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John Adams

John Adams

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral & religious people, it is

wholly inadequate to the government of any other."

* this is for every constitution even the constitution within man, it is the eternal spirit, it is fortitude and integrity, wielded of men every where at every place. A man's constitution is how he will answer to any constitution, the faithful you see are faithful, and the unfaithful are shaken off the earth, for they have no blood root ties to keep them in dominion, and so no roots is no constitution.

Adams has just hit original sin, the constitution of Adam, tell me, is it with roots, blood, word, or is cast off and thrown down into the pits, if YOU were not worth more than Adam, the why does Adam die and you will live forever, never tasting of death again.

YOU see to go forward into eternity, to look to Heaven, the boosm of the father Abraham, where all the profits rest, in the boosm of Abraham, but they neglected Abraham's constitutional belief in GOD, for it was imputed onto Abraham for believing in THE LORD GOD, when HE said, "Abraham, come out and count the stars if you can, for your seed shall be as these stars in the sky and the sand on the sea shore," and Abraham believed THE LORD and it was imputed to Him for Righteousness.

Abraham laughed from the heart & Sarah from the belly. Abraham is said to have taken it as, i can see that you LORD can give me a son, but i dont see how you can give me a son. But i don't see how, im old and Sarah is past age. Sarah laughed from her belly its said she heard it and accuonted it as not possible, even impossible, a scourge in essence, as though you dont accept the people's passing opinions, i liken it to the sons to be of Lot in Sodom and Gamarah, as it reads, "they but took Lot for a mad man," this is of course why Lot's wife dies, she turns not to Sodom, for Sodom, but to see THE GLORY OF THE LORD, away from her husband is the infraction if you don't understand.

But i thank GOD being one of understanding, that is I always try and remember THE ONE LORD GOD LIVING FATHER CREATOR ONLY WISDOM SALVATION THE GOD OF THE TRUE WORD & HOLY SPIRIT WISDOM, poured out for all men, weaving in and out of all time through blood linear, through word linear and hyperbolic (That is it figure-eights kind of 8 and thus THE WORD is Hyperbolic, and the HOLY SPIRIT is TRANSCENDANT, the WORD TRANSCENDS but the THE HOLY SPIRIT IS TRANSCENDAT, maintaining its Transcendant state it is above all holding it together in some overlording fashion, but you cant see it, like it's through the glass darkly, also is said, through the veil.

Christ rents this becasue HE brings the glass slipper hone to pappa, that is HIS BRIDE BLAMELESS ! here is an amazing thing, that which Adam committed adutlery, which was spoken to Adam, becasue HE did not Adhere, and EVE had no covering, but THE FATHER, but they both took off the FATHER's COVERING, and there was only Adam's covering,this is why THE LORD GOD FATHER SPEAKS ONL to Adam, for this cause here.

That is if they would ever leave for the prophecy that Adam gives, speaking of leaving trhe father and mother to join with his wife, and so does Adam like a dumb ass, so it seems, to be, but someone knows what's going to take place the whole of the time, now mind you, and i do mean you, mind you, take care of you, for no one else will, if you dont do this not another soul save Christ can do that for you, that is cover your bride.

It's the woman, she had to be saved, and GOD not wanting to go against HIS own word, and that is will of course, for HE does repent but NOT as a man should repent, that is HE said it and it is so, this is how every dies the death, THE FATHER CREATOR IS PLAYING OUT HIS LOVE STORY FOR HIS WIFE, WISDOM HOLY SPIRIT, SHE IS HIS GOOD PLEASURE, She didnt go from Proverbs to Wisdom of Ben Sira Wisdom of Solomon, Ecclesiastics, it went them then into the Proverbs books. What I mean is she was wife, then became a daughter, then became wife again, she fell, she was a lil girl spoiled and sought her own, she is Eve.

What Ben Sira will be very famously know for, the book of Lillith, and in this book it tells it well, but i cant remember if it tells you the most important part, Lillith is the Eve, she is the woman fallen, and in this book Lillith cries out, I need saving, when The Son of Man does come, i need saving from me, from this hell of the evil she does.

All of this is correct, and all of it stems from the root of women finding the boy when she is seeking the man. In youth she is what can only be described as Christ's works in brief of what is the beginning spouse husband father to kids. Once this is gone, it is all cold turkey here. By cold turkey i mean horfrost, aka whore frost, bitter cold, and it woud be better that you be hot or cold, but luke warm i will spit you out, means, to be you, man true, or woman cold, that is so that you are not doing bildaddy idol service to kill own kids as is Exodus one and Herods youth slaying same.

Thus then is Eve their covering the male in the mankind experience of mating, she is naive in love, and will stick up for the boy, no matter what they say, she is in love, naive love, we know it as very wrongly used, for it is love itself that we see at The Cross of our Christ, it is the husbands role as a man over the family.

That the mother is the man, so the boy gets roots as the woman is the wrong conception here, the woman is to be covered, but in todays society, what i mean by today's society is the same society you get every three to four generations upon the land that hate GOD, that is doing what Adam did in the Garden of Eden, or should i say what Adam did then didnt do, didnt but then do, its a super transposing effect when THE LORD GOD LIVING speaks.

One of the most drastic things that the human can make is thinking that there isn't THE ONE LORD GOD LIVING running everything and only THE LORD GOD LIVING's WILL will BE DONE, and there is no contest to this, none have ever truly argued it to destruction becayse once you stand to attack this you come short to the point of your own destruction, literally, this is where Martin Luther stood, this is where Dr. Rev. King Jr. stood, Rosa Parks, Malcom Ex, JFK, Joan of Ark, St Kathering, Mathew, Mark, Luke, Peter, this is the sure position of GOD.

Being THE MOST WISE HE must then needs be also THE MOST DIRECT founded by UNDERSTANDING ITSELF so the most ACCURATE IN SPEECH !

This is what the idolater does literally to try and pass by the argument so scared of it; he lists why he believes the bible becasue of the thousands of eye witnesses recorded, because the endless geneology going all the way back, by the thousands of scriptures copied which proves over distance and time accurate source, or they use the distance and time not changing one word in the whole of the scriptures, and they can list doctors of this school and these company men, and by the time you uncover their idols and their ass kissing worship to such institutions and names, brands and the like, that is after they devote a shit load of word to not true but in the promotion of passing idols, names, brands, up until the point of a city.

A city can be the entire nation, for GOD has, thus can always and forever, that is THE LIVING GOD spoken of, that is THE SAME GOD LIVING never gone away, so THE SAME LORD GOD LIVING IS ABOUT THAT TRUE WORD coming out of your mouth. For this is the flesh of your LIVING FATHER POURED OUT, but since in a fallen world, we have Christ, THE WORD COME LOW on our behalf our first father Adam birthed up into. Not covered by THE FATHER actively we should say, what can be described as a THE MOST POWERFUL KING is going to stay on the throne for HE SAID IT and its so, no matter what you do rebelling, HE IS GOING to send to HIS PROPHETS, THEN HIS SON, then HE IS GOING TO COME IN ALL HIS GLORY BUT REMEMBER HE IS ON HIS THRONE.

HE is not going to get up, your dealing with THE KING OF ALL THAT EVER IS,was, and is to come, you understand, there are great empires that shall be, that are not born, and it shall be by HIM and HIM ALONE, and so too it was in the times past, so to is it today. This then must be reconciled. But everytime that man kept going to reconcile it, he fucked it up more, by the corruption in men's hearts.

So GOD sends one and they can fill up, and return, or they can die, there is the first half, where the devil got adam, and so so much is this remember that even Adam's getting the devil isnt told of anymore. That is the woman bested Adam and not Adam putting her in her place, behind him, where she belongs, so she can come blameless, and so the wrath of THE LORD GOD LIVING FATHER IS POURED out on him and not on her.

All this so that none approach the mother to his children, the bride of his youth, that THE FATHER LORD GOD LIVING, THE ONLY SALVARION, THE ONLY FATHER brothers, men, Son of Man, GOD's Sons, heirs with Christ, you of The Word Living True.

So then you can see for two thousand years men have been pushing into the ocean of GRACE, true REDEMPTION, as the waters are hard to pressed to get too, seeings how most of man joins to the band wagons of fun plays thief and lie, from first grade, no hearts to their minds, no tongue the same, nothing put to heart only the opinions of them passing by to help them justify their passing opinions, to accuse one and excuse another.


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