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Wrong, Jesus does have a GOD, and Moses is called GOD by THE LORD SELF.

Every Husband is Lord & God to his wife, Psalm 45:11.

& The MAN is commanded directly, Gen 2:16 she is spoken to softly Isa 40:1-3

Thus man is GOD by the command & the charge, that is why THE FATHER is INVISIBLE, & why CHRIST is risen so that you are GOD in his stead. There is one father even for the CHRIST.

Thus you are to be that father, GOD.

Now do you know anything other than GOD's word, what GOD said, about GOD other than his word?

NO, well that is what Moses says THE LORD says, “You will GOD in my stead Moses & Aaron will be your prophet." & in another, "....I will teach you the words you shall speak..." & in another, Moses says, "You are witnesses with me all you Israel, that all we heard was a voice and saw no image."

Thus the word of GOD is how your polytheism is killed, ONE GOD, ONE WORD, ONE FAITH, ONE BAPTISM.

Jesus is the command Man received Gen 2:16-17 that came low & covered as a husbandman.

For 1 Father means the daughter is a good gift, Mat 7:11, Gen 2:18, and man bride not the bride him. Thus the same for us and Christ who is that command that man fell from, "Because you adhered to your wife & not to MY COMMAND CURSED…”

Thus then you see that Saul lost the kingdom not obeying GOD’s COMMAND, & David gains it by obeying the command, the command of GOD is love, is the love of GOD, & Jesus said all I did was obey the command, they are eternal life, and the dragon wages war on them that obey the command of GOD, and them that are written in the lamb's book of life are them that keep the command of GOD, and thus the NOT POLYTHEISM. 

The whole reason it goes from ELOHIM = GODS but is written GOD because it is right, it is before THE LORD GOD reveals the fault in heaven and divides it, thus you have THE LORD in Gen 2:4 that made & commanded man. 

Then you have the fallen, demons, and then you have them that kept the command the charge, they are Angels, faithful messengers.

 Thus Christ is the word, the heart poured out, & man marries to the word of GOD to become the son of GOD, & the son of THE FATHER is THE FATHER. But if the son does not keep the command, then he is not a son. Thus 1 father, & you are that father, if you are not another man will be, hence why John The Baptist does not follow Jesus in the flesh. John is at the point of being the father. 

This also takes place with Jacob when he & Laban make a covenant and make pillars, aka BONE OF MY BONE, the oath, the care of the daughters. 

WHY THE ONE FATHER gives the daughter so that you are first the father before you are the husband. 

Hence Adam where are you? opposed to Jesus, “Who are you looking for, I AM HE,” & they fall straight way back because he broke the curse from Adam. 

And Adam blames his bride & GOD for giving him her, saying, “Her that you gave me…” & Christ says, “I AM HE, LET THESE GO.” & at the cross, “Forgive them, FATHER, they know not what they do.” Thus keeping the bride THE LORD GOD gave him, that is us men, for she is our bride. I am not saying Jesus didn’t come to be her husband, because if you will not, JESUS WILL, but he came to be our husband, we are to be hers. 

Thus you can see, Jesus is the word made flesh, and GOD never left his first command, that would be foolish, for HE IS GOD OF THE WORD, ONLY WISE GOD, AND NEVER MOVES, NO SHADOW OF TURNING. 

& Jesus is the word, its own entity GOD made it, for nothing marries the creator (technically, as in intimate union, that you are all omni dominion power), save for HOLY SPIRIT WISDOM HERSELF, she is the only found worthy to be the bride of GOD, for GOD did not speak in ignorance, that is the word, & the word can not sin Isa 55. 

& cause the word made all creation, the word is LORD & GOD to all creation, for THE CREATOR has appointed it as so, & GOD doesn’t break his order, of course. 

Thus when Thomas says, “MY LORD & MY GOD.” Thomas is 100% accurate. for you are lord & god to her. again Ps 45:11 she is to worship him as such. 

& you are right when you say, “If you are going to learn about GOD who is better to learn from than GOD himself.” 

For Christ told you repeatedly, over & over, that if you are his follower, if you love him you will keep his word, & his command, they are the same as the fathers. they never changed, they are just said in different ways. 

Then i must ask, why you are not taking your own advice, and keeping Jesus' words, and his commands, for Jesus never left the first command, nor any Apostle. Jesus never said three in one, he said, you in me, I in him. we are one. closest you get. Keep the command, keep his word. 

And Jesus told you, if you specifically, “THE FATHER IS GREATER THAN I, I TELL YOU THIS THAT YOU MAY BELIEVE.” 

Do you believe Him? Then the father is greater yes. 

And don’t change his command, this is coming from one greater than you so says Jesus Christ your Messiah, for I keep the command, I am called the Greatest in The Kingdom of Heaven, & you would be called the least, until you pick back up the command, that GOD has issued, GOD, has commanded, for any self-prescribed worship is idolatry. 

For THE LORD much more prefers obedience than sacrifice. & it is foolish to not keep the command of THE LORD your GOD, for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. 

I hope this helps you. 

You are rarely talking to GOD, or Christ when or if you have visions, for it will usually be angels, but you will take them as GOD or Christ, & most will not correct you, for they are thereby COMMAND, by WORD, and it is ONE, as ALL SONS are ONE IN THE FATHER by COMMAND. 


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