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Esther & why THE LORD doesn't speak in the book directly.

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Hello, I just stumbled on your page, and see, it's pretty nice. I like it. Looks like you have worked very hard on it. So i thought that i would help you out, with wisdom. Please, let me know if or where you disagree with what i apologize for.

1- It is not that, "God is not directly mentioned in the Book of Esther," it is that THE LORD does not speak directly in it. Nor as quoted speaking directly in it. THE LORD is mentioned, of course, but THE LORD GOD, has a voice, THE LORD, who is our LORD & GOD, as all husbands are this to their bride. Ps 45, and as Sarah called Abraham Lord, and as per the man is commanded, then brought the animals, see what he would name them, then he is given the wife, BONE OF BONE, is mark it in stone forever to come, this one is mine. THE OATH.

THE REASON FOR THE ONE FATHER, is all daughters are given to by THE FATHER to the sons, the husband, so that he will first be THE FATHER in THE ONE FATHER's STEAD. See the difference between Adam in the garden of Eden, and Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane, one isn't there, "Adam where are you," The other meets head on, "who are you looking for, " .... I AM HE.. they fall straight way back. He broke the curse, then it is again, WHO you looking for? I AM HE. Let these go. Adam is, "what happened Adam...." "her fault you gave her to me..."

Then it is Adam because you adhered to your wife, and not to my command...." thus then it is the reason that GOD doesn't speak directly in Esther, is cause a living GOD, THE LORD GOD LIVING, ONE FATHER, KING, literally is tending to his NAME.

Two things jealous of, #2 is his name, and he is jealous for it. "i will save you for my name's sake." and David defeats Goliath as a boy, only with the faith in the name's sake. "....I come at you in THE NAME OF THE LORD...." But #1 thing jealous for, is HIS WORD. Thus he would not let his name, or his word be in Esther, but rather left the account, open much.

There is only the equalizing of THE JEWS, taken as slaves into Assyria, from Babylon and such, and so much more. But this is to show that THE LORD GDO does this for all slave races. Within 3-4 Generations, the nation that inherited the slaves, will, and must answer to the slaves inherited, as to sons. The righteous almost always receive the slaves, for answering to THE LORD GOD's COVENANT as fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, to THE ONE FATHER, the same LORD it has been all over the earht, as our fathers, so too Moses, and Egypt, THE LORD GOD AMMON THE LORD GOD of TRUTH, Isa 65:16.

If you doubt what i am saying, i challenge you to go read, the creed, oath, of any king, empire, national ruler, of any kind, it is vow, oath, to THE LORD GOD AMMON OF TRUTH, it always has been, always will be. It is the staff of Moses, that is thrown down, by Aaron, in Quran it's Moses, but it is the same staff, even for Pharaoh and his wise men, thus it was a snake (crocodile), the staff's become. the hand at first is leprosy, then he does it again, it is clean. That is put it back to heart, like the second set of ten command tablets, the new law is the old. THE COMMANDS are eternal, the ten commands are the issues to all life, the command of GOD is GOD's will, and you must do his will to go to heaven, as a male.

Thus the adultery, in the book of Esther is the same as Adam in the garden, going to throw down, from the adulterous tower, built up way high down deep, by stones into bread, aka idol fig leaf covering up, bills pay obey, fig lear is Pig leave. Why men and pigs only two with these skins.

Thus the king Darius didn't keep GOD's charge, and from i have gathered, it was about three years later, after Esther book closes, that he is assassinated by his sons and the original queen takes thrown, and Esther is put out to pasture, a retired concubine. She being Jew is no threat to the crown, and put far away.

Thought that you should know that is why THE LORD doesn't directly speak in Esther, it is mroe like he was at the front guard as king, and just let the kitties eat up the mice, playing games pretending to be men, while falsely swearing in GOD's HOLY name to his daughters. As though THE LORD doesn't tend to his covenant. And as though these men shouldn't be taken right where they would not.

To put away and marry another, for a man, is very bad. It is why THE LORD GOD has ordained husbandry in heaven. The husband can have more brides, but he can not throw a daughter down, saying not good enough when he bit off that help meat, in holy vow oath covenant. She is THE Daughter of THE KING, as David said, "think this a light matter, marrying The Daughter of a King." of course it is recorded for THE FACT OF ONE FATHER, ONE LORD GOD, ONE KING.

Of course it is a heavy matter, and of course it must be answered too. it is either the man went to deceive himself, which is foolish. Or he went to deceive GOD, which is more foolish, a fool in his folly. Or it is that he went to deceive the daughter, and this GOD damned treacherous. As it reads, he that deals deceitfully with the daughters shall have no power. It is the doctrine of Balaam. The Gentile courts, the paper DIE FORCED divorced, the CURSED TOAD custody, forcing course of river to make images speak like GOD in adultery to take the dominion of the sons.

The blessing of the father establishes the children's house, but the curse of the mothers roots out foundations. The curse cause less shall not land. Thus the men are to keep the holy, hold the oath, the covenant. If two people swear to death in a marriage, in a covenant, who is to hold that unto death, the male or the female. Seeing she dies for it in the house, he is to die for it, before at the door posts. The angels before the city gates. Blood of lamb at door posts. ADAM WHERE are you. we are to say I AM, and cover, not loosing one THE FATHER gave us, and we are to love them to the very end. Or you are tearing asunder what GOD united. Even pharaoh knew not to do this, Gen 12.

Hopefully that will help you piece it all together, WHOLLY HOLY. For without Holiness you shall not see GOD. and all i have given you is scripture. I don't really do the numbers too often anymore, seeing i speak to them that read the book.If you don't recognize i am almost always in the scriptures, when talking, then you should not be teaching scriptures. Not saying you don't recognize it, but still i encounter often.

My word is correct, and true, and without rebuke. GOD is THE ONLY WISE GOD, and thus HIS sent servant doesn't get it wrong, when conveying the message. and here it is clear why he does not speak directly in Esther, being THE LION, ONE FATHER KING, OF JUDAH, all the daughters, they are THE FATHER's PRIDE.

Isa 40:1-3 the women are the broad way, the highway, the men are the before, the guard, the priest, the king, the husband, LORD & GOD to his brides and kids.

THE LORD has set the father in honor over the children, and confirmed the authority of the mother's over the sons.

Father is the highest office, for it is husbandry he is the father. Thus if you love the children more as a their father, than you do their mother as a wife, THE FATHER LORD GOD will be more pleased with you, you will be highly blessed, above the others.

Why is GOD invisible? Why is Christ Risen? Why is Moses Body not found? So that you have to be THE FATHER IN HIS STEAD. by command, vow, oath, THE TRUTH, the covenant ETERNAL.

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