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23rd Psalm Quickly explained with modern Scriptures

23 psalm quickly explained


Quickly explained in modern Scriptural Revealing,

The guy off left eye, inspired this writing, find his youtube video that did inspire me to write, this, tho i was writing while watching, it was the thought that inspired me, as listening he had major points that were true, so please read, and please see his video, i did here this one quote, "it is better to repeat for an hour the 23rd Psalm than to listen to the spirits bombard you for an hour." He is right.


He is the guide to the truth, to bring you in, and bring you out. For by lifeblood truth, the mother brings in, by DIVINE HAND OF GOD, and by the choosing of THE RIGHTEOUS shall he bring you through too, but this takes a coming out of the mother going before her.

Think of Jesus at twelve, His mother says come home, he obeys until thirty, see was about his father's business at 12, under the mother. Then at 30 after the baptism, woman what do I have to do with you. No mother, but woman, WOE ALL YOU MEN. notice he has to turn back to ask her. This is the man before the daughters, all of them. So then HE IS NOW IN HIS FATHER'S BUSINESS, DOING IT, as the business itself. THAT IS TO COVER THE DAUGHTERS, not to buy and sell and to trade and give receive in them, aka adultery, idolatry, the image that speaks gotten from gentile courts playing gods in lies and oath-breaking to DIE-FORCE, DIVORCE, and CURSE TOAD, CUSTODY. thus defends the family, the truth, the lifeblood, which all is the TRUTH FROM GOD.


even when you want, you are provided for, and you are to learn to be content, the main theme here is childhood, the mother, takes care of everything, as to an infant, and then when reborn it will be the same, but you will see the theme here go from child hood to darker themed, as a man as a child of GOD, thus through death, but it is also flipped for by your mother's life offering (death) screams pains blood tears, you are brought in, thus you will be taken out, read on and see, same. For the saint it is Christian Contentment see Paul's in all things I have learned to be content.


you are under your mother again, why the 5,000 men fed with their wives and kids on the grass, the green grass, the pastures,


as a child, you do not realize the turmoil in the world, for your trust is in your father mother,

this is the case too for the saint, you learn GOD is the stillness in the storms, even through death, thus even in crucifixion, you hold your peace by faith in GOD, stilled in faith. See though the waters surround you, they shall not overtake you.


This is the learning of the command, to honor obey your father mother, why you do, for you will be, thus the path is to obey honor for you are to become and yours after you. THE PATH of RIGHTEOUSNESS is THE TRUTH, and even a fool can not go astray. so just be true, and you may not know or grasp that which is being done, but you understand the why, for GOD IS TRUE, thus his name is true, and his namesake is truth. THUS being lead, it is not your fight when you choose truth, it is GOD's for HE HAS SAID, HE IS THE GOD OF TRUTH, thus he can not deny himself. see you the right-hand oath vows, that one takes, this is his righteousness he will defend, it is in the staff, you see? he is the rod, by the truth. for HIS NAME SAKE, any many wishes to bless himself it will be by the truth, and any man takes an oath vow it shall be by THE LORD GOD OF THE TRUTH AMMON. Isa 65:16,


this is the fact of passing through the mother into life, she is dying for you, and the fact of the man having to come out of her, to be a man, go before to guard and keep, the man will realize the world is coming to kill you, your wife, your kids, and bring into subjection, the binding of hands to seize yours, you. kill you subject you, take you yours, liars and thieves, adulterers, blasphemers, idolaters. Thus realizing this will make a man realize he is this, thus it leads to rebirth. REPENTANCE.


You choosing GOD, you repent from evil self, realizing he conquered you before you were, you realize GOD did this for to all evil ever was is or is to come. IE. death where is your sting. again it is GOD'S FIGHT and the battle and the victory are THE LORDS. thus you fear evil no more but it may scare you, but won't dictate move you for it is GOD you fear now.


The rod, is the fact of his command, that which he will perform and do, and only his will is accomplished, it is the death all die, but those that die in GOD's TRUTH live. thus you know all shall take his correction, for the reborn, it is you already have, and you do, and thus you know if GOD got you, you see how he gets all, no matter what, so a rod of correction is comforting, knowing all are judged no matter what. as Paul says, "them that do evil saying so good may come, their damnation is just," and "knowing-doing all these things brings the wrath of GOD upon them."

THE STAFF is the oath, the vow, the command, the calling of GOD down, the invocation of the evil one if they do not repent too. These are things that are known as the testimony written down, that if they do not do as men, THEY HAVE NO LIGHT IN THEM. isa 8:19=20 thus then you have Moses & Aaron throw down the staff to eat up the others falsely swearing in Egypt, which is what all men start out doing but must repent throwing dow the staff given them by their fathers before them, for GOD is GOD OF YOUR FATHERS, thus that is how you prove your in the righteousness of GOD, by THE OATH, THE VOW, and they are out of it, they will try to make it cuss words (NOWHERE IS THIS LIST EVER ESPECIALLY BIBLE) drinking, drugs, this or that, poor or doing something in the privacy of their own home, and it is none of these things, it is the oath, the vow, the command, the bill of rights, the freedom not to pursuit idols insurance, tags, titles, degrees, permissions by hand written ordinances opposed to us all, CHRIST nailed all them to the cross making a mockery of, for ever to come, COL 2:14-16, ISA 8:19-20 they do wizardry, idol paid permission, cursing kids TOAD, in CUSTODY, forcing fathers mothers to die in DIE-FORCE DIVORCE.



the mothers, the wives, the daughters, the sisters, the oath, the vow, the constitution, the bill rights, the declaration, the holy scriptures. AS THE PROVERBS READS, "If you are given to appetite, put a knife to your throat, for his dainties are deceitful." not that GOD is deceiving you, but you are coming to eat in deceit, and you think it doesn't matter, but it does. ALL ON HIS TABLE IS HOLY. and if you eat without pondering looking into you are deceiving yourself, and all men i know do this, done this, and thus we angered GOD already, but now if you repent, take the loving chastising, and if you don't you will drive him to furious wrath, for HIS NAME SAKE HE SHALL DEFEND THESE THINGS, IN THEIR HOLINESS, AS ONE, ALL THEM. aka the feather vs. heart weighted in Egypt, the feather is all these one, and if you do not put to heart, you will be lighter than the feather in your heart, so you should have, it would have been better for you to cut your throat before you raised your hand in oath, given over to appetite, greed, lusts, lying, rather than never contemplating this table put before EVERY MAN ON EARTH.


as stated, you were one of the enemies, but now you are repented, thus in the valley of death, the dead men walking all enemies to GOD, and you see now they all are. Thus in the presence of them, is the same you learned you are to teach them, as you were they are, as they are, you hope and do as they are to be like you, all men are against GOD and must repent, HE will not stop bringing his daughters home blameless, I SHALL GATHER MY SONS FROM AFAR, BUT MY DAUGHTERS FROM THE ENDS OF THE EARTH. daughters are by blood right already his daughter, sons are ONLY BY THE COMMAND THE WORD. as written "because you adhered to your wife and not MY COMMAND cursed, for your sakes"


This is the olive oil, which is from the two olive trees, AIYSH / EVE, the daughters, are all each one of them THE DAUGHTER OF THE KING, already chastised from on high in heaven, EACH ONE IS GIVING BLOOD, and thus when Israel Anoints the head with olive oil it means you are ordained of heaven to Stuart them in. Thus anointing means you understand and believe the holy work of THE LORD GOD in heaven, believing she is already chastised in love, already judged, to die the two deaths, and you as a man have received her, BONE OF MY BONE, mark it in stone forever this one is mine, they are always the daughter of the king, and the mother of all living, she is the two witnesses, they trample her blood in the streets, her witnessing, and she is the two Cherubim with wings above the mercy seat. "why do you labor my son, for treasures surely grow wings and fly to heaven." the females all are the one feather, see rev the pearl gate, the daughters ps 45 all go into the king's congregation, and same Psalm beginning, see let me show you what your own right righteous hand terrible things it shall teach you. Show you the oath vow, the table, the valley of death, the staff through it, passed down, going to be passed down and it will not lose or stop, it is GOD to fathers, to sons, to make fathers to pass down to sons. the oath vow command. the covenant. eternal covenant.


THE BLOOD OF THE FATHERS TO THE FATHER, SONS that die in defense of daughters, their right of authority over their children, paid for in blood, life, offering, and confirmed by GOD on high down low, the blood of the mothers, to bring them blameless, roughly said, it is the stupid shit wives, moms, sisters, daughters, say and do, choose, that you are too cover as blameless like a father does a house, that isn't on them, it is on me, will say the father, my house, my family, so I am the one you deal with. It is to learn YHVH. I AM. not them, as them, but you as them, to be their LORD & GOD, and to go before holding GOD'S COMMAND, to bring them blameless. BEFORE GOD AND ALL MAN.

this will irritate, annoy, bother, and trouble you much as a man, but you are the man. and thus as the man, over a house, it is yours to do that as so. No father says of any of his children when they are in the wrong, go ahead get them, outsiders. no, he says to them, I am the father, deal with me, and me alone, that is my child, I am in rule, I am in honor, so I will take whatever you term for them, on and upon me. Thus the father deals with the children only internally. but outwardly all is on him alone as head, as Stuart, as LORD AND GOD. See Adam commanded before receiving Eve, see Adam is called before Eve, see Adam is asked before Eve, see Adam blames Eve, see Adam didn't follow the command, or accept the honor as to be father, in THE LORD GOD FATHER'S PLACE. but that is why ONE FATHER, and all men husbands, receive the BRIDE from the one father, TO BE HIM IN HIS STEAD, and love his daughter as he would, going before bringing her blameless no matter what, if you don't want the honor here don't raise the hand, take it. If you do not want to go before your mothers as a man, too damned bad, she died for you, and the cup of blood poured out is already running over, drink or go to hell denying your mother's blood, which is life, as it reads, THOSE WHO HATE WISDOM, HATE LIFE. thus DAVID'S CUP here is the same as JESUS CHRIST'S CUP IN THE GARDEN OF GETHSIMINE, which is why Christ cries in our stead for our sakes, what we will say, to cover us, 'NO NOT LIKE THIS FATHER, PLEASE NOT LIKE THIS." yes, it sucks, to be the man, to be faithful, in humiliation, in ungratefulness, to not be appreciated in life offers, but if THE HUSBAND, THE FATHER, THE MAN WILL NOT HOLD THESE HOLY THINGS, who in all the world will? thus being the man is to be LORD GOD in THE LORD GOD'S STEAD, it sucks to go low, but now you can see why the high (opinion, adultery, idols betrayals but high minded they all are) are brought to NOT, but the low is brought high. Back to Adam's original position, doing what Adam would not. love them all to the very end, covering them all blameless, aka who are you looking for, I AM HE let these go, whom he loved he loved to the very end, whom he received he lost not one but the son of perdition. This is the one that won't drink the cup in repentance, but only eat in greed, the one that will defend his betrayal keep his lie, play god, change command, invoke evil one, he does it himself.

Remember that CHRIST JESUS, didn't come to be your wife's husband, but yours. and you being his bride, learn to be her husband. Thus bring her blameless before even THE LORD GOD FATHER, for he gave her to you, and you did raise your hand to receive. KEEP HER IN ALWAYS even if she ravages you with outsiders, for this is love and wisdom, if you doubt see what we did with Christ, our husband, as his bride, see he didn't let even Judas go, Judas walked out. Someone has to be the head of the family, the blood at the doorpost, and the women already gave theirs.


you are the one that is crucified for their mercy, for you believe no matter what they do they are a good gift from THE ONLY GOOD GOD, thus you believe in the beginning, and thus know the end. FOR THE first time that NOT GOOD is used, is at the helpmeet, the wife, the daughters, not good man be alone, so then she is a good gift, given, a maidservant, help meat, for she slaughtered already giving lifeblood, and known as the olive trees, because all the childbearing, there is few reborn, like to olives and olive oil. Hence Christ is in the Garden of Gethsemane, THE OLIVE PRESS GARDEN, to show what ADAM in EDEN should have done, commanded to do, as you are to do, as what will come, the 500 battle ready Roman troop, represents, the whole hand of the world, GOD THE ONE LORD GOD trying you, to show you, if you love them, or not, if you love them than die for them, if you love them that die for them, if you love them than die for them.


What THE LORD GOD DOES, HE DOES FOR AN ETERNITY. He doesn't do halfway, he doesn't throw out, and away, he doesn't take back. THO THE LORD GIVE AND TAKES his to do with as HE PLEASES, the first account is giving, the second to see if you believe the first, and then the confirmation of the first, is to show you believed the first, and if you do not believe, surely you will not be established.

PROOF is all the world at your hand, HEAVEN IS AT HAND, you raised it, stretched it forth, you took the vow oath. THIS has ALWAYS BEEN, = BONE OF MY BONE, this has never changed no not ever, same LORD GOD AMMON isa 65:16 is from Egypt all over the earth, THE LORD GOD AMMON THE LORD GOD JEHOVA OF ISRAEL. never will change, for THE LORD GOD IS SET IN HIS WAYS OF TRYING THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF ALL HIS CREATION, THE MAN. not for him, but for you, to show you, who you are, what you choose, so choose life, for an eternity. she is life, then covers her, as a man, for all living things, have a covering, she is dying in the house giving blood you give it at the doorpost, before the gates of the city, for each house is a city, she is the gate and city, bringing all living.

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