our sakes, that we are to be in front, to bring the gift blameless. This is counter to the towers built to the throw the wife down from, that is the sowing of fig leaf that is the bill paying idol fetching ignorance of man. To grow wiser the man must eat the meat, the help meet if you will. It is this because he must be willing to die, to kill, for his, of course this is to his GOD, which is the point of the whole matter. 


And GOD is the point of the whole matter, yes, but GOD has enacted these things to demonstrate GOD in the matter, and your position to him. There is a measuring to which GOD measures you by is there not? Not that any are good enough, but again, demonstrating your position to GOD is the acting proof of faith, for man demonstrates his obedience to idols, by adultery, by custody, by prisons, by law enforcement, and yet to GOD he demonstrates none.  No he does, or he is not in the faith. The way to catch the sinful is easy, they are in sin. That is all. They are already judged by GOD, they were judged before they set out, GOD hasn't moved, HE was already there, telling you what sin is. They then move into it, it is GOD who judged them, the ten commands are clear as night from day, HE has made the commands adamant from the rest of the world, they are true, and they are to be obeyed, and them that don't are already dead. 


For they are life, the issues to it, and they are eternal life. You can not war against them, transgressing them, and expect to live, they are most importantly for you, for yours, and nothing else, nor anyone else are they for. The only ones that are not for them is the running liar and thief.

Which is all about Adam where are you. And here I AM, I AM HE. you can not tell me that you do not understand, that the blood over the door posts is you son's blood, anymore. GOD has made it abundantly clear, and if you continue, you are clearly cut from the Egyptian cloth, and one who sacrifices his brother to idols, on the daily by your cunning lying, and adultery. Agreeing to bring your own neighbors into bondage, of obeying and paying to these idols, and prisons for them if they do not obey and pay to these idols. 

There is nothing new under the son, what has been is, and what is will be again. They become the illusive beast, that was, that is, yet is not now. No, it is now, they are just saying it is there cause it is here, the men themselves, are the beast, the adulterer, the custodian, the courts they worship in alone. They do this to do their theft, their robbery, their eating up of the people, that is course, the people eating each other in HIS HOLY NAME, so they invoke in lies HIS HOLY NAME in order to invoke the evil one, and then hold up their idols of custody and divorce as totems. 

Deriving their unjust powers from such enchanting bewitchment, they think to undo GOD, their oaths too, and the Natural Law. They seek only to destroy your family, and you, as a family and as a nation. Cutting roots of every child they possibly can, while using HIS HOLY NAME thus cutting the faith roots themselves. Leaving the children bewildered as to the difference between an adulterer and a married man. Then even in unto the difference between parental authority. 

And this until they are so scrambled they think a judge, one man should and could rule over them in family matters. How ignorant must one make the child to think such things. 

Such a one would think to pay permission to another same as himself to do something, like marijuana, or anything, like pay booze, or what their kid has to learn, and this they must do or they will take the kid away. What shall they learn at this place how to take kids away from parents. You see the never ending revolving ignorance of their idols. They think them so great in achievement and powers, that if you do not obey the high priests who decided this is education and a must to your kids or we will take them away. Never beating sin, sickness, or death, they never rise above a mule, but yet they obey even to the kids. 

They find nothing Holy or True, thus sanctify nothing. They search for knowledge all the day long, never finding it, or truth in it. Thus they give rule over to others just like themselves. If they can not believe that a kid is a miracle gift from GOD and that the parent is supreme in authority, both of them, then what do they believe. They don't, they believe in wicked idolatries, that these will dictate their life, they make gods unto their own opinions which are shit, producing no truth no freedom, but bondage, as these opinions lead to more adultery, more custody, more prisons, for themselves. 

And these opinions they love. They have have them at whoever they want, as long as it is not against the idols professed, from there new god kings. Fetch and pay and obey and you are a model citizen, the same as if you served a good citizen in Pharaoh's Egypt, that is not reborn to GOD as Israel, today as true and free Americans.

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