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The only lazy man in the Scriptures that i have found yet, is the one that has the bread in his hand, and will not bring it to his mouth to eat. in another parable we here that THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND, so repent. What is it that we take in hand husbands, fathers, CountryMEN? Then it is the wife, the daughters, the mothers to our children. Now if you are satan, as all men are born being, then what is it Satan would come to destroy? Then you see THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS TAKEN BY FORCE AND BY VIOLENCE AND MEN DO PRESS INTO IT. That is until you encounter the mantle of John The Baptist, to understand that marriage union is done by GOD alone, and it is HIS word alone that man has in hand and must eat, unless he stones, filling his mouth with gravel for the lies he tells. 

So i found this video online of Joe Rogan, who plays a man’s man, on manly issues, but this i find him eating lil boys fantasy words as though attention should be giving too. Not in passing, not as dismissive but as though it may even be so this lil boys fantasy. I am not using Mr. Rogan as an example of what is wrong, i telling you what is wrong, sin nature, using Joe Rogan as an example of all of men, for all men are the same. Born a liar, sinner, coward. And a coward is a hater of THE LORD GOD LIVING THE ONE FATHER, and a hater of GOD is a hating rapist murderer to all of life, past present and future. For sin to an eternal GOD is an eternal sin. And not not love your brothers is sin, to not hate your parents is greater sin, but to not love THE LORD GOD ONE FATHER CREATOR is even worse sin still. This is all men born. 

So as you read, understand Mr. Rogan is not excluded, this is every man in the nation at present, not yet reborn, saying the same things i am, the same things your fathers that got you here, faithful repenters said, your saints, prophets, apostles, patriarchs, Messiah and GOD says. (this writing inspired by GOD but agitated by Joe Rogan talk show, a video seen on youtube 

This is the enchantment of the idol worshipping world. They go to make manhood appear as something that it is not. They puff it up in gyms, play it out in arenas, and with the intoxication of sight do fill their hell well of their own opinions. They each only having that at present are just as a tumble weed blowing in winds at present and having no roots, cut off wilted dying, dead. No life giving water. Nothing kept from what they have, and so noting dispensed. they are as dry bones and white washed walls, empty tombs.

When men praise lil boys, it is only cause they are lil boys. When men exalt children, it is because they are children. The problem with men, aside from their sinful state of lying being born into, is that they will not be honest to others about their this state, and this by the law of truth means that man lies to himself. Now behold, for they do know when they deceive others but they do not know when they deceive themselves. This is the condition of sickness in which the physician finds the ill men. Now whether they will be a patient to the physician is often up to them accepting their sickness. 


  I have on many occasions heard of Mr. Rogan speak of the future, and of a utopia where men transcend. This is the most toxic of theologies with several others. The main problem here, is men are born as coward liars. They lack the virtues of fortitude, courage, and integrity with many more. So is it that in this transcended world that man will totally forgo his natural born state. That state in which the mother has her baby boy, that she gave her life to have rule over for her time? Is it that Satan shall forgo his 1,000 in chains and bondage? No it is not that man will stop being born a lil boy to his mother’s breast, from his first father’s loins. He will keep his nature, being born from the lying father’s seed just trying to get a nut off. That is man shall be conceived in sin. He shall be born into the iniquity of this world. And from his youth he shall have wicked thoughts continually. So much so he will most likely miss the fact his mother has given herself in death to bring him into this world, and his fathers, all his elders, are going about to serve idols building him prisons incase the boy thought not to obey these idols, as so to the elders do not ever have to give their life as the mothers. 

This is GOD’s case made against the sinful man, not just some man’s case. It is wrapped it, sealed tight, and it is GOD damned condemnation to the whole of the race of mankind. Every male that is born into this world is a seed of the serpent, the son of man, the liar, the coward, the idolater, this is all of them. As THE LORD says, “Tell them, everyone one of them, every man, is a liar, a sinner, a thief, a whore,  an adulterer, a dumb sheep gone astray, each one of them to their own way.” Man must needs be reborn. This is a perfect course of man, there is a not another that it should be. The mother does offer her life to bring in all of us, and behold by GOD and mommas wee are all here. Now it is fair that when one gives their life for their sheep they should have a rule over them, to eat and feast of them, and for the mother that runs for a time, a life time. 

A lifetime on average is thirty years. So a mother should have her rule over the sons on average about 30years for the sons. At this time Saturn, the last planet you can see in the sky with naked eye finishes it’s yearly rotation (29.5years = Saturn’s year). The reason for this is clear, life for life. Unless you feel that it should be idol for life. or your life for idols. Which is worse? You see then it must be life for life, as it is by Natural Law and Nature’s GOD. As THE LORD so clearly states in Genesis as we know as “The Rainbow” or “Noah’s Covenant.” This life for life, is given to all life, not just that of man, but that of the animal. For if a man kills an animal, whether to eat or not, but kills the life, he must be willing to die for the very thing that he kills. if it is that the man will kill the animal but not die for it, as a shepherd to his flock, then it is that man is a murderer. Not a killer, but a murderer. A taker of life, a hireling, a blood shedder. And this is to the animal, as it is to the man, for the man is made in the image of GOD, and has blood, and there is life in the blood, and the animal also has life blood, so to spill it’s blood is to kill it’s life. So when the mother spills her blood, she has given her life, not taken a life, she has given life to bring in making a life. 

Then by Natural Law and by Nature’s GOD she is entitled to her rule more than anyone on this earth. No one in any judgement can say this isn’t so. For if it is that men judge, where is it they get their position, where do they stand so we may witness to their judgement. See you, if they have any position it shall be founded in morality, in virtues, in the appearance at the least of going to do right, then you see if it is to stand so we may witness their judgement then it can not be more than that of the mother’s position. Nor can ever stand in contradiction to the mother’s position. Her position is easy to see, i only of few men that achieve such heights, but every mother does it, miraculously. Here is a list of them i know have done it, Jesus Christ, eh, i’ll stop there. You see the man is to poor out his blood the same for life to reborn, to maintain the life that was poured out at his birthing. The mother’s blood is for a lifetime, about thirty years, if the man does not come forth to pour out his blood to be more man than his mother, then he will be a hireling, a murderer. No matter the cunning deception of dress men do, it is this. 

As we see with men doing as lil boys fantasy their topic of talk. If every there was an idle word it is  on the fantasy of lil boys. They speak as though the lil who is by these men and the educated class raved a genius. They clearly do understand intellect, how to obtain to it, thus have not wisdom holy spirit, and the reason is clear as to why, they have not the approval of THE ONE FATHER LORD GOD who alone does WISDOM belong too, and is the only one who can impart her unto the man. Raving this boy a genius, they tell his fantasies. The boy is boy, who came up with this fantasy that the world was blown up by CERN. Everyone is family with the dogma behind CERN. It is all the same as you get from the lil boy. Cern is built where Satan’s throne is said to be in Revelation, where they slain one of The Saints of Jesus Christ. CERN is said to be many things, but i will tell you what it is not, and care nothing to not at al of what it is. CERN is not anything in my covenant, my command, my hand, my oath, my vow, my blood, not of anything in the testimony left me by fathers to pass down to my sons in DUTY, which is LOVE for ALL MAN. As stated the mother performs her duty, her warfare is accomplished and behold boys, we are all here. 

Now that men are playing the game, that is never quit playing games, we can all go about as the world is already blown up. So the trampling of wives, of mothers, in the streets is a rejoice to these men. For by this there is no testimony of their life giving blood sacrifice and we can all be light hearted about everything. This filling up on ignorance, as though what this lil boy says is anything at all is utterly disgusting. When I find myself in such positions as to have men telling me about lil boys and their fantasies, whether sci fi, or romance, or what have you, i care not, my position is to shut it up. Silence them, as any man would do, giving the order, quiet yourself like a man. This is what the Philistine officer did, when the Philistines took the ark of the covenant from Israel who were going about on the whims of lil boys and girls, even unto war. That means they would speak of GOD in such whims, as though GOD is not THE ONLY WISE GOD, or as though their thoughts and their words are to be compared to THE LORD GOD’s WORD. Then they can go about swearing falsely in their adulteries, sacrificing their spouse in secret rites, and killing their children, the nation without any regrets, for they put nothing to heart. 

They speak to the lil boys words as to the same they would Holy Scriptures. Acting as though they are wise in their thoughts. The opinions of man is sinful exceedingly all the day long, and not to be praised, but to be dismantled, to be cast down. These men partaking are upside down, in distress, and do not know it, or are intently poking wholes in the ship of our nation to watch us all sink in the ignorance they spread. Speaking out of their mouth only that which they have prepared before hand for iniquities cause only. To make some fall, fall for their word, what they said. This is the partner of the destroyer. And it is not just Joe Rogan, it is all of man, myself included in this starting position of all men, under their mother. The Problem is the men are making a nest here, and this nest is only so Satan can eat them at breakfast, when that sun does rise, only them that BELONG TO GOD will stand through it. 

If you are a man that thinks to hear of lil boys fantasies, even if that boy is yours, you are a fool. A fool i lament for often, for at the end of your life you will find your folly clearly, and it is that you wanted understanding your whole life. Without understanding this listening and talking, using your word, your time, with others to probe, to search out, is all that you will have done with your life. You will be the god of your own world, that is coming to an end, only to find GOD’s world which has a judgement and a consequence, a prerequisite of conditional commands that come with re-reward to righteousness or to sin. And the wages of sin is death, death and hell if so you should choose to re-reward it’s payment, heaven if to righteousness, which is only by understanding.

If you can not as a grown man, as a young come to the fact that you are mastered at seven years old in all your abilities mentally then you are in grave danger of the re-reward of your sinful payment. Them without understanding do not grow past seven years old, no not in thoughts, depths, morality, fidelity, not in freedom, government, or anything of grace, prosperity, faith, hope, or love. This is true what i say, that is why they can loose so well. They love how they loose. Now see how they commit adultery, and divorce, and replace family, as to a whim of winds. It is because they are no more grown than a seven year old child. They replace their spouse the parent to their kid/s like they do a game, a car, a piece of furniture. It was this, but now it is that, and this is new, so it is the better. Like shopping for a new coat they put off and put on in the same like manner, like when they were seven. 

And see how they handle their controversy, such as divorce, or custody, or freedoms, rights given by GOD to even insects and animals. They go to get their permission from another, the same as, you guessed it, a seven year old child. They have permissions, chores, and allowances. They have bed times, on and off days, schedules, rewards and punishments, like, you guessed it, seven year old children. They have awards, pageants, most popular, in and out crowds, shame, and cheer, fans and parties, like you guessed it, seven year old children. They have all these superstitions, as though their entire nation got here by nothing, from nothing, for nothing. As though there is not a cause, like they have not a declaration of motives. As though they are men without a constitution. As lil seven year old boys having no command from their father.  

These men can not tell the sanctity of marriage. Thus they can not tell the value of life blood, not of the mothers or their soldiers, let alone their saints, apostles, prophets, patriarchs, and Messiah. They then by these lack of means, having not a base, a root, a foundation of which to measure the truth, can not measure any truth, and only eat up words of women in gab, or lil boys in fantasy. They each become this walking testament of no men, not a man. Turning the culture into lawless adulterers that build prisons for any that go to be GOD free and faithful, forcing spouses to die in divorce, everyone to pay in fair owe the rich pharaoh’s Egypt, cursing kids toads in custody, slaying each in gossip slanders, hauntings, games, so dumb to gain more of every way, no matter the way. Loosing the way, to the narrow gate, they think to make it less than few that find it, they seek that none should ever find it. 

So superstitious in every thing, falling for anything, lil boys become the talk of grown men. Men who coined themselves man’s man, but are far from manhood. In order to grow up and be a man, you find the men before you, find their words, what they died to tell you. For if you it is you think to be head oh man, to shepherd, then it is you must know where you have been, less you take the helm and have no root to trace back. Look at the serpent upon thee rock, the ship upon the sea, the bird in the air, the adulterous woman that has left the guide of her youth, the GOD of her covenant. Now what do you see in all these? What do they all have in common? Look behind them? do you see anything? See how they all say, “I come from no where, i have no past, no roots, i come from no where and i owe nothing.” How is you think to be the husband, the father, the elder brother, the head of your family, your nation, if you it is you are as them that have nothing to begin with. 

You are a gatherer, as man you are, whether by thoughts, or by setting to heart sifting them thoughts, the gathering is taking place. Every second, of every moment, your databank is being filled. Whether to junk like seven year old kids, or whether to life and virtues like a man. The difference is that one leaves something for them after them, and the other is just shitting out thoughts so as to molest the ears of others that hear it. If you do not eat your own words, why do you feed them to others. So is the way of adultery. They will not eat their own vows to their wife, most often the mother of their children, but he will put his word into the boys and girls of that divorcee wife now widowed by his deeds as he plays the living husband, but clearly can not be. Thus then these men by intent or not, are killing shepherds, only to scatter sheep, so they can encircle them, force feeding a lying cowards word of no life, to make the sheepish child so filled with dead words of no life they themself burst out the same. 

I do stress to you as all prophets before me, as all saints before me, as our Christ, this is the true nature of all men born, you must needs be reborn. 

 Jesus with his disciples. Jesus says, “look do you see what they are doing?” 

 A Disciple answers, “yes. They encircling that sheep.” 

 Jesus responds, “They must, in order to eat it, they must first kill it.” 


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