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This nation this generation. 

THE LORD SAID, "Raymond I am going to send you somewhere your not going to like it. They are coming in a lie, but I need you to remember that I send you. They are coming to judge you, but it is I that have them on trial. Your going to tell people things they need to hear. Nothing new, things they already know, knew, things buried deep in their hearts, or taken, or forgotten, but they need to hear your words Raymond and you need to remember I send you."
in the year of our LORD 2013 (around this time)

THE LORD SAID, "Raymond....Raymond...Wake up and arise." 
in the year of our LORD 2012

THE LORD SAID, "Raymond... Raymond.. But HE LOVES YOU." 
in the year of our LORD 2013

THE LORD SAID, "will you make covenant with ME? will you keep all them that i give in your care? will you honor them? you protect them? will you give your life instead of theirs? will you keep them even if they persecuted? will you?" 
to which i replied, if you will have me, if you will keep me, if you would LORD i will. 

in the year of our LORD 2013 around this time

THE LORD SAID, "you do well, grab the book and go low, lower, lower still. Do you see how i make men crawl like mere mights, with just MY breathe." 
as i grab the book, went to a knew, then to knees, to the prone on my face, face in book, I said, "I am beginning my LORD." 
in the year of our LORD 2013 around this time, 

THE LORD SAID, "you do well, grab the book, go and read where you read to ME.. I have given you a new name, i have etched it in stone, where you pray, and read, and cry unto ME. When the sun rises go and see." 
I did as THE LORD SAID, and there it was where i pray and read and cry to him often, a white stone next to the 3 benches, and written on it, an angel kneeling in prayer, and the name, 
(The Gift of GOD The Flaming Sword)
In this the year of our LORD 2013 around this time. 

THE LORD SAID, "Now go and tell her, that if she does not repent from her greed back to ME in TRUTH, then i will make them eat their children in the flesh, for their greed. And if they ask when, you tell them I said in this flesh." 

In the year of our LORD 2015

THE LORD SAID, "get up and stop crying, get up and stop this..... and if your brothers asked you, what would you say? (the truth, of course, i would not deny you i pray) Then you are the most righteous in your nation, now get up, I SEND you."  
            This was when i thought i betrayed GOD and fell, and found, it was in the truth ONLY 
I was shooting up, and was watching porn. went to shower, fell on face crying, & HE came. 
in the year of our LORD 2017

THE LORD SAID "My servants do not put away and marry another. Now that you know what it is, do you want to continue serving ME." 
         may i have a day, 
         then the same thing, may i have a day, 
         then four hours later i was on the floor weeping,
Where would i go, what would i do, your are life, LORD,
of course i would serve you, of course, im so sorry, i just didnt want to say yes, and not think about it to you again.
of course yes my LORD, of course yes my LORD. 
This was in September/October of the year of our LORD 2018

                            A LIST OF WORKS OF FAITH, 
a list like to Paul's, i use to have a detailed account, i once filled up a door in 6months with the highlights, but i don't any more, all i can tell you for sure, is if they say they serve GOD, i do more, if they say they give to GOD, i give more, but i speak as a man, a foolish one, for it is the duty of man to give all he is for them after him. aka Moses done, and what Jesus proved, is the way of man, how to be a man, "and if i be lifted up I shall draw all MEN unto ME."
So i call all men, i preach to men, i teach to men, i talk to men, i command men, if i am talking to a woman, it is cause i am asking where the fuck is your man. I get women to their men, then i deal with the men. I am a man, and I am sent to men, and THE LORD only said, to her, cause NONE THE MEN AREE BEING MEN in 2015, today, i can't tell you, GOD doesn't let me see much that way yet, like any head plow ox, we push forward, if they hear HIS word they will hear mine, for i am sent with his word, i know this cause it is THE KNOWN GOD, the covenant, the command, the oath, the vow, the blood the word, in which is THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD. 
Countless hours of weeping, praying, sobbing, begging, 
7 years for one answer i already knew, GOD doesn't undo GOD marriage is forever.
Countless arrests, for preaching, refusing court orders of telling me what to do with my son,
restraining orders, prisons, lies, conspiracies, hospitalizations, called crazy, insane, stupid, cant accept reality, prison 2 1/2 years, beatings, struck several times, two front teeth knocked out, slanders, perils, robbings, homeless multiple times, threatened to be killed many times, kicked out, shut out, pushed out, taken in orphans, women, and men, families, fed the hungry, clothed the naked,, supported inmates, wrote inmates, united families, taken in several off street for nite or nights, ministered, counseled, taught, over 32,000 hours of Biblical studies alone x3 doctorates, read in Greek Hebrew, some Phoenecian and Aramaic, over a 10,500 hours a doctorate in symbology, psychology, and etymology, thousand hours of teachings, videos and sermons, uploaded, and much more in person given, thousands of flyers handed out to teachings uploaded, hundreds if not thousands, of miles marched doing so, and hundreds of signs posted informing teaching, 7 times i have put my life in place of others going to be killed or beaten, prisoners, and civilians alike. And all this in service to GOD, to keep the HIS covenant. It is far better than what i use to do, what i use to be. HE does make a work of it, I am always pressed, so i can not tell if we are just beginning, this is 12 years almost in service now, or if we are coming to a close, but either way, it is better to do the duty owed GOD then it is ot. and i have yet to suffer 40years as them in teh wilderness, or 120 as noah, or 30 as Isaiah, so i march on, keep the faith, fight the good fight. At the end, I want to hear, "good and faithful servant, well done. " but i think it will be more, "My LORD i am an unprofitable servant, for all that i have done is my duty. that which is owed by me to do for you my LORD." 

I am reminded of Jacob to pharaoh, "My days are filled with evil, yet my pilgrimage is not as long as my fathers before me." 

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