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Basic Principles Bill of Rights, Cause of Liberty

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The understanding of the purpose of our servants oath, and the reason all offices swear oath to these Constitutional Bill of Rights, is necessary to understand whether someone is serving you or killing you. These Bill of Rights all back each other, outlining a basic principal & cause. This cause of Liberty is MOST VALUABLE among all living upon the earth. And we are fortunate to have a safeguard to that LIBERTY. LIBERTY is the cause of all wealth, wealth is the cause of all works, but Wisdom and Knowledge are the cause of all LIBERTY. Thus the American labors for what is already theirs. Pays for what is already paid for, in blood, law, oath, & right. The Ten Amendments 1st congress shall not establish a religion, nor can they prohibit one. IDOLATRY is a religion & the most primitive evil cruel religion. It is not Bible the fathers mean to stop of religion but the IDOL rich aristocracy University Pope dark ages religion. If anyone ever says you must have an idol to pay for it, to pay to it, that you receive powers & permissions there by, they are sick in sin. It will only rob poor, rich reward & oppression increased. Its wizards of Oz. And to say they can search you Without a warrant or take your stuff cause they made an idol saying you shall obey. They are sick in sin of great dellusions against their sole purpose and oath. 4th Amm. Who hires some one to make them pay or obey idols. No one ever. Evil

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