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In response to his woman cheating on him and he didn't know what to say because he loved her so much.

If you love her or you're married to her you cover in all her sin. Can speak on the sin but not the lady. Adam where are you. That means cover her sin Adom that is what the Lord intended that's what Christ does and that's what men are called to do if you married or you received her from the one father he does not make mistakes and therefore cover everything else is just a trial of your covering to see if you learn to be a man. He will have every male as he told Abraham try this and you'll go to hell. It's because he already has every daughter that's why he doesn't mention them. They'll go home every female every child. The college to you sons of man. Love covers much sin. So if you haven't married her well then I guess God just showed you if you love her not. But if you have you better answer right we get one father that means every daughter is given by one father and he is most righteous. You will answer that his daughter is blameless to put it on you or that will not be love to his daughter nor to him as a father you see. I pray you do. If you're a Christian how much more is this multiplied. By this rule is how you come blameless as a Christian. President is written every daughter is blameless before God.

Every daughter is given by God therefore every daughter is godly and therefore every daughter is playing this before God she is the world and thus he came to take away the sins of the world that whomsoever should believe should not perish but have everlasting life.

You do understand that means the woman is had her sin taken away.

She's the world but you are not of the world you are a male. Females do this too but they do it in birthing & periods Very few will do it as a male.

Them that learn to like Sarah eventually she did standing on her own even dying alone like a male. We'll go in as a queen. Them supporting their husband but not at heart set to die as a male like a king will go in a princess.

And if they're in rebellion I told three sin none of that will count to her is the adulterous it will be scratched away at Christ if her husband does not cover and she will answer in the daughter of a king the same as Jezebel.

Bury that cursive thing proper the daughter of a king.

Her hands head and feet were left by the dogs they didn't eat these. That's Christ crucified. And every man is supposed to be crucified for this is why you will find every faithful make, and now fastened and then pulled up, that is to happen if you doubt me looking to see Eve is not cursed nor is she given the option like Adam therefore we are the covering the skins hands head and feet this is why Peter has his feet washed but he did not understand why at that time it is because of the males get their feet washed because they are to wash the women's feet.

Bring them clean on us, y HE totes the towel, to bear Peter's sin, so to are we to ours.

Also read Psalm 45 every daughter enters the congregation of the king.

Also read Isaiah 40.

Begin to read the scriptures again in this life you will see it is everywhere.

It's not mentioned well because it's written by righteous men.

Does they don't expect anybody to expect the daughters to get thrown into hell seeing how that's what Adam did.

Blamed his wife and God forgiven him her that is hate to God from Paradise to here now at Hell's gate and to the same and you will go to hell for you new what happened with Adam and THE FATHER and you knew we were still feeling the effects today. And if you think the women should not go home but should go to hell with us if we still go by us I mean y'all, then thinking his daughters should be thrown in hell your mother your sisters you know why you go to hell.


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