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Meats as an abomination

the sheer fact that you're letting them that never beat a beast rule over you and your diet is a disgust to the faith.

man is born like a beast wars like a beast ages like a beast get sick and dies like a beast. why is this o man? so that no man boasts above a beast and only God is exalted.

800 BC psalm 90:10 and we live to be 70 years on average 80 if we increase sorrow.

2,800 years ago the average was 70 years of age.

today 70 technically 72.

our own founders live to be 90 and 80 in America.

therefore with all the modern medicine they claim so wise they've never added a day to the longevity of men.

therefore they all die like beast so why would you let them rule over your children and you.

because of their idol worship. idolatrous puffed up opinions of pretended world warship and wisdoms when it is all of fallacy of Egypt Gypsy Babylonian Pope University degree trick to enslave your children.

to roll over you like cattle and take your Dominion Genesis 1:26-28. against God's very first command to choose freely Genesis 2:16. and against his second command don't make idols to rule over others eaten from the tree of knowledge good and evil thinking you done better than a beast Genesis 2:17.

God has appointed your day to die you cannot change this. take away or add to only God knows the day the hour and the moment. Genesis 9:25 Noah proves its Satan's lowest servant that judges you for what you choose.

Paul confirms it's liberty and Liberty is from God Galatians 5:1 when Timothy 4:2-6 Christ proves their evil ruling with idols and Nelson to the cross proving their foolishness forever to come Colossians 2:14 through 16 it is The wizard of Oz and them that judge are Satan's little servant Mark 7:14 through 23.

it is idle rule against the very first amendment for sentence. Congress shall not establish any religion nor prohibit the free exercise thereof.

it is so you face idle accusers and no living person so they can sacrifice you to idols the sixth amendment 4th amendment 5th amendment.

wisdom of Solomon chapter 2 using idle degree training that you can't afford and your legal strength to bring the righteous poor to a shameful torturous death.

it is child Idol sacrifice wisdom of Solomon 14:21-33.

it is the season of the Dominion as stated Genesis 1:26-28.


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