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Updated: Nov 26, 2021

"Behold The Lamb that takes away the sins of the world."

does GOD need that any take sin away? Is it not GOD that shall judge the sin, and impute the sin? is he not blessed whom GOD imputes no sin? And shall we not drink the same cup of sin that our Christ did, and be baptized with His baptism? Then clearly our sin is unbelief. Have you not that wicked spirit of unbelief my brothers.

It is Clear that THE LORD GOD LIVING IS REAL, but believing and knowing are two different things. and to believe is to trust, to trust is put stock in, to lean on, and that is hard to do when all the world is but a lie telling you otherwise.

"All physicist worth anything knows that all matter is an illusion, yes, a very persistent illusion, but still an illusion." Albert Einstein

1- I KNOW THERE IS A GOD BUT I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! For the joy and for the marvel.

in my post traumatic depression of meeting Satan’s sifting forces, I found Carl Jung before I found Christ, well before HE found me, and set me at the foot of THE ALL-MIGHTY THRONE OF GOD!

There is an interview of Carl of Jung just before his death, as an old frail man and his legs crossed, and him calmly sitting up right but back, and the interviewer asks him very politely.

“After all this time, and all your works, and now coming to the end of your life, do you Dr. Jung still believe in GOD?’

The late great Dr. Jung with a chuckle of humility and honesty laughing out loud stutters out, “Believe in GOD? Believe in GOD? No. No. NO! I know there is a GOD, but I can NOT believe it!”

This has stuck with me from an atheist to through all my Christianity. And in my first jail missionary that THE LORD GOD sent me too, telling me in VOICE that I was going there, and I would not like it, but to remember it was THE LORD GOD that sent me. In that place in my long days of study I read for the first time Luke 24:41 and all the Synchronicity (Dr. Jung wrote a book on GOD connections called Synchronicity, which was one of the first Spiritual workings I dealt with) came into there domino effects toppling over. And I was stunned, shocked, I wept and smashed my face. I knew there was a GOD that moment, and I knew that GOD was beyond me, and it would always and forever be hard to believe it. You see knowing something and believing it are two different things, and we as a human race have a hard time believing in that which is most certain. Let me take you through this the most of basic ways I can illustrate in words. But first here is the Disciples experiencing the same thing many believers and even doubters come too. The fact you KNOW there is THE LORD GOD and the fact it is hard to believe.


And they could NOT believe for joy and for marvel and HE said, “Have you any meat for ME?” LUKE 24:41

Look you to the origination of Adam/Eve one source, one blood, one life, one race.

Look you to the flood, the whole world knows, with evidence and proof of it.

Look you to the one source of all language and the global network of way lines, and points, clearly demonstrating The Tower of Babel (Gate of GOD) which is by all these combined is clear evidence of a space elevator and global network. Now look to THE LORD GOD undoing all this with THE LORD GOD’s MERE BREATH OF WORDS. Man, an all his might can not stand before the judgement of THE LORD GOD.

Look you to the mighty power of Egypt, the Pyramids, it’s spectacle of precision, placement, and standing to this day, as a testament to all humanity, which by the way, if you hired every engineering firm in the world combined and offered them contract for the world itself, they would not take the bid. Why? Simply put they can not do it. Empirical fact. No one no matter pays, even if the whole of the world will not take the job, because they can not do it.

Everyone seems to sidestep this fact. How much of a bad ass civilization must Egypt have been, when THE LORD GOD made a mockery of all their efforts and works and brought their slaves out of them as a glorious show of THE ALL-MIGHTY POWER OF THE LORD GOD, which Egypt is not today but a tomb, but that little Israeli nation, as THE LORD GOD has said, still stands alive and vibrant, twice vacated, and twice brought back. And why? Well, if you read The Scriptures, Moses for our sakes tells us what THE LORD GOD said, “I raised Pharaoh up for this day, to SHOW MY GLORY THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE OF EARTH FOR AGES TO COME.” Here is a side not most miss, through out the whole of the Earth? Yes! The Pyramids are smack dab in the middle of all the mass of earth.

If you were too lay the globe out flat on a map, and say, put a dot in the middle of all the land, guess where exactly that dot would land? Yep, Egypt’s Great Pyramid. Now here is another well-known fact, the pyramid is a scaled ratio of Earth, Sun, and Moon, with Phi, Pi, and so many other things that to this day we are still trying to connect all the dots. Now why are they a TOMB today? I told you, nay Moses told you, NAY, Abraham told you, NAY. Noah, nay, The Christ, NAY, THE LORD GOD TOLD YOU, ME, US, ALL FOR MY GLORY HAVE I DONE THESE THINGS, FOR YOUR CHILDREN, AND MINE. And if you think I am being nostalgic, please pull out a one-dollar American bill and look to the left side, now read the words in BOLD, “IN GOD WE TRUST.”

-now on to the covenant of Israeli and why GOD brought them out of THE MOST POWERFUL 3,000 year standing golden civilization and brought them too not. And keeps the Israeli nation and forever shall. Even if evicted.

1-There is a lot in a name for a Jew, and especially for the Jew of Jews, The Jew the whole of the world knows, and shall know, by name, YESHUAH AL’IMRAN HAMMASSIACH.

2-What would GOD have need of a Christ? GOD wouldn’t silly, we would!


- GOD WHO does NOT dwell in flesh as state in Isaiah,____, and surely THE ALL MIGHTY ALL POWERFUL LORD GOD does NOT dwell in condemned flesh which is our case since Adam/Eve’s fall. Oh! But behold THE HOLY, HOLY, HOLY ONE HAS COME LOW TO SAVE HIS PEOPLE WHERE THEY ARE!

-J.C. “How long have I been with you, and you know ME not?”___ The strangeness of talking to THE LORD GOD through THE BEGOTTEN SON. The real question to The Master of Parables is this, when are we not with THE LORD GOD and when are we NOT seeing THE LORD GOD. For even if one closes their eyes, behold the dark void is but THE LORD GOD’s DOING and a semblance of THE LORD GOD’s MOST ABSOLUTE OMNI PRESENT POTENCY, for THE LORD GOD says to us through Moses, “I AM THE GREAT THAT I AM.”

So, then Christ is sifting the HEARTS of us all, by simply saying, “How long have I been with you, and you know ME not?” But it is NOT the fleshly man Christos speaking, but THE MESSENGER OF THE LORD GOD ASKING US ALL THROUGH CHRIST? Do you not know ME? Do you not believe that I AM THE GREAT THAT I AM? Then what am I NOT? Nothing, for death only is because of THE LORD GOD, and LIFE TOO, as THE LORD GOD HAS PROCLAIMED FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS. I AM THE GREAT THAT I AM” Now this becomes confusing in the fact that we think we are fit too judge, right from wrong, good from evil. BUT as is written, “MY WAYS ARE NOT your ways, MY THOUGHTS are not your thoughts, MY WAYS ARE HIGHER than your ways, and MY THOUGHTS ARE HIGHER THAN your thoughts.

FOR AS THE HEAVENS ARE ABOVE YOU, SO AM I ABOVE ALL CREATION.” As I do all too well love to point out even smugly if I am honest, is THE KINGDOM OF THE LORD GID DIVIDED? IS IT NOT FINISHED! WAS IT NOT FINISHED FROM THE BEGINNNING TO THE END? And that brings me to the point once again.

-Christ died and said it was finished. But it was finished from the beginning GEN 2:2 and GEN 2:4 but because of man’s rebellious state Christ came to say again for you, for me, nay, for us all. GOD coming low for us, who could not believe.

And HE appeared to them, and they could not believe for joy and marvel. And HE said to them, “have you any meat for me?”

Two thousand years later, have you any meat for HIM? Or are you sipping milk still, telling first grade lies, and believing in wizard’s idol decrees more than THE HOLY SCRITPURES, more than THE LIVING LORD GOD FATHER, and THE TESTIMONY IN CHRIST JESUS.


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