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THE LORD said to Moses, "you will be GOD, in MY Stead, and Aaron your Prophet." 
Then it is everyone that brings you the command, the word of GOD is GOD to you, until you are in the same understanding equal, but they stil before you by GOD's Choosing. 
NO one can hear THE WORD of GOD, turn around and say that is not GOD, for the word is GOD to you. 


This topic was inspired by the truth I am raised in as an American Christian Father, Husband, Brother, and Son.      As i was hearing all the men say, Jesus is not GOD, mainly Muslims, and I too as a Christian, have said, "Jesus is not THE FATHER, Jesus Himself said THE FATHER is Greater than I," but the way I was hearing others say it was insulting almost, if not so.       And all the trinitarians, that add too scriptures, saying GOD is 3, which is a direct insult to THE FIRST COMMAND, and no prophet or Messiah ever said that, so why are they. (see TRINITY 3:1) So i waited and i prayed, and THE LORD ANSWERED me, thank THE LORD.

1- THE LORD GOD ONE FATHER LIVING is invisible, even to Angels (the GODS/ELOHIM).___so that you are him in his stead by his word, his command specifically. It is either you do his word command or you do not, GOD IS ONE FATHERS are ONE.

2-THE MAN, is brought forth 1st, made from dust, 2a-Nephesh is blown into his nostrils (2in1 man GOD's Image man is male/female dust/breathe here) Then he is put at the head, the east (where GOD already is, east of the garden), 2b- Then THE MAN is COMMANDED (first of all & no female is COMMANDED directly in all Scriptures, SHE GETS BLOOD we GET COMMAND) This COMMAND is THE WORD, our HUSBAND we are too be too, like sheep to shepherd, like kids to father/mother. COMMAND is what man falls from, thus as a husband covers bride, or father covers children, did JESUS CHRIST come low to cover us, and now is risen. And just like HIS FAHTER, is now INVISIBLE, so that you are to be HIM IN HIS STEAD. 2c-then the animals are brought to the man (Adam) to see what he would call them. (hint; ask you GOD what to call things). 2d- Then last, but not least (actually crown gift), the woman is brought to the man,1st deep sleep (see Abraham's Horror) then the rib is  taken from him (rib= mirror, other half, adversity), then THE LORD GOD fashions man's help meet (meat=because she is slaughtered, bleeds, that when men company with her, they literally feast on her, and she is bleeding dying for it, chastised SHOWING GOD KNEW HOW IT ALL WOULD GO).

3- BONE OF MY BONE The 1st Adam, receives the daughter, saying BONE OF MY BONE making the pillar for all time THE LORD BEARS UP HIMSELF 3a- The not having the female, the wife, is the first time that "NOT GOOD" is used in all scriptures.  That makes  THE DAUGHTERS the first GOSPEL of GOD to man, aka your mothers (your first love in Revelation), and what is Christ's GOSPEL, the proving of that oath, BONE OF BONE, the proving of the RE-reward for keeping it, even unto CRUCIFIXION. Thus does, Adam run and hide, and Christ meets them head on, Adam blames his wife & GOD for giving him her, but Jesus covers them blameless, as though they are a GOOD GIFT from THE FATHER (remember 1st time NOT GOOD is used is to the spouse, bride, we are THE BRIDE of THE COMMAND, and fell, and start out disobeying, thus must repent, to confess, to keep, to teach, which is all summed up the pillars, or BONE OF MY BONE.  BONE OF MY BONE = MARK IT IS STONE FOREVER TO COME, THIS IS MINE, FOREVER, UNER MY COVER. That is to be a father before a husband, to the wife, to perform the duty the father would perform, which is why THE FATHER give the dauggher in marriage, and which is why THE FATHER IS ONE even for THE CHRIST.

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