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As often it happens I was going by and THE LORD had me take time to tell them, so I did. Here is that message was on today's family broken family link to my writing and

I will tell u how it goes. Any man taking another's wife is unlawful, no ?s about it. If u know they are married what is you go to build up? U don't & GOD knows, u women heed my word u r eternal ladies, all u do in adultery denying your spouse will be broken off becoming a blot to u forever not erased, ur children will all be brot in the midst and inquisition will be made of them and any son with your adulterous word thinking adultery is okay in any way, will be killed. They will die yay they are already dead for what they think of GOD is what? Jesus confirmed what I say in revelation.

U adulterer men, u shagging boys momma, u dishonor then their fathers for how u honor the son u honor the father, shall he grow up thinking he can swear falsely invoking evil one to a daughter then trade her out or take another's wife his neighbor his country man his brothers.

You may have all together not put it to heart but GOD weights the heart. U want family u should fight keep suffer die for family MEN. u r not in the faith u r adulterous for u think to undo GOD because u do not believe in GOD for where has it been said anywhere that GOD divorced remarried. NO WHERE

u say Jesus gave u okay for divorce with adultery fornication. Are u so blinded in lusts u can't see he did as MOSES for the hardening of your hearts ( no good to be saved) did he suffer you that putting away, he did not say you CAN EVER REMARRY!

And r u so dumb to think if u put away for adultery fornication to remarry THAT U JUST COMMITTED ADULTERY FORNICATION! Monkey c monkey do, tit for tat, pot calling keddle black is 1st grade comprehension & U MEN OF GOD ARE DIE-FORCING in divorce CURSING-TOAD in custody.

U men think u are hidden among the masses behind your walls GOD can't see your scheme of wicked hearts. but BEHOLD THE HEAVENS & THE HEAVENS OF HEAVENS, THE MAKER OF IT ALL KNOWS IT ALL. the mind think he made it so he knows it. Ear hears then the maker hears it. Mouth speak he knows it, heart beat he knows it, THE MAKER is Jesus ear so you know for your sakes, right where you think you will not be caught you will be taken, his eyes burn brighter than 10,000 sons,

That means you r trying to tell 10,000 generations of sons GOD is not faithful that he is adulterer for it is HIS HOLY NAME U are swearing by and too. Then it is your invoking the evil one HOW is it u think to claim the FAITH bear the name of GOD & CHRIST. !

Is it Christ employs the evil one now? Is it Christ employs CALLED THE LEAST in the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. called least so u know eternal hell fire is called in heaven so where would that put them not keeping command teaching others to do the same? in eternal fire.

GOD is not mocked u obey gentile courts orders, to take kids to steal them to rob poor when can't pay it for a man's freedom choice but NOT do as 10 of 10 commands r a not doing. So to do evil u work but to do right true GOLDY for Christ sake u can not & this is not a work but a rest for none r justified by the deeds they do 8n the law, but GOD SAYS if they would enter my rest, if they would choose right refuse evil, if they would wait on me, wash feet take shoes off do truth.

U r not in the faith,this is not hard to figure out. U r liars all together, sorry ur preachers didn't tell u. But they always complain too true preacher all them fell away since that sermon of truth. What will I do now they ask.

Choose truth as commanded it's the only way to GOD. not another. Trust in the wrong thing is to trust in a lie, but GOD is TRUTH, & we had NONE FALL AWAY for the TRUE REMAIN & the liar is shaken off as it reads.

U MEN in adultery if u r not confessing ur in adultery u r a liar and all together r rejecting GOD. it says much about like; Abigail who is David's wife who is Nabal's wife. Bethsheba who is David's wife who is Uriah's wife. Pharoah say to Abram, why did you this thing that I took your wife as mine, now take your wife and go. Abimilek says to Abraham, you have done to me and my people a thing that ought not be done now take your wife and this for a covering to show SARAH (all FEMALES ARE) blamelesss concerning this matter. That matter is adultery the man receives the wife from 1 FATHER LORD GOD ONLY WISE GOOD & LOVE. It is either u believe this or it ends here as I am John the Baptist mantle to u now. "IT IS NOT LAWFUL U HAVING UR BROTHERS WIFE. YOU should behold for where u stand thou art a dead man." For the kingdom of heaven is taken by force and by violence until John THE Baptist. That is THE FARHERS!

Men it is time to grow up for it is true u r dead right there. BUT U WERE BORN DEAD. now I have told u the truth and it is CURSED aka GOD DAMNED YOU. but now let me BLESS U TWICE for me telling u your GOD DAMNED id truth and a blessing Fif truth is the only blessing man can access Isa 65:16.

So now let me double it.

U were always dead. U were as all us save Jesus & John.

Jesus not conceived in iniquity as all us, daddy getting a nut in it he quit it. Born into sin, John reborn in womb before that, and wicked from your youth.

Damned = BLOOD if u give it u can't go to hell, death passes over house. How all daughters go home.

And how Adam falls doing as u men r now. NOT keeping charge not covering wife not keeping oath vow but rather turning stones into bread to make his own towers of lying pridez to throw down his self HIS WIFE IS SELF! This tempt THE LORD GOD u swore in name of and to and by. So then U r either the evil one or u were a fool, and confess u r wrong not GOD.

It must needs be we all humiliated by the truth as a bride of it. Be abased at your error before GOD'S SIMPLE TRUTH, and repent too keep do this & THE LORD HIMSELF SHALL FIGHT FOR YOU, defending your cause for it is his.

Your adultery is cursing mothers & as it reads THE BLESSING of the fathers establishes the childrens house but the curse of the mothers roots out foundations.


man receives her y did u swear if not to this charge this duty all men . Is it to deceive GOD ur a fool is it to deceive you. That is even dumber than God somehow. Is it you went to deceive the daughters?


And all FATHERS HUSBANDS not even just in the FAITH should be standing up now.

As Laban invited ALL THE MEN to the wedding where Jacob thought to deceive them marry Rachel saying BONE OF MY BONE like Adam that ud vows like saying I am Christian or I am AMERICAN, or I am tru or father or brother or friend.

So when Laban gives Jacob Leah instead of Rachel, Jacob wakes up pissed, accusing Laban THE FATHER for deceit. But U C Y Laband didn't invite the people but THE MEN!

Laban saying to Jacob after accusing him who gave him his daughter his now wife . " IT MUST NOT BE SO, in our nation we do not give younger before elder, come now fulfill her week also."

Translation, all the men there waiting to see if Jacob will confess by submission he went to just get him a piece & used the name the vow oath to get in or Labanis RIGHTEOUS.

For to not fo as Laban says is to pimp out your daughters younger hotter fetch a better price boys we could buy sale in daughters taking mark beast as Jacob went to do, AS ALL MAN DOES ME TOO! YOU MUST NEEDS REPENT! thus the men there to show Jacob Laban knew & it must NOT BE SO. for if it is all the wall the MEN will kill him.

They have too, or look at each other and daughters and sons and say we are going to pimp u out die forced divorce cursed toad custody taking ur kids daughters that GOD gave u and u shed blood in labor pains ifuch sorrow for.

But hey like Jacob bone of bone u swear I swear and then u die to bring in, they went to work serving idols no blood life offering to take and lie to u daughters & sons

Thus if Jacob has pushed any more past IT MUST NOT BE SO, we do not pimp out our baby girls letting coward false swearing liars invoking the evil one to deceive them take their babies cause they livd their God damned idol adulterous opinions more than THE SIMPLE TRUTH OF GOD CARE OF DAUGHTERS.

Why all nations are made and why they all fall. The abomination of desolation is this described. Mother's blood not honored oath not repented too. So men can play friend killing dauters sacrificing their children they bore.

U would do better off telling your step sons they r ur brothers in the faith, if y r confessing ur sins. If not WELL.


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And please check out the link as I am a member myself, see you there yah.


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