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From Adam to Christian

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in this course you shall learn the basic principles of why GOD chose to teach us that Adam did hate the garden of Eden, hate to his MAKER for no cause, Where Adam does NOT adhere to GOD's WORD SUPREME Christ only Adheres to GOD's WORD SUPREME, seeking it truly Where Adam hid form THE RUACH SPIRIT and sowed fig leaf idolatry covers to be wolf in sheep's clothing, Christ did NO idolatry and faced the RUACH SPIRIT in the form of the 500 battle ready Roman troop and the mock trials, where Adam blamed his wife, and GOD for eating of the fruit, Christ tells the RUACH let these go I AM HE, and at the CROSS brought HIS Bride blameless before GOD, as a GODLY HUSBAND and A GODLY FARTHER, a GODLY MAN and BROTHER, forgive them they know NOT what they do FATHER.

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