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In response to your " If it was a preacher they wouldn't call any father father but GOD."

I AM that preacher by THE FATHER.

then how is GODLY men do call Abraham our father?

How is GODLY CONFIRMED PAUL says, "as I am your father in the faith, but u have not many fathers in the faith, for they all seek their own. "

And or as is said many times but I will use Jacob/Israel gen 49:1

"Come here u sons of Jacob and gather yourselves and let your father Israel tell u of how it shall go in the last day."

And again Come son let your father bless u. .

And again all to many time, " who's father is" or "who's father was," or "the son of".

Shouldn't u have said, that preacher wouldn't call any father save them that are with THE FATHER LORD our GOD, Confirmed to do THE FATHER'S WILL down here, for that is why we are not to call any father but do call some father, for the mother dies for it see. As I stated in the comment u r commenting on. And as I stated that is why the mother doesn't get her name taken, we see she dies for the kids to come man, a father is to die protecting what GOD has given her, authority and by her blood life offering she confirms what GOD gave her. This is Draco the devil comes to destroy, for it's the first act of GOD To man in the flesh, and this the cornerstone of our lives and thus to cut the root the whole house comes down, a nation is a house one, made of many, thus to cut the mother is to move the abomination of desolation that is MOTHER'S AUTHORITY over her kids supreme to even kill them, it is abominable but SHE IS THE ONLY TO DESOLATE BODY SELF FOR THE KIDS. thus SHE IS LORD OVER THEM until dying to self and reborn.

Thus few men resist pwoers that oppose her authority given by GOD'S DIRECT HAND and this few are ever truly a father. But will cowardly pay guards to come in and kill kids Exodus 1 to do Exodus 5 and 32 or in Herod's day or Nazi days or today in America. Prisons pri-sons prize sons, 🏆 the devil Draco who chases queen of heaven with her kids to end of world that is everyone of the mothers are elected queens for like a real and true king a Tru father, she does for hers , thy just do it young usually lead by GOD thus they face crucifixion early and get to go cold as horfrost whore frost but we must go hot or spit out for sitting on fence doing idol bills above Beelzebub crowd that calls out crucify Christ let go Barras is the murderer liar he bears of us let's us build pri-sons curse kids toads custody forcing die brothers spouse die-force divorce see idol fig leaf 🌿 is idol pig 🐷 leave adulter adolltree tree-a-son treason Caine fair owe rich pharaoh mummy mommy Giants still lying cowards idol cover saying men no fathers to die for it. Shouldn't u have said there are some called fathers, but only when THE FATHER confirms them thus calls them fathers, that is as Christ says, CALL NO MAN FATHER for there is one father in heaven for all, that also u don't get to make fathers the father tells u who is fathers , or u would turn fathers into pig 🐷 step dad who dishonor sons by dishonoring father shagging mom's in adultery and say with GOD THE FATHER and HE IS OKAY WITH Covenant BREAKING AND they are with CHRIST even to be called Christians, and one father is over all but them in faith that bring u in r fathers to u by u eating their words and they approved by THE FATHER for they eat His word AND SONS DO THE WORDS OF THEIR FATHER. see y Abraham is a father to us confirmed so to Moses David Christ Paul. . Shouldn't u have said all this instead of dismissing THE SENT SERVANT OF THE LORD GOD our FATHER IN HEAVEN. ? proven by my words here and my suffering as both a husband and a father.


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