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@Jill Becker  you actually have it right kind of.

The father on average has more pitiful love for the kids than the mothers.

This is so they are driven to die for the authority of the mother who is already counted as dying for the child at birth in labor pains.

U see momma's can be crueler to the children because she did die to bring them in.

And to fathers are to die faithfully protecting what GOD GAVE ONLY TO THE MOTHER, THUS HER AUTHORITY OVER THE SONS, not girls cause they are given to sons, and sons are counted as dead to moms as of the world, when they are reborn.

Which is why when Christ is reborn HE says to Mary his mother. " Woman what do I have to do with you, MY hour has not yet come."

Which means HE isn't ready to be buried and that men with mom's bashful opinions saying do not touch tastes or do obeying idols like lil kids obey mom are going to kill HIM. them that don't get reborn.

The become so old that they burst their mothers coming in birth that is Giants like in nephilim Noah's days. It's also why in Noah's day the sons of GOD had daughters. Yes but they always have daughters, yes but their was no man , NO GOD SON, No man to GOD so they are but the period egg of a woman never reborn to come to life to stop men from taking children from the mothers whom GOD by divine hand gave only, those children too. And she bears 10 months and mutilates flesh, sheds blood, and often dies. So she offers her life for them.

This is why it is the abomination of desolation standing where it should.

That is the mom after birthing them can kill them, but she must take part in the killing. And she can only do this until he is reborn, not a liar anymore, for then he has offered his in truth to truth to GOD. And will most likely die horribly to prove GOD'S HOLINESS and man's corruption and sin. Thus we have Christ the apostles saints prophets so forth and on, even 14 yr old girls doing this st Katherine and 19 Joan of ark burned alive. For saying she seen the angel of GOD oh and she did all she said the angel told her she would do.

This abomination of desolation mom's being able to kill sons before they reborn is abominable thing but she is the only one that desolates herself for them you know this momma. All moms do.

As I disagree I must concede GOD is right and that is why Moses was going to let GOD kill his son because Zipporah the mother had to okay perform the circumcision, see Moses is also faithful in all of his house. To his wife and GOD. that means. Recognized that if GOD wanted anyone to have authority over the kids it would be given them and not the mother hence they don't mention girls cause they get given away, husband covers her as one she is blameless all women are.

And as my momma says GOD agreeing until I was reborn.

"Boy I brought u into this world and I can take ur ass out." I would reply "okay momma I'm sorry don't kill me. " Cause as a boy I knew in heart mind and soul momma is the only one that ever proved her love. For me dying hurting pains labor to bring me in, bow there is Jesus but if I don't believe the blood of my mom I have seen how could I ever believe the blood of Jesus I haven't seen.

Do u understand now ? Is that clearer as to what I am revealing as to what GOD has already answered.

Not without the life offering does GOD recognize and the mother is the only one to have done this most certain confirmed. All else is God damned cursed idol opinion of God damned cursed fleshly men. And GOD will hell bound any that don't repent to the life offer recognized by GOD even ordained confirmed by HIS OWN HOLY DIVINE HAND! To go against a mother is to GOD AGAINST GOD in fact it's against THE HOLY SPIRIT. WISDOM HERSELF THE MOTHER TO ALL CREATION.

How do you know I'm right because we get one Father in heaven. Call no one else father.

Thus most men fell at their position as father but we get two mothers and we must always bless our mother therefore you can blasphemy the father you can blasphemy the Sun but if you continue and your blasphemy against the mother you will be charged with it and it is unforgivable and thus it is an eternal sin you are charged with.

The holy spirit is the mother only know her as a man if you're not in the Covenant that is he covers her from you.

You have to learn to honor the daughter the wife he gives you before he reveals to you the mother for a daughter is less than her mother all the children are less than the mother because she dies for them and that what you died for you are Lord over that's why godly men can kill and it not be sent they kill for the Lord those that oppose at his command therefore they would also die for them the same but you see mother has died for them therefore she is confirmed and she is going home not without the shedding of blood is their remission of sin.


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