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Clayton's WE ALL STRUGGLE song why it's a miss, yet so delicious in taste, still spit out 2 lines


by Clayton Jennings

Heard the song a few times I still like it very much a couple theology problems that is sin error if not fixed. First drinking can never be a sin it's the first command of God Genesis 2:16 comes with the root image of all mankind the image of God Genesis 1:26-28 only them that would judge are the Father the wicked ones mark 7:14-23 nothing you do can ever defile you. Defile is to define you. If you judge your Satan's lowest servant Genesis 9:25. Mark 7:14-23 1 Timothy 4:2-6 Colossians 2:14 through 16 Galatians 5:1 first amendment 4th amendment 5th amendment 6th amendment 8th amendment 9th amendment the whole of the declaration of Independence thus the whole of natural law and Nature's God all mankind any drug you do cannot defile you. Doing a drug does not make you a liar and all men die.

Second theological problem.

Not really a theological problem until you made your wish that hell was empty in heaven was full what a fool. You want to be GOD?: BAD WISH TO WANT TO BE GOD. Your wish should be that you do God's will and it is you will always have his favor always having his favor will save them that you love. HE knows better than you. AND WHY WOULD YOU WISH FOR ANYTHING THEN TO DO HIS WILL. Be faithful too. You wouldn't therefore anything else would be stupid wish. You're not God and therefore you don't know anything better to wish for can you make a better life for you than God. That could be the wish but then he wouldn't be God you would have to be that would make you making yourself and we're right back to you being God which is a s***** God damn wish. You must see I am absolutely right if you wish or you hope I hope you mean hope by using the term wish we'll go ahead and say they're all along the same aim of the heart then you see by these weighting and rulers any man with a half-witted sense to build Legos can see the line is right and straight. There's no better wish or hope than to do his will. His good pleasure as he said, being the only good the only good pleasure. Ours are selfish. And your wish to get everyone to heaven and hell be empty, would imply, nay it states, thus in rebellion too God that God is wrong. And you had an intent to be more caring than him by changing the order. If you get a wish do not waste it doing this that's what Adam did and Eve. You're at the gates of hell you go to hell. See they're stationary you falling. And if you don't submit to his will the truth cuz that's how you fulfill this wish if you ever had a wish he just gave you the power to fulfill it by faith. For who has better plans for you than the Lord. How about creation itself as you have so aboundingly decided to reorder with a wish as a man as a man of God you wish to undo God. And as a man of God should you wish for anything else other than to be faithful to God's will his command. Like be free the first that way you may serve God. Now that takes us back to the drinking did Noah serve God when he was drunk of course he did soberly no matter how naked passed out he got he was true from the heart therefore in service to God wholeheartedly. And the heart is the mind for there's no mind before there's a heart. That is in its precedence, you should name your heart more to the Lord and not to your opinions of what you think should be done no matter how good it sounds.

To not obey the commands is to eat the fruit of the knowledge of Good and evil as a man of God again. I must question your salvation. I can't do that only you can I can tell you however it is a no-go at this point. You will not make it home doing such. You will go to hell for thinking you can run it better than the father and not fulfill his will no matter how much you want his will will be done. When David says the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want is David not a man do we not want. Then it is the Lord is my shepherd and it doesn't matter what the f*** I want. Because the first is the Lord is my shepherd I the sheep and not going to dictate where the shepherd takes me. Mine is but to be a sheep to my shepherd. you must be free from all other things before you can be a sheep to the shepherd. May you answer true God bless you if you do to hell with you if you don't.

I have heard a few of his songs, I definitely recommend, more of all u to hear. He nails many key issues with personal relationship ties. He brings it home often.

That said, he doesn't always hit home, the bullseye 🎯. To hit most accurate without sin, error. Sin meaning to miss the mark. The mark is the truth ten coand tem bill of Rights the declaration of independence and the holy scriptures, we know confirmed here, in these U.S. The Tenakh (old testament) The Bible (old & new testiment) The Quran, and our vows and oath, wife and country to Hold Truth for brothers/sons to be FREE so we/they may serve GOD.

Clayton does make it personal, so you are included. I preach what you need t get to heaven, tho I two rap it will never be my fame, writing and teaching preaching and the truth will be. So Clayton is well versed in music 🎵🎶 🎶 which is one of the best things in the world to move men, in faithful stead's, as Paul says, "song you hymns" songs aka psalms, not hymn but poetry which includes hymns, but Paul mean hymns songs, to sing them, like Amazing Grace, and the only thing keeping me from saying Clayton'sWE ALL STRUGGLE is his miss in theology, two lines, if he alters these which any christisn would, for Christian is for GOD'S WORD and we do NOT add too or take away. That is if he seen the error and the correction. If he meant to be wrong that would seem very contrary to his original and mass as a whole of the song itself.

Now as is well and truly said Psalms is a Torah in itself. Thus too is every generation given salts, the poetry the songs are a law in itself, that is commands the ten are true, therefore they are a law to themself, each one in truth. For HIS LAW is THE TRUTH, and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS is of old, always right, so then if it falls in the truth true category u hit eternally, you have stumbled upon a law in itself.

So as good as a man Clayton is not, for no one is good but GOD, Clayton does have a good gift from GOD, better than most, however men make tunes, if it is true it will last eternity. No matter what. For GOD doesn't deny GOD. and Clayton being evil man knows to give his good gifts, if he would adhere to the commands and principles taught there in, he would make the rap hymns for the next generations that would become gospel choir chorus church books, but go you and read, their theology is supreme. They are without fault in words. They stick to the principals Scripturally grounded. So dicks after the order of Melchizedek don't come by cut that shit down for being in error.

Take the sermons you heard on THE FATHER looking away at crucifixion cause as they wrongly, THE FATHER CANT LOOK UPON SIN. no THE FATHER BEHOLDS ALL THINGS, ALL IS NAKED BEFORE HIM, there for it isn't sin, it is right in HIS view, It Is Sin In yours.

or that Christ is THE FATHER. and this has and NEVER will be said. They jump here so easily, they ask me, I tell them u know ITS NEVER BEEN SAID BY ANY SERVANT SENT. so don't leave your first command, it's why Adam fell. FATHER Doesn't speak for nothing ever. So keep HIS WORD period not theirs. They add and take from THE COMMANDS of God. did HE get it wrong or could HE?

NO never can HE GET IT WRONG. U crucify your sons by every lie truly. hR does it and it redeems all the world that shall ever be saves. You clearly can not fathom who and what omnipotent being u are dealing with.

If GOD quit today, you would all still die, everything you know, think, nothing can save anything. No man would stop the global power world government, that means back to tower babel and flood, ore flood, now GOD just floods us by nation, every since babel. Nazi Germany that is a flood, bubonic plague a flood, massacre Indians a flood, by nations ever since the flood.

GOD has done this by many means Rome burned, and we will as HE said, EAT OUR KIDS FOR OUR GRRED and by we I mean you, for I am sealed, I die for the truth I don't move for greed I pray never again. I hold to GOD TRUE thus no adultery no idols over me or neighbor or country, or equal too.they kill to keep idols and for their greed they do this. I don't do their words, I do our fathers, and our fathers are our FATHER'S WORD from HEAVEN THE COMMANDS THE TRITH, THIS IS WHAT MEN DO. Man does for mmen

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