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*The things i preach are the things that is done at current as tho these things are aloud to be approached and when done in open is the test of the nation's men, you are on the brink of GOD's HAND, and none knowing how THE LORD GOD LIVING IS going to move that HAND, is sure to surprise everyone as HE has purposely veiled everyone from seeing it, & in a moment it will be done. The sermons are clearer on the point of their objective and everyone is learnign how resiliant the opposititon is to do wrong to your sons and daughters in the most of insulting cheap manners.

This generation has no one to answer aright, and thus these all are moving to do wrong, it is clear as all day versus night they aim wrong and intend to do so in every way, the entire pay of their game is fuck all make the answer wrong. This is growing to be a constant cancer to the point of killing them all. This will be swift, the collapse will be short and they care not to fix it.

GOD saves them that care to repent, that care to do right, to answer third grade level covenants, that all the men swear to GOD to uphold to ensure to defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic, and them that have come for it have not any answer whatsoever in its place.

The entire answer is Exodus 32, they are risen in play and pride to revel your children as a child idol sacrifce, and then tells you your beat by the system let go of that which if you let go of you will GO TO HELL, and you will loose your land in the same manner that you took it, displaced in disease, relocated as you watch children starve and as HE SAID TO SAY, you will eat them for your greed, for making ovens in fun.

I know what you think, you know all, you have the answer to even your GOD, cuase the eye you learn from is so true you got it all good, that explains the situation your in, men that wont answer to the truth, but will do open plain lying sin, and the rest watch them go by, saying okay i play too, you got me this time. So they get beat by the servant they pay who betrays cheap.

Beat by servants they pay, the children are left to be made over dumb, to come to the point of knowing nothing of the blood, and this root they did take away, so that the idols and bills do their works covering every wrong answer every which way. Your cut in half kids render as stupid as you all men, and this is sin, sickness and death, the only that save you refuse at every pass, forcing more idols and stupid shit down the gullet, of the children, never let up, you got them serving idols as little dumb fucks like it is life and to lie to get by to buy more, this is what they choose.

Robbing of the poor is the modern american way in this, these modern days. We love to go brutally in wrath, and childish in liberty to turn all upside down, they love this evil.


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