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Updated: Jul 30, 2022

I get these random posts, often. Often enough to know that the childish play time with men is that of Noah's day. Everything being opinion, and everything taken to seriously, and yet the police brutality, the destruction of family, the idol legal claims, is of no concern to anyone.

And whether they know it or not, they are not reborn, and so their opinion is god to them. And if they be wise enough to be able to see, but yet don't care, then that is betrayal and treacherous. For the same as they hassle one that spends his time informing people of the real issues coming for their freedoms, their families, they could harass the prison companies.

Now i am not one looking to gain your trust, i am looking to put your trust into GOD, where your faithful fathers did. That which got us here. and i am not looking for your money, or your kids, as i institute fathers as the head and all under them. And wives to their husband. Kids to your father and mother.

Well teaching the things that are robbing our kids of their dominion from GOD, that which is natural law, and Nature's GOD entitled them, i get these random posts often, so here is one.

To Preacher Blair

Hmmmmmm I don't think you're very trustworthy

To Mike Johnson

I am NOT THE LORD GOD AMMON/AMEN, but I do keep to my charge, repentingly so. I have yet to meet another in this flesh that will suffer as faithfully. And i have yet to meet one so true, and repentant too.

If you know of error/fault, let me know, please as a man is commanded by GOD to do so.

But if you know not why you think what you think, that is without reason, ridicule, or even ground to stand on, why slander you me?

I am an apostle sent by THE LORD GOD, I am have suffered in this flesh as Peter tells you, "them that have conquered sin have suffered in the flesh."

I bear all the marks of Christ Jesus in this flesh, an Apostle sent by THE LORD GOD, and none should be troubling me therefore in this flesh again.

so if you have not a reason to trust me, other than i am here today and gone tomorrow, only my words, that are his remaining, with my son, and he to the same, a nail to be fastened then pulled up.

Tell me then why you would say such MJ.

I am not past learning, nor critique, not above reproof. But if we are just doing thinking, sinking. I really don't care to hear it, if i want to talk to lil girls i will go to the lil girls school, and ask what they think, and i will get the same worth, thus as Christ said to HIS Mother, the woman blessed above all women, Mary, "WOMAN what do I (a man to GOD, to truth, to die for HIS word on guard over the women and children) have to do with you?"

To Preachers Blair

Matthew 23:12

To Mike Johnson

that is not an issue here sir, I AM TRUE, And repentant too. have u mistaken my truth for exaltation? Only two ways this comes to be 1 is bashful cunning serpentine liars use this as a tactic, to prod the true word so they may build idolatry such as the scribes and pharisees, who take u children cursing them a toad in custody and force u and them to die in die-force divoces. Exalting above GOD making idol paper claims over Laws of Nature & Nature's GOD, who gave and entitled them kids, the liberty their with that comes with all life. These are outline all of 23rd chapter befor your so randomly pulled verse that has nothing to do with me, who speaks on that covenant that all the scribes lying in idol manufacturing enchantment and pharisees playing in bewitchments of legalities illegally, against their own oaths, common sense and natural laws of GOD seen clearly by 3rd grade reasoning of truth.

I am praying that u r not employing that tactic, but have made an error. The second reason one would take my truth as pride, mistakingly. NO MAN being true can be in pride, unless speaking on the dead, or of others without speaking it to their face.

Thus have I become ur enemy for the truth?

Have I?

And u still have yet to say why u say thinking, but most assuredly not aright, as this reproof sir, has brought the first to a closed matter, so as it has become a rebuke now refuting ur entire claim.

2 only reason as such.

Snakes care how men say things not if it's true.

Lil girls & men that have had their heads and ❤️ beat in with idol lies of adulterous parents paying bills cutting kids in half being told them bildad step parents dishonoring them by the father loves them. Sure they do, they love to rob them, lie to them, plant lures seeds and pullies, to trample them, for how u honor the father u honor the sons, but that is y them hirelings build up PRI-SONS prize sons and equip men to take their kids easier tomorrow Incase they didn't want to pay the wizard of oz university rich aristocracy poor Lil step toady can never afford. And bildaddy loves to build up arms to defend for by this idol religion established, against the first amendment "Congress shall not establish any religion nor prohibit the free exercise there of," that is again said proving TREE-A-SON "WE HOLD these TRUTHS to be self evident that ALL MEN are created equal, endowed by THEIR CREATOR {NOT rich university paid decree degrees like God Kings to slaughter them if not) with certain unalienable RIGHTS, that among these are LIFE, LIBERTY, & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. "

pursuit of happiness is well known to be pursuit of RELIGION. Thus to bring into bondage our sons, they exalt themselves to idol god of gods of gods Kings, the idols gods of gods, the cops enforcing gods, under those idol gods of gods, and the makers of the idols cursing u toads judges professors dr-agon dragon, who ever makes no difference to me, GOD is no respecter of persons and I don't obey idols or them that make them, as my prison record proves, I don't give up my wife or son by idol decree told to do as their shit dirt says, like serpentine subtle calm is to be obeyed even when they render tree-a-son to 1st and 7th amendment making our sons less than 20$ value no jury of 12, wtf. And this is why some boys Mr Jordan render statements for the devil, serpent against men such as myself, they just don't know to NOT obey their girly passing thots but to bring every thot into captivity remembering always to be grounded in the law of GOD truth for by this we are FREE us and our sons, and to keep it to the cogenabt foe the ancient enemy loves to steal sons via the wife to press into them by force and violence with their lying ass words of coward idolatry. This is all biblical, not one thing I have said is not of true GOD, true word, 10 CMNDS, Scriptural MAIN POINTS EVEN. declaration of independence, or constitutional Bill of rights, thus in the law of nature and nature's GOD. I know where I stand sir, sure, humbly before GOD by truth, thus a servant, before man by the same, truth, to b his equal, not play his god, waste his time, f his wife, or his kids, in any means, especially by the root, the word true from GOD. for this is most assuredly more value than the flesh.

Or we can be monkeys or coward lying lions, or tin men to kill at will and order, or scared brainless crows, to bad u can't afford that degree cursed toady is some shit I will never say to my son or urs or I'll be God damned, literally all men will that won't repent to covenant.



SOP+ Standard Operating Procedure

{For all U.S. men}

+Declaration of



+Bill of




+10 CMND {the ancient landmark to never be moved).

To Preachers Blair

you are insane.

To Mike Johnson

lmao did ur cracker jack box wizard of oz teach u that one. That cracker jack box 250,000 $ u can't afford, tell u that, that when u hear the covenant, the truth, freedom, not to pay and sacrifice child too, say they are insane. So then a God damn Covenant with death. To deny the air in front of your face that's what the cops do. When you ask them to not violate your Bill of Rights or ask them where there's warrant they say are you okay you sound crazy are you insane. So then you've been broke the evil one to deny the air in front of your face?


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Hell my name is Mike Johnson and I just want to say that this blog looks like it was made by a very sane and rational person

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