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in this the year of our LORD 2022 of July 8th Friday daty

On The Intro or Proverbs 31

+ The Words of Lemuel king of Massa,

The Instruction/Prophecy that his mother taught him,

-- the words of the faithful to GOD king of burdens, aka picks up their cross, the instructions is the prophecy, momma taught you what the world is, it could also ge read, the instruction that is mother taught him, see how the his taken out shows so much more of that which we are looking at.

+ What are you doing my son!

What are you doing son of my womb,

What are you doing son of my vow!

-- She litterally flipped it around ,doing son to her womb to his father, and why his father, cause we get one, and HE IS GOD FATHER OF THE WORD,

--- so then she says, my son, who isnt going to be, if he doesnt match his mother in the blood life offering he did not give his country their pound of flesh, that is matching the offering that the mother gave, so he has to outweight his infant self.

----I am thinking maybe that is why the abortions sky rocketed, and i think maybe that might be why they went away. I wait on THE LORD GOD LIVING. its not that you have to suffer it, but you must offer it. Truly everything else is a GOD damned lie, and shall perish with the dust, and the girls will enter heaven very rich and yet poor, not esteeming that virtues are an eternal work that you may fill up with here and thus become a flowing stream of living waters in itself, thus then the forcing of the pressing comes, they must NEEDS answer THE LORD GOD LIVING and this is going to be a righteoous ansser or they will not have an answer, but it is clear to see that which they are doing, and they doing it in mass with great efforts, with great labors, they are working iniquity.

This has become their destruction if they do NOT repentthey are already dead in their sins. HIS fan is upon the threshing floor now, the northern armies are in sweeping pestulince, saying famin will be the next of the four effects of sin poured out from GOD, i say, why levin the word, is it not in abundance. It is the one thing not in lack of ever running out. It is everywhere in every thing, and you are surrounded by it, but have been beguiled into building a very high wall down very deep, and you are but surrounded by blood word covenant, that is the water, that is THE SPIRIT, that is the word invisible.

You see famines come when the people do NOT do the word of THE LORD GDO LIVING TRUE. but there is always them that think that think they can walk through HIS SNIPER PRECISION EXECUTED WITH OMNI POWER and the it's done so calmly without most ever paying heed to have ubderstanding of knowing the ledge, the edge of death, that is the destruction for not answering aright. The GOD of your fathers is the ONLY ONE GOD LIVING that tells you i do both, good and evil, and i have poured out the pestilince, the plague, the sword, the famine, i pourd forth these things because your sins, now turn you back to ME in THE TRUTH, ME THE GOD OF YOU, YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR PARENTS, YOUR OATH, VOW, YOUR TRUTH, FROM YOUR FATHERS.

This is to the sons of men, and the women will go home, you see, GOD doesnt loose anything, the children go home, all them little wicked slaves. And the women, are going home, they will not be with men that would drag them to hell and not do the manly thing.

Where they think that THE LORD GOD LIVING will be entreated of their words, or their gifts, or them at all in any wise speaking, save for the very acts GOD CREATED DOING IN FULL ADMINISTSRATION KNOWING LONG BEFORE YOU, and what you would be and do. Dont do these things for your own loss, why should you love death, and why should you suffer before you go to hell. Why would you rather not be PLAY THE MAN if your going to paly, what better role than being a man? MEN? boys?

But you would rather slither by to build shi aunt giants, so that they are armed well to the teeth very sharply set on a path against us them most you are trying to leave us with? you do not get away, you fools must even know that THE LORD GOD LIVING does NOT let one escape, surely you know this, old enough to see the clockworks, they are far too poised for accuracy, leaving nothing to error, not even the chance for error.

There is no missing the mark with THE LORD GOD LIVING, so please repent back to THE LORD GOD LIVING in the in this flesh and stop eating your children in the flesh with easy bake ovens prying sons away to hang on paper trees to curse them toads, custody die forced divorce from the true word and all the free benefits that come with it, such as Lady Liberty, such as Wisdom Holy Spirit Herself. and without the spirit of wisdom, we choose to be what, the dumbest cunts in the world?

Eh, but Wisdom doesnt care for your passing opinions, polls surveys, or any of the like save the jurious answer, that is words with counsel, not darkened but tried in the fires of the truth, standing sure and fast as faithflul. and what other thing in all the world does a man want to be other than faithful? have you ever heard of a better thing that man can assertain? not for faithful is faith, and faith is trust in GOD an trust in GOD is belief in GOD and not in self, and thus is THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE LORD THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF OLD, and by this we do the truth, which is the only way to GOD and there is not anther, THIS THE LAW OF THE ONE TRUE GOD THE TRUTH.

Once you are in the truth, it shall cover you in Righteousness, and it shall walk your through all this world into the other side that is before your eyes but you see ity not, and it is a narrow path, you must go it alone with and too your LORD GOD LIVING SALVATION ALONE, thus to be a friend too is too pass through and you can not be an enemy to THE LORD GOD LIVING going about thinkng that THE WHOLE OF THE WORLD is against you, for HE IS THE HOST OF HOSTS OF Hosts, and HE IS GOING TO GET HIS GLORY ! HIS TRUE GLORY AFTER HIS FASHION ! THE COMMANDS ! THE TRUTH ! THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT IS, truly was, and IS TO COME, it always was, it always will be, and it never ever really was not, and this is in every woman, THE SECRET PLACE OF THE LORD, THE CITY OF JERUSALEM, HEAVEN ITSELF.


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