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Believing in what GOD


not what they are confusing you with

GOD's first Command Gen 2:16 clearly states be free,

Second command Gen 2:17 is clearly don't make idols to rule over others, making them pay obey, throwing down the wife i give you.

These two commands are the first amendment first sentence that every office in this nation swears to uphold,

that is

"Congress shall not pass any law establishing a religion, nor shall they prohibit the free exercise there of."

Idolatry pay obey is a religion, it prevents the poor class from competing in chemistry, drugs, medicines, and all the like kind. it is the idol binding of hands of men to rob their house,

prohibiting religion, is where they can't stop you from doing things you are by made to do, be free, they will idol bind you.

this is just GOD's first two commands,

nothing of this interview brought it to the covenant to the oath, to HIS HOLY NAME HIS HOLY WORK, it lead no where, to nothing, this is not GOD.

He that says he knows GOD but keeps not HIS COMMAND is a liar and the truth is not in him.

This is the love of GOD that we keep HIS COMMAND, for none of them are grievous,

all this guy did, was say opinion to opinions,


HIS COMMANDS prove HIS WISDOM, see why our founding fathers made them the first sentence first amendment to all oaths.

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