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Drink drank drugs

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In print version all works by THE HOLY SPIRIT, through Christ in me, yay even me, Raymond Michael Blair, Preacher, Christened name Theodore Hibbard, an Apostle to THE LORD GOD in the order of the Abrahamic Faith, through Christ, by The Power and Grace of THE LORD GOD ALL MIGHTY



Scriptural references and main point

Overall and Summary.


A1- 1 Timothy 4:2-6 (the difference between a faithful free GOSPEL and a conditional NON-GOSPEL)

A2- Mark 7:14-23 (the only time Christ calls His disciples stupid)

A3- 1 Corinthian 2:15, 1 Cor 3:21 (The Spiritual person CAN’T be judged)

A4- Colossians 2:09, Colossians 2:12, Colossians 2:16-22

(rulers/government/priests/banks/companies kill Christ the people should RULE THEMSELVES go USA)

A5- Luke 11:40-41 (give thanks too GOD, and share/alms all you have then it is sanctified)

A6- John 2:6, John 2:10 (the first miracle 600-900 bottles of good wine)

A7- Luke 7:33-35, Matt 11:19, Genesis 9:20-21 "but THE SON OF MAN CAME EATING AND DRINKING (two saviors that got drunk, GOD doesn’t care for your prideful drunk off the world opinion).

A8- Galatians 5:1


A9- Ecclesiastes 9:7

( a citation of Christ’s give thanks and alms in all things, and Paul’s being content in all things).

A10- Wisdom of Ben Surah 31:27-28

(Paul’s contentment, and Christ’s thankfulness all repeated over and over, and this is LIBERTY not tyranny. GOD’S SPIRIT IS LIBERTY)

A11- Proverbs 20:1, Proverbs 31:4-5

(a sword to find the intent of your heart, whether you shall dress the condemned flesh like a mummy in Egypt or Think with a SPIRITUAL MIND)

A12- Proverbs 31:6-9

(the judgement of culture, rich by paper approved and the poor are condemned, The Christ says, “JUDGE YOU RIGHTEOUSLY.”)


1 Timothy 4:2

“Speaking lies in hypocrisies, having their conscience seared with a hot iron.”

(Saying they believe in Christ the end of men’s laws as righteous, proven to be false by the crucifixion of THE CHRIST, killing of the Apostles, and Saints for over thousands of years, even that of unto children, for just speaking or choosing for self, not obeying the condemned fallen man, but obeying GOD. Either they believe or they do not and they by their seared conscience then go to judge you).

1 Timothy 4:3

“Forbidding to marry & commanding to abstain from provisions, which GOD hath created to be received with thanks giving of them which believe & know THE TRUTH.”

“forbidding to marry” he means, they have divided husband and wife, keeping wife from husband and husband from spouse, hypocrisy and seared conscience from 4:2 saying they are faithful when their fruits are clearly adulteress and evil, and so the root must also be, and not in fidelity. Commanding to abstain from Meats= provisions= in the Greek anything under the sun, made or natural, any drug, any animal meat (please NOTE if you eat anything with BLOOD then you will stand before THE LORD GOD and give an account of why you killed and or took part in the killing to eat. For all this life is a test, but you better have a reason ready as is written GEN 9:3-6 and Isa 66:3 and they tell you that GOD said to Peter in ACTS 10:13 And there came a voice to him, “Rise, Peter, kill and eat.”

There are two major things too NOTE, 1- Peter never once took it as kill, and eat any animal, but only took as to take the GOSPEL of GOD to the GENTILES, too all of mankind, and 2- the Greek word kill is thou, which is bring to sacrifice, that is bring into the temple. , any drink, any items, and only one time in the new testament is it meant as food, “when they go into town to get food, MATT 14:15

1 Timothy 4:4

“For every creature of GOD is good is good & nothing to be refused if it be received with thanksgiving.”

Give thanks and ALMS/CHAIRTY/SHARE in all things and therefore it becomes clean, says the Christ.

1timothy 4:5

“For it is sanctified by The Word of GOD & Prayer.”

Prayer/thanks/alms. Sanctified/by necessity/ that which GOD has done/ to be grateful and not glutenous.

1 Timothy 4:6

“if thou put the brothers in REMEMBERANCE of THESE THINGS you shall be a GOOD MINISTER of JESUS CHRIST nourished up in the WORD of FAITH & of GOOD DOCTRINE where to you have attained.”

It is the GOSPEL, to remind them of fidelity, of loyalty, of mercy, of liberty, of the freedom Christ has given you by the Slaughtering of HIS OWN SELF in absolute FIDELITY PERFECTLY as THE BEGOTTEN LAMB OF GOD.


Mark 7:14b

“Hearken to Me everyone of you and understand.”


NOTE: Quran Surah 3 Al’Imran; (according to Muhammaed; Yeshuah Al’Imran is THE MESSENGER, and “THE” IS STRESSED, that is Muhammed calls himself a messenger, and the angels the same, but Christ HE calls THE MESSENGER, and says, In the same Surah of the Quran that is 3rd Surah The HOUSE OF IMRAN, The Virgin Mary’s and Christ’s Last Name, the line to the Levite order. Please don’t be a fool condemning your souls to hell, go and read The THIRD SURAH and see why our founders 9of10 ratio all called THE QURAN as HOLY as the BIBLE and see why they went with THE ONE GOD, and NOT A CHRIST based government. Oh and Christ/Yeshuah/Jesus is mentioned more times in The Holy Quran than Muhammed is mentioned)

Mark 7:15

“There is nothing from the outside of man that entering into him can defile him: But the things which come out of him, those are the things that defile a man.”

Mark 7:16

“If any man have ears to hear let him hear.”

Mark 7:17

“And when He was entered into the house from the people, His Disciples asked Him concerning the parable.

They couldn’t comprehend the GOSPEL of freedom and neither did all mankind until THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Mark 7:18

“And He said to them, “Are you without understanding also? Do you not perceive? That whatever thing from outside enters into the man, it cannot defile him.”

Only time that Christ calls His Disciples stupid.

Mark 7:19

“Because it enters not into his heart, but into the body, and goes out into the draught, purging all things.”

THE LORD GOD weights the intents of the heart, whether your cause and your intent be true, and ONLY THE LORD GOD KNOWS, because THE LORD GOD IS THE ONE WHO REVEALED ALL THE TRUTH TO YOU.

Mark 7:20

“And He said, “That which comes out of the man, that defiles him.”

The things you do, and the reproofing of your heart, and neck, do NOT harden it like in the day of sin. “for if you know it is good and do it not it is sin too you.”

Mark 7:21

“From within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders,”

To trade up, trade out, cast down, and kill have your family your children by doing so.

Mark 7:22.

“Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, and evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness:”

To take your kids in kidnapping which is a scheme to remove you the Natural Parent who loves your kids more than ANYONE ELSE CAN EVER DO SO IN THE FLESH, and this makes them, your kids, think that your GOD is weak, and wont save and is a forsaking GOD who casts out and doesn’t care for blood covenants and death vowels. And this is the case ESPECIALLY IF YOU CARRY THE NAME OF GOD AND CH5RIST.

Mark 7:23

“All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.”

And these are simply what you will be judged for, Noah and Christ both GOD drunk see coming sections Gen 9:20-21, Matthew 11:19, and Luke 7:34 TWO SAVIORS TWO DRINKING TO DRUNKENNESS.


From Strong’s Concordance, with liberties taken;

801 Without Understanding- (GK-asunetos), negative, unintelligent by implication wicked, foolish, without understanding, senseless, foolish of heart.

3539 Perceive- (GK noieo), to exercise the mind, comprehend, heed, consider, understand, NOT feeling but to KNOW, to think rightly, in proper sense and not in error (compare to SUBTLE/CUNNING/COMPLEX/SOPHISICATED/BASHFUL, as in GEN 3:1 The Serpent was more subtle than any other creature. Hence subtle, is sin/error/wrong/death/a lie).

2840 Defile (GK-koinoo), to make profaine, usually ceremonial, call common, defile, pollute, unclean, {usually of a verb}

191 Hearken (GK-akouo), to hear, give audience, understand, to come to ears to hear, to hear the VOICE OF GOD and hear it not or to hear the VOICE of GOD & to believe.

4921 Understand (GK-sunisthmi), Exhibit, stand near, constitute, commend, stand, stand with, set together, strengthen.


1 Cor 2:15

“The Spiritual person can judge/discern everything but is not subject to judgement/discerning by anyone.”

1 Cor 3:21

“So let NO one boast about human beings for EVERYTHING belongs t


Colossians 2:09

“ For in Him (Christ) dwells the fullness of the DIETY bodily, and you share this fullness in Him (Christ) Who is the Head of the every Principality and Powers.”

Colossians 2:12

“You were buried with Him (Christ) in baptism in which you were also raised with Him (Christ) through faith in us. With its LEGAL CLAIMS which was opposed to us. He also removed it from our midst nailing it to the cross. Mocking the principalities & powers. He made a public spectacle of them leading them away in triumph by it.

Colossians 2:16

“Let no one then pass JUDGEMENT on you in ANYTHING, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon or of the sabbath days.”

Colossians 2:17

“Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ.”

NOTE: the body dies, condemned flesh, so why would you let condemned man rule over condemned flesh, and second if you do then what Lord have you? Not Christ. For they crucified Him and He is now the body, to the believer, hence “The END of the law to them that believe for righteousness sake.

Colossians 2:18

“LET NO MAN BEGUILE YOU of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels, intruding into those things which he has not see, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind.”

NOTE: beguile is what the serpent did too Eve then unto Adam, making them think they were good enough to decide good and evil without THE LORD GOD, and so too mankind today in every Nation but Israel and yep, that good ole USA (when not in treason but in our true law, BILL OF RIGHTS and DECLARATION of Independence, hence ole Abe says, “a government of the people by the people and for the people. It what Christ did for man to take our sins, the eating of the fruit giving our GOD given life’s over to condemned man for what their idol achievements, which is only good to kill THE SON OF GOD, proven GOD not a liar, don’t eat the fruit, be you not beguiled and repent to give your WHOLE LIFE flesh and all children spouse and self only TO THE LORD GOD and put all on THE LORD GOD’s ALTAR, and NEVER TO THE RULE OF MEN, save a jury of 12 or your peers facing your flesh and blood accuser and victim and NOT a GOD damned defiled idol a rich person made saying you must pay or be approved to do anything, that is NOT LIBERTY that is GOD damned beguiled tyranny. NAY re-GOD DAMNED IDOLATRY, BLASPHEMY, AND TREASON. Go USA the GODLY born nation after the order of Israel.

Colossians 2:19

“And not holding the Head from which all the body by joints and bands having nourishment ministered, and knit together, increases with the increase of GOD.”

NOTE: that is they profess Christ on Sunday, and then forget all about Him and the governments/priests/banks/companies that called for His Crucifixion. Always remember it was bill paying, tax payers, with idol houses that were in the crowd calling for Christ Who had none of their idols, and they thought a fool, and no good, a drunkard, a bum, a fool of no value too them or GOD, but Barrabas a murderer, who didn’t cuss, had idols, and job, and they let go. SOUND familiar America. As The Book of Jashur sasy, “In those days, if a stone fell making the tower of babel (an idol of cash value) they would all cease and weep for it, but if a man building it fell dead, not a man would even look upon it). You must keep Christ always as proof of those in power/public servants must be kept in check, or they will build prisons to our very own children, robbing us all, by the profit seeking of the rich, and they will shoot, kill, chase, and fill those prisons and foot you and me with the bill and not even have one offended person in flesh too accuse just an endless, and ever growing list of idols and fake as evil bashfulness saying I would never like slave owning white pride shit. Never cussing, never drunk, but their murders are endless, their broken homes never cease, and they make it look all too pretty, which is sophistication which is subtle, which is the serpent in the garden, looks good and complex but GOD calls it GOD DAMNED SIN. Letting children oppress and the women rule, what he means is bitches not women, ruff, ruff, I like this, I don’t like that, imprison that one, don’t say this, or that, it’s a candy house of idolatries, trying to eat the kids and make them forget where they come from, and the witch is assisted by all them bitches men and women, being like kids, offended all the time, and wanting to hurt, but no one wanting to die for it, and no blood testimony, taking rights paid for in blood covenants, and like a hireling shepherd bears not one infirmity with one of their fingers, woe to you lawyers for you load men with burdens hard to bear and touch not one with your own fingers, says the Christ, and that is why this nation was birthed with THE BILL OF RIGHTS TO NEVER BE VIOLATED IT IS OUR UNION, SIMPLE, LIBERTY, LIFE, and they cant sell us or kids, and all the banks, and all the insurance companies, and all drug companies, and all major corporations, are found in TRUTH-SELF EVIDENT as our declaration reads, in bribery, conspiracy, racketeering, and treason, BLASPHEMY of the most evil conspiracy. But since they made it so complex we cant get too them, but that is a blessing too the believer for now we not kill one flesh blood person, we cease the IDOL ITSELF THE WHOLE OF THE BANKS/CORPORATIONS/COMPANIES MONEY AND WE JUBILEE THAT ASS FOR THEIR BLATENT TREASON TO KILL THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE GOD TOO US ALL. Unless the board member of such giant companies want to be hung or shot for blatant treason, which is executable on sight offense in this nation, for we are at war, and treason is too be taken to the most extreme while a nation is at war, and anyone saying they didn’t do these things as a conspiracy is a GOD damned lying coward. Who wishes too make yours and my kids and their kids to serve these evil man made GOD damned idols. They will weep for stone, wood, gold, but not our children.

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Colossians 2:20

“Wherefore if you be dead with Christ from the rudiments of the world why, as though living in the world are you SUBJECT to ORDINANCES?”

Colossians 2:21


NOTE: Who the hell are you too tell me, “I a believer serve a GOD KING, THE LORD GOD AS KING and I as a faithful man do NOT serve any other, and am under NO RULE but GOD’s. And if you wish to play like you know better then COME NOW LET US LOOK TO THE CRUCIFIXION OF THE BEGOTTEN SON OF GOD, THE PROPHETS, THE APOSTLES, SAINTS, AND FOUNDERS OF THIS USA. And let us reason with THE BILL OF RIGHTS and show me in my RIGHTS where you rule me? Cause I SEE NO WHERE YOU who shall die, you who shall perish the same, do not get to rule over me, for the HEAD OF MY BODY IS ONE, IN THE LORD GOD, through Christ, whom rulers saying the same evil shit, beguiled us to crucify HIM. NOT AGAIN, and surely NOT IN THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, where we laid the foundation too keep THE SAINTS OF GOD’s LIBERTIES FREE and SAFE, hence, “The LAND of THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE.”

Colossians 2:22

“Which are all to perish with the using. After there commandments and doctrines of men.”

NOTE: all drugs, items, rules, universities, governments, temples, anything made by man shall perish, and ONLY THE LORD GOD shall stand, and that WHICH THE LORD GOD ALONE DOES, hence Christ, had no idols, and the Apostles the Same, and the Prophets the same, and hence, these names have been top, Christ The Head for TWO THOUSAND YEARS and governments, universities, temples, and all this have all been undone, even the Roman Catholic church, once having three popes, and once the pope and all them dragged out in chains by Nepoleon. Shattering their rules, for these are but the same as that which Israel did, even of GOD’s Command, but still profane, made with mends tools, and hands. These people that you surrender rule too and NOT THE LORD GOD, die, and get sick, and not one has added a day to man’s life span, not one is wiser than you., and to let them rule, is to by wealth bought degrees, and titles, is to say WE ARE NOT EQUAL, I have the right to choose for me, cause GOD THE LORD MADE US ALL EQUAL and I am too never surrender personal choice too any one, if you do eventually they will tear families apart for a weed that grows wild if you smoke it, cause they cant make money without doing so. And they will make bag-pipes illegal to play, hence the English crown, making them outlawed, hence the name outlawed bagpipes for the Scots. Then the list of idols offended shall NEVER EVER cease, it is the golden worship at the Mount with Moses, the revel and play, games, and it is children oppressing the people and the women ruling over the men, it’s the candy house and the witch eating Hanzel and Grettle. When you see it in Mother Goose and The Holy Scriptures pay attention. For you shall be damned, if you continue, and rightfully so.

MEN: NO MAN OF GOD, lets another man rule his family, his self, or any that GOD has given him, if GOD wanted them too have rule over these then GOD would have given them your kids, and your life, but GOD gave this too you to give back too GOD, for all is THE LORD GOD’S and NO ONE ELSES, NO WHERE shall you read GOD call women to covenant and too death, to crucifixion, you shall see women have answered the call, but they are not obligated, they face death in birth, and we do not, we face our enemy by our faith too THE LORD GOD, and this is our blood covenant, girls, women, get theirs in another entirely strange way too men, and I don’t fully understand this, but the period, and the birth, are not our covenant, and some men are forced into the home work, and fulfill this in other ways, like women, but we are too take our sons at 12 and raise them to be ready too die and give all things to THE LORD GOD by 30 years of age, this is the model NOT in stone, Abraham wasn’t ready till 75 and he is the father of our faith. Now we know this, as is said,

“oh man of GOD? Then prepare to be tested!”

“by what?”

“EVERYTHING THAT IS, like Adam, Moses, Abraham, Apostles, Founders, Christ, by women, wives, children, nation, kingdoms, armies, death itself, the devil himself, the succubus herself, all of it, oh man. For these are written aforetime so that you may know you are not alone and your trial is not strange, be you brave in the face of your enemies, do no wrong, tell no lie even if leads to your death, be you trusting in THE LORD GOD and you shall be upright and THE LORD GOD shall love thee.”

“that is too much to be tested by I shall surely fail, fall into this condemned world it is overpowering by sin. I shall die in my sins, I am lost already.”

“Oh but man of GOD, the faith, the trust is NOT in you but in THE LORD GOD, your shepherd, your king, your GOD your FATHER/MOTHER, and your HOPE is in THE LORD GOD’s GOODNESS and Nothing else. And your LOVE is found here too.”

“So then I succeed in loosing, loosing self, and trusting THE LORD GOD and not me, and just be repentant, and keep turning in faith to THE LORD GOD. NO MATTER WHERE I AM or HOW MANY TIMES.”

“you are ready man of GOD, you are ready to be tried, just keep faith in GOD and not you, and if your breathing, believe in GOD’s LOVE, that you are alive to be dead, for those who repent die to self and world and only see one death, two births, those with one birth will see two deaths. Oh man of GOD trust you IN GOD ALONE, and go not their way, if found doing so, and you shall be, turn you back, and be you saved, and forgiven. And live, for you and your family and if enough then all your nation too, and when enough of them then for the whole of the world, but know GOD is in charge, and GOD is set in the ways of trying mankind, just pray it all be well with your soul, for GOD is not taking your counsel or any others, and GOD knows better, and GOD’s WILL SHALL BE DONE, as is proven by TIME ITSELF. None can thwart the plans of THE L


Luke 11:40

“You fools did not HE that made

that which is on the outside, make that which is on the inside also.”

Luke 11:41

“But rather give alms/share of such things as you have, and behold all things are clean to you.”

From Strong’s Concordance, slight Liberties taken

878 fools: GK af-rone, mindless, i.e. stupid, ignorant, egotistical (the fruit of good & evil, thinking you can decide for others and even self) rash, unbelieving, morally a fool, (without faith in THE LORD GOD, but rather playing god to self and too others). 1) without reason 2) senseless, foolish, stupid 3) without reflection or intelligence, acting rashly

NOTE; It is Satanic in its very nature to think you can decide for another person, especially in personal choice, and they haven’t hurt anyone. It is too say, they may hurt someone, so then they say, MAY will not do for Satan, we must do evil to them now, before they may do evil. It is foolish GOD damned evil since Adam/Eve, and is Re-GOD damned, from the trial of life, it is why in USA we get too face the flesh and blood accuser before twelve jury peers. ALWAYS and treason if we don’t (4th, 5th, 6th Amendments in the USA BILL OF RIGHTS).


John 2:1

On the third day there was a wedding in Cana of Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there.

John 2:2

Now both Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding.

John 2:3

And when they ran out of wine, the mother of Jesus said to Him, “They have no wine.”

John 2:4

Jesus said to her, “Woman, what does your concern have to do with Me? My hour has not yet come.”

NOTE:(women being of the world, Eve leading Adam astray, and mothers, and women’s bashfulness is well known for trying to silence The Holy Spirit in man, it is why Abraham cut the tip of his dick off, to not follow the bashfulness of women, and children, as Isaiah, says, “THE LORD GOD says, “Children oppress my people and women rule over them.” it is in no wise The Way of Faith, unless GOD directly orders you to obey the woman, i.e. Abraham to Sarah, and she called him lord.

John 2:5

His mother said to the servants, “Whatever He says to you, do it.”

NOTE: The Mother of mothers, the Virgin Mary says, to the disciples of Christ do as HE/Christ/GOD says, and does not say, obey me too, or be bashful for Him, no just “WHATEVER HE SAYS DO IT!

John 2:6

Now there were set there six water-pots of stone, according to the manner of purification of the Jews, containing twenty or thirty gallons apiece

NOTE: Wine is a symbol of the work of man, with the mixture of Nature by GOD, and hence six pots, for the six days, take Christ into all your works, and on the seventh day cease of these works and rest with THE LORD GOD, and contemplate all that week, and all that was done, and wait you upon THE LORD, (please note Christ’s words in Thomas’ Gospel, “If you do NOT keep the Sabbath as THE SABBATH then you shall not enter into Heaven.” Please understand for the true believer all is in the rest of GOD, and you need do anything, this is the Abrahamic Faith, “THE LORD GOD IS PROVIDER” / JEHOVAH JIREH. Again we have Christ, “it is finished.” And again we have Paul, “to him that doesn’t work but believes.” And again, “NOT by works but by faith/trust in THE LORD GOD/ not in you/ not in others/ not even in Christ’s works/ but belief/trust/faith in THE LORD GOD that sent the Christ, hence Christ says, “why call Me good, ONLY THE LORD GOD IS GOOD.”

John 2:7

Jesus said to them, “Fill the waterpots with water.” And they filled them up to the brim.

John 2:8

And He said to them, “Draw some out now, and take it to the master of the feast.” And they took it.

John 2:9

When the master of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine, and did not know where it came from (but the servants who had drawn the water knew), the master of the feast called the bridegroom

John 2:10

And he said to him, “Every man at the beginning sets out the good wine, and when the guests have well drunk, then the inferior. You have kept the good wine until now!”

John 2:11

This beginning of signs Jesus did in Cana of Galilee, and [a]manifested His glory; and His disciples believed in Him.

NOTE: 600-900 bottles of wine, we loose the exact weighting because of ancient shifts in measurements. And it is the good wine, and no one ever called wine good that didn’t get you drunk, that wasn’t potent, so let no fool deceive you, Christ got them tore up, and rightfully so, for the marriage is the best gift in flesh too mankind, even more so then children, it comes with the children blessing when done in GOD’s intent, and it comes with more blessings, and more sufferings, when done in fidelity, hence the first and greatest gift only next to Christ’s sufferings for us to get back in faith to THE LORD GOD our CREATOR WHOM SENT CHRIST! As is said, Thank GOD for Christ, and thank GOD, For BEING


Luke 7:33

“For John The Baptist came neither eating nor drinking, and you say he has a devil,”

NOTE: and the rulers put him in prison with no victims, no accuser, and then beheaded him.

Luke 7:34

“THE SON OF MAN IS come eating and drinking, and you say, “behold a gluten and a winebibber, a friend to publicans and sinners.”

NOTE: They beat, mocked, scourged, and then crucified THE SON OF MAN, no accuser, no victim, all false idol made offenses. The Devil Satanic eat of the fruit laws, to decide for another. When we are not even fit to decide for ourselves, if you be in need of GOD as your Salvation how can you then rule another, and especially if you have NO victim, no accuser, no crime, just offended idols/laws of man. I say again, GO USA, BILL OF RIGHTS HOOAH, Thank GOD for USA LAW BILL OF RIGHTS, which are founded after the order of what THE MESSIAH PROVED, making a mockery of men’s rules. Thank GOD for Christ and GOD FOR BEING GOD THE LORD GOD OF ALL.

John 7:35

“But WISDOM is justified of HER Children.”

NOTE: all Jews and Muslims, and good Christian Theologians knows THE LORD GOD has no wife, but if THE LORD GOD did, then this would be it, WISDOM for by WISDOM DID THE LORD GOD MAKE ALL THINGS, AND SHE IS THE MOTHER OF ALL, unless you think that THE LORD GOD, made Christ in ignorance, that is THE LORD GOD spoke in ignorance, and here you can see verse 35 WISDOM IS THE MOTHER TOO CHRIST, but this is a fleshly way too define an UNFATHOMABLE SPIRITUAL THING. Hence SHE/WISDOM IS also known as LADY LIBERTY or THE DOVE or THE COMFORTER, like a good mother, get it. Got it. Good. THE LORD GOD THE ONLY GOOD.

Genesis 9:20

“& Noah began to plant a vineyard and did so.”

Genesis 9:21

“& he drank of the wine & was drunk, & lay naked uncovered.”

NOTE: Most will tell you that THE DOVE/ THE HOLY SPIRIT left Noah and hence fell into sin. But NO WHERE will you see GOD call this sin. In fact quite the opposite; 1 Noah’s curse to Hem stood not Hem’s too Noah, and 2nd You would have to be demonic if you think that Natural Made Man naked is profane or defiled in this since of home, hence ancient artworks show everyone running around naked, cause not so many people thought it perverse WHAT THE LORD GOD makes, and you can see this in the Adam/Eve account, where GOD will not recognize Adam in this state of man made covering, and hence, Jacob wrestles GOD naked and is blessed, while broken, Gideon’s pot, man made from clay, man admits broken nakedness and GOD’s light shines through, PRAISE THE LORD GOD. and again, Hebrews, “Come boldly to the throne of Grace in NEED OF Mercy,” hence Jacob become Israel, and Gideons pot, and Christ washing Peter’s feet, a slave coming in your filth our high priest, and of course we have after the order of Malchizadech, meeting Abraham blood covered in his shame, and still blessing him, coming out side the temples and the city, to Abraham in his shame, (not sure it was sin, sure GOD counted it not as sin, but it is clear Abraham didn’t want to do it and took no pride in it, hence shame, guilt, but GOD decides SIN on man’s account, and as is said, “BLESSED IS THE ONE WHOM GOD IMPUTES NO SIN). NONE the less, Righteous King of Peace meets you where you are in your guilt shame, and if you accept him no sin, amd hence Christ is in the order of melchizadech, no beginning no end, hence, what THE LORD GOD has always stated. REPENT/RETURN to ME THE ONE TRUE LORD GOD and be you saved, you, and your family, and if enough the nation too.

Read on too see why GOD gave Noah drink and it not sin. Spoiler alet, “give wine to the heart broken, so they may forget their heartache for a time.” And if anyone had heart break, trust it was Noah, 120 years a righteous preacher, preaching, begging, pleading, and all he saved was his family. That has too mess the mind up and leave one always wondering if you could have done more, and this was Noah’s trial, and thank GOD for Noah, I wouldn’t want it, and thank GOD for BEING GOD.



“Stand firm in the FREEDOM for which Christ has set you free. Unless you become enslaved again.”

NOTE: the overall of this whole chapter lets you NO, exactly what Christ said, “YOU CAN NOT SERVE TWO MASTERS!”


Ecclesiastes 9:7

“Go thy way eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart for GOD now accepts thy works.”

NOTE: With a merry heart, giving thanks and alms, be content, if that is what you have for the day, then thank GOD, and if you don’t have it, thank GOD still.


Wisdom of Ben Surah 31:27

“Wine is a as good as life to a man if it be drunk moderately. What is life to a man that is without wine? For it was made to make men glad.”

Wisdom of Ben Surah 31:28

“Wine measurably drunk & in season brings forth gladness of the heart & cheerfulness of the mind.”

NOTE: A summary of the Christian contentment and gratitude. A mastery of faith in GOD not in man.


Proverbs 20:1

“Wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler, & whoever is lead astray by it is not wise.”

NOTE: whenever you read of DRUNKENNESS in The WHOLE of Holy Scriptures, you must give pause and ask what they mean. And what they mean is this simply. LET NOTHING BE LOVED MORE THAN THE LORD GOD, period. If you do then you have become drunk off the gifts of GOD more than THE LORD GODSELF THE GIFT GIVER. If you work and say then I am too busy to do THE LORD GOD today, your ass is smashed out drunk on the world, in pride, your lit as they say homie. Your cooked goose. Your egg is fried high off the world as the 80’s & 90’s kids know what I mean. To think a drug or drink can separate you from THE LORD GOD, and that you are improved by your sobriety then you are by your FAITH in THE LORD GOD, you too are lit, drunk, and in pride and have made your LORD GOD CREATOR ABOVE ALL, THE ONLY SELF-SUSTAINING ONE, dependable upon drugs, and sobriety, then do tell me how can HE justify you in your sins sinner. And how does HE make the un-godly Godly. And how then can you always be with THE LORD GOD and THE WORD OF THE LORD GOD if you do not let HIM come low as a slave/foot washer like HE did too Peter. “And if you do not let me wash your feet then NONE of you can have any part with ME,” So says the Christ, if you don’t let Me come in now then where you are and include in all of it, especially the low, then I will not be with you in the high points, the profiting times, and hence we think we provide and NOT THE LORD GOD, which is the opposite of The Abrahamic Faith that we are in.

Proverbs 31:4

“It is not for kings to drink wine. Nor for princes strong Drink.”

NOTE: (Noah & Christ & David & Solomon did all drink wine) and are these not Kings of Kings, and is not THE CHRIST THE KING OF Kings.

Proverbs 31:5

“Lest they drink & forget THE LAW (GOD LIVING IS THE LAW) & pervert judgement of any of the afflicted.”

NOTE: This is that drunk off the world and forgetting that THE LORD GOD LIVING IS THE LAW, hence Abraham, kept THE LAW of GOD, Genesis 26:5 and that was 430 years before Moses’ law. Which was an idol, because if you obey the first of the commands, that is serve THE ONLY LORD LIVING GOD ALONE AND WORSHIP THE LORD LIVING GOD ALONE, and past that, well you cant go on to two or any other, you must as Moses did, smash them once you got the first one down. SEEK, SERVE, WORSHIP, AND OBEY ONLY THE LORD GOD LIVING, and this is how Moses, killed them of course, GOD said too, and only THE LORD GOD LIVING IS GOOD and life and if THE LORD GOD says slay, to not do it is DEATH/SIN/ERROR, an enemy to THE LORD GOD LIVING, and this is an enemy to everyone. The Christ says, “NOT MY WILL BUT



Proverbs 31:6

“Give strong drink to anyone who is perishing, and wine to the embittered.”

Proverbs 31:7

“When they drink, they will forget their misery, and think no more of their troubles.”

NOTE: sometimes it is better to be shit faced happy or mad, and even tearful sad, then it is too breath another breathe, for the sadness is too much, the pain too deep, the heartache un-bearable. Anyone who has suffered teasing, bullying, break-ups, divorce, stolen children, loss of child, deaths, and so forth, some shit is just a cherry on top of the mount of the ocean of this condemned world that we are drowned in, in NEED OF A SAVIOR, and if your not in need of a savior, then your just a non-believer and KNOW NOT WHO or WHAT THE LORD GOD LIVING IS, THAT IS SALVATION ALONE, AND LOVE, AND LIFE, AND TRUTH, LIFE ITSELF ALL OF IT. And GOD made these things a by Nature, and or by the invention of giving the thoughts too mankind, but one thing rests assured, NO ONE, NO MATTER TITLE, NO MATTER DEGREE, CAN NOT TELL YOU AS A GROWN ADULT WHAT YOU SHOULD AND SHOULDN’T CONSUME IN ANY FORM FACET OR WAY! Until they can outdo THE LORD GOD in WHAT THE LORD GOD has DONE IN CHRIST, beat death, sickness, and sin, batting 100% without fail, how do we know this, DOCTORS and medicines have come and gone in 2,000 years, I don’t know a freaking one of them but I know THE GOOD PHYSICIANS NAME, JESUS CHRIST, YESHUAH AL’IMRAN HAMMASSIACH. THE BEGOTTEN LAMB OF GOD THAT TAKES AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORLD, SIN/SICKNESS/DEATH/TYRANNY/DOUBT/CONDEMNATION/USSURPATION/THEFT/OPPRESSION/MASTER


And don’t be deceived every freaking generation thinks their doctors scientists are the best and they are doing some shit better than before, don’t be you deceived, the Life Span of man since after the flood when they do that THEN I will concede they are doing something better than any other man, until then it’s a personal choice and NO GODLY WISDOM! GENESIS 6:3b “YET his days shall be an hundred & twenty years.”

Proverbs 31:8

“Open your mouth on behalf of the mute, and for the rights of the destitute.”

NOTE: don’t let the rich rob, steal, KILL, destroy, families, and human lives for personal choice, cause them you leave little girls and boys to be screwed by the whole world, raped and molested by the whole of the world, and then they say, “oooh child molesters.” But they lay them out, there too get raped and molested by the whole world, for they silence the poor/mute, and the rob the rights of the poor THE BILL OF RIGHTS IN THE USA, it has been and is a treasonous thing since the year of our LORD 1776 of July the 4th, you know this day as Independence Day.

Proverbs 31:9

“Open your mouth, judge justly, defend the needy and the poor!”

NOTE: stand up and be you strong in THE LORD GOD! TRUST YOU IN THE LORD GOD, and put you on THE WHOLE OF THE LORD GOD


Let us start with MARK 7:14-23

It is clear that anyone who would put you in prison for drugs or drinking has the evil in their hearts. This is exactly defined in The Constitution of These Untied State of America by giving you THE RIGHT to face your accuser (and the cops, district attorney, and judges can not be the accuser nor can they be offended persons). If you have not done anything wrong they do not have the right to accuse you of anything as being your public servant, as The Holy Scriptures says, PROV 19:10 “to let a servant rule over the master is not even seemly too a fool and there shall no delight be found in it.” This proverb is deeper than one understands usually so met me make it clearer why our founders made this a BILL OF RIGHT and why they made THE BILL OF RIGHTS the ONLY un-changeable thing in this entire NATION, it is the core foundation of THE UNION, it is the UNIION, THE BILL OF RIGHTS is what separates us from all other primitive, man as god king nations, that is all Babylonian/Egyptian/English, man can be your god nations. Because who hires a person to tell them and their kids, and their families what to do and how too do it. These are our servants, and to have them invade our personal life, our children’s lives, and our homes, dictating too us what personal choices to make for us, is too STRAIGHT SAY WE ARE NOT WASHED IN THE BLOOD OF CHRIST, AND THE LAW STILL RULES OVER MAN. Now it is easy too see how facing your accuser is a righteous kept law, and now you see how they sell everything in our legal system, and why only the rich can get justice, and you can see why they removed THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE, to THE FLAG.


BLUE- FOR THE TRUTH, THAT WE HOLD SELF-EVIDENT, the color of blood in the veins,





Until the year our LORD 1776 on JULY 4th.


NOTE: if you do not like the vulgarity of my words, fuck off! I am speaking on the GOD DAMNATION OF THE ENTIRE NATION and your focused on pretended offended words, do your ears hurt. Teaching your kids to obey the professions that swore to protect this nation and they are clearly acting in direct TREASON/BLASPHEMY shooting, killing, and incarcerating your very own children for their very own personal choice. Prisons go up daily in treason. Families destroyed daily in treason. And people are dragged into slavery to judges who are never to have the power to accuse like they are your god kings and you tell your children to obey them, and you hate the words I use, cause you are offended, FUCK ME, don’t you know that offended peopled killed JESUS THE SON OF GOD. I will go as far as to Christ used much profanity the same as the apostles, and the prophets, just like Isaiah and Ezekiel. Why else would them fuckers kill them? And why do you think the FIRST AMMENDEMNT IS THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, PRESS, PETITION, AND ASSEMBLY, see how they are taking all these rights in DIRECT AND BLATENT TREASON! It is not COVID 19 it is covet 1 NEIN.

Now how do you have your kids obey to the point of surrendering their personal choices to other men and women, whom are their servants. DID these servants beat sin, death, sickness, FUCK NO! so what has made them your gods? Their rich education, and their pretended offended ears. HOLY FUCK! Just like southern pride slave owners, “we would never darling, never say that.” Then go out beat a black person to death put them in chains and call them NIGGER. Is that not the same GOD damned thing they said then and the same GOD DAMNED THING THEY SAY NOW!

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To all you fools who say you should obey others, know one! They are your servants, NOT your fucking leaders, and as a Christian you have no other leader, unless you think unsaved idolaters who practice in the law are Christian, well then you are a GOD damned liar if you say you believe in the GOOD BOOK THE BIBLE, “for Christ is the end of the LAW to them that believe, for righteousness sake.” Romans,. And again Christ let the principalities on high to the cross making a mockery of them. Then you want your kids to obey them that Christ made a mockery of their righteousness, proving they are all GOD damned wicked liars who would kill THE LORD GOD if THE LORD GOD dwelt in the flesh, that is THE TRUTH, THE WORD manifested in flesh, and if a judge, a lawyer, and a priest will do this, then you know that they are GOD damned. Now your going to come at me with ROMANS 13 “obey the orders of them appointed over you, for no power is but that which GOD has put in place.” And I am stuck damn, you got me. …

LMAO im kidding you fucking evil pricks, no you don’t. Paul was speaking on the ministers in the church and the sword is the word of GOD not the sword, and then do you know he did, he sifted your asses, give homage where homage is do. And reverence where reverence is do. TELL ME CHRISTIANS where the heavens is your reverence to THE LORD GOD or not. And then tell me did you ever read the whole chapter, and what does Paul say right they who do love don’t do adultery, (do not judges and the lawyers do adulteries, and sell the kids, 3 for 6.66$ according too their very oaths to get you your BILL OF RIGHTS. The 7th amendment. Does not love fulfill the law and not commit murder, but the judges and cops and lawyers, do they not murder. And tell me this WHO THE FUCK KILLED PAUL? Oh that is right THOSE IN THE LAW PUT HIM IN PRISON AND BEHEADED HIM and tell me do you NOT think that PAUL KNEW THEY KILLED THE SON OF GOD! and was Paul not in the law when HE killed STEPHEN. And tell me how does ROMANS 13 end. NOW IS THE HOUR FOR YOU TO AWaKE FROM SLEEP FOR OUR SALVATION IS NEAREER NOW THAN WHEN WE FIRST BELIEVED.

NOW LET ME PROVE PAUL LIKE CHRIST WHO LIKE MOSES LIKE GOD SIFTED YOU TOO see if you would idolize in the law as though it could save or GOD, to see if you would obey GOD or man.

1-Christ says, “rend to ceasor that which is ceazors and to GOD that which is GOD’s.” Tell me you so lawful people that would call for Christ to die and not Barabas. Barabas being them killing yours and my kids while having an educational degree, and Christ being the no idol degree having drunkard who uses vulgar words in liberty). Tell me you, Christian? WHAT IS NOT THE LORD GOD’S? come believer how would you answer the parable? I would say what my fathers of this nation said, FUCK YOU! FUCK MEN KINGS! FUCK CEASER! FUCK YOUR MOTHER IF SHE SUPPORTS MEN KINGS AND BASHFUL EVIL TYRANNY! GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH! Why, because ALL IS THE LORD GODS, AND THE LORD GOD IS THE SPIRIT AND WHERE THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS THERE IS LIBERTY, 2 CORINTHIANS 3:17

1-GOD did the same when they wanted king and GOT SAUL. And well that went shitty, Saul and most the people went too hell. And the nation too.

1-Moses smashed the ten commandments EXODUS 32:19 and then made a defiled set with his tools of his hands EXODUS 20:25 “FOR IF THOU LIFT UP THY TOOL UPON IT, THOU HAST POLLUTED IT.” The TALMUD says GOD SMILED when MOSES SMASHED THEM, BECAUSE HE CHOSE MERCY AND NOT A LAW WRITTEN DOWN TO JUDGE HIS BROTHERS, HIS NATION, AND THEN GOD MADE HIM MAKE A SET, AND THEY CHOSE TO JUDGE THE NATION, SEE THE LIBERTY vs your GOD DAMNED EVIL JUDGEMENTS OH YOU CHRISTIANS HOW MUCH MORE GOD DAMNED ARE YOU CLAIMING THE NAME OF CHRIST WHO WAS KILLED BY PEOPLE USING SUCH THINGS AND HOW MUCH MORE YOU USING AND THEN FEEDING YOUR BROTHERS TOO IT AND YOUR NATION AND YOUR OWN GOD BLESSED CHILDREN, SORRY BY YOUR ACTIONS IF NOT REPENTANT GOD DAMNED CHILDREN. Because of you teaching hypocrisies to your youth, and them picking up your ways, as being like gods to them, and their sins though shall be punished in the flesh in their youth, again cause of you, and your lack of responsibilities, paying the bills but NOT the only righteous bill do too everyone that suffered that came before you, and the everyone that comes after you, and the NAIL in the coffin here is the NAILS in the cross to THE BEGOTTEN SON OF THE LORD GOD. and by their suffering here in the flesh, they see this world the idols, and you, and all in it can not save, which shall shock their young bodies into conversion at death, and they shall come HOME TO HEAVEN MOST ASSUREDLY no matter how coward god damned liar selling them out you play in all your excuses and idol money bill paying death covenant vowel breaking murderous asses through political policies do unto them, GOD will punish them too get them saved, to wash them from your filthiest fake ass lies to serve and trust in idols, which have NEVER SAVED, NOR EVER SHALL SAVE, FOR THE LORD GOD ALONE IS SALVATION AND IS LIVING! And all that turn too THE LORD GOD LIVING shall be saved, NOT for you, but because you turned to THE LORD GOD LIVING and if you are in truth, and in true need, boldly at THE THRONE OF GRACE IN NEED OF THE LORD GOD’s MERCY, you shall be saved for THE LORD GOD’S NAME SAKE and not any other reason whatsoever, for as THE LORD GOD SAYS, “I SHALL BE KNOWN AS THE LORD GOD LIVING THE LORD OF MERCIES, THE LORD OF GRACE, THE LORD OF THE LIVING AND NOT THE DEAD, I SHALL SAVE ALL MY PEOPLE THAT TURN BACK TO ME, FOR MY NAME SAKE SHALL I SAVE THEM ALL, FOR THERE IS NO OTHER WHO IS ABLE TOO SAVE, NONE BUT ME THE LORD your GOD LIVING, YAHVEH ELOHIM, EL SHADDAI, EL SHABBOATH, EL ELOHIM, AMMON RA, THE GREAT I AM THAT I AM, THE BEGINNING AND THE END AND ALL IS FOR MY GOOD PLEASURE, ALLAH, ADONAI, YAHVEH ELOHIM, GOD, JEHOVAH, JEHOVA JIREH, AND I LOVE YOU AND I WILL NEVER FORSAKE YOU, SO SAYS THE LORD your GOD LIVING, whom you shall serve, obey, and worship ALONE


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