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Melchizedek meaning is father's business

Salem she-lamb is that all women are God's City their his heritage, each one of them are sacrificed and shed blood and they are only covered with cursed skin but each one has gold and pays twice, Isa 40:1-3 Psalm 45 exo 21:7-13

Pearls they are, each one the pearly Gates, each one of them. they are also the salt, & the pillars that God bears up, psalm 75:3 and if you give up your salt what good are you to be saved?

you're not, but to be trampled under foot of men. that means you're a snake and dealt deceitfully with the women & kids,

Melchizedek is males kiss a dick, that is kiss the son before he be angry with you.

Adam was instituted to be the head covering of the family every male is this. THE LORD told Abraham "I will have every male" as was said Adam "where are you" and again to Adam "because you did not adhere to my command," Adam gets the option of the curse.

the woman gets childbearing the blood, again Isaiah 40:1-3 she pays twice she is a lamb Salam guard her this is peace this is the order of Melchizedek from Salem.

And all the devil has to do is take rule of mom's position, authority of mother over the sons

this is to prove all your men are coward lying thieves doing deals deceitfully with the women.

Watching them shed blood by GOD WHO gives them the baby and then taking the kids from them, only to make slaves, Pharaoh the rich Fair they owe the rich.

And those that are righteous they go to bind their hands with idolatry saying, don't touch taste do, or they run around smearing their name, to justify their adultery and child stealing which is the dragon chasing the woman with her child to the end of the world, revelation, Exodus with Moses, Jesus with Herod, Hitler with concentration camps.

Adultery divorce custody So they can curse the kids toads in custody forcing spouses to die in die Force divorce black magic witchcraft of Balaam's doctrine.

they make up their own righteousness about drugs or foul language while they pay bills above blood & truth, Beelzebub, fair that you owe the rich Pharaoh wizard of Oz, fetch the idol enslave the child.

That's why Abraham paid tithe, the city was called peace, peace is always keeping of the ten commands and the man was older than Abraham and therefore he was a father that paved the way for Abraham.

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