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Dean Brock no HE does not HE sent me, and I price it by HIS word recorded in the Bible. They said what miracle do u work that we may believe? Our fathers did eat manna in the desert, as it is written, HE gave them bread from heaven to eat.

Then Jesus answered them, "verily verily I say to you, Moses gave you not that bread from Heaven but MY FATHER gives you the TRUE BREAD from HEAVEN. For THE BREAD OF GOD is that which comes down from Heaven and gives life to the world.'

Then they said to HIM Lord give us this bread .

He goes on to say that HE is that bread from Heaven eat and never hunger, drink and never thirst.

That is the living Waters of isa 55. That is the truth poured out to the world u need no money or license or idol from men to ascertain. Which is the wizardry that u with ur windy words put forth saying all is an opinion unless they make an idol, then it will be real because u paid and fetched the idol from men, so u make Giants of the rich, philistine Goliath feeling as a teen, n-e-phil-am Giants gal-got-ha le-gal kl-aims of idolatry wizard of oz, and not the 1 law of one true GOD the truth Ps119:142 not obeying the 10 commands eternally true Ps 119 not obeying the ten bill of rights making kids less than $20 value 7th amendment kidnapping kids from parents to give to step parents without the pigs that trample the children and turn to kill parents, swearing falsely invoking the evil one holding up idols building prisons with heavily armed men Incase them custody cursed-toads forced to die being cut in half divorce without a jury of 12, uprooted root cutting idols idols everyone knows is a lie, to serve Satan building up the wizard of oz rich aristocracy cause u have not eat that bread from heaven but play lol girl opinions game more of gain more of Gamora so dumb Sodom to not keep the word true and Holy. And to prove those ten commands ten bill of rights are eternal bread from Heaven Christ Himself poured out from THE LORD GOD FATHER ALONE u only need see Moses do the 7th Saturday before the mount soon receiving of the 10 commands means they have always been. And u see the decoration WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF-EVIDENT, thus everything I give u is that bread from heaven if u believe, but if u don't believe GOD u will be a worker of iniquity in the living of your own opinions and u still cowardly lie serving idols and have no covenant standard answered to by GOD, so u will say GOD GOD GOD all the day long ,whil breaking HIS commands in adultery cursing ur own kids toads building them and u prisons Incase u thought GOD made FREE Americans. And u will go on until u break for this opinion saying THE LORD GOD LIVING WHO SENT me, yay even me, just me to you, and believe the words i say for though our covenant from our faithful repenting fathers to THE FATHER is of men to GOD, it is sealed in their blood and many after, answers to by GOD in miracles, verifiably proven miracles such as an army with 9shots a piece bested the English best army in world at the time the sun didn't even set on. And the second greatest retreat in warfare history only second to Israel at the Red Sea. And so GOD is not going to disabul or let u or anyone else. U will be found in sin giving of ur opinions with no understanding or perception for u have no standard of wisdom to see where u are. U work and u pay fetching what ever men tell u and u take this as this it is righteousness and it is idol fig leaf idol pig leave cover up. Its Adam's sin it's so old it's pharaoh fair owe the rich the dent all's the Nile, u can play ur games popping off for the English crown all bullshit marry popping marriages taking kids in windy words like pan all the day long only to turn insult their parent so they invoke the curse to die young and not gain any wealth as it is the command with promise to the kids if they honor & obey THEIR FATHER & MOTHER then they will live long & it will go well with them. But u luv cus-toady curse and kill by adulterous grief shame disgrace to root them out of their country the proof is in the treasonous prisons searching seizing kidnapping no warrant idol worship sacrifice obedience and kids called cus-toad doin dishonor to their father or mother to serve worship idols paying bills u say u need u need Beelzebub bills above u need baak fall, all rise for ur servant judge in an act of tree-a-son against the 7th amendment, no jury, making kids less value than a jack-son $20 bill so kids are uprooted taken away and tot to hate parent and for this u go back to work slander from sidelines while I march on with THE WORDS THE LORD GAVE ME FROM OUR FATHERS NOTHING KNEW u need them to live if u don't believe me u won't see Christ again as that is the work u must do to see Christ. I'll let u find that one. but as exalted as u speak with no understanding which is far to lofty for me, I am sure u will pop off some more with marry Poppins bullshit saying where is Jesus that ain't my clean teddy bear neatly rapped up in idol bills service of adultery invoking evil one, wizard of oz wicked shit witch, and the whole time Christ Himself told U I AM THE TRUTH, that is invisible.

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