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On masculinity. This for a woman teaching men?

On masculinity.

This for a woman teaching men?

I see your need of wisdom here, & what is a better gift wisdom.

You said that men are trying to define their masculinity.

This is error, mother makes boys & God makes men. Not men make men, but GOD THE FATHER alone makes men. Why we have 1 FATHER.

Jesus was 30 when he came out from under his mother, His baptism & then the wedding where he says, 'woman what do I have to do with you, my hour has not yet come." See, he is not ready to be buried, crucifixion is the next time Christ speaks on record with Virgin Mary his mother, the one he called woman for all men to learn. Not an accident.

See men don't dwell in the same place as the female he is to be before her, a covering,

The man is not to be with the kids, children don't need another mother, they need a father. "FOR ALL LIVING THINGS HAVE A COVERING."wobs


Trust THE LONGING for a father figure is always to be with the male, it is so he SEEKS THE FATHER LORD GOD, and this leads him to seek HIS WORD thus he does his word and his command.

You said also the man should seek success, and you are wrong here, that puts him back under the woman's opinion, for success is not a rest a command a holding. It puts it back in men's opinion which is the women, because men don't really have opinions, we do command, we do sentry we are made for this, we loose when it is not this.

We loose because we are not fulfilling our purpose, to die as dust covering that which GOD gave us.

If u do opinions then a divorce can throw down a wife and land a bad ass job get a new hotty and u would say ,,SUCCESS. But it is completely the opposite of what man is made to do.

Ask any father with wife and daughter ask his daughter what he is for ask his wife. It is always love mommy and me, keep us together and safe. And now see ALL MEN KNEW THIS AND ALL MEN FUCK IT UP?

This simple truth is what makes men's heart 💔 and this PLEASES THE FATHER LORD GOD, and HE WILL NOT REFUSE A BROKEN 💔 & A CONTRITE MIND.

And only when man realizes that he has been drinking so much of success of opinions that he lost sight of what he really is made for. Again go ask a wife and daughter not in adultery yet. And you will see and you will remember.

Ahhh there it is. Truth. A man is made to keep his family. Nit momma. She brings in, she raises up, she tends but the man, he is the bearer of the oath, of the holy, of the cross, of the family. what Adam didn't do, Christ does.

And mind you no man has had such a name such success such feats such report and all this is before crucifixion and resurrection. But since he is the man of men, the husbandman to the manliest men ever walk the earth, the great conquerer, and all He did was keep the commands and all that he received he kept blameless, and lost not one. Even when he knew one was set to betray and kill him his trust was in God who gave him life and his family and his friends and his brothers and his bride.

For as Christ told u so do I. Who puts new wine in old wine skins,? It will burst being no good.

Who replaces an old friend for a new, none do this. For what is better to drink with age than an old friend. Save an old wife, but no beauty is that compared to a wife with wrinkles and gray hair, for THE LORD has arrayed her himself.

Now these things are held by men, the covenant of nations is in the same. Women do everything better than men, for they have the compromisiny heart to do it. A woman can do mingling without compromising herself, for she is made to move, her ways are movable so that you can not know them ole you man, unless you should ponder the paths of life. Those paths are fidelity, forgiveness, mercy, truth, freedom.

A woman will go into every man, yet one daughter is better than another. This is done because she is mother to all, so her love is too all, and she can stomach is all, all of man, even Adam falls Eve mother to all living. Is that too him also.

Is it not my brothers that your wife has played your mother in your youth, is it not she left us far behind in the beginning.

Is it not that we were on the fence and dull ,and not giving our life as she was, being like Christ giving life blood fidelity justifying even us in our sins, adultery, drunkenness, angers, violence, adolescent ignorance that naturally comes with being a male in youth.

This is for a good work also. As we sit on fences that same adolescence will lead us into combat, of some kind usually, and this will teach us of blood, to learn what she has been doing that we pay no attention too.

I didn't understand she was crucified for ten months, and chrier for 9 hours. I didn't realize my mother does this. I didn't realize she was actually giving life blood by her period itself beariny more children the beaten than them that bear children with husband. I didn't know she was dying from puberty, and that THE LORD was getting his vengeance for her iniquity so much so, so precisely so, that it gets every daughter home in a cleared account, that they are all eternal living.

Ishmael was thirteen when he lead his mother Hagar. Abraham was 75.

Isaac was 30.

It is a wide range of age for a reason. The difference between a female and the male is you females already shed blood, thus life offering of your own works THE LORD counts it. Isa 40:1-3

we still have to offer it by holding the truth, by putting our life on. His holy alter of truth a choosing not a doing. But counted our own works same as female. GOD is fair and balanced.

Truth cause truth is freedom. For all men it it is to be responsibility much more if your a husband & father.

then that freedom becomes responsibility to liberty.

Liberty is the mother's authority to rule and her house supreme, touch taste do travel freely, not yet frisked by servants making sure she paid some bank or anything to the like. The female is blameless and ur nation is shit fubar when it is so scared it searches it's women randomly as tho they are criminals with intent, u see women fear easier than men & so it's KILLS NATIONS cause THE FATHER IS SET on guarding the daughters his heart is with them, all men born into sin, but under mother he is covered, when he comes out that is if he stay under idols fig leaves sowing with eve he turns stones into bread to make a tower to throw down the daughter aka his self and this is what tempts THE LORD GOD FATHER, for man is dust as THE LORD GOD SAYS to Adam, and dust he shall return, then Adam says to Eve, you are mother to all life. thus to throw her down like Adam is the tempting.

. This is why God calls Adam to the front. After The Image of GOD male & female gen 1:26-28,

Adam is made first. He is commanded gen 2:16-17

Then Adam names the animals, showing by THE WORD being LORD does man rule over all under GOD.

then his wife is taken from him and brought to him. You will find Adams account is the definition of what a man is to be, a husbandman too his women and weaker/younger brothers.

Every daughter is Jezebel that name means daughter of the oath.

So whenever you hear men say bad things about her it is actually about the men, so says THE FATHER, as HE commands us to speak to her EVERY DAUGHTER IS JERUSALEM, softly Isa 40:1-3.

If you're going to have a show defining men you're going to want to be able to define the women first. Seeing how all men start by momma. Thus she is one of the two witnesses, a Cherubim at the mercy seat. The daughters are the other witness Cherubim.

The female by Natural Law & Nature's GOD, is a finished work. seeing how your work is already completed.

And that is where it lies.

The woman's work is complete from the beginning. Perfect finished a life offering. How you women do your husband in your youth is how we are to do our husband til it's finisbed. our husband the true word if GOD poured out for all to choose it not a work a choosing not a doing a rest Christ the truth the true word of God.

Being the stronger vessel we take awhile to make. But whenever you offer your life it is a perfect work no matter what THE 1 FATHER LORD GOD LIVING COVERS ALL IN HIS HOUSE BLAMELESSS ALL IS UNDER FATHER'S HOUSE but not all under the father not all sons that is

The main reason we don't snap off privates Heads in military. That is privates being super dumb. But they still are offering their life. That's every female.

Because the daughter is received from the father she must therefore be brought back the exact same.

As is written, every Godly bride is blameless before GOD. Thus the whole world. That is a blamelesss daughter. And any man that thinks that he's going to answer a righteous father THE RIGHTEOUS FATHER THE ONLY GOOD GOD any other way, ie Adam, must know he will go to hell if he does not repent. He will be God damned.

You see the father can't be entreated on this matter, because he's the only wise God. Therefore he's not taking counsel but by then that do his word his command.

every man must raise his hand and vow oath to receive her.

When a man has sex with a woman she can get pregnant and die.

Therefore every time a man had sex outside of marriage it is rape and murder to God the Father. This is clearly demonstrated in Judah's account with Tamara,

Shechem at 13 years old claimed he raped Diana who also was 13 years old, now it is clear a 13 year old boy is not going to claim he raped a girl, even if he raped a girl, but Shechem as Moses says, is more honorable than all his fathers before him, & thus Moses is telling us what Shechem is doing.

He at 13 tot me at 40 from thousands of years ago by Moses' writings, about how to treat women, and how they are a blameless account.

how we as men are made to love them by THE FATHER'S COMMAND,

Diana was clearly being a girl concerned about what her father and brothers would say, Shechem a boy being a man squashes all that shit by covering her blameless and says he raped her, and she is a perfect gift and he will pay anything for her dowry, just name the price, for he loves her & can't live without her shechem says to Jacob who had served 14 years for two wives.

expensive most would say but the seven years represent a man's life. Seven being a term of completion a Sabbath. Hence when u receive the wife it's the account u must forgive and keep so that u loose none the father gave you. She is the measuring reed to measure New Jerusalem.

Unless u are found tearing assunder that which GOD united. It can't be done.

And this is a key way to know the GODLY man in faith from the ungodly men not in the faith even if they say they are in the faith u know by their faithfulness.

U can not invoke the evil one in adultery, u can not throw down THE FATHER'S DAUGHTER and be with THE FATHER. His heart is with his daughters, the dove olive branch she is to the man. Why Noah takes the dove into his bosom/❤️. & We don't see again until Christ.

As David says, do u think it a light matter marrying the daughter of THE KING!.

Hence the women are the only ones that labor on the Sabbath because they themselves are a Sabbath. A finished work from the beginning. It's what the manna from Heaven represents, the women. It's what the pillars represent.

lots wife turns into a pillar of salt. You notice lot is in front to bring her blamelesss, and doing what Adam didn't do.

GOD saying to Adam where are you. He was hiding under the woman, his wife, that he received from THE FATHER so that he first loved her as a daughter, putting her with the kids like sheep, she is blameless and all falls on the shepherd. You see GOD THE FATHER doesn't talk to the females unless their husband is there, or father role, it is THE ANGEL OF THE LORD that maray sees, that hagar sees, and zechariah is in the temple with the women kids, in the city, thus it is Gabrielle that talks to him also, same Mary. But see u the difference when they both ask the same question about how they shall know it is true. Zechariah is silenced until the boy is born and named john. But Mary is told comfort herself for Elizabeth is waiting on her.

Now u see the difference in Adam and Aiysh/Eve.

Adam is given option of curse and Eve is given sorrow & child bearing/blood life poured out. And if her children don't make heaven that is the males as a man, then she will live with this forever u see the sorrow... Thus Eve got what she wanted pretty much, to be like GOD.

She dies for everything giving her life and they are all unappreciative of her life offerings , they disrespect and few pay honor to her offering. Tho many forget that she has given her life, and yay even she may forget but THE LORD SHALL NEVER FORGET, AS THE LORD SAYS. and this daughter each one a daughter of THE ONE FATHER LORD GOD, each one a pearl worth the world and all in it, each one a gate to New Jerusalem, or to hell if the men don't learn THE FATHER'S BUSINESS, and that brings us to the

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