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Does God judge after forgiveness?

Does God judge after forgiveness?

A wise judge teaches his people. Where most people go wrong, is the fact of judgement, payment, and punishment. Judgement is always, your living it, and can never get away from it, no matter how much you strive to deny, like the game players so dumb to do so, from Sodom and Gamarra. They say things as, “just the way it is,’ “get real,” “you need to this,” “i don’t know what your talking about, your crazy,”and “what can i do about it.” they do this to go coagulate, at the righteous act, to prevent the right. Yet at the doing wrong to gain the gold, to get gain of any kind any way, they are solvet. Hence the lord of ignorance satan, his motto is “solvet / coagulate.” more in depth is the study of Daniel’s terrible image, that destroys beautifully. The understanding of the course of man’s life is to understand what your trying to ask. You ask it wrong, like when they would ask Jesus things, and he would answer what seems to be a total ignoring of the matter, like Who gave you this authority and power, and he responds, John’s baptism, who is from, GOD or man? and it would seem to be differentiated, but it is totally the thing they are trying to ask, and get at. Well rather, not they, which is why he didn’t say as i say to you, this is what you mean to ask. For them that would read the gospel hear of it, they, would want to know, for GOD never said to Jesus, go turn over the tables yelling shouting MY HOUSE FOR PRAYER. but the answer to the question, is Who’s baptism is John from. GOD or man? now today you see John’s baptism is everywhere. Every Christian baptized, like every sinner at John’s time going out there. But how many of them were truly saved? so then who’s baptism is John’s who is a man? GOD or man? for that is the baptism i receive at any church, any minister. But remember, it was said that Jesus baptized more than john, but Jesus baptized none but HIS DISCIPLES. Remember the 5,000 that followed him across the lake. They came after her fed them, by Andrew=man, and the boy=winged from mother, and the boy brought 5 loaves and 2 fish. it was 5,000 men with, that is plus, their wives and kids. so then if true a boy and a man, to christ, 5 days. a week = 5 loaves men labor for bread, and 2 weekend days = the time for fishing, aka looking for wife, flirting, mingling. where men shop in youth. aka go into town while the true wait by the well. Out of all these, is it not so, that when they came to him, they left him. For he said, you must be willing to be crucified if you continue with Him. that is back then, they knew the Eucharist the same, for the Eucharist is only now called the flesh and blood of christ, but it was always the flesh and blood, of GOD. that is the holding covenant, taking shoes off standing in the fire, blood before the door post to safe guard the house, and all in it. So when he let them know, this is no different, like to the ancients, like Moses in Egypt, or at the bush, or Jacob at the pillar with Laban, or wrestling the shadow, or Gideon coming out to meat the Midianies, or David bowed before Saul trim of fathers in hand, or David before the Giant and his army of philistines, all these the same, you must be willing to die, to suffer, to hold the command, to give the body, pour out the blood, for to eat the flesh is to offer the flesh, to drink the wine is to pour out the blood. you will find Paul speaking on this matter, for where they turned back at Christ in truth, at Paul’s time they were eating the flesh bread, and drinking the blood wine in vain, in mockery, and that is why Paul says, “many among you are eating THE LORD’s SUPPER in vain, and this is why there are so many sick among you.” Jesus though was much the more direct, YOU CAN NOT BE MY DISCIPLE, but it is Jesus Himself, THE LORD, and Paul as i just sent of THE LORD. so we are where we don’t know your heart. Only your word, your heart poured out, that is your words. are they true, your with GOD pure of heart and you shall see GOD. but if you are not wise, and yet true, it’s harder to see what your saying, if it is true, and thus not in stead to really judge heart, and thus we are not HIM, who does know your intent, your heart. And thus they had to go from Him when he says YOU CAN NOT BE MY DISCIPLES, unless you eat of my flesh and drink of my blood. And as it reads, THIS IS A HARD SAYING, and they went from him. The twelve, were they not forgiven. And did they not miss, that is error, that is sin after they were forgiven? Is it not that Peter lied to THE LORD’s VERY FACE the night of the persecution, at the last supper. And then again, three times, 1 lie, 1 denial, 1 sworn denial, all equal three denials. 1 lie = no comprende, i dont know what your even saying. 1 denial = i am not one of his, i am not a Galilean. (so he denies his salt also. 1 sworn denial = I SWEAR to you i do not even know him. I am not one of his disciples. Thus then is it not the same that Peter denies Him three times in the fleshly deed, that we can most accurately, and yay four. 1,2,3,&4, the first appearance, to the men, the disciples in the upper room, not all there, but some. but Peter stays grieving. 2 the same thing occurs. 3rd the time with doubting Thomas, where they are all reborn, that is JESUS BAPTIZED them, breathing THE HOLY SPIRIT ON THEM, SAYS, receive you THE SPIRIT. and what do they do? grief, waiting, even worse still, sitting waiting Peter, leading the denial in flesh says, “i go fishing.” they say, “we go with you.” thus then back to where he was told he would not go, what he would not do, fishing found, and then on the beach, Peter falls face down, crying, “depart from me my LORD, i am a sinner, and i am not worthy,” Christ replies, “follow me, and you shall become a fisherman of men.” Thus then is it that 3 denials, in tongue, which is the heart, is forgiven, only to get 3 yay 4 denials, in flesh. but still see the judgement is ever present, and on the beach fishing is Christ their LORD, and what does he have waiting, dinner already cooked, meaning, HE will do it, so just move to him. This will of course crucify you. and of course that is the true judgement, for you, and for them that would and do crucify you. Evil is beset against good, and Kaine kills Abel because his brother’s works were more righteous that his. Hatred of the righteous father is hatred to the righteous . are you wondering yet, the 4th? it is the denial that he talked to the women, that Mary seen him. That is why at the beach, he turned behind them and asked about this disciple. Thus she behind cause man is to go in front. Thus what you have, is the garden of Gethsemine where Christ covers his going before, here you have a pre vision of Peter going before, why he will be crucified, why he must do so. Peter left his wife and kids behind, to do THE TRUTH, and thus the asking of Mary, and is the asking of his wife the same. What if i would he tarry til i return. Thus they said that disciple wouldn’t die, but HE didn’t say they wouldn’t die, he said….” Well that is cause the women sleep, and Lazerus dies. that is cause Adam is dust, and Eve is life. She the breathe fire water of life, we the father the word the guard of it. So if you are judged, after forgiveness, no, that is mute, pointless, foolish, GOD won’t hear such things, from his man servant. For the man servant knows to shut up listen, and take reproof, for HE IS THE ONLY WISE GOD & will not hear our ignorance, nor our many entreating words. Think a son in a righteous father’s house, see the egg shells he walks on. & no matter the schemes his friends go to get him to play, he says, no my father is not yours, he will not hear anything of it, only will bring down the command. And we are dead. They will say, but say this happened, or that happened, but he will respond, my father doesn’t give two shits, about what happened, only why. and the why is the cause, and the cause is the command. and that being transgressed, i will be punished most severely. But if the son does, transgress, in youth, it not a big deal, the father will take the humiliation. If in puberty weened, from mother, the son will bear his own punishments of chastising love. And if in adulthood, the father will split hoof, that is eject out of the house, for there is one word in every house, the father’s word. and if not ejecting is possible, death, he will kill the son. For the sake of all that he loves he must kill the son. Love is jealous, and it must needs be. This is why GOD THE FATHER LORD GOD, will kill us his children. Thus to teach us death, he kills even the daughters, and grandma, even lil ole grandma. Because in the house, there is with THE FATHER EQUALITY. So seeing the daughter can not be ejected, or hoof split, because each daughter is the body of THE FATHER, and the sons, are to be him in his stead, that when Adam eats, all have to be killed, but not die, for Eve is not commanded directly as of charged to be the father, but rather commanded by her acting father, in the father’s stead, Adam, her husband. Thus saying she won’t die, is not said really, but she must needs experience the punishment the same, for she is below the father, the body, and the son to be her head, has to feel it the same. For it is them both, yes, but one is head, one is body, the head can be switched as it were, by THE ONE HEAD, WHO to us is word true from GOD, aka the messiah, and that one head, is so established it has one head. Because this without any man ever it were, would still make the whole wholly body of daughters, the body holy. The reason men are forgiven is the judgement. That they are always judged. That they always judge themselves, that they always bring everything to GOD to be judged. For they have one judge, GOD. as Christ says, ‘i did not come to judge you, you have a judge, even Moses of whom you say you follow.” Does this mean Moses shall judge them? no. This means, where did Moses get his judgement? GOD. and where does Christ get his judgement? being the word of GOD, how could he get it wrong? he cant. that is the point, GOD proving if a man right, they will seek to kill him. for they would kill him GOD just the same, for being right. Thus GOD is Christ’s judgement, thus does he also say, “I did not come to judge you, but when i do, it shall be righteous / just judgement.” what does Christ predict the future like some kinda psychic, know it is that way for all the GODLY men, who choose GOD’s judgement. They do not come to judge, we are beaten there, break there, for that is what we did do. Then when broken we learn by GOD’s judgement how sinful a nature we truly have. Thus then when we keep, teach, preach, we are judging you. For the judgement of GOD is the wisdom, and the wisdom is always, and WISDOM, is HOLY SPIRIT, and she lady WISDOM HOLY SPIRIT SHALL BE EXALTED, for THE ONE FATHER LORD GOD LIVING, MOST HIGH, ALL MIGHTY, whom belongs all powers and all dominions, will make sure HIS HOLY SPIRIT WISDOM is proven, is exalted, for it is the very thing Christ bows down too, yields and follow, traces after. It is why he must go, and this will be in his stead. That is the fleshly man risen, none can find, just like the invisible father, just like Moses’ body, all these gone so none can hold up, but rather, so that you hold position in the stead of. What you are looking for you already have sir, David says it like this, “in the faith, we are faithful, we do not move. yay, we may move, but it is not far and we return quickly.” That is you are NOT THE CHRIST, but you are CHRISTIAN, Christ like. ONE CHRIST for ALL, THE WORD OF GOD, and it is nailed and it is pulled up. It is there for all to find crucified, holding holy sanctified, true, truly, and it is aloof, risen, hard to see, above us all, before us all and after us all. Thus then you are to be it’s bride, it’s sheep, it’s kid, it’s slave. Man that is male, starts out on the other side of GOD, receiving the olive branch, the daughters, this is how the poor receive the gospel before the crucifixion as Christ says to John’s disciples. This olive branch is the weighty matter, as David states, “think it a light matter marrying the daughter of the king.” Adam did in Eden, not right away, the first it was as all men, BONE OF MY BONE. that is mark in stone this one is mine i will die for it, i will keep it, it is mine, tell you the world. But just as all men, it changes, some swifter than others, but it fades for all. Jesus being in our stead, cries the same, for his bride sought to kill, abandon, betray, deny, and forsake. Thus Jesus in our stead, cries, “NOT LIKE THIS FATHER, PLEASE I BEG YOU, NOT LIKE THIS, but none the less, YOUR WILL, WILL BE DONE.” and Jesus the most wise there was, knows, that if he decided to run, hide, refuse the cross, he would still be crucified. Why? because the will of THE ONE FATHER, is the only will that shall ever be done. You may choose oh world, all worlds, but it is HIS COMMAND which is HIS WILL that will be done. You see wisdom that is the judgement is here. For all males. For the male is commanded, and the woman is made. first Gen 1:26–28 HE said let us MAKE MAN that is male & Female, go see. with Dominion over the whole earth. And now go see, Gen 2:16 MAN is COMMANDED, before the wife is brought out and too him, as he is the east, the head, any way he turns, to run and hide not be the head, is still him the head. GOD, that is too all creation in truth, is THE TRUTH, and that will not be undone. Now see THE LORD GOD COMMANDED THE MAN, now here you find why man is to be GOD, and man is to be LORD, that is LORD and GOD to his wife, his family, his nation, each one, each father, each husband, each brother, each son, equal, as it were, endowed by their CREATOR. note, even our founding fathers knew it was MAN, not woman, for when you move woman here, your screwing her out of her GOD GIVEN BIRTH RIGHT, your putting her back in where she has already paid in full. IT is not that man is more, is better, no not in any wise, it is that SHE IS MORE VALUE ALREADY PAID, for the hand of GOD is upon her, harshly, severely, in fact, THE LORD himself, says, SHE PAID DOUBLE for her sins, for THE LORD HIMSELF WAS WRATH in the beginning, that she comes home. isa 40:1–3. Thus then it is LORD is the low road, we do the guard, the sentry, the bullshit between each other fighting, to keep the family secrure. and GOD is the command, that which is to be held to be LORD, and to do both LORD & GOD, go look at Jesus and Moses, and see, it is a low road, not some hierarchy of do this, or that, in fact, it is different dwellings, she is in the city, in the house, he is before the gate of the city, he is the door post at before the house. Thus all men equal, so making things to rule over another, the first two commands, the first sentence first amendment. Now you would think, what does this have to do with forgiveness, and judgement. Every thing. For these are things men should be learning, and if not they are refusing forgiveness by refusing the judgements of GOD. and that is what i am most certain you were aiming after. If it is that you sinned, do it no more. GOD is merciful. If it is that your friends, brothers, what have you, do a sin to you, maybe it’s they didn’t, and even if they did, maybe it is that they will do it no more. Here you see, you before GOD, and them before GOD. if you love your neighbor love yourself. For self love is not love. That is greed. But if you love your neighbor as your self, your spouse, then you love then as yourself does love, and then they will have your protection, your covering, and thus if a house doesn’t have enough, men, or lambs, you shall do one between the two. Thus here you have a nation, house, made of many houses. that if one fall, the others hold up, as one. Thus then between two men, and if you not your brother’s keeper, then expect you to have no keeper either, for you being so lofty to cast off making that call above your own fathers that put you there, and their GOD, of whom you deny one you deny both, if that lofty to over rule, then rule yourself, but as you are like GODS, you also perish as like to mortal man. So if you pray to be forgiven, and you forgive, is it not written, told, then you will be forgiven. Do you doubt the mercy of GOD, that is ever enduring, and if you know of it, and you yourself, practice in it, how much more will GOD out perform you in duty, you of flesh and bone, you of a man’s will, do you know that there is only ONE WILL THAT WILL BE DONE. If you have sinned, and you know it is a sin, such as THE TEN COMMAND, for these are the only true thing you can judge sin off of, without debate, without active wisdom holy spirit helping. Kids get these ten and they are the best things ever said to all man. These are the issues to all life, these are eternal life, so said Christ and all wise men ever there was. If it is you transgress these, make you amends, and stop. But these are beyond repair when transgressed for the man. A bench can not fix itself sir, it must need a carpenter, someone above it’s plane of existence and understanding to tell the bench it’s purpose, mode, means, design, faults, and thus everything to do with it. If it is, and it is, that insects do better than men, concerning posterity, even spousal, then it is that GOD is far above us, and we are but benches, before him. So if you have sinned against the command, you can only wait on GOD. you can only confess, and making amends is hard to comprehend. Kings of old, and today wise kings, would no matter their powers, but would immediately move to the command. if they took a wife, like pharaoh, not knowing she is married, they would send her back immediately. If married, they would kill the man, then take the wife. But if they could not get around the adultery, they would yield to the command. See Gen 12. Now wee David with Bethsheba, he sees her, he rapes her, she is pregnant. He can not get around the adultery, so he, has to kill him.For this in the eyes of GOD of man, is the more righteous act, the less offense. David can defile his name, or he can defile Uriah’s name, and Uriah is Bethsheba,, and Bethsheba is the daughter of THE ONE FATHER LORD GOD. Thus her name, but she is so covered, by THE ONE FATHER, she gets no name. Like hearing of heaven, they never say they seen women, you know why? they are covered. Now David taking Bethsheba, is actually murder of Uriah, and the command is thou shalt not MURDER, but to kill Uriah, is like a shepherd eating it’s sheep, if a hireling it is to murder, blood for blood as told Noah, even for the animal even for the man, for the man was made in the image of GOD, but also too the animal has blood, and there is life in the blood, so blood for blood, this too is why Abel’s offering is accepted, because Abel would die for his sheep, so to give his best most favorite, was to give himself, same thing seen in Abraham’s offer of Isaac. and for the Israelites in Egypt, with Moses’ lamb’s blood on the door post. So then the same for David killing Uriah, David a righteous king, who would, who did offer his life for his people, is by rule of judgement that is wisdom, allowed to kill and eat his sheep as he so please. But what he is not allowed to do, is kill other men’s sheep, to eat other’s sheep, to drink their blood as it were. For the men belong to the king, but the wife belongs to the man, for it is by GOD they receive it, in hand, that is the wife, for you will find that Lot offers his daughters, but not his wife, for this very cause. Now note well that it doesn’t say that satan rose up in David in the Uriah Bethsheba account, but it does say that in David counting the troop account. The reason is cause all men are adulterers, they see women and want them. All liars slay their brother with their tongues, thus they kill. That is why David, truly says, “the sword devours one as well as another.” that is the killing of Uriah is the business of kings. You can see the same thing done in Solomon’s wisdom, where the boy brought to judgement at the gate, Solomon didn’t hesitate to kill, going to cut in half, the boy. Because he was brought to the gate, the judgement seat, where the business of the father is, the king, the priestly judgement, thus Solomon’s wisdom is not over ruling the mothers, but making them deci9de. But as far as the sons go, they can be killed by the king, that is if the king, purchases them, by life offering. The counting of the troop of David, Satan rose up in him. Is because he went to rule other men, not paying for them, another nation, GOD has not deemed out of covenant, for all nation’s are by GOD, in covenant, and when they are forsaking the covenant they are forsaking GOD, thus another nation, keeping the covenant, can be ordered, to take their land, and wives, and kids, and cattle, and riches, or just the land, and burn all in it. Now if you have the judgement then you have the wisdom, and if you have this, you have obtained to GOD. THE FATHER, for he is the only one that gives, that can give wisdom, and she is one to flee from deceit, and is rebuked by a liar, she will not take part in unrighteousness. And will gift you virtues. You have chosen virtue, if you have the judgement, if you have the wisdom, for judgement is the parting between wise, and unwise, so between them that would and will extol wisdom, and them that forsake her, for their own selfish piggish greed. You say things like will GOD judge men after i am forgiven. You are forgiven for the fact you take the judgement GOD gives you, if you do not, you will not be forgiven. As the Quran also states, if you are not sinners, ALLAH will cast you off, and forsake you, and go find him sinners that will repent, and they will be saved by ALLAH. it is the same for all man on earth, not just Muslim, to accept the wisdom from on high. Look and see form times past, has any people ever chosen GOD and were confounded. Has any called out to him truly and were forsaken. GOD is ever most merciful. and GOD does not deal with us after our iniquity, for he knows our infirmities. He knows our weaknesses. And GOD does not care for petty things that most men call sin, and they are lying about. Such as filthy words vile and vulgar, they call sin, they call swear words, when they hold to this list of words they made up in their own make believe false righteousness, this list more than the ten commands. GOD damned sin it is. It is because they want to take your salt, play your GOD, and rule over you by their serpentine cunning complex sophistications of manners, and evil lying customs. Cursing kids toads in a gentile court, custody, that is a curse word. Die forced, divorce casting out one for the choosing of another, that is a curse word. Telling a lie is a curse word. Smoking, drinking, drugs, all permitted by GOD whenever how ever, you so choose, but this is not to the benefit of binding the hands of brothers, fathers, so they can scatter their sheep in murders. First command choose freely, the second don’t make prisons by idol rule taking this choice. which is the first two great commands, love GOD, love others as self. That is you choose free, and let them choose freely, for in order to love GOD to worship and serve THE LORD, you must needs. be free before you can do so. Col 2:14–16, Gen 2:16–17, Mark 7:14–23 confirming Noah Gen 9:25 to judge anyone for the meats, the drugs, the drink, they choose for them is to be satan’s lowest servant, and you see, prisons in mass, by these servants of satan against GOD, to remove fathers, only to eat up the sheep this is sin, this is if not repented, what will bring no forgiveness. for it is how in Moses’ day they were getting to kill the babies. Adultery with another man’s wife, invoking the evil one, saying that GOD making you with your first spouse, isn’t so, is sin. Not honoring father and mother, these are sins, to murder, them you will not die for, this is sin. To carry GOD’s name in vain, saying, GOD, GOD, JESUS, JESUS, then over time, you never pick up the word, learn the proverbs, learn the psalms, or most importantly the command, for this is what makes GOD the LIVING GOD, the COMMAND, and even more narrowly, you do not learn your father’s words, how you got your GOD, and Scriptures, and covenant, that is wife, this is sins, and more so, to not hold, keep and repent to the truth, this is sis. How do you know GOD says so, GOD confirmed these. Men are made for duty, and that duty is to be faithful to his wife, to his family, to his neighbors, to his nation, to his GOD. For all nations are made in life to the covenant of ONE LORD GDO AMMON THE GOD OF TRUTH THE GOD OF THE COVENANT. isa 65:16 this GOD is true, living and real. Do NOT, fear sin, FEAR GOD WHO MAKES THE JUDGEMENT OF WHAT IS SIN, do not fear, what you do not know, fear not keeping what you do know. Do not fear them in their masses, or the idol legalities they put up, or their own mass self righteous acting, that will exclude you every time you are not of their whimsical flatulent wavering, but fear not answering rightly true to your portion given to you from GOD. for truth is GOD, GOD is true, and GOD will not and can not, refuse himself, for GOD IS ALWAYS TRUE. then no matter where you go, what you do, if it is true, GOD is before you, yay even you, and he is beside, and your guard, for GOD IS TRUTH, and truth only comes from GOD. you don’t do it, you rest in it. you don’t work it he does. It is the act of faith, and it is a choice. So no matter how much you think you messed up, you didn’t, if you are true. If you are lying, holding idols lying which is worse. you are in trouble. that is adultery, remarried, custody, robbing, putting in prisons, taking possessions, what have you, you are in trouble. You transgressed. And know, you will be punished, you have made THE GOD OF CREATION ANGRY, and he will not let you go, no not for one sin. But that is the way of man, come and get yours. All of us start there, i am now 13 years, into my service with THE LORD GOD, and i still am paying for all them, though not paying, for i could never pay for them, but like a son to a father, the father will not let you go, he will teach you, and you will learn, so if bloody sins, which all truly are, you will be scarred in your chastising. If you are a female, stop. You are the daughter of THE KING, you didn’t do anything, we men did not lead you into, feed, and make you. You are maid servants. And you are not sent out like the man servant. You paid blood, you burned for yours giving all, as we are to be to our husband. you shall go home, you will be brought into the eternal congregation, there you will have your liberty, your children, your life, and the protection owed every single daughter the same. You will not be diminished. If you are an adulterous, it will be your husband’s blame, for he should have had you hedged in, or dying to do so, thus passed before you ever ran into another chance to meet another, and that man if your husband is passed, should be doing the same exact thing. If you are in adultery, and you took the sons, and gave them over to adulterous men in adulterous ways, and the husband is screaming whore adulterous child stealing liars. That is not you, that is to the adulterous man next you. You as mother can not ever steal or do wrong to your kids, your died for them as a shepherd, as a good shepherd would his, and thus by the law of husbandry ordained in Heaven, with the first mother to all living, blood/child birth, and sorrow, and to your husband and he will have rule over you. Rule, is RUACH, which is HOOOAHH (army US Europe), which is OOOORRRAAAHH (marine us, Navy all over earth), which is OOOAAAHHH (greek latin, roman ie sparta), which is SHI SHI KNEE (asian), SHAMAR (arabic, islam, arabs, africa), SHEMA (Israeli Jew Semetics), it means to die for, to bring blameless, to battle the world for. It is the man that is too war, the mother has done her war, the babyward. And it is accomplished, for behold now everyone, we are here. Thus her warfare is accomplished, and the blood is shed, and every daughter sheds blood in the nation, so you can do no wrong in your nation. It is will as Christ, proved, just like THE FATHER proved, even Christ, when they brought her in adultery, caught in the very act, HE STOOPS LOW, at her feet, while they accuse her, he says nothing, for he knows, they are already judged, they are already chastised, they are already punished, and it is as scriptures describe, a bloody, flesh mutilation, long enduring, bitter, sorrow, grievous labors, and it must needs be, for it is the type of punishment that secures a soul to be heaven bound.Thus Jesus Christ as our Messiah, kneels down to write in the sand as though he is ignoring them, but he is not, he is doing just what THE LORD GOD done, said, commanded, “ADAM YOU ARE DUST, DUST YOU CAME DUST YOU SHALL GO.” but then going out, Adam in heaven (that is sealed here on earth and heaven) “EVE YOU ARE LIFE.” AKA MOTHER TO ALL LIVING. To sum up, it is the world as it turns, the eldest to the youngest, disappear, as time goes right on by, and only the man the went low to cover her, to accept the word of GOD, to believe the command, that is the first oath, all daughter in oath to GOD THE ONE FATHER, all his daughters, that is BONE OF MY BONE, set it in stone forever, only them that accept this election, going low at her feet, accepting that GOD. THE LORD GOD ONE FATHER, has laid his holy hand upon her in blood child birth sorrow, and maid her a slave servant to all the men of the world, that is both wife to GOD, and mother also, and that wrath, and fury, and fire, of HOLY DIVINE GOD is poured out through her, that man doesn’t accept this, he will not go low to do the same to his husband, thus is our cross, our blood sorrow offering to our husband to have rule, thus is GOD equal, thus then does christ, rise when they are all gone, and just like in real life, see all the ancient cities, towns, battles, are all women, that is cause they are eternal, the men will perish one by one, eldest to youngest, and them that were the footstool of GOD, that when low to cover her blameless, will rise with her, for she is the pillar of salt, like Lot’s wife, she will be held up by THE LORD who never throws out the salt, and if you do, you are no good to be saved, but trampled under foot of man. And thus does Christ rise, Rising, “where are thine accusers WOMAN?” not adulterous. The Woman, “there are none, no man, my LORD.” see he is now her husband, having rule over her, and the rest chose as it were, idols, and dust, and their own vain opinion, and nothing of the eternal covenant of all righteous fathers ever there was, it is THE FATHER’s BUSINESS. Risen, “Neither do i accuse you.” see he did what THE FATHER DOES IN THE GARDEN, by DOING NOTHING, Adam accused her in the garden, Christ covered them blameless down here. So does Moses, and David, and Solomon, and Samuel, and all THE MEN OF GOD, so too our founders. all men are created equal. not women, cause there not, they are more value already paid, and GOD given right to all their works, their children, and whatever in their nation, how much more their house, they pay blood, we owe it. Thus Christ sends her out a maid servant just like THE LORD GOD, “GO and SIN NO MORE.” wait, what? yes, she is bleeding in child birthing pains, to her husband, and he will have rule over her. It is another way of showing you, THE CHRIST didn’t come to be her husband, but to be yours. Which is why he is invisible, HE is doing the same thing as his father, putting you in the stead, like to Moses, “THE LORD said to Moses, you shall be GOD, in my stead.” so too all man.Equal. thus if your an adulterous wife, in adultery taking the kids. your children will be killed. That is all were going to be killed anyways, Christ isn’t lying when he says, “I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA, THE BEGINNING AND THE END, AND I SHALL COME MYSELF, AND I SHALL KILL ALL HER CHILDREN WITH A SWORD, AND EVERYONE SHALL KNOW THAT I AM HE THAT TRIES THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF ALL CREATION, TO DISCERN THE TRUE INTENTS OF IT.” More specifically, if a boy, and he comes of age, and is for adultery, i am afraid, he will go to hell, for his ignorant bastard position. but this isn’t your blame, you died to bring in, he was to be guarded and fed, by the nation, as a whole one house under GOD indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. To have a son, raised in adultery, divorce custody, while the father is alive in the nation, is to teach a god divided, and no liberty for any, but paid slave shit of pharaoh, that is plain text to read for all. Thus the men, shall be the murderers of the boy, until the boy, is of age, then he will get to choose like every man, if never comes of age, say suicide, circumstance, then know, your boy goes home, as David said, “I fasted when sick, maybe GOD will hear me on the matter. But when dead, I shall go to him, but he will not go to me. thus as a boy he will counted under the blood of the mother, they a whole holy sacrifice, and anything killed in the temple, which is under the mother’s blood life burnt offering GOD always accepts, not one is lost, or counted out, because it is by GOD himself it is done, GOD does not reject GOD, thus the boy is counted like a lamb on the temple altar, thus accepted, thus home eternal. It means, in our terms most simple, GOD loved him more than most, jealous. which is why all over the earth, “the good die young.” truly it is true, they are taken and saved from, well what all elders know, sorrows, more sorrows, grievous world, full of evil, though my pilgrimage not as long my fathers before me, said Jacob, it is still my days filled with much evil. but the boy of age, like every male. He must account, to being a husband, who is to account to the care of daughters, and this is to account of fathers, which is the account of GOD, for all fathers to ONE GOD FATHER, and this is to the account of all sons, and all brothers, and the daughters put in their care by the covenant of fathers, to THE FATHER. Thus then if the boy is inclined to adulterous men, doing idolatry, he has chosen, not the mother, for the mother is the best teacher, no matter where the boy is, for the world is the best teacher, and to be honest, is to be true holding honor, thus the boy taken from father, even in evil schema, will but teach the boy, press the boy, hinder the boy, and strengthen the boy, as Egypt’s pharaoh did to the children of Israel, the more they harshened, broke up and oppressed, the more strong did Israel flourish. The world of men are cruel, the world GOD intends, to put his man in, is one of righteous virtue, so hell is nothing to be compared, for all saints are the roughest, the toughest, the lowest going, strongest keeping, faithful men in the world, ever know. if you can’t hold in hell, you wont in heaven, you cant be faithful in wrongful betrayal, then you are not faithful. you are moved, by betrayal. In the faith we are faithful. And faith begins at the family. as to you wives in adultery, if your husband is willing, to your husband. If he is not, to him anyways, if no way too him, wait on THE LORD, and pray. where ever you. are. The reason that women are to be permitted to divorce, is for the sake of Liberty only, not so she can remarry, but for the sake of saying in good report, we as a nation do not force our women to stay with any man. But it is sin to any many that would take her as a wife, while he lives. For that would not be love, that would be envy, that would be sin. He is the adulterer, not her, for by his life has he raised hand to GOD, and thus satan the evil one is now upon his soul. Like all men in oath, the raising hand calls GOD down, off the throne, who has ever heard, GOD comes down off the thrown. NEVER. HE has one foot, two right hands, made a throne and sat down, putting all us at his foot. hence called a foot stool, not a feet stool. Cause GOD doesn’t need another, none will move him, and none can reach where he has gone too. Two right hands, cause he isn’t taking anything back. Thus by the raising of hand, that man has just put himself as her cover, and thus she can’t be in adulterer, but is called an adulterous, that is adultery owe us. the oath, the bone of bone. It is not that she is righteous, she is as it were, not to be accounted for the judgement, which determines, right from wrong. She has a husband, if he be a faithful man, or repents to be, that is even if he marry another, and yet confess, i owe that oath, to her, then that woman is still bound to be to her husband. For it is GOD that unites not man unless, you wish to challenge GOD and call him down from his thrown, but he does not come down. Mind your Christ, and heed the warning, for he warns of little, but when he does, it is never going to move. It is SATAN THE SATAN that shall come in THE LORD’s stead, and he shall have you, if you do not repent, to confess, that that woman is another man’s wife. The only way you could ever be free of this is if she married another man from another nation. Then she can be redeemed. But if in your nation, and the man is alive, you as a son with fathers, who bound you both here, under one GOD, owe the duty to repair the family, and all the nation with you. GOD nor your fathers, will care to hear your excuse, for you knew a brother in the nation had a wife, and you are a son of the nation, that is if you be a son. And nothing that woman says, will be of record, or of concern. We in the faith, do not keep her word as too be charged, as to be held guilty of what she says. It is lovely for a woman to talk, GOD knows, men know, this is why kings of old would castrate wise men, have his concubines hear them all the day, then when he would retire to his quarters, he would hear the concubine of all the wise men told them. This is for any man, ever it was. But no king, no man, says, SHE SAID, so blame her. That is why Israel with 1,000 women, witnessing a murder, or a crime, or anything, would not take their testimony, you must have one man. Why? because to testify is to make enemy, to make enemy is to set yourself up for punishment, tortures. It is as the apostle says, “I do not permit a woman to preach in the church, that is a shame and a disgrace.” yes very much it is. But not to her, not at all to her, but to every single male, each one of them, to allow her to make such a target of herself, after she is already paid life blood tortures to her nation. and there in lies the whole of the matter If a man take an adulterous woman who has received a bill of divorce, and he eats her word, adhering, and moving too, he is a fool. She is a woman man. She will not say anything, disenchanting on her account, and nor should she have too. She is a woman, she is chastised by THE LORD, judged already, blood/ pains/ pains/ sorrow/ to your husband he will have rule. Now if you think rule is easy, then rule you to know women are of a jealousy kind that can be very cruel, because of her blood paid, she seems to man to lack pity. But it is not pity she lacks, it is the high lofty position of having paid for it already, When there is dispute between neighbors, who do you deal with? wife or husband? see, husbands are more cordial, in the fair assessment. Because momma, is queen, she is a chief, she pays, and wants it her way in the house. Thus neighbors disagree house to house, everyone wants the men to settle it, for each mother, is being queen will not do. But if you move it to field, money, labors, trade, she is the better, for outside the house domain, she is the more agreeable, and not only that but the more fair and just.She isn’t seeking to destroy you in a business deal, men do, every deal damn near. thus, men go to the gate, which is the judgement of the city, of the nation, of the house, but for and to the house, and there men seek to secure and leave others alone, but if a woman she seeks to make you live like to her. She doesn’t like cocaine in soda for the kids, so you can’t either. Her way as they say is right. But your wife, she is like, oh hells know, i love the cocaine in the soda, around lunch they get it all done, no wining. it works and it works well. She though in liberty if shoes switched, would do the same thing, try to tell the other But men, can meet to say, Yes for me, no for you, so people’s choice. it is well read of David, telling Joab, (you go read great story) that father’s have more love than mothers, in the family. Joab, replies no. your wrong king. David, on the horse, looks back, Joab you should go and find out more of family affairs, for it is the father that has pitiful love to all the family, more than the mother. And David is right. The mother paid to bring in, the father pays while living, thus dying he lives. to keep his life, wife and kids, he must give his up. This is pity. Momma already done the most one can do in pity, she suffered yay, many, even to death, to bring in, so like too old men of war, should be honored for such service. As it reads, of one the worst things in the world, number two on the list, when men of war, come home and can be found in poverty, and when men of understanding are not changed there by. and it is right, for number one leads that way, refusal of the gospel of GOD. aka women command testimony, of Christ. The story of pity with Joab is accurate, the mother will sell her child, or one of 12 so the others can live in more comforts instead of poverty. But the father, will not blame her, but he will go and get that child, and die to bring him back, as told told Joab by the father, joab saying, I will kill you old man, you think you can win, my slave i bought him fair square from the mother. the father replies.”joab, i may not make it home, but the boy will eat with his brothers this very, his brothers, and his mother.” once it is settled, David is right, Joab throws the gold back to the old man, and says, “that is from your kind David, thank GOD for him, for his wisdom of the family.” Thus is the role of men, and their duty too. so the man is dead. the moment he touched another man’s wife, he was dead. “behold thou art a dead man, for the woman you have is another man’s wife.” you can not do this in a nation, all the blood of all the past will fall on you. and all the blood of them in oath dying for it now, will all fall on you. GOD THE FATHER can not move here, for the save of the covenant. for the sake of the sons, who will invoke HIS HOLY NAME THE SAME. for ten thousand generations. Every man learns this as he grows older, for in youth he may miss step all do, i ever knew, but all men must learn in wisdom, by knowledge, or as our founders say it, “We hold these truths to be self evident.” that is that our works, our moneys, our jobs, our shit show, will die, and all we can leave the sons, is the trust in GOD, the covenant taken in hand, and the liberty and family secured there by. Thus the man must come to the sin, that he is opposed to GOD, to the sons, all the sons of the sons of the nation, for ten thousand generations. Thus the man must learn as the wise father, and give up his life, send the sons to the table to eat with their mother, and he must be the man, to die. but the women, fear GOD, and to your husbands. Men, cover your wives. if you think you have sinned reader, or person asking, ask your self this. What law have i transgressed. for no unjust law is a law at all and all laws are to the security and well being, that life and liberty of widows and orphans and poor. and if you have hurt any of these, do not fear so much, for THE LORD GOD’s HEART is heavy in weight, and doesn’t judge for petty shit. all that is done in the house, is covered, your choice, do as you please whatever you please, only remember the command, and don’t speak harshly ill of others. it is i find most often today, sin is made of nothing it truly is, and everything is made of bashful lies that sin is not. if it doesn’t effect anyone else, and it’s your choice to do with drugs, idols, images, and your body, not another’s, then it is not sin, for all is given you called very good. and idols have no power, dust to dust, they are of no profit, no not to salvation or damnation.if it is one it is the other. and it isn’t so. But if you make your kids or neighbors, fetch, like a dog, go get that idol, then you can be something that is idolatry worship, obey, treason, tyranny, aristocracy, god kings by idol rules. against GOD’s command, and the GOD made American Covenant.


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