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If Lil David Can KNOW to DO IT, so can you MEN, for MAN, that is ALL MAN IS MADE FOR DUTY.

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Only wolves cry for the sheep. Shepherds call SHEPHERDS.

If you do not push men to be the man, the ONE father over his flock, his family, his neighbors, to his neighbors, then you are already defeated.

As for the daughter, she is the king's daughter and is chastised in Eden. She was getting F#&%$!D all her life. She, at puberty, is marked, by GOD, as going home; this is going to hurt. Every female knows wtf I mean.

But you men, shhh, quite yourselves, lying men. Did I just hear a grown man say, listen to this grown man about this little girl's words, and then I heard the man say it like the words moved him to tears?

Do you think all men are so retarded, or are they just snakes playing bullshit words? And that is where it is at, O YOU ALL, MAN!

You think to defend 250,000 boys and girls, you crusader of righteousness? Listen to my poem,



HELL OWN SELF, and if he thinks HE IS NOT IN SIN, why is it? He can, in his words, be replaced with 7-year-old children. MONSTERS, monster? These fools think of honoring a little girl by reading her words. MONSTERS, by being MICE, NOT MEN.

And if a little girl getting sexually abused for seven years is your hero, I am willing to be your mother, too. Working two JOBS, 40-60 hour work weeks, 1 - 3 kids, MOM is so badass, SHE IS YOUR HERO NOW.

Now, not her, but 7-year-old kids? WTF is wrong with you, MEN?

You honor your mother, your wife, and your neighbors. YOU SAFE GUARD KIDS. And you don't do that by applying their word, eating it, repeating it.

The reason why is what if her predator has a sick psycho fucking hard-on for her? And you reading that shit rung a Pavlov favorite love sensor, and now he is all hungry again. It's the SAME reason you DON'T DO HER WORD!

As the LORD God said to Adam, "Because you adhered to your wife, and not to MY COMMAND, CURSED..."

Thus you want CURSED shit to stop, such as kiddy F*76%%ing evils, then stop the god damned lil girl shit and pick up the command, the oath, the vow, the covenant. This is the shepherd's staff, and no matter how pretty you princess make it, or how heartfelt lil girl raped sympathetic monsters kiddy cute you make it, BROTHERS, it's still shit.

Everything you two say, a little girl says. We can replace you two with little girls, and we are supposed to believe that you are the salvation of all girls. The man is in Gentile ties and plays games for a living. Do you think he honors your little girls?

That's like this guy, Cliff Buell. I don't know him, but I know him.

He has judged already. Both of them. Light, idle, idol, words. NO COMMAND, no truth. NO STANDING. NOTHING of THE FATHERS who got you here. And families fall apart because you, brothers, are not saying WTF GOD BLESSED, I AM SAYING.

If they say anything besides what I am saying, THEY HAVE NO LIGHT IN THEM. Isa 8:19-20, it is in your hand, YOU DID SWEAR TO GOD TO IT.

Thus, if men would not swear falsely if they would hold their charge, repent to it, and keep it, then we would have a DEFENSE; WE WOULD have a guard and a tower. As THE LORD says, "What more could I do for my people, my vineyard? He gave us rights, not bills, to fetch, pay, and obey, and He uprooted the weeds and planted us. He built up a wall of defense, gave us rights, not bills to fetch pay obey, take away. He set up golden towers; the mothers, the wife, and you men think throwing down their moms and care for their kids. YOU LIARS, bullshit, upon bullshit.

That little girl is going to get F&*#$*^& by this USA NATION, so the younger, the better. Or are you so stupid that you forgot that youth provides a shield of agility and resilience? That is what it is made to do. SO WHEN THE MEN PLAY RIGHTEOUS, reading poems of MONSTERS, THERE IS THE COMMAND, which is FREEDOM, FIDELITY, THE TRUTH.freedom, integrity, and truth.

Gen 2:16 be free, Gen 2:17 don't make idols taking freedom, binding hands of fathers so wives become cheap whores for you idolaters to have your pick, while you crucify the fathers in PRI-SONS.

And what is it that you think? THEM that CURSE KIDS TOADS, in CUSTODY Gentile courts love children. YOU NEVER read Hanzel and Gretel. That is what you two clowns are doing: cutting their roots, giving them no bread, leaving a blood trail, and cutting their roots so rudely.

Tell me, what would you men do if it was her father? If her mother? Do you think you saved her from her? What do you do to save them? Put them in the hands of another, swear to death in GOD's HOLY NAME, GOD damned liar's hands.

You understand that faithful and unfaithful always have an excuse to be unfaithful.

Thus, how many men do you know are adulterers?

Now, is it that you love half a kid, men? Or is it that you MUST love a child, love their mother? They are a package deal, and to divide these two, that is one, is to kill the child and the mother. See pact animals, nest animals, and migration animals understand this. And they KEEP THEIR FAMILIES., and guess what they don't have? A shit load of kids getting f%&*%*D all to hell. Do you know why?

CAUSE THEY HAVE MORE UNDERSTANDING THAN YOU (* &), whatever it is you are, for in NOA's DAY, Moses calls it, "They had daughters," that is, he didn't dishonor his fathers, but they were doing what you are doing. Playing all your games to murder, trample the daughters, as a wife, as a mother, as the daughter of the king in the street, to fulfill your god damned lusts.

Tell me, brothers, is there one among them who has a girlfriend or dating a girl that is NOT fucked, or touched? NO? Yeah, me neither BROTHER.

Is that cause it's America? Or our day? COME NOW, LEARN WISDOM, and stop playing that monster money game.

You want to help your girls, your women, well, you can't. They are women. They are beautiful to the eye, even the ugliest, meanest, dinkiest chick I have ever met. To a man, (30+ and did some manly fields, me, I'm ret sgt artillery type), even she is beautiful to the man.

Now hear my word, for it is truth. You can only die for them. That is all you can do. You offer your life to GOD, beg, and plead with him for them.

But there is no other way.

You get 5 billion in cash; you are still dealing with MEN, sin, and swear-to-GOD liars invoking evil ones. For Christ's sake, man, they pay to make their servants rule them; they sacrifice kids and wives in courts, forcing daughters, mothers, and their kids to DIE FORCED in divorce.

They invoke the EVIL ONE, hear me, you men; they are sinners, brewed of vipers.

These men crying they are salvation are not. They come to their goodness as though they would not rape that little kid if they could get away with it.

Me, I don't know. I am a man. I pray to GOD I don't rape anyone anymore or hurt anyone anymore. BUT I AM A MAN! Nothing of man can be foreign to me, for I AM MAN. Playing bashfulness to build oneself and throw another down is Valley Brook Lil girl shit seven-year-olds do; it's bashfulness things for little girls and mommas, and it makes an enemy out of everyone for no cause. And do you not know it is better to make peace rather than war, especially in your nation, for you go taking building up a righteous side, "not kid fuckers crew," you would think brothers that go without speaking, seeing that men are given their house, by GOD, I mean how could one fail at such a task.

What will you plead with GOD? If only he had given an oath, a vow? If only there were blood of your mom's or your wife's, then you would have understood to stand there in? What do you men think to say? To him, do your many words not entreat that? That is, if I can hear your word and see it's little girls, we could put little girls' brains and hearts in their bodies, and nobody on earth would be able to tell they were body snatched—all opinions.

Brothers, as long as you have in your Area of Operations a kid-cursed toad in custody, there isn't any fucking way you love them, kids. As long as you or your brothers are fucking plowing little boy's mommas saying you love them there step kids of yours; it's bullshit all you say.

Do you men know what a father is? If I am harsh, then let this be your first lesson on THE FATHER; he is direct, thus talks not to your momma, wife, or daughters unless you are present now an angel might, but that is only city-dwelling things. But GOD talks rough to man, like a man to a boy, like a shepherd to a sheep or a cav. With their weight, the kids and women will move you, and so you will learn to deal with them in the same. If you don't, then your, the punk bitch to idol schema doing adultery cursing toads of our kids, and what are them prisons for sons? IN CASE YOU THOUGHT TO BE GOD MADE FREE!

You understand?

Thus, they can be replace by 7-year-old girls who make arts and crafts, hold tea parties and fundraisers, and use lemon AID, whichD stands for MONSTERS GUARD.

But you know what little girls don't do? KEEP THEIR COMMAND.

KEEP THEIR OATH, handed to them in war, in blood, IN WORD by their FATHERS.

Tell me, you brothers, when you help them with your money, hit the mark, save the world by idolatry fig leaf turning GOD" sword command into stones of BREAD, to make more of your towers.

While you are, don't do the man thing playing lemonade, lil girl; when you save them, who do you give them to? And those people, are they righteous, to take a sexually after geisha age 7? You see, you don't even know the beast you toil with; it's every daughter, all females; they are accessed, they are fucked. The only way to keep a daughter is to get in front, on guard, keeping all men in all the world away. And the only TIME you may relax is when you give her to her husband. If you cannot understand what I say, you are the problem kids get fucked.

250,000, that is an underestimation.

That would be 336 million, only 250k. BULL SHIT.

When a daughter is at school, with any male, whatsoever, and she is of age, bleeding. SHE IS SEXUALLY EXPLOITED. You're a liar. You say it isn't, so. When did you have sex? What age was it, not school, with a school girl, as my brothers and I did? Are you foreign to the truth?

ANY TIME you are NOT MARRYING your daughter, once she bleeds, you are SEXUALLY EXPLOITING YOUR GIRLS.period boys, it's in the blood.

Any time you men let young men around young ladies or older, you are sexually exploiting them; he is under INFLUENCES; HE CAN NOT CONTROL! HE IS A BOY, vs. NATURE. LMAO, are you stupid? I just proved you don't beat dogs; in covenant, understanding is the most valuable of all heart and intellect, making man GOD over the animals. Family, Love, Fidelity, Virtues. LOGOS.

Thus, if men do, and they do worse very often compared to animals in family, covenant, pact, and neighbor duty, then what do you think their boys fall prey to when facing nature and sexual urges? You are stacked up for failure. You have been Easter egg hunting and looking for that thing instead of cleaning out your house from the Levin.

Brothers, if the shit you say mattered, or would help, then YOUR FATHERS WOULD HAVE TOLD YOU those strange ass words.

I mean, I don't get how you help a plague, a plague from THE LORD. We will take you out of that monster's hands, lil girl, and put you in that one's? It makes no sense. Thus, it makes you money, and kids are still getting fucked, by all you sinners.

What shall she live through it? Should she be rescued and find love? Then, cause she had weed on her, the baby she just had gets taken by the Gentile courts, Mark 7:14-23. Or she was scared and had a gun, which is her correct, criminal or not; it's in the BILL OF RIGHTS; those things are simple and righteous, and her having that weapon, she gets thrown in prison. How in the fuck all are you AMERICAN HELPING ANYONE? Every way you turn child, fucked or not, adult fucked or not, you're going to get fucked by the idols you can not afford, by the idols they obey, like pharaoh to Moses and the Israelites, back to work, you cry too much, pay your bills you are lazy.

And as stated, all you keep doing is, "Who is THE LORD that I should obey him, " pharaoh like you says.

And Daughters, your man might be a lil too damned boyish and bashful, hiding under his mom or his unfaithful wife who is like his mom to understand, but you girls, you will be saved. IT IS THE FATHER'S GLORY TO GET ALL OF YOUR DAUGHTERS HOME.

Isa 40:1-3, your blood is paid, your life has been given, by divine chastisement, and who the father loves he chastises. The same that the woman stood before Jesus Christ, and she was caught in adultery, the very act. SO TO YOU SHALL STAND ON THE DAY OF JUDGMENT. As all the world perishes, dissolving away, you will stand; you are the king's daughter.

Do you think David Slack?

Do you remember when his daughter was raped by his son? and David didn't do shit. That is weird as all things, for David is righteous, and knowing the daughter of the FATHER is a heavy matter.

So then it's not that he didn't do anything; it's that GOD, THE LORD GODFATHER, is an avenger of widows, orphans, and dumb at the gate.

Brothers, if you do your duty, God will repent from the plague, but it will only increase if you do not.

And it is right it should. If you can't get adultery isn't a real thing, but it is an idol religion of invoking evil, then all the kids are fucked anyways. For they are not getting the truth. And what is life that you are lied to the whole time? It isn't a lie, not so, ain't real, no root, no branch, no standing.


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THE ONE FATHER LORD GOD made man and put him at the east of the garden, then THE LORD GOD formed the man, blew life/breathe into his nostrils, then THE LORD GOD commanded the man. This is in Gen 2:16-


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