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a rhyme for false christian rappers all grouped as men, sin.

this is the link, to the group of so called man chrisian rappers

and now their rebuke

let me show you

at 3:36 you said if we still asking what you talking you about, i am asking, now, for you cast no demons out, unless it is the day of mon, de-mon

for you all have a bunch of crunch i spit out wont eat for lunch, no meats only milk but they looked so manly for real,

sight is deceiving i try the word, and these are of no worth, no GODLY works but plenty of works, still no worth, NO GODLY WORDS,

rapping about GOD but no command that is why they in groups like schools NO HEAD not one father amongst them all, GOD would slay if not under their moms.

They had not one vile vulgar man rough word, with that milk must be soap too no potty mouths aloud at mommas' schools,

Not even an "N" word and how many of them black, what is it are they british born over here on exchange, i did not here a toast to the king,

what is it they cleared up their acts, no words they were taught as they grew up, no drugs, no guns, nothing from the salt GOD gave them,

So being saved by THE LORD GOD you gave up your moms, what words she gave you so you could claim Christian in modern America who is always cleaned mouth, no potty yah?

now watch me smash you all,


NO where in the whole of HOLY SCRIPTURES, then you men have made up your OWN RIGHTEOUSNESS !

that is sin, try again, this time do what THE LORD GOD SAYS, keep your salt, pick it back up, cause now as it stands, your not god blessed your god damned.

This is not hard to figure out, you all of you lil girls, have a list in your mind of curse words, BUT NOT ONE YOU HAVE THE LIST GOD SAID TO HAVE,

THE TEN COMMAND, these are the issues to all, that is why all you said is nothing but dragon's flood words spit out but all idol and you shall be judged.

If you DO NOT WHO YOU SERVE, then you serve yourself as GOD and you gods who gave up your salt, your freedom, your truth, your sons, your wives, your moms,

the women are the pearls that you are not to give to pigs, now how many men in this group are adulterers then,

and you think to be CHRISTIAN, your a fool, and every family member, all your friends even them from tender, and all these false speaking anti Christs hate you and seek your destruction,

unless they speak as i am now to you, CHRIST IS THE COVENANTER it is a marriage covenant that he covers us by, WE married to command first of all in Gen 2:16 but adam fell,

so that husbandman come down to cover us here, to bring us home, now Adam, man, you too receive the daughter form THE ONE LORD GOD FATHER WHO IS MOST RIGHTEOUS AND ALL MIGHTY POWERFUL, thus then all daughters are his, and you took one in hand, swearing his holly name, you would defend and cover to death, now look and see how does one tempt the lord god, is it by throwing himself down or is it THROWING HIMSELF DOWN, that is the bride the daughter, the wife, for she is the life, she is given to the man not the man to her, do you know why

probably not, but dont worry my words are not empty as yalls and such,

i shall equip you with life, i shall not watch you fail and go to hell, and say jesus, jesus, jesus, on the way, i shall give you that which you need, applicable without the appollos applications no one to pay, it's all free, but it does cost your life, but then you will be free, then you can choose to serve THE LORD GOD, but must be true before this then all you, all yall.

The father always around the world, from the very beginning of man, is given the daughter, it's how you know GOD is one, and has always been,

this is why they call him GOD of naitons, and why all nations are made by fathers, because they are made for the care of the daughters,

so that she have her liberty, and not be afraid, not afraid they will frisk her pull her over, search her take her or cars, and mainly so she is not afraid that they will rob her of her kids that GOD HIS ALL MIGHTY SELF GAVE HER, and she paid her entire life to bring in, that is blood boys, or should i say girls, for i have yet to hear any of you men speak to the guarding of daughters or of the known LORD GOD who sent the Messiah and told you, WE KNOW WHO WE SERVE,

In Noah's day, they had daughters, and they had men that said, SON OF GOD, WE ARE SONS OF GOD, but they were all lying, and there was but daughters,

now you know why Moses wrote that, for isn't it strange for in every day they have daughters,

it is cause there were no men, and in order to honor the fathers, not curse, Moses had to only speak of the daughters to be true,

you think, strange but that is cause you playing, ALL DAUGHTERS GO HOME TO THE KINGDOM OF THE LORD GOD ONE FATHER, every and each one,

even the lowest most vile daughter you could think of sits at the same table as THE HOLY VIRGIN MARY MOTHER OF GOD, no lie, as DAUGHTERS OF THE KING, psalm 45

now see she gave blood, so do yourselves a favor, stop rapping, singing, and let it be perfected with the CHILDREN as THE MESSIAH SAID,

at least stop doing as though you are men, and christian men at that, this is the only religion in the world that says come get crucified die alone poor prisons beatings proving the world in their wicked god damned sins, covering his daughters and proving all the men are in child idol sacrifice lying about GOD.

making prisons for sons in case they thought to be GOD FREE telling them to fetch like fido for an idol then they will be somebody,

you men are not men, you definitely are not GODLY MEN, and you MOST ASSUREDLY ARE NOT CHRISTIAN MEN,

you can believe in christ, at best, but so do devils and they are in rebellion same as you are now,

I would say you could be slaves, but then your mouths would be shut, you would be learning the covenant and would not speak up until then,

its the difference between jesus under his mother at 12 and then coming out at 30 see he goes before her, and we never hear from her again, by word, cause he covers her,

that is the business of the father, THE LORD GOD , for we dont buy sell and trade her, his DAUGHTER and all the world is coming to rob rape and murder her, take advantage of her, lie to her, take her kids, and beguile her,

you should know, your not Jesus so then like me you started out doing this, you are the seed of the serpent you are the beast the mark is your a liar, and not true, you are the anti christ, and here comes the good news for you, YOU HAVE NOT BEEN REBORN, for if it is you grabbed hold truth, it is clear it did not grab a hold of you, (BONAR) so then you have yet to be reborn,

so hold to the truth ,truly this time, confess the command, learn them, keep them, teach them,

if you disagree with me, KNOW I DO KEEP COMMAND AND TEACH PREACH TEHM, so then BY THE MESSIAH I AM YOUR GREATER, if you even think of the faith OR TO BE IN IT, i am your GREATER ACCORDING TO THE MESSIAH, why? cause THE COMMAND OF GOD IS THE LOVE OF GOD, THEY ARE PEACE, THEY ARE ISSUES TO ALL LIFE, THEY ARE ETERNAL LIFE, THEY ARE THE MILE MARKERS ON THE STRAIGHT WAY HOME, I KNOW THEM IN AND OUT, CLEARLY, still learning though, for GOD is very wise very deep, i hear for an eternity we shall learn of them,

but they are why man falls not obeying the command, jeuss say the way home,

so if you dont have the command, your the least says Christ, and who would let you speak of their faith, do you go to a place and find the least and say you are the one i want to tell me all about this place, teach you me, NO then why THE HELL WOULD YOU DO IT ON THE MATTERS OF ETERNAL LIFE,

see you all are wrong, for you been kissing each other, as enemies do deceive, but i am a brother in the faith, so i bruise the shit out you, get you right, so you can lead the way of your loved ones, and make heaven,

so come back try again, dont drop them command, if any man say he knows GOD but keeps not the command, that man is a lair and the truth is not in them,

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