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MASTURBATION a bate not for masters,

There are these preachers, of the faith, so called, but can not be, for it is against the faith, they have come to spy out our Liberties in Christ, to bring us into bondage.

To distract you playing games in foolish things, so that the idols they worship can devour you and your children. What are those PRI-SONS there for kid? IN CASE YOU THOUGHT TO BE GOD MADE FREE, just in case you thought to be free, and not pay pharaoh, fair owe the rich wizard of Oz aristocracy, even Dorothy, hell no, Toto knew better than this. Exo 5.

But while they curse kids toads in custody, force parents to die in die force, and rewrite the image of GOD in Gentile courts, invoking the evil one to bear the mark of the beast, to buy sale trade their spouses and kids for a cheap gain, there are them who are fighting that good fight of... masturbation? WTF?

here is the inspiration. link and the post i made;

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SIR, i am going to try and say this in the most humble of ways. But since you have brought the false cat out of the bag, i shall give you scriptures,,,,

1- when did Jesus ever save anyone from personal choice? NEVER

2- Dust to dust, pornography is dust, not the image of a daughter that GOD made, I hope you do not compare to the image of GOD man male & female with that of an image made by men's tools, which as stated in Scripture, makes it profane. Profane is Raca, record, of no value to GOD, nor to the righteous man, the idols of man, CAN NOT, save you, NOR CAN THEY damn you, ONLY if you would make them like to that of GOD giving then power, as such, then it is sin. in fact it is PORNIA = to be FAR OFF THE MARK, ON the people looking at it, i give you more scripture

3- When in your own house, do WHATSOEVER you please, only remember THE COMMAND, and do NOT speak EVIL.

4-YOU sir, have chosen a battle that is not a battle. there is no addiction in all this world, for you will perish, and so too will all addictions, if there is an addiction, would it not be in the bible. If man was addicted it would be to air, water, food, and drink, see how silly that is. THERE IS FOR THIS DAY THAT, for that day this, EVERYTHING IN IT'S SEASON, So that at the end, NO one WILL say this was better than that, of this was worse than that. GOD COMMAND'S FREE CHOICE, FIRST COMMAND, Gen 2:16, and the second is don't go thinking you can make good and evil, Gen 2:17, EITHER YOUR LIFE WILL BE WROUGHT IN GOD, or it will be you playing GOD. Do you think to overcome what sir? a passing phase? That is all it is, and GOD is not in the business of telling men, boys, what do on their pass time. did you not think that GOD IS ONLY WISE, and why does GOD not speak on this matter, knowing all men do it? ever time was? BECAUSE IT IS COVERED THING. You don't share it, who the hell taught you that? you cover the house, and i give you script again, A HOUSE IS FOR COVERING, THE HOUSE IS FOR COVERING NAKEDNESS. that is beating your meat sir. I do not know where you got your Christianity but making lil boys in puberty feel like this is the frontlines of the battle, is bullshit.

5- IT IS BETTER TO BEAT YOUR &^%%$ than it is TO BE IN ADULTERY, or fornication. It is better you get to know your hand than it is you extend it to take another's man wife, or just to have relations with the daughter of THE ONE FATHER. That is WHY GOD and CHRIST and APOSTLES do not speak on this matter specifically. it is THE ONLY WISE GOD.

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6- YOU HAVE FREE CHOICE SIR, FREEDOM IS NECESSARY FOR THE SERVICE OF TO THE LORD GOD ... WHY? Glad you asked, cause if you are NOT FREE to choose to serve THE LORD GOD, then you can not serve THE LORD GOD. Now in order to be free, you must first be true. TRUTH is from THE LORD GOD LIVING ALONE, and we choose it, we don't do it, we choose it. And the truth is, battling crap like this, bringing this up in THE LORD GOD's HOLY NAME is bearing HIS NAME IN VAIN ! NOT one time does GOD speak on it, nor any prophet, so why are you? with your OWN WORDS? following him, loving him, we keep his command, his charge, we don;t go make a CRUCADE, on pretended will worships, as PAUL SAYS, playing like to GODLY men, but denying THE POWER THERE OF. Truth, you don't know if you will rub one out again, or when, and if you do, who gives a *%*%* your dust, and you get free choice, cover up O MAN, and put that boyish shit behind you. This is Christianity, THE ONLY RELIGION IN THE WORLD SAYS, BE FREE, TRUE, FAITHFUL TO CRUCIFIXION, and beyond. ONLY religion, says, PICK UP CROSS FOLLOW ME.

7- in our faith, we go to prisons, beatings, we suffer, and much of that is suffering adulteries, and i say again, your invading of the home front is crap, you don't turn back to the house, how can you, your blood is to be at the door post, facing forward. Unless your not with Jesus, which i have in 7 major points already proven NOT even possible.

8- just incase you thought, who is this guy, WELL I AM CALLED THE GREATEST IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN BY THE LORD HIMSELF OUR MESSIAH, for i keep the commands of GOD, and i am willing to bet, a pinky finger, and toe, against, 10$ you can not name TEN COMMAND. Thus i give you 1JOHH, "IF ANY MAN COME TO YOU SAYING THAT HE KNOWS GOD, BUT KEEPS NOT THE COMMANDS, THAT MAN IS A LIAR AND THE TRUTH IS NOT IN HIM. and now let me give you some more, "becareful of men playing shephered, but truly they are raveneous wolves." wait, how do you know? i know. BLOOD AT THE DOOR POST. for wisdom, in charity covers much sin. WISDOM JUSTIFIES, and wicked tears down. a man of wisdom will cover the house, and bring the man out, not set up camp, and talk about it, only to draw out your secrets to harrass you drawing you dry, twice or thrice, WOBS incase you were wondering, where i got much of these, and yes, it is the most directly quoted book of Jesus Christ, my person favorite too.

9-Sir the abomination of desolation is upon OUR VERY OWN NATION, and your talking about beating it as though that is a war to fight, or men to give charge to fight. SIR they are taking our daughters, TO PRISONS, they are pulling them over randomly, just to search them, seize them, or their property, or their children, to put them in tribute. They are taking babies from moms sir, THAT IS A NEVER EVER ALLOWED THING OF GOD, IT IS THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATIONS it desolates every nation, EVER IT WAS, see Egypt, what did they do at Moses' time? see Israel in herod's day, what did they do? the babies, from the moms, that THE LORD GOD LIVING MOST HIGH ONLY WISE GAVE TO THE MOTHER, then GOD CONFIRMED HER AUTHORITY WITH BLOOD LIFE LABORING IN MUCH PAINS SACRIFICE, thus it is written, THE LORD has set the father in honor over the children, and has confirmed the AUTHORITY OF THE MOTHERS OVER THE SONS.

part 3of 3 10- sir if you go to a GENTILE COURT OR UNIVERSITY, or anything like that, are they talking about what you are, then if not them, and they have rule over you by idols, playing sophisticated, smarter than you, and you are to be a Christian, we are the most intellectual people on the face of the Earth, the wisest best answer, so good it is good for ten thousand generations, see ,my first answer is GOD's first command, BE FREE, see my second is HIS SECOND COMMAND, dont make idols taking freedom saying for safety or for peace, when it is PRI-SONS money making gypsy BS. how do you know,

THE 1st AMENDMENT the 1st sentence, CONGRESS SHALL NOT ESTABLISH ANY RELIGION, idolatry is a religion, the worste god damned religion the world ever knew, extreme to all evils it is, NOR SHALL THEY PROHIBIT THE FREE EXERCISE OF ANY RELIGION. now see how EVERYONE IN THE NATINON HAS SWORN TO THIS COVENANT OF BILL OF RIGHTS, now see why our FOUNDING FATHERS, LIKE MOSES, were with THE LORD GOD at founding, notice it doesnt say women are equal, cause they are not, because they are more value than man, you know why? they have shed blood, we are here, they won their war, Isa 40:1-3 They are going home, we are dust, and most of us are doing stupid things like battling masturbation, as though it is an issue, when your families are being destroyed by MEN INVOKING THE EVIL ONE and then calling it CHRISTIANITY, no FREAKING WAY in all the earth, can adultery be Christian, IF HE COVERED HIS BRIDE BLAMELESS, AND COMMANDS YOU PICK UP YOUR CROSS FOLLOW ME, then you are to do the same exact thing, unless you do, what you did here, went and got your christ, made him to your liking, to establish your own righteousness, but that is no righteousnesss, the righteous ness of THE LORD GOD that is given unto man, is the TRUTH, a choosing not a doing, a rest not a work, THE COMMAND, big ten, first two prove all thm fools to GOD, i mean they did swear to GOD to it, Constitution that is, and to keep the oath vow, if NOT TO THESE THINGS, they have NO LIGHT IN THEM AS A MAN, Isa 8:19-20

11-that is you sir, i am sorry your brothers let you go that far, but let me assure you, that will burn you in hell sir, it is nothing to do with THE BUSINESS OF THE FATHER, and if you are not learning that, what are you learning, GOD doesn't friend a fool, the fool must shut his mouth and learn from THE ONLY WISE GOD, he is a righeous father, AND YOU DONT BRING YOUR stupidity to THE RIGHTEOUS FATHER, you ask, sure, but you dont bring your opinion, why in all the heaven earth or hell, would GOD ONLY WISE want your input. HUMBLE yourself, as all wise righteous men do, and be ABASED at the simple truth of THE LORD our GOD. people hate GOD for his wise word, cause it doesn't fit their lusts, adutleries, idolatries, their bill paying fair owe the rich, make PRI-SONS FOR KIDS, and worse sir, they are DIE-FORCING divorcing, and CURSING TOADS in custody, MAKE PRI-SONS against FREE CHOICE SIR, that is god damned evil shit, Gen 9:25, Gen 2:16-17, Mark 7:14-23, 2Tim4:2-6, Gal 5:1, Col 2:14-16 . Sir please GOD learn more of your faith, stop this bull crap, you can only be a fool, of which i was too, no lie, like you, ALL MEN ARE, we must be taught the covenant, it isn't born into us, we must learn of our fathers, to give it to our sons, cops are saying you dont have free choice, and you pay them, but you say to the world, i stop rubbing one out, that is BS and sin sir, that is idol and it will put you to hell, please take my advice, go to contact me any time, please day or night, any question. more at

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