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Men teach sons to defend mother's authority, or what else is there

The man's number one mission, protect the flock via Shema, 1 LORD GOD ALONE. Keep commands defend the women children, especially from idol rule and sacrifice.

Our virgin Mary

Homeless, born in stables, poor, on the run refugee teenage girl.

Would you say she needs to get her act together, she has work to do. Mothering a child is pretty naturally done by God's ordination himself.

How about at the boy being 12 young mother forgets her son, for days.

Does she have work to do. Is she not a good mother.

When she finds Jesus in the temple teaching the elders as they are astonished by his words. She gives him an order to come home.

Should he obey her? Of course he's not ready to die for the truth therefore mother has still offered more blood in this life than him.

There is no better business for the boy but to adhere to his mother until he is ready to come out of her and be a man.

If this is not so then the boy does not understand or respect the life offering of a mother. And if he cannot honor this what blood can he honor. For his wife shall do the same and his daughters and his sisters and this is their value their blood.

That's why 30 after baptism the wedding his mother request because they are out of wine.

Woman what do I have to do with you. My hour has not yet come.

The next time you see him and his mother interacting it is her burying him.

Because he is about his father's business at 12 and he is his father's business at 30. This is an average age. It can be at any age you come to this but this is the average age.

Therefore you have much work for mother's work is already done the boy is here. And he shall be raised up and we, Lord willing.

The boy is out freedom, or you cannot serve God. You cannot have two masters. That is why God's first command Adam Genesis 2:16 "the Lord God commanded the man that he may eat freely from all the garden."

Moses commands Pharaoh let my people go so they may serve me.

In order to put God first you must not be a slave to anything else.

That's the father's duty that we don't teach the boys they hear of it but they don't learn of it till they're in teens and they don't become about it until they're in their 30s when they're ready to die.

This is demonstrated in Isaac's account when Abraham went to sacrifice him, Isaac is 30, and responds "bind my hand father in case I flinch when you bring down the knife."

God makes Covenant with the fathers thus to know God you must know the fathers.

If you don't know how you got here you have no idea where you're going and you got here by Covenant from your father's with God.

If you do not adhere to that Covenant then you will adhere to any Idol that blows by and thus are driven like the chaff in the wind.

You want that boy to be proud that he's black but yet you're not even making him proud of his mother. Weather Black or White this or that you have to pass through your mother before you can get to that.

If you are godly man as you come off, then the fifth command to honor and obey father and mother which is the first command with a promise to the kids, that they live long it go well with them in the land and that they received the land.

Now if that kid goes back and says mama you have work to do, then you've attacked his root.

I have one at against you that you forgot your first love says Christ. And what is a boy's first love is not his mom.

He that makes it stand in the beginning will find the strength that he needs.

Mama cannot mess up teaching the kid, for the kids will be reborn, therefore mother done her part. Solomon's mother was poor the Virgin Mary was poor, David's mother, the list goes on and on proving that mothers are perfect in their office as though plates there by GOD.

But if men can come in and say that mother's done wrong, then shouldn't at least have shed as much blood as mother for that child. And when that is done you will see the man is dead therefore God vetoed him and is well written God has confirmed the authority of the mothers over the sons.

The father only speaks in blood and covenants are made with fathers, because the daughters are already sealed in blood.

That means when a female has a menstrual cycle you can gather all the men with all their righteousness together put the bloody tampon in the middle and it will outweigh them in righteousness.

How much more for the life offering of children. And it men do not stand the defensive this what are they in defensive of.

Test the tree by its fruits. See men are made for Covenant. For the Covenant or the words of God seal them blood, through our fathers. And if they died to say you're free, that Mama has authority over her children, and anybody says otherwise then you can see the duty of men.

For the surrendering there is a surrendering to all life for there's life in the blood.

The only thing that should be told a little child boy or girl is to honor and obey their father and mother. Anything else would be saying that God is at fault. And if God can be at fault in the family then what institution could ever not be at fault. Suppose you one made by men of course not.

Then the first Divine act of God is to the mother and every man's life confirmed by blood life offering and for anybody to assault the mother is to assault GOD.

When fathers offer their life to hold to the truth Covenant get their kids free protect the family does God not honor them in their sacrificed their offering their obedience, of course HE does.

Then will God ever Destin all the mothers authority, nay the son has to hold to the truth and be about his father, and when there there is no adultery there is no ruling over mother.

mother rules the house, the kids, the servants, the meals what will be what won't, and the father guards, on the wall, at the gate.

If he does not then they will convince you they are wiser than fathers, righteous fathers who hold Covenant, you cannot excel in wisdom, for their business is guard over the family and mother's authority confirmed in blood.

Therefore they have the law of Truth which is righteous which is freedom which leads to Liberty, which allows the children the free right from God to be and do whatever they want. Even that they may serve GOD.

And when men are in defense over the family speaking of mother's authority over the sons, then all the idols that would roll over Mama dissipate and everything is found as it is a puffed up Grand illusion of theft of the most precious gifts your children and your wives.

And men do not tend here and keep the blood of a mother and in it's stead, they will not shed blood themselves. They will think nothing of the suffering of mothers and they will throw down the women not suffering tempting God to not dash their own feet.

And that was only incurred the wrath of God. You are wrong and approaching that family any other way than to tell that son to honor and obey his mother and father if they're around.

If you're looking to help that kid then go destroy the prisons that you have built up for him. Argue at the gates call men to their oath, and tell them that we don't have to fetch The wizard of Oz idolatry for all men are created equal, endowed by the Creator, the same as mother is endowed with a child from GOD that none can overrule.


Then you must see the life offering of the men is the only way to come out of mother, or they turn to idolatry's opinions playing men falsely to lead boys astray.

You should be more fearful that people teach that kid that because the color of his skin he can grow up to be a professional athlete. There are no professional athletes there are only men that play games. And those are not men.

1 law of one true God the truth

Ten commands

10 Bill of Rights

The blood offering of a mother's law.

If not to these then the men have no light in them. Isa 8:19-20

Racism is the only real because of the idolatry, and idolatry is a lie, therefore both of them are passing clouds, men are made by the word true via Holy Spirit for the work of the holy spirit is truth.

Truth is Mama Shed blood no one else did, and God is building up forces to take babies from mamas to prove our sins. That we are not men. For men offer their blood and defense via the Holy Spirit the truth from God through the words of fathers.

And the only words of the fathers that boy should be hearing is the fifth command honor and obey your father and mother.

That is his world, instituted by God, confirmed in blood.

Therefore if you teach him this you taught him something that doesn't move ever. Therefore you would establish him. For God never changes.

No matter what you teach him if it's not to love and honor his mother to obey her until he is ready to be a man, then whatever he builds on will be the destruction of this.

So do you raise boys to tell mothers they need to do more, after they shed so much blood and offered their life to bring them in that no one else in this world can match, in the flesh. And any that would go to would die by the blood loss, GOD does this on purpose.

Therefore, whatever you think the boy should learn should go to the father then to the mother. Seeing how there's no father, around that we could see, we must assume his hands have been bound, so that his house could be robbed.

That is people could teach that boy to disobey and dishonor his father and mother so that he does not live long and receive the land.

The father is bound because other fathers did not do the Covenant but did opinions, of what they think they should teach the children. And that's always Mama's choice, the fathers are made to make sure that when they come out of mother and take a wife that they are free, so the others cannot come take their kids binding their hands.

Woman what do I have to do with you, my hour has not yet come.

What would he say to you for saying that to the mother?

And as she said to us your hour is always.

Then see mother and you should not be talking. For you only can drive an opinion to overrule her authority and call this honor. But the honor of fathers is to be on the wall in defense of the mother's authority.

For a mother does not deserve that what she dies for suffers for gave everything for then neither should the father. And thus you have it. And fathers don't give it all they will turn in mask it and open playing as though they are men falsely to lead boys astray.

Boys do not need fathers they need mothers, a mother's need to be protected by fathers. And fathers can only protect them by God, and God can only be found through the truth, and this leads always to the words of your fathers. Then about his business.

Father guards the home the mother runs it. The father covers the family, the wife the mother and she covers the children.

You must turn yourself around, and do not attack mothers and their children but defend them. And if not defending this then what? Exactly see it all begins there.


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