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fulfilled in 70 AD the Preterits say

about the fulfilling in 70 AD

I am not a Preterist, but i shall help you out.

did you not read, Stephen seen THE SON OF MAN at THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD, and then is not that Stephen seen the end of the world, his world.

If you notice, in some places of the bible, there is only the speaking of, until them, that is not of the future;

For instance, "yesterday for thee, and today for me."

See there is not a for you tomorrow.

it is like that in many places.

The reason, is because if you are the first born, and you are too sit on the throne of Jesus, as he sits upon his father's, then you can understand, why Stephen seen the end of the world.

every reborn son is the first born son.

There is one father, even for the christ, that means every man is to be that one father, for THE FATHER IS INVISIBLE. Take a look at John The Baptist in relation to Jesus Christ, don't you find it strange that John didn't follow Jesus, personally.

He doesn't because he is of the age, to be the father's business the same as Jesus Christ, that is John was ready to die for it also.

To be crucified, before the gates, before the door to the house, to be nailed fastened, and pulled straight way up, and then replaced with another. Thus for thee yesterday, for me today.

Thus for you.

for the hour is always, not knowing the hour.

and as far as Preterits go, their faith was killed from the beginning, they have none.

The word Erkomai, aka in english is come, and the Preterits, quote Christ saying, COME, COME, COME, saying these things have come,

but they have no more come than they will come, than they have, do and will, come.

That is the greek word, it means always present tense. the beauty of the Greek language is it's verbs, they have the best verb use ever known in language, and the word, come, is resent tense.

Not just that, but also, Revelation begins, with Jesus saying,

Write these in a book, as for things that have come, that do come, and that will come.

Thus then you see if they believe in Jesus, then they must believe, his words, and why are they adding to his words if they love him so much, that is why are they adding too saying, these things were fulfilled, if they love Jesus, or GOD, they do his word, and don;'t add too, clearly they are liars, deceiving, playing games, playing god's new messenger, that they can construct such things with such insight, yet they can not father to that prophecy, not only is too be, but is, and was, it is living, and when you realize that GOD's WORD never changes, then as The Quran states, you will have obtained to THE GREAT OBTAINMENT.

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