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Is it so hard to conceive; the blood

in response to this,

is it so hard for men to conceive that women have blood.

these are some quotes on the blood;

there is life in the blood,

NOT without BLOOD...

by HIS BLOOD (then also by her's we get to his)

the blood at the door post is the men's blood to be offered in defense of the blood of the women who are shedding blood inside.

the only reason they dance around the blood is because they are buying and selling in the women, for their life blood offering is so valuable men are to offer their's in defense.

all these men are dancing around this,,

the dsm is without standing, it has no one that dies to tell you, they switch whenever they want, it is no different than the wizard of oz,

but with dorothy's blood red slippers you will walk all over these child idol sacrificers, that are buying and selling y0ur daughters, taking their babies, with dsm and gentile court rooms,


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