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Spotify updates through link automatically on upload. I am also on Anchor, and other podcasts. Please check out the podcasts sermons, as they are the most heartfelt works i have. Some are me getting into scuffles with hecklers, and some with cops, and some just conversations that took place during sermon. They are filled with adventure, and truth. Wisdom applied for you all, ten thousand generations good.  



This sermon is about His reputation preceding Him. It is simple, men have sworn in HIS NAME the same ONE GOD, that haas always been, and it has not ever changed. THE LORD GOD AMMON OF THE TRUTH, of  THE COMMAND, THE VOW, THE OATH, THE WIFE, THE NATION, and through THE LAW'S OF NATURE & NATURE'S GOD. 

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Teaching FATHER'S business Sabbath, 

Bits & Peaces of Pieces, 

From the home, to foreign fields, national understandings. This is more of a personal view on national men. How the business is done. 

The difference between Jesus at 12 adhering to his mother, being about his father's business, and Jesus at thirty, after baptism, is his father's business, turning  back, "woman what do i have to do with you." That is not ready to be buried, Men are to go before their women, being in GOD's Stead. 


SEEING how GOD is only wise, from the beginning, ALL MIGHTY ALL POWERFUL, MOST HIGH, NEVER CHANGES. Then if you do not gather in the beginning, when or how shall you ever gather with THE LORD?  Answer this parable, and see, THE LORD from everlasting to everlasting. 

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