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We will be doing apologetics ἀπολογία / ἀπολογίαν

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

The point of this blog / website is for us to share, to teach, to preach, and of course most of all be able to critique, THE RIGHTEOUS MAN FINDS ERROR, to cast it out, dealing with as it comes. For as he is stripped down from the sinful thoughts of the world, there he is, naked before THE LORD GOD, then he can fill his vessel with the waters of life, Isaiah 55.

They have called this apologetics for hundreds of years. What i am attempting to do, is to revive the old tradition of everyone joins in the learning, and thus produce another generation, or generations, of GODLY FREE THINKING MEN, like our founders, where they did this often, and often had gatherings regularly, multiple times in a week, to preach and teach to one another.

Now we can do this online, in gathering, phones, or emails, or all of the above, you are the church, and the scribes and Pharisees have taken the keys of knowledge and have not used them themselves. Those keys are in the mere discussing, literally. As iron sharpens iron so the countenance of a friend sharpens the countenance of a friend.

We have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips. Alexander's Library and then some. The shear fact we are doing primitive wicked witch gold paid yellow brick wizard of Oz, in a modern day American Nation, against our own law, with open treason, is a direct reflection our own god damned wickedness as a man of a family, or a brother, in a nation. When your servants rule you, it is not your servants fault it is yours. When your wife is in adultery, and your countrymen are fucking her, it is your fault and your brothers, and the fathers of the woman, of the man and of the adulterer.

When you teach children that GOD ALL MIGHTY the GOD of our covenant to this nation, and the guide of our own youth, and the GOD of our own marriage covenant, THE HOLY SCRIPTURES for thousands of years, THE WORD OF GOD, and our own death vow before Nation in GOD's NAME, can be undone by our servants, in strokes of pen, lying in adultery, it is NO ONE'S FAULT BUT EVERY MALE IN THE NATION. when the devil comes upon the nation and the devil always has, (Benjamin Franklin's Snake "united we stand divided we fall" ) and has clearly here, it is NOT the women's fault it is ours, ours as brothers, and ours as fathers, and ours as SON'S OF LIBERTY.

Though the women will eat their kids for their greed, if they don't repent to the truth, the true GOD in this flesh. We men will be cast into hell, for their is no Red Sea to bury us at the bottom. No man says to his wife, "ah shit, the devils come, Babygirl go fight that for me." NO, she has her war in the baby ward, mutilation of flesh, labor pains, and faces death even in it. as it stands currently the 12 year old girl that bleeds has bested most of our national men, for they are liars, and a liar is a coward and a coward is a hater of GOD LIVING and thus is a murderer to all life, past, present, and future, a sinner, offensive to an eternal GOD. Eternal sin. and the little girls when they throw away their rags, they have shed more humiliation, more pains, more cramps, more BLOOD than most of our men, doing Bildaddy shit, Billsabub, bills paying, shit flies, shit lies.

I dont care what your mother told you, your a wicked son, if in adultery. No mother ever birthed a boy, and said, i want this boy to swear to death to a woman, and she have kids and then he leave her, i cant wait, facing all that pain, all that mutilation, all that labor, all of it, for him to grow up and NOT FEAR GOD ALONE, standing as a man is made to do in GOD'S WORD. Now how much more righteous is my answer here if your circumcised. How much more did your mom want you to be a man that died for his GOD TRUE FREE AND FAITHUL.

If you want to honor your mother, there is only way, FEAR THE LORD GOD ALONE. if you want to honor your wife, there is only way, FEAR THE LORD GOD ALONE, if you want to get your wife, your sons, your brothers, your people, free, and safe, maybe minus ALL THE BROTHERS, for we go together, faithful, one, then you must FEAR GOD ALONE, and GOD IS THE SPIRIT, and THE SPIRIT IS GOD, and where THE SPIRIT OF GOD IS, there too is LIBERTY.

The truth will set you free, and free indeed you will be. The truth is the ONLY LAW OF GOD, and truth lets GOD BE GOD, THE ONLY GOOD, the truth, will get us in the way, the only the life, to GOD, and there isn't another. Brothers, i don't call women, nor do i call kids to war, or crucifixion, or to die, or to prison, or to fight, or to suffer as a man, and i have done all of these as a man for THE LORD GOD, and for my nation. our GOD and me, and our GOD was usually invisible, but i held faith in GOD not me, nor in sight, nor in condition, for the faithful are unconditional, we are Christian, and that is to be like Christ. He has been faithful, covering His bride, you, me, and we are blameless, before GOD, then what are we saved to not be like HIM. Hell no, called to be like HIM. cover your wife, cover your kids, and repent when in error. I dont call women, or kids, but i dont refuse them either, same as GOD and Christ, though they have called some, i dont dare, seeing we are to cover them.

Gentlemen in Christianity, you dont have to kill, or get violent, until your ordered by GOD, i am not calling you to violence, i am calling you to suffer, to die for it, to give your GOD GLORY, or go to hell, cause everything NOT true unto death, is a god damned lie, giving satan who gets nothing glory, but there is no glory in coward ass bildaddy shit bricks of Egypt to a devil that gets nothing, then why commit the sin. Be you the man, be you faithful. I believe the lack of courage is the lack of bread, seeing how i have much, i figure, we can share,.

This is apologetics

"Ridicule is the only weapon against unintelligible thoughts, and ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them." Thomas Jefferson.

1 Peter 3:15 But in your hearts revere Christ as LORD. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect,

1 Cor 9:3 This is my defense to those who sit in judgment on me.

1 Peter 4:5 They will give an account to the one who stands ready to judge the living and the dead.

Romans 14:12 So then EACH of US shall give an ACCOUNT to GOD.

Now i have no clue where to go from here, please contact me, if you have any ideas or post, what have you, GOD BLESS if you, may you be faithful for HIS NAME SAKE, and your families.


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1 commentaire

Preacher Blair
Preacher Blair
30 juil. 2022

As they have very much taken the keys of the kingdom and told you that you can not be without paying them first. Why is it they don't entreat to you, instead of you to them?

Because they are playing your god king rulers to dictate your dominions, and saying they have no religion. But they do, it is shit flies buzz buzzy beelzabub, you know this as;

you need your bills, you need to work, get real, you need to pay your bills.

but you dont need freedom, or truth, or family, or parents from GOD, or to keep your word, or blood, or truth, or oath.

Nope but getting is the same god damned thing it was fiv…

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