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If you can not believe that GOD made the marriage you will not believe in GOD. For them that hold not sanctity in marriage they hold nothing sanctified. And if you can not find GOD in marriage then you shall not find GOD. Jesus Christ is the word of GOD made flesh, that which Adam divorced from to adhere to his wife, and not to THE LORD GOD’S COMMAND.

Thus was it cursed for our sakes. To show that Christ broke the curse, you only need to look at the two gardens, though it is all the way through the scriptures, and most assuredly in the Gospels. If it is that you are a Christian, then it is that you understand the way in which you were saved. If it is that you are a Christian and you do not know, then it is you must needs be new to the faith, or are a liar.

You will hear many a man claim his faith in Christ, yet they are easily dissembled, and easier proven. If the man does not know the command of GOD, he is a liar and the truth is not in him. 1 John is not under stating the importance of the Commands. But they shall respond with empty words, saying Jesus gave us a new command, to love one another as He loved us. GOD for seeing their empty words, has made it clear that love is the keeping of GOD’s command.

first time love is used is in when Abraham is to sacrifice Issac, that is where THE LORD commanded Abraham. The first time love is used in the New Testament is John 3:16, that is Jesus obeyed the command THE LORD GOD, to be given for the whole world. This command is to cover them that GOD gives you as a good gift, mainly speaking of your wife, mainly because she is born out of the word you gave her, and the word is the heart of THE FATHER poured out, thus it is before the beginning is the husband and wife made.

This is something all men of GOD must understand, and keep in the belief of THE LORD GOD for all children after them, it is the eternal covenant. The lamb of GOD was slain from the foundation of the world. Meaning that THE FATHER’s will is that the men shall cover their wives, HIS daughters. This is something that is so important among the righteous that it is one of the two written laws of GOD. The first Law is TRUTH, the other is like to it, the blood life of females.

The law of your mother is what it is known as in the Proverbs. It is confused with the matter of Child bearing. Now why this is so confusing for so many, is the way that THE LORD GOD accounts child bearing. If a wife is given to a husband, and she has no kids, and her husband is never reborn, the husband is literally counted as her child. For the man adhered to her and not to THE LORD GOD’S COMMAND. Thus is why Adam is called dust, and she that is Aiysh is called Eve going out. Mother to all living, is what Eve means. And Eve it is that she is mother to all living, and so too is every woman that sheds blood, that is every female that is, was, and is to come, for from the instant that she sheds blood she has paid to child bear.

This is how she that bears not shall bear more than her that has children and a husband. For she shall learn of the word, and from her sorrows, she shall find the covenant, to become more aware of the workings of THE LORD GOD, thus she like Sarai (princess) shall become a queen like Sarah. Mary is in the same light. In a younger age. Now you know that Jerusalem is well said to be mother to us all, that is GOD’s city of peace. And it is that every female is yoked by the blood, thus all them are called a maidservant. Now why would GOD name his city of peace, as mother to us all.

Because the female is mother to all living, from the time that she is shedding blood. Even the blood of Jezebel is used as a Holy Wholly One work. When Jezebel is thrown from the tower, her blood lands on the wall and on the beasts. That is the reborn and the un reborn. All men are born as boys, and as boys, they are the Lilly of the field, but like grass they are thrown into the oven. That is simply the beginning covenant, that the men shall be born to the serpent’s seed, after our first father, Adam. Note the serpent is cursed below all and doesn’t get a word, and thus doesn’t get a name in heaven. The reborn man will come to the truth, that the female is a good gift from THE ONLY GOOD GOD, and thus by THE WORD of GOD become the seed of the woman. Jezebel is the daughter of the oath, and she will enter into the congregation of THE KING, THE ONE FATHER.

Like as too Jezebel, so like to is every daughter of the king, glorious gold within, and shall enter into THE KING’s Congregation. This is done by the husbandman, that is a father first, before being a husband. The children of this world are without a father, for a liar, that is every liar, is the father of lies, and has no sons, for a lie is nothing. Thus to have a child learn lying words is to have them learn nothing. This is what it is and none can prevent it. The adulterous man that teaches children that you can swear falsely in THE LORD GOD’s HOLY NAME, teach only the naive lies, that are not so.

Every man knows this is so, but the idol image they make to speak, they also make like to a god that which is no god at all. The men that condone such things are dumber than the idols they serve. For they take the false oath breaking, to spouse, in GOD’s HOLY NAME as though it is truth you shall get from them in the Gentile court room. One only need to say, in the divorce, to everything the man would say, do you swear to GOD you are telling the truth, as you did to your wife? You see you can not get the truth out of such men, and neither out of the idols they make. Hence the cursing kids toads in custody, and the die forcing of spouse in divorce, is a clear and present idol sign of their treachery to the daughters of this nation, and the truth that is owed to the sons of this nation.

These men, finding no duty to tell the sons the truth, have no duty to their spouse either. And the Gentile courts that sale them their kids upon the cursing and invocation of the evil one are below ignorant, for they are loosing to it. If a man can not hold to the truth of the matter of an oath to GOD, he will hold to no truth at all. The man must acknowledge that he is a liar, and if not him, then all the men around him must acknowledge this. If they can not, you might as well, teach sons to give away their mother in adulterous divorce and marriages.

They turning children upside down, to make righteous wicked, and wicked righteous. Turning evil into good and good into evil, is the teaching the naive lies. They have hypocrites surround their children only to strangle them with their lies, of adultery calling it marriage, and calling it law, and to honor this law, of lying lawless adultery.. There is no where to go for the children, but to the field and plow as a mule, or to the stocks if they thought they were more than an idol sacrifice.

How you honor the father, is how you honor the son. This is not a lie, Jesus is not a liar. Then if it is, and it is, that they honor the fathers, by screwing their wife, changing their name, displacing their children, under the threat of what is called legal force, though it is illegal force, then what is it that they shall do to the sons. Much worse. As you can clearly see, the sons are so displaced, they can not choose to do a drug, for recreation purposes, but they can be forced to take a drug. This is the most insane, preposterous thing any slave plantation has ever been taught. To live in such a mental condition that you can not find it most righteous to choose for you anything you wish to choose, but must take that which they choose for you, as a normal and average life of man, is absolutely odious.

I do not hear of any place, where they say, come and live and we will tell you how to live. We will tell you what drugs to do, what jobs to work, and what wife and kids to have. For all these things are of the Natural Law of truth. Any drug you choose is yours to choose, as it is GOD’s first command, choose freely. And as for works, to jobs, is it not to the free market to decide who is the most effective and who is the best. Anything else is rich aristocracy rule, that of idol paid permission, which is never beneficial, but tyrannical. It always leads to the service of idols, os the rich can exclude the poor from competing, and so they can focus on profits and not competition. GOD alone is wisdom with, and GOD gives wisdom to the lowly, she is not sought or bought in the university, or church, or anything that turns men to idol paid permission, for these are lies, and Wisdom flees a liar, and is rebuked by deceit. And your wife is received by GOD, that is the raising of your hand in oath, and your invoking of HIS HOLY TITLE. That is GOD, ONE, THE LORD GOD AMMON THE GOD OF TRUTH THE GOD OF THE OATH, Isaiah 65:16

Now why is it that you can not believe that you were made GOD free like a any other creature? Because you have been taught that your wife, and your children are not of GODLY design, but commodities that are traded, bought and sold, as to be dispatched upon the finishing of use. Now if you can not believe that you are elected royal priesthood, it is because you were cut from the believing that your parents were. That is you found no honor in their office, that is most especially of the father’s honor. For it is THE LORD who has placed the father in honor over the children, and GOD has confirmed the authority of the mothers over the sons. Now if you can not understand that the father is the most high incarnate, then you can not understand anything that GOD has been saying.

THE LORD GOD is the known GOD, not an unknown GOD. And THE LORD GOD has commanded every man concerning his neighbor. That is the command are peace amongst all men. There is nothing that has ever been better said, nor given to man than the command. The first one is to choose freely, to all man. And the second is like to it, don’t take freedom of choice from others, with idol paid permissions, to bind their hands, and rob their house, only so you can screw their kids, and play with their wife. By these two commands, you can build any great empire, kingdom, colony, city, civilization, and or family. But without this two commands, you will build nothing but death, slavery, tyranny, prisons, destruction, and or child idol sacrifice.

By the first two command of THE LORD GOD anyone in half witted truth can see that THE LORD GOD IS ONLY WISE, and that THE LORD GOD did know everything that man would conceive of evil, at it’s very root. Showing their lies, their idols, their schemes, are nothing more than seven year old children in grown bodies with weapons. They have no depth, and they are not intuitive to anything but the pig nose in which they find their snuff of greed. The fig leaf in which Adam sows, to hide under, is the pig leave mentality of every idolater. Whether he be in adultery, or treason, or piracy, tyranny, scheme of any kind, it is only always the same, to boast in the idol service in which he has obtained from other men, by the making of their hands too dispatch the truth of his duty to them he is bound in covenant with. National or local, or county, or family. The man is looking to make his own way of justification and not bring it back to GOD’s command, and his very own oath vow to GOD..

As Adam stated when he received Aiysh, that is Eve, but she isn’t Eve yet, though she is both at all times, she is at the time that Adam receives her Aiysh. That is wife. The daughter of THE ONE LORD GOD FATHE.R. As it states, “it is not good that man be alone, I THE LORD GOD shall make him a help meat.” Then after the deep sleep, the rib is taken from Adam. This is important to not because that is where the spear of adulterous idolaters shall pierce The Last Adam, THE CHRIST, and blood and water shall pour out. As the female sheds blood and breaks forth water, so to the man will in bearing THE TRUE WORD OF THE LORD GOD. Thus the balance becomes equal, fair, and just. BLOOD for BLOOD, LIFE for LIFE, SHE in the house, HE at the door post before the house.

Then the rib is formed into Aiysh, the wife, and is brought to Adam, who thus makes oath to THE LORD GOD upon receiving of her. “BONE OF MY BONE.” This is most important, for it is a running theme in all the scripture, but is changed a little in variation, by calling it stones. To mark it in stone forever to come is the same as saying, bone of my bone. Thus when they eat the bread upon the pillars, it is upon the bones, this is one to make covenant. This bone of bone, these stones, these pillars are hewed out by Wisdom herself, and there is a few of them in every man’s life, that if he denies them, then he denies himself.

Abraham, Abram at the time sets up a pillar in the land THE LORD promised to give, though it is called and alter at that time, these become one at the point in which GOD makes them one, a pillar is to be with always, and an alter is a pillar that stays in it’s station, designated by GOD, usually. There is a sickness called sin that will move the altars to high places to sacrifice, such as the gentile court rooms, which is not measured in New Jerusalem and is for the Gentiles. There is where men of modern America are sacrificing their sons by the drove. Giving more honor to the judge who is servant to the father, than to the father. But in the regarding of truth, the alter is always where THE LORD GOD establishes it, and the the two that we know of as immutable, are the altar of truth, and the alter of mothers. This is why she is the two temples, why she is Jerusalem and New Jerusalem. She is slaughtered by THE DIVINE HAND OF NATURAL LAW and NATURE’s GOD. Thus her warfare always being accomplished, she is a pillar unto herself. Why Lot’s wife was turned into a pillar of salt.

Salt is never to be cast out, or the man is no good to be saved, but is only to trampled under foot of men. That is he is the serpent, as the serpent is to have his head bruised by man’s heal. This is depicted in the Ophiacus constellation, with his heal on the head of the head of Hydra, that is the serpent that swallows up all the un-reborn men that are born under the zodiac. For the serpent is the most cunning, sophisticated, complex, subtle, deceiver of the field. The field is the dust work, like to a beast, but they dress it up as men, in enchantments, and bewitchments, what we all know as university degree decrees that is opposed to us all, most of us can not afford, that Christ nailed to the cross leading them away in triumph in victory, making a public spectacle of them forever to come. That is the handwritten ordinances telling you to pay, to obey, don’t touch, taste, or do, for you have not the idol permission to do so. And how do they obtain such power over you? They don’t. They only play idol sophistication, to confuse and subtlety, only to bind your hands, rob your house, screw your kids the same and play with your wife.

The Kingdom of heaven is taken by force and by violence and men do press into it. That is your heaven men, your heart, your wife, your kids, your family, and your true word. They press into her, them, and you with violence, and they do it forcefully violent. Telling you to calm down. Men with guns, asking if you have have a prescription, or marijuanas card, or license, or permits, to have a gun, or drug, or car, and all these things are not secured safely by the idol, nor is there peace in slavery paid permissions. Those are lying chains put on you by step daddy, and the Gentile courts. They always play gentlemen, but their force is of the dragon nature, that is dr agon. What are those prisons for kids, they are incase you thought to be GOD made free. Now this idol religion is so much obvious to the righteous, that 240+ years ago, our founders made it unconstitutional for congress to establish a religion, that is idolatry is the religion they were abolishing.

What is known today as education, that you evolved from the water, so they cut your root there. But If it is that you are evolved, why is it that you devolved to have Pharoah’s words from five thousand years ago. “Pay lazy, pay. Back to work lazy, and pay. If you can not pay, we will beat you, and you will pay more. Because you are lazy, and you won’t labor to pay. Don’t listen to vain words” This is Exodus 5, to the precise use. Stone Age, Bronze Age philosophy of the idol religion and has never changed. For it was the same in Noah’s day. And by this idol religion, they bind your hands, and rob your house, screwing your kids, and your wife. For the man that takes from the poor, in any wise, tax, tithe, tribute, is the same as he that kills the son in front of the father. For he leaves the son nothing to stand on. And he that builds his house with other people’s money, is the same that builds up stones for another to possess, leaving nothing for his sons after him. It is the service to a lie, and a lie is nothing.

If it is too hard work, then why don’t the hardest workers make the most. If it is to devotion, then it should be to the men of war, and the saints, but it is not to them. Then it is to the slave, and them that can enslave for profit. This for the poor just happens to their sons. Thus they must in order to wage war on the poor, remove their blessing from GOD. This is exactly why they force you into schools to be taught you are evolved from the water. To call your fathers liars and fools, is to shame disgrace them, and this is no glory to the sons. Hence the more educated you become the more tyranny paid permission that you win. What a game to evolve to pay men equal to you, who are but equal to beasts, with nothing that added a day to any man’s life, nor did it improve the life of any. If it did, the prisons would not be up, and all the men armed to the teeth with the weaponry no civilian can match would beset against your freedom. Thus then it is as it is, that the men are selling the sons into slavery, and the females, their own wife, and daughters, and mothers, and sisters, into whoredoms. To have them falsely sworn too, their children taken away, and them pulled over randomly to be pressed into, felt up, frisked, and robbed, and often times incarcerated for their liberty. Which all women should be at liberty in their own nation, able to travel safely without any hinderance what so ever. If it is not this, then what is your nation for but the execution of whoredoms.

No man starts a nation to do adultery, so that you can fuck his wife, and raise his kids. Then how much more when this is done to the man of war in your nation. If it is, and it is, to all them that piss on the wall shall surely die. Then it is rightly fit, that one of the most horrible things in the world is a man of war come to poverty in his own nation, and men of understanding not set there by. No nation is ever made to such death, of servitude to idols. This is how nations die, all nations die. When the called peace, but is actually slavery and tyranny, purchases at the price of chains and slavery, as men call it peace, peace. But to make the chemist have an 8 year degree, and it cost $250,000 is to say, that our children will not ever be chemist. But they can be chemist, and they can be just as good if not better chemist, than any educated one that paid such a price. Learning is not to the rich alone, it is the idol permission is to the rich alone, but the wisdom of knowledge, in all things is as wisdom from GOD ALONE open to all for all things. This is not the wizard of Oz, this is real life.

Education is as it has always been, up to the individual. Know man in any field has perfected his field, save them sent by GOD. For they are the only ones, we have seen their field perfected. Jesus Christ, is still called the good physician. Never had a degree, or schooling, or lab coat, nor worked for man ever. Then how is it he beats out Hypocrites as the father of modern medicine in being called the good physician. Well let us see what Hypocrites says, about The Jewish Scriptures, “if this is true medicine, and it is true medicine, then what is it of ours.” Now mind you the art in which Hypocrites is talking, they are not allowed to charge each other to learn the craft, he must teach it freely to them of his occult. That is there art. They box you out in Gypsy tricks, and make it so expensive, that if you had the ability to ascertain to the level of high priest, god hood to the fools today, than it would cost you so much, and so much time, and they still get to do peer review.

Let us reason this for a moment. If you are a doctor, and you have not cured sin, sickness, or death, by any degree of close to 100% then why is it you being educated would ever think to box out everyone else, and you be the final gate to which men can enter. You have not mastered it, that is the craft of medicine. As medicines go, they are individually unique. Literally, everyone and everybody can always have a diverse reaction to the chemistry of the medicine. Thus no matter how good the medicine, you can not accurately tell any one person, in truth, this is how it will benefit you. For the person has yet to take it. No matter how good you think to be, or educated you think yourself, this rule never changes in medicine. They can not tell you how it will work for you, as you, until you as you take the medicine. They can give you a number, a statistic. This many die, this many healed, this many sick, this many helped like this. But until you take it, it can not truly be determined. Thus then why would they ever think to beset the gates of their profession, their craft, to make you pay homage.

Now many can argue, that just isn’t so. But it is average of 70 years we live to be in America today, and 2,800 years ago, it was 70 years of age. Psalm 90:10 we live to be on average 70 years of age, and 80 if we multiply sorrow. Thus then if it is in all this time, of modern medicine so called, and so much new age technology, you would think in the vaccinated world of medicines, that there would be an increase to longevity of mankind. But there is not. Not one day. That means what ever you thought that the doctors knew, or had, they have nothing in truth, for you. But they have now cornered your drug markets, and companies, made by men seeking profit of dollars with their idol, are allowed to be freer than you living breathing souls put into flesh. That means, they hold the idol they just crafted in more regard than your life, and the life of your children, and your children’s children. That means, they have been puffed in witchcraft enchantments, like in Noah’s day, like in Moses’ day, like in Jesus’ day, like in our Founders day, to tell you to bow down and pay homage to their idol like it is god, which is no god, and this against THE COMMAND OF GOD, The Constitutional Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence, The Holy Scriptures, The Apostles, Prophets, Patriarchs, and The Christ. Need I mention Natural Law, Nature’s GOD entitled you. Cockroaches do not build prisons, for their offspring and fellow roaches. Neither do any other animals. That means that men, do worse to their own kind than roving insects, and rabid beasts.

That proves the sin nature, that men are serving idols, and playing the children for stupid naive sacrifices to their idols they serve., over the truth of GOD, to hide common sense. Not only are they doing this with all the testimony of all the nations before them, but with the testimony accessible to them. In their own heads the ability to see the Exodus 5 words of Pharaoh, that are the same today. To see the river turned blood red because GOD brought to light their deeds done in the dark, that is their forcing the course of the river, in adultery, die forced divorce. And we know this cause what came next was the cursed toads the custody, which manifested every where. “Croak, croak, rip pit, ribbit, rip pit, croak.’ That is all the kids knew how to say, for that is what their false swearing step parents taught them to say, for they got no truth, force fed lies, and told that evil invoking of the evil one is not adultery but family, and good for the sons, and daughters. Thus the naive taught the lies of slaves who worked around the clock in wickedness to stay slaves, and worse, to make the children slaves to the idols, without any chose. For the killing of GOD’s image, male female, the marriage, is with dominion over the whole earth. Thus to curse them a toad, is to rob them of their princely state in which they are naturally born. But it seemed more fit to the idolatrous fool to make them prisons so they are sure to owe pharaoh in fair owe the rich idols, or else.

How you honor the father, you honor the sons, Jesus is not a liar, they are, they are swear to GOD god damned liars. As it reads, the one that kills the father, gets to kiss the kids. The kisses of the enemy are deceitful, but the bruises of a friend are deceitful. And them that kiss the kids, sacrifice to the idols. That its they are worshipping the kids like they are gold, and like they have only the kids best interest at heart, but if that was the case, why would they cut their roots, cutting the kids in half, hating half of them, and give more honor to strangers who bind the hands of their parents, than to the parents. If this wasn’t the case, then why build up the arms, and prisons, and enforcement so that it is made sure to do worse to the kids than is done to the parent. If this was the case, why turn their world upside down, and why lie to them. The bastard state of the sons should shut their mouth to the words they are hearing. For your bastard state and paid permission, you cant afford, and prisons incase

You thought not too, proves the evil, lies, and adultery, unholy ignorance that you were raised up in.

The number thing to ensure all sons is freedom. Without freedom they are slaves to someone else. They are telling you children that you can improve your life if you go to work, get an education. But that is not improvement, that is slavery, that is idolatry worship and obedience. To be forced to pursuit their idol, is to be forced to pursuit their happiness, that is their religion. For the pursuit of happiness has long been known to be pursuit of religion. And if you are too pursuit their idol religion, to their happiness, they call yours, it is not your happiness, it is your religion, they are forcing you into child idol sacrifice, not only as you as a child, but your own children, and their children. How is it you perceive the world? That you are put into it to pursuit what others made, who have not bested dogs, and done no different than any gypsy or hustler of the world. Then is it that you perceive you by chance were surrendered to the current hustle of the day and nation. Never mind the fact that you were left the mansion, the nation, by your fathers, and the sons are free. The servants have shown up for duty, and swore in, and they being servants, were to have fathers, and the fathers not showing but to have the servants sell them a more pleasing wife in oath breaking adultery, to steal the kids, and get a better bed, with better head, did offer money reward to the servants, to play gods, with their idol gods. And they being servants, are of nothing of the kind to do any of these things.

To let the servant rule the master, is not even seemly to a fool and no delight shall be found there in. So why would your step daddies, go to pay a servant judge, who is their servant, to be their god of gods of gods, for the cop who enforces with threat of violence, or prisons, or even death, is the gods they obey and threaten their own spouse parent to their kids with to obey, and the idol is the god of gods, who the cops and the betraying spouse sacrificing their kids on these gentle court alters calling adultery marriage, to curse kids toads, and force them to die, all obey. And the god of gods, of gods, is the judge that is the servant, sworn to serve you, and he is acting in treason to nation, for anything over the value of $20.oo a jury of twelve shall be preserved, the 7th amendment, that our fathers, put in place for a good and righteous and holy reason. For the parents that would think a custody should not get a jury of twelve is a fool who is wickedly serving idols, for who would leave their family up to one man who takes the false swearing oath to spouse but for him as judge it is good, and just. No it is a lie, a formal platform to rob, and kill, and destroy as only heathen Gentiles could do. You know this is right, because of the force feeding of the children the lies. Thus their pray is the children. Thus the coward shit liar serving the idol is the coward shit that is kissing the kids telling them good, while they sacrifice them to the idols.

It is not hard to read our constitution and see, that judges have absolutely no power in this nation. They are the root of spawning evil, so one may devour the other. They are the hands of all corruption in all nations. The American government is designed for righteous people, a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. The judges only role is to stop ignorance from entering the court, such as bullshit warrants, and bullshit cases. And the other main duty is to teach his people, that is maintain the proceedings of the court. That is the jury he informs, and the lawyers, and the clients, and accused. Thus the judges have no power. But that doesn’t make for good bribery, or theft of children from mothers, and fathers. we have a system designed for us to take each other to court, before a jury of our peers, that is 12. Not for the state and the nation, and the city and the county to eat out our substance, and fatigue our people into compliance. The reason that the accuser can not be the city, county, state, or these United States federal government. That is the cop that pulls you over for headlines, or tag, or seen you smoking weed, or having a gun, or whooping your kids ass, or arguing with your spouse, they can not be the accusing party against you. BECAUSE NO MAN HIRES A SERVANT TO RULE OVER THEM. Our fathers, were not fools. You are being fools. Lazy, child idol sacrificing fools. That way in our covenant of holding truth self evident, everyone is free to be an individual, and if you a citizen have a problem with you, you file the papers sign the warrant, witness against them, and the judge decides if it is worthy to be issued a warrant. That is the only way you and all your property, no matter what it is ever to be seized. If it is that you cops must patrol and seize you on the spot, then it is that your whole nation is to be seized for your neighbor is as yourself, and your children the worse after you.

But they that hold no sanctity in marriage, hold nothing sanctified. And how is it that a man could ever blame his servants, when the masters of the house, are in far worse things than treason, they are in sacrilege, blasphemy, treacherous dealings with the daughters of the nation, the daughters of all the nation, is one wholly holy one, for they have given their blood. But if you have men that swear in GOD’s name to his daughters, then rise up above his throne in word, to undo marriage the image of GOD, only to take dominion from them they once shared it with, to give most of it away to strangers, than you as a servant of GOD by blood of mothers you owe GOD service, and by oath in marriage you owe him service, and by the word and blood and oath of fathers our founders you owe GOD service, how much more if you sward to uphold the covenant, the much more. You men owning this, as sons of the nation, for GOD is GOD of your fathers, as told Moses, as told every nation that ever was, sa the nation they were in was in breach of covenant. If you sons, as husband, and brothers, and fathers, rise up on your LORD GOD, too  throw down the daughter and tempt THE FATHER, you must see why the servant will rise up on you, for this is the Assyrian plague, the Assyrian horse, that is only unleashed on a nation for it’s theft and robbery to it’s own brothers.

And this Assyrian horse plague, shall not be diminished, but increased, until the fathers repent back to THE LORD GOD AMMON THE LORD GOD OF TRUTH, THE LORD GOD OF THE OATH. Isaiah 65:16 is clear on this matter, and it is a repeating prophecy through out the whole world ever it was, even in Egypt. For the AMMON, is the AMEN, is the we do for blessing and we don’t we get cursed. And if you are cursed out of it, you are to repent back to it, and all your iniquities will not be remembered anymore. And anyone can see why this is. For it is for the fathers, that paid the price, the blood and held to GOD to get us here, thus if you are arrogant and transgress it as though it is nothing, you must be destroyed for the sake of the covenant. But if you are screwing it off, it is the children you are killing in idol slavery, and THE LORD GOD AMMON OF THE TRUTH, is thinking your fathers, and if you repent, then you did right by the sons to get them their inheritance, then it is your evil was meant to be good, to tech the sons, and the brothers, and yourself, to be made good for GOD’s GLORY, and he will share it with none. Thus if you return to ME says THE LORD GOD AMMON, THE GOD OF TRUTH, THE GOD OF THE COVENANT, then I shall remember your iniquities no more. Behold I make a new heaven and a new earth.

Now it has been said, many a time for many a nation, all that were before us, “they could not believe for the reason of their witchcraft, and their enchantments.” That is the cursing the kids toads, and not letting them up from under it. For they would maintain their course with death, and lies, but would nothing of righteousness for their children. I do not know how you fit into this, but if you think that it is okay for anyone to tell you that you can not do something in the nation you fathers conquered, against the very covenant made with GOD by your fathers, then you are a coward or a fool. For this is your nation, and truth is self evident, that they are but slaughtering you, your sons, and your daughters.. and you are paying to be their whores, and make your children and spouse the same. For whores get paid, but idolaters are so dumb in their thought, being dumber than the idols they serve, they pay their life, their money, their children, their spouse, their covenant, their freedom, their truth, to be the whores for strangers far away.

It is not flesh and blood we wrestle with, but wicked spiritual beings in high places, put in place by GOD from long ago. Yes this is true, and yes they are all dissembled by the holding of the truth. For demons hate it, and it always burns through them. And still the truth remains today, and none can hinder it. But it is not the parchment I quarrel with they Mae, it is the men that obey the parchment. The idols obeyed, payed, worshipped, and served, over the basic truth, their own oath, the blood life of mothers, and the GOD given rights of the children to be free.

But why do you not believe you are born GOD made free? Is it because you believe them that put you in a bastard state and caged you in, calling wicked evil as good, and unholy infidel as the faith of GOD. Is because they honor your father not at all, but play as though they would honor you? Is it that liars in idolatry sacrilege, that wont marriage in sanctity are going to do right by you, and be faithful to you? Did they swear to GOD to you? Did you know faith belongs to GOD ALONE, the same, the same way WISDOM does, and the same way all covenants and oaths do. Yes they all belong to THE ONE LORD GOD AMMON THE ONE GOD OF TRUTH OF THE COVENANT. Thus you are in a fire pit, of venomous vipers, and all men are born into that serving the wrong, and must needs be reborn. Every man is the anti Christ, every man is the beast, bearing it’s mark, for all men, everyone of them, are liars, whores, sinners, adulterers, all them dumb sheep gone astray to the slaughter, each one his own way. Thus each one is to be reborn. Each one is to be humbled, and tear down all others with him. That no idol stands above any other neighbor, so that all men love their neighbor as themselves, that is to love them as their bride, and allow them the liberty that they may choose freely to serve GOD.. For if you are not free to serve GOD you can not serve GOD. And to be free a man must be true, and the truth is the only thing that leads to freedom, and their you can choose to serve GOD, for truth is the only way to GOD, and there is not another. By it all men have equality of opportunity, and them and their sons are not pinned into a bullshit Gospel of no good news, only lying idols from wizards, enforced by witches monkeys.

Stand you firm in the freedom for which Christ has set you free, unless you become enslaved again, by anyone, or anything. And all men are satan until reborn, all men the father of lies, and the father of lies satan, hates truth, and hates freedom. For all men that lie to you, in their own minds dream of being your ruler, your god. For they rob from you what GOD sent to you, the truth, and any that rob you of GOD, wish only to be your god, and they wish to do this as coward liars, in deceits, by using the oath oaks to hide in and under, and then turning to destroy denying the air in front of their face. Using legality illegally, for what use there scheme without strength, and there scheme is to make idol offices obtained only by hold permissions of degrees that you can not afford, only so they can answer you cruelly, with preplanned answers only designed to destroy you, rob you, your children the same, bind your hands, and say, that is the way it, is, playing subtle. Going solves coagulate, that is liquid to do evil, quick and fluid to take your freedom and kids, and fuck your spouse. But they go rock clay and iron to do right, they are coagulate in righteousness. They are but to like beasts, who have gathered in group to reason, but not aright. They count the life to be one only for gain and pleasure. Their gain their pleasures, and your loss. Thus the subtle calm down with the most heinous evil answers, such as taking a kid, or robbing the poor for not being able to afford, to pay the rich. They love their wrong answers, snd they love the slaughter of their children, and yours, and they love the fact, they do it subtle, in competition to answer the most wrong, and see how they can slither by with it.

Doing this only to bring the righteous poor to a shameful and torturous death. They are not aware of anything, they should be, and they are ignorant of the wisdom they should have, for they forsake virtues, and what is better to all man than virtues, fortitude, integrity, courage, fidelity, and the like. Nothing but idol mule fun play slavery, by the destruction of your nation, and your family. Their women are foolish and know nothing as they should, the sons are in bastard states, of idol submission they cant reason to rise up but against their own parents, and ancestors, their GOD and the truth. Using witchcraft in small things they pervert every honest thing. The men swear lightly and falsely and think to be hurt by none of it, and thus is the reason they shall be stricken with all of it. Making a covenant with death, as though it should pass them over, for they are worthy to take part in it, THE LORD who is THE LORD GOD of all things, even death, shall see too it that death comes to their very door, and shall pass them by. The men holding nothing in sanctity and most especially marriage, do use adulterous greed to cause much greed, and brawling, and murder. For chasing down their own national brothers, whom they once shared equal rights with, they shall be visited by THE LORD, for them not stopping when they afflicted them in the gate for their righteous answers, but pursued them after they afflicted them, THE LORD shall visit them, and for not returning to the covenant they are sworn into, and not lightly THE LORD SHALL VISIT them.

so why is it that you can not believe you are free. Do you believe you should be put in prisons for free choice? Is it that you believe mothers should have their kids taken by men in opinions in idols, who swear falsely and build prisons for them who thought they were free. Is it that you believe strangers should have more honor than fathers, and husbands, over the family, over the say of them and theirs. Is it that you believe in the Idol wizardry of the wicked witch in the house of Hanzel and Gretel, and cant’ reason better than dark ages children in the wilderness. Is it that you believe anything that is wrong, and nothing of what is right. Were you taught to disobey your father or mother, for a gentile court practicing in child idol sacrifice by stupid to the children to break the commands of GOD and all the world that you once knew and loved, and they destroyed to make you a servant there too. So that your parent and step parent can have wicked fun with your life, as you struggle to breath and live under the fires to he diesel they have thrown you  as the children sacrificed to malach. Is it that you believe you owe, pharoah, fair owe, like you owe trillions of dollars in debt, as though them that are dead can make you pay for that which they spent.

But you don’t believe that you are free born by GOD, as all mankind. You dont believe that the world only belongs to the living in it. And that the dead are dead, and to say you owe what the dead have left you to pay is to say you serve the dead, like the pharaohs of Egypt who tax the dead, to be buried, in the ground, you must pay, a though if you dont, then the dust wont go back there. Do you think men’s idol pay can stop a body from going back to the dirt? Then why would you let someone tax you for it. And is it that when you were taxed by the dead in the group that you owe a deficit so large, that you can never pay it, what is it that your parents are teaching you they can take for that. If a gentile court can take you from your parent, and put your parent in prison for trying to keep their truth and duty to GOD, what will they do for the trillions of dollars they say you owe, because them that are dead ran up the bill on you. Lets see the marriage lying die forced divorce and cursing kids toads in custody, to commit sacrilege, and destroy your entire world to make you the naive believe lies, to your ignorant lord you are to now serve, calling marriage adultery, and wicked good, and idol slavery GODLY righteous, costed how much. 2 or 3 thousand at most, and couldn’t even get that $20 value in controversy a jury of 12 shall be preserved, but they paid 2 or 3 thousand dollars to make you less than $20. So what will they do to you and your children for a deficit of trillions of trillions of dollars.

The world belongs to the living in it, and they are to be in subject to any debt of any person that came before them. Not father, or brother, sister or grandfathers. You are a people that live, and if it is that the thought of the dead, were to submit you to the slavery and tyranny of a debt they made, then it would behoove you to understanding that you are in no wise to pay such a servitude for any that would enslave you from the grace. But your current step daddies, and fathers, seem to want to do just that with the weapons build up, the prisons, and the execution of all your righteous parents.

for if you show me one family with a parent cut away, not talking too their child, and the spouse cut them out, as to not even be ashamed for being a stranger to their spouse, of oath and blood life, in both them and children, the parent of their kids. Show you me this one, and every time I shall you show you the righteous parent of the family, the cornerstone, of the family. For show me the stone the builders refused and I shall show you the cornerstone. I and all you know by the long train of usurpation and tyrannies already listed in every Americans’ life, and family, that I am right on this matter. So they not only are moving the children into evil lying men.encircling the children to strange them to death with lying words, only to eat them cooking in idol prison ovens of idol obey pay Stone Age Egypt, but they are cutting them from all the righteous teaching and lvoe they had and would get, thus to put them into slavcery here, and in to hell in the after life.

This is the sickest GOD damned bunch the world ever knew, as it was for every nation that comes up last and is on the far of the earth at the present time. As Tyre and Sidon  had Sodom and Gamorrah rise up on them in testimony against them, so too you shall Sodom and Gamorrah and tyre and Sidon rise up on you.

THE LORD your GOD SAYSl “you are to repent to THE LORD your GOD IN THE TRUTH, or you will eat your children in the flesh for your greed. And I you want to know when, it is in this flesh.”

you are already eating your children for your greed, and you are doing a though there is no GOD, and no JUDGE, but there is, THE JUDGE OF THE WHOLE WORLD SHALL DO RIGHT, you have just mistaken HIS PATIENCE with weakness, but that was only to prove you in sin, so you know HE ALONE IS RIGHT RIGHTEOUS and HE ALONE IS SALVATION.

Go for mercy, for death will not tarry long in coming, you will know you have pleased THE LORD when your children answer as they ought, that they are free, by GOD, and owe no man idol obedience, or service too. That they are cursed toads, in custody, of the idol gentile court, for it GOD you swear too, THE LORD GOD of TRUTH, and divorce adultery is a lie, THE LORD never endorsed, for the children are not a mistake of GOD, you are just fallen to piggish greedy sin, to them that would devour your spouse and children, yes your children, as you know they taught them lies, and slandered their parents, and made them prisons so that you could have an idol gain snd worship the idols, and love the idols, more than your spouse and kids. And the people you did with did not love your children, and that they hated them so much they cut them form their only righteous loving parent, and you all did this in mass of sickness of sin. As all them before you, and all them that shall come after you. The only difference will be will you be that wicked generation that is risen to ride your sins and your kids into hell.

So when I ask if you believe you are GOD made free. If you dont believe in GOD, then you believe all the evil that GOD has proven in just his first two commands. Be FREE, CHOOSE FREE, and don’t eat of the fruit of good and evil, deciding what is good and evil, making prisons taking freedom, for your hand binding house robbing, ignorant ass game turning everything of righteousness into a burden, and all your slave mentality into the golden calve to worship. You that can not decider to do weed on your won, or any other drug, but can decide to take kids, and make prisons for other people. You are to GOD damned obvious to see. You can’t decide for yourself what to choose, but you can steal children invoking the evil one, and make prisons to put in prison, them that would keep GOD’s first command, and The first amendment first sentence all the people making the prisons swore to GOD too. Your denying the air in front of your face, that can not be denied, to play your spouses to be murdered, and your children the same, is a first grade tactic that is only waiting on one thing. THE COMMAND of GOD to put it to not. And it is not as though your men are a formidable opponent, they will not have the tide with them that day. For GOD removes all confidences on the day of his vengeance, and it will all be denied you, and you will reckon all that you have sown, when all you had to do was return to covenant. For it is never that you sinned with THE LORD, for he will chastise and punish, and make it very good, if you repent, but it is that you would not stop sinning against, the family, the nation, the children, and their children, no matter if it screwed them for ten thousand generations, and a trillion dollars of trillions is exactly what you sinners not repenting are trying to do. But to the Holy men of GOD, we know you did this at the adultery, plowing their mother, changing her name, making sons a stranger, and crucifying the father on your accusations and idols, so the son can see. So you can beat him down, for you have not the courage to do it to his face. But to the son’s face you would all the time he was taken. As the one who kills the father, in die force divorce, is the one who kisses the kids. And the one who kisses the kids, is the one who sacrifices to the idols. And they are deceitful the kisses of the enemy.

You should believe you are free, and you should believe in the truth, for as hard a they work and labor to their lord of ignorance, the idol bills above all, the lord of shit flies, Beelzebub, they still couldn’t stop it from getting to you. That means GOD is real, and they are a liar. But you knew this by the way they honor your father, for that is how they will honor you son.


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