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In response to these so called men of GOD

Because the daughter offers her life and can be killed by just sex itself.

If Moses doesn't over rule Ziporah as THE LORS seeks to kill him the how is it you go to over rule her.

the male of the Bible that is the ISRALITE male is given the daughters as gift the good gift of the father.

THE LORD has placed the father in honor over the children and has confirmed the authority of the mothers over the sons.

The reason is the father is too love the women = wife as a daughter, as though she is one of the children before he loves her as a wife first, because the male receives her from THE FATHER.

Now u r arguing what u feel in ur opinion as a man of GOD and since when did GOD do ur opinion. if Moses knew not to overrule the mother because GOD gave her the child And thus it would be an act against GOD'S will.

Now if u r a man of GOD u r to stop men from cutting into ur women and kids but u r not to over rule GOD.

Who taught u to bring ur opinion to GOD THE ONLY WISE.

HIS prophets have answered on this matter.

And read proverbs 31 again. the woman makes the child boys. THE LORD counts it as her works for the blood she pays.

Men die at the gate at the door post that is where men are to rule the women rule the house.

u say u take care of ur kids, it is GOD who takes care u do opinions and provide then the same as heathens and not Israel believed.

Now u know why shepherds can kill and eat sheep? Because they offer their blood for them in defense, then u see the woman has been sealed by GOD as a good shepherd all them. Why Moses has Egyptian mothers the same as jewish.

Now see if u don't defend that act of GOD with ur life blood ur a hireling with no Blood but opinions.

for surely u think not urself better than Moses who spoke to THE LORD face to face as THE LORD SAID. I speak in dreams and visions to others but to MOSES FACE TO FACE.

So then ur pretend righteousness is not righteous.

Have u heard of GODLY men arguing with women ? No but with the men that come to kill the babies and the women.

read Moses ziporah account again

Read Laban & Jacob account again where Laban teaches jacob the israeli covenant that is where laban says WHAT CAN I DO now for these my daughters and THE CHILDREN THEY BORE

The man is gifted the woman and if u fuck his daughter u must be willing to die for her or THE FATHER shall as Laban did Jacob over power u like a thief in the night.


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