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Whether you pronounce them right or NOT does NOT matter. That would exclude every person with a GOD given Natural impediment that can NOT say it the way THEY SAY it is to be said. I STRESS THEY THEY SAY it is said like this. it sounds like that but IT IS SAID by the MEANING the it intent of the heart.

Thus bringing me to the other point that NULLIFIES they saying it is said like this; if you do NOT know it's meaning then you cause for saying it is of NO WORTH at all, only uttering flatulence.

Aka speaking with the tongues of angels but having NO interpreter. a passing wind, words of vanity.

Now we know that angels of GOD say and it is, but if a man say he is of GOD but knows NOT the meaning of his word then he is an angel with no interpreter, and thus he has Not GOD, for THE HOLY SPIRIT GIVES the interpretation of tongues to speak as with tongues of Angels, who are of GOD.

Then only ask GOD for wisdom only ask in faith. That is don't let another angel from heaven come and tell you it is said like this or that and that you say it wrong but keep the salt THE LORD GOD salted you with, and simply say its meaning until you are settled in on what you will call it, as when THE LORD GOD brought the animals to Adam to see what he would call them, and thus they were named.

So then Adam knew the animals what they did, eat, habit, and then Adam named them so then you see the name in its context, for in Scripture the names are the very things of happening that you are reading.

Some are names of people thus a people and not a person. that is like in the book Jashur, there are many things that one biblical person out, and these details seem astronomical but they s

Abraham's seed which his sons are that of the word of life, thus stars in the sky, like a constellation, or a book of the Bible or chapters.

And some are names of places or regions, cities, states, nations, or land feature mountains forest lakes, and these are as PILLARS, the crossing points of EVERY Individual's journey, so that you may relate too them YOURSELF when you read them.

Such as Bethel's pillar by Jacob the sons of man coming down and going up, where Jacob says "IF YOU WILL BE MY GOD then I will. " but coming back it's a different pillar because he learns ONE WILL ONLY THE FATHER LORD GOD.

Others are names of office, like Pharaoh. Which means he who taxes the dead. Now why would a nation make you pay to bury your dead, You don't pay to put back what is going back anyway do you? Dust to dust? Dont you pay tax to your nation already?

Dust to dust, but THEY SAY dust to pay us , to dust, to pay us. So durst rising up made by GOD to say this is how to say we are made and since it's that you dust now pay us dust or to dust, and all the while it all only does GOD'S WILL ALONE dust to dust, But not knowing its meaning, that is there very own meaning of GOD MAKING existence.

They saying they say die never having lived but spent their time fighting or articulations of how to say which by their doctrine excludes the interpreter.

Thus dust to dust because never finding the meaning it had no meaning to them.

Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but they loved how they lost, not at all. for they never had, they never cared to have the meaning but only it's fair use or owe, thus pharoah is fair you owe the rich because they said you are evolved but then they say you are evolved to pay them with your dust as dust because that is evolved , being told what to do like dust by dust? Wait dust isnt told what to do, you who GOD made FREE Gen 2:16 and commanded don't take freedom serving dust gen 2:17.

For it's not fair any dust say too dust come serve us cause we made this dust into this. And if it be like to this, why don't you as dust make dust like to another fashion and say pay us more dust for our dust? I will tell you why.

Because when one comes to see this, this sin, this error of himself and his fellow man then he either exploits it to become wicked evil making dust to buy and sale and trade for marriage.

One only need make a dust saying we they now say you can't have this dust and if you do then we take YOUR LIFE to put in our dust prisons, resist and we use force dust to death. Because we know our dust we made is right and your FREE CHOICE must be wrong going against our new made dust for we have made dust to tell dust to tell dust to take sons wife and the like.

Thus no meaning = sanctity in marriage = no GOD = no TRUTH = no FREEDOM = how to say but not what you mean.

Then the man goes to say much mighty great things but it is all only mighty and great for it rivals what GOD MEANS.

Such as adultery, putting away your wife for the marrying another man's wife, then saying it is marriage to all the children. How then does the sons know GOD? Is it G-oo-d or is it GO-O-De or AG-O-D.

And all the learned was that God is a word but not dust, for GOD gave the father the wife the mother the son.

But that won't make pri-sons for the sons, or get them that man's wife, so dust they make saying this says who is married.

So if a kid learns early GOD gave family, but then he and his family are destroyed to make a new family. WHICH FAMILY is family ? Who's wife is his mother.

And which man is the best man, the man that got the dust to throw his wife down to take the other man's wife and yay his son too. Or is the man that says family is that which GOD gave me, No matter what you and your dust say, it will change.

See if the sons, have no meaning in word then no truth, and if no truth they can never be free, dust will be to dust, but a man reborn is too GOD made FREE.

GOD being the only wise, you can see why men are passed down oath & vowel, as pillars to show men not yet Reborn where to find their fault so they can break their sin of dust worship and know the meaning of their life made by GOD'S OWN HANDS which they took in hand by oath.

Sounds of things are like wind in the ears, but words are heard with meaning and this is cause meaning began in the heart of GOD. So by it we learn THE FATHER'S HEART is Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, The word adam would not adhere too cause Eve was sounding what she seen. And a man that receives a wife is to put it too heart or he will think she is dust to put to dust.

That is to tempt THE LORD your GOD. dust to dust sure, but dust to make oath word of life to FATHER LORD GOD LIVING dust only to use his daughter, then it is dust to heaven to throw down heaven to dust to establish more evil dust to do the same.


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