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Black Israel asks, give me one PROPHECY Muhammad gave

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

The prophets were done at John the Baptist, and HE did prophecy the end judgment. The same as the apaostles but Muhammad is counted a prophet because he is the fulfillment of prophecy to Abraham and Hagar, before John by THE LORD in Genesis.

And if revelation is a book of boon or prophecy that would make John of Revelation a prophet. But these are done at John the Baptist.

So then revelation is old prophecy retold in another salt. But it is prophecy by rule it shall be, is, was. And thus Muhammad too hath given u much prophecy by the same.

And this is sound one teaching. One GOD, and thus the next time u say Muhammad and prophet in the same sentence young man, u will use them as GOD HAS ASSIGNED HIM. IS. I say again IS A PROPHET.

If he was is an insult to the the whole of it all. THE LORD HIMSELF TOLD U HE HEARD HAGAR'S PRAYER AND ABRAHAM'S and that is answered through Ishmael after but in Isaac via Christ whom MUHAMMAD HAS CONFIRMED!

U all tread on very deep matters of eternal damnations on a very very thin line.

Christ not GOD FATHER, but IS GOD. Can u say GOD SPEAK then walk away from invisible GOD and say that word u heard is not GOD. no no u can not. And u can not say it is GOD in confusion only. GOD IS ONE not three but one. U must need not tread where GOD has made confusion only unto submissions under HIM.


If 240 Years ur founding national fathers can say the Quran holy snd they be Christians how the hell do u miss it today.

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I find Black Israel to be one of the more capable with Scriptures in America today. They teach their young men to wield the word, and to stand firm in the scriptures they do know, to be loud, and proud. Which is a much needed call for GOD's WORD today, in America, as the faith has become liquid, poring everywhere, at the cost of no standing for GOD's WORD TRUE.

The only issue i have is the skin surface of the black skin, that is pounded over and over by them. However i am a white man, and have not been pounded over and over for my racial skin. Save when we were the only 1 of 3 families in an all black neighborhood.

However i am sure that these men with such zeal shall make it through that narrow passage that few do find.

you can see more of the

IUIC Columbie SC



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