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Sevens by Ransomed inspired drew out of me, that I know.

I ran across this and there are few times i get to really geek out with the matrix, the numbers, i learned a lot just seeing these, so thank you, but i dont put trust in numbers, this does go to the word, and THE LORD GOD DOES everything for a reason, and a sign under heaven for all them that are wise to GOD to see. so here is the link and the that which i do know of these things well some of what i know, all by the grace of THE LORD GOD ONLY WISE.

oh and i have not checked his math, i just followed that which i was taught of the numbers, and i plan to go back and see how accurate the numbers are to that of the covenant itself, which is what i know, i never had it quite put together so broadly so diversely, I have seen short studies by Chuck Miser, but ransomedsoul2.0 really seems to have some work in on this. I will get back to you after i check the math, but this is what i know of it. to what he did the labor works and grind on it seems, thank you ransomedsoul2.0 it is really cool stuff here.

bottom up, Name of the LORD, is seven times cause Moses receives THE NAME OF THE LORD, which is YAHVEH, but that is a FEMININE NAME, all 7 sevens are them the sabbaths, the maid servant finished work, thus THE LORD calls Moses GOD in his Stead, that is YAHVEH is the answer to Adam where are you, Adam what happened, thus Jesus is YAHVEH IS SALVATION ALONE, that is to cover your women, thus the NAME OF THE LORD is to cover the daughters blameless. thus it occurs 7x in the GOSPELS x 4, she is mother to the first tweilve zodiac and the second, making the 144 the 12 x 12 aka the reborn, thus she is the four corners of heaven in itself also, the faces of the four beast, are her coverings, thus the 7 times in the 4 gospels, is why THE NAME OF THE LORD apppears. and thee next one the 21 times in the New Testament, 7 x 3 = the woman is headed by the angels of New Jerusalem, new testament is the 12 sent out, see 21 in reverse, this si also a way of saying 2 are one, for 2x1 is 2, they are one, not two, as 1 and 1 but two as in 2 one wholly put together, and the twenty one the 7 times is the three weeks or the time and the time the half time, or the father and the son and not the mother holy spirit, if you dont turn at the holy spirit reproof of the son you go too far, so it is a warning, the seven times in Deuteronomy hi have not a clue save for the women are the sabbath, i guarantee you find the reason, you will find is to do with the mothers, the issues to all life are the command, the defense men hold for the mtohers, the 21 books in the old testament is the same ass the 21 times in the new, the books in the old are under the school master, the 21 times is more of a man holding the position he knows better, kind of like the times with with 7 days 1 day = 8th day, the circumcicion the mothers week, but you see told in a diffferent time frameof sets.

In the name of the LORD 35 chapters is the three angels, the five is how they got there and how they are there, the oath they take, the vows, the command, the staff the hand, the mouth the hear the feet the way you know you have light are with THE LORD GOD OF TRUTH, Isa 65:16 WOS 1 & 2 chapter, the Psalm 45 the right hand the good matter, is the five, the bowels of Abraham, his vows, the word is how wed to Sarah and the vows are how he makes life with sarah when she is past do. The miracle birth everyone forgets wearing THE LORD so then a virgin did conceive. the 21 books is the three weeks of the month the 2 and one again, where there are 3 or more he will divide, the two against the one, the one agains the two, father against son and son aagainst father, and these will unite as a solitaire, that is the one, the head, the father ithe one the command, the truth is the uniity, so the 35 chapters is you take women the sevens by hand the five, the 21 books is the times you have to learn what you have eaten, for his dainties are deceitful meets, and thus the 7 the women come with a three, that is a division, an oppostion, that is THE ANGELS OF GOD, for the daughters are in the father's bosom, he is not going to repent, and is not a man that he should and he would that none perish o all you man, so then repent, and be you saved. I shall gather my sons from afar but my daughters from the ends of the world, she is the gates of hell until you are in the covenant, eating her up like a help meet, and you not offering blood on mount moriah, in the truth, but doing adultery, thus you then you see, she goes home you are dust she is life, you must cover her, and repent to that of the truth. More at

1,610 is the one LORD GOD and the 6 is all men, the ten after is the same as the one, that is whether truth or liar, or liar to be true, or the the liar stay denying the one truth, the six is the average world, the man doing the woman's opinion, but she is a seven, and the man must be the one, so the one gives him all his women, the one six, and the man will turn to it the one lord god the one zero, or not, it will still be to THE ONE LORD GOD no matter what. THE wicked only labor so that the righteous may walk in and take it, thus the one lord GOD 1 and the men not reborn 6 aka the laborers like mules and donkeys, pens and masters, idols to obey, pay obey, even they only labor for THE LORD GOD, that is why it is ten, a multiplication of THE INVISIBLE ONE LORD GOD, and the 1 before the 6 middle the 1 after, but it ten, means the men went to 6 idol obey pay child sacrifice adutlery game play, double mind the LORD the two 5s one for this oath one for that, and thus THE LORD catches them instead of 55 it is not it is 10 THE LORD GOD before the they swore too and after. that is why is THE LORD's WORD, ANFER and etc, in many ways, used by many, for man is counted GOD if opposes GOD's word , he must be a GOD to oppose GOD, but yet he dies like a mortal man, and he invokes the evil on to piss GOD off or deceive the daughter, one is foolish, the other is treacherous.

he seven x 230 is if you take a seven a daughter, then you cant double cross her, or you will the three angels of Sodom and Gamorrah, two yes, but LOT counted as the righteous man, thus an angel thus LOT was their judgement they didnt adhere, they were thus judged, and destroyed, pillar of salt his wife, salt you never get rid of and the pillars THE LORD bears up, thus she is in heaven waiting on LOT, what could he do, but go before, or be like Adam but he was more like christ. More at

of HOSTS 70 times, THE HOSTS OF THE LORD are the constellations, the other two are you and your wife, your and GOD, or you and your sons, the 2 is one and and the one is two, you married the word is two as one, and you and the lord and your wife is three, but you and wife are two as one, and that would you wife one and the lord is one is two, but you are to the lord so 2 and 3 become one, so then in HEBREW to have a couple you need at least three, or more, for sometimes even three is not a couple but is one, you see. So the so there is also always not one but two in this world when three, or 2, you wife lord three, then the devil, thus you have 70 constellations, the women, the men that guide also this is told in Pleaideis, and Is hinted in Job, thus the other two missing are you and the devil, the lost one, the son of perdition, and you are yet to be saved, so again you have your 70 or 7 in ancient days, for in ancient numbers they most often just drop the zeros for they are multipliers, thus your 70 is 7+ 1 your, = the Eighth which can also be the devil serpent eating you up, or the eternal mark the only on way to THE THRONE IS THROUGH DRACO, or is it that by the throne you make it through Draco would be a better way of saying it. 7 times 10 is GOD gets all the daughters, the home, Ps 45, Isa 40:1-3 see they are the highway again the Pleiades tells this in the same kind of way, they the seven sisters, the seven pillars Wisdom herself has hewn out, the daughters, thus the 70 is all the mothers go to heaven, the 10 is the works of the hands of the man, one GOD two 55 but not two 5s ha, grace, but 1 grace and by 2 is ten, the one LORD GOD is what he uses his hands to build heaven. and the 7 books is she is written in all the lambs book of life, she is the blood the blot, she is always blotted, her iniquity is always blotted out, but the name is to the man that leads, her and he will have rule over her, thus same beginning to the end, so 7 x 1 is again your eighth, that the cheth again that is the way to make it holy.

thus saying the lord, 49 and the 7x7 the 4 is the walls, the nein or the teth, is always a warning, of falling short for the man, so it means, that he to fall to dust, and collapse, break under the weight, is the only out of the nine, nein, it si a no, so the man builds usually dust to dust, and thus all his world is until the ninth, then he has to usually destroy all his works to save the kids, the sons, get them the truth, thus you have covid 19, covet one nein, nine, no, so nines point down, in the hebrew letter it tries to reach across, but it is left open whether it does, for that dot/jot/titlte that is reaching over is a mark of hands, either Jen evil dust to dust, man to man in pride, that is a 55 or it it can be reborn to the ONE LORD GOD and be a 10, a ten, but the point is 4 building for the wall, all right angled, 12 by 12 the men, that is a 4, and the the fifth is by the oath the hand, so the 49 is what is your 50 going to be, that is the 5 books of the bible, the oath, the staff the faith, the male, the penteteuch, what are you going to make of it, GOD's word through your fathers, your oath or your opinions in wizard of oz idol gold paid road, PRI SONS IF You thought to disagree sons. no god made freedom. the 7 x 7 in the 7 books, is the man is the 49 in ??? but the women are not, they are a sabbath, as your mom, as your wife, and as all one daughter of he king. thus it is as the poor receive the gospel, the daughters, as THE LORD GOD said, it is not good man be alone, and Jesus said the poor receive the gospel, before crucifixion and resurrection, and if we being evil know how to give good gifts, so then it is with major names, and prophets, and with minor names and prophets, with the rich and the poor alike, unless you think marrying the daughter of THE KING a LIGHT MATTER, so asked David, unless you think THE ONE FATHER LORD GOD who you swear too, who's daughter it is, is not a good gift, an olive branch from the dove her self, thus you are to treat her as such, she is the tree of life.

THE VOICE OF THE LORD 7 timees, in Psalms 29 has to be the one week, the man is 29.5 years old when Saturn finishes her yearly rotation around the sun, thus the man comes out of, why Jesus is baptized at thirty years old, but you see the thirty and the 29 are always flip flopping it is the rotationn of the moon, the month is generally 29.5 days, but some months it is 30 days, and thus too with saturn elongated or short, there is variance, tidal pools, the point is the 7 times in psalms 29 is the saturn's week, her year, the life span the mothers have authority over the sons, a shepered in reverse, and then he comes out of her, he can come out sooner if she lift him up, like Hagar to Ishmeal, but to be most legalistic to the law of the mothers, she is pretty much owed those 29.5 years, and the man does his crucifixion, that is his pains and sorrow and bearinf of the sons by the word longer usually, and ahrder than one year, aka 9-10 months, thus he purchases for eternity. ALL OF IT following his command the word the truth. oh and THE PSALMS ARE A LAW UNTO THEMSELVES, that is they are the mothers, the children under her and praise is perfected of the children.

 oh and it is THE VOICE OF THE LORD because this is how it was establishd in the Garden of Eden, by THE LORD GOD THE INVISIBLE VOICE.

it is the same covenant pretence in the 49 times, VOICE OF THE LORD, the 49 being the men, if they believe or not, the 7x7 cause it doesnt matter the women are going home sabbath the daughter of the king, 48 in the old is the 4 corners, and by the blood of the women, by the age of 32, that is jesus crucified at 33, that is the vertebret in the neck spine, the answer THE LORD GOD asked, who is the head and who is the tail, to get out of that gnostic snake, aka the eighth, or the ZERO, no one, no GOD, no command, and thus the the 4 8 is the 4 corners, all men hear born under women, why David bows down to Johnathan three times, to the south, for the women, David's not bowin for for his mother doensnt bow, him and johnathan under them guarding them really, over them before them, and Johnathan is going to stay wtih his the father the king, and david and his family, his dad and key his mom, are going to flee, til David knows what to do, so the 4 corners is a way of saying if you have ears to hear, hear oh you Israel, THE LORD your GOD IS ONE AND HE SHALL HAVE EVERY MALE, that is the 8ths the 48, and by the time you get there you will see the 49, the 36, the 3 x 6 =666 or 180 degrees about face, see all the brothers, not yet reborn, you all alone you the head the them the tail, but no head should be biting his tail off, so then you must staff and bring them blameless as the covenant is where you all get saved, dont let the 666 all them in about face going to the devils way scare you, they are just as you were, a fool, blind, and not conenantal, and if they should be reborn, that is you cant judge them to kill them, for you are under the same covenant, and tho you head today, you are dust tomorrow, and then the tail will come up to hopefully be the head, and then they to dust, to and their tail to the head, this is every generation thing, all them are equal, you today them tomorrow, and you dont get to decide who wakes up first, or who is suffering who, or what, or how, you only get the command and the covenant as a man, you will answwer as the head father, for your foolish tail, that you once told tails, so then they the same. YOU today them tommorrow,

as THE LORD SAYS, he that has the ancients words, the eternal covnenant, the command the oath the vow, these are the head, the prophet that speaks lies is the tail, that is every man born, then is the tail untilhe learns the business. the command, thus the 49 is the man in question, but all men born her, not in question to GOD, to GOD they are enemies, liars, whores, sinners, thieves and adutlerers, dumb sheep gone astray, EACH AND EVERY MALE, MAN, and thus 49 is the point of will he be jacob to be Israel or Esau to stay Esau, to the word command of GOD or to dust to dust, idol to idol, masters and kings forcing other to touch taste do, and if they do or dont by their idols, ignorant idol child sacrfice. Be free is simple to understand, the 7 x7 the women are not in question here, this is every son to the father, thus the 4 is also a one, it is a squar, right angled, 90degree the women are the round, the spherical, for they the pearl the gate, we are the wall, cut out stones, the sons of Abraham, and the 48 is the ones that choose the one before 49=36=9 or 3x3 or 3x6, the 36 being the 666, you can have 4x3 but not 3xe3, that is a nine, nein, unless it is the star of David, but then it is of Solomon Rather, that is the fire proof, that is the good and bad, the 3,x3 is the 33, and GOD IS ONE, and thus all good and evil from THE LORD GOD praise you the name of THE LORD GOD. thus that acts verse is the 3x3 but not as the 49 but rather as the th 3x3 is TRIANGLE TRIANGLE the star of david, thus fire proof, but that again, 3x3 is the telling of the tail, but it if it is nine it usually come to let you know the man is short, he didint do one lord god, that is missing the main one, and the one lord god can rebirth him too, so this is rare i have seen, but the nine can be rebirth as well which is exactly what we see at Moses, you also see this at Jacob over powered by Laban, the three, the Jacob the wife, the kids, the laban the daughters the kids, see Jacob is three wrong, and Laban is three right, so Jacob is more of a 36, or 666 following rumors and lies, and not holding fast in covenant,

and the same is not for Laban, who is teaching Jacov the bone of bone, the covenant the pillars, thus these daughters you see are mine, and these kids are mine, and these cattle are mine, that is the 4 that Jacob is working for, him daughters, kids, cattle, but Laban is working for the 4 for heaven, that is Him Jacob, the Daughters and the kids, and didnt give a shit about the cattle really, they are a reference to show what Jacob was doing, hence hwy Laban over powers him in the night, and hence Laban only mentions the cattle to correct Jacob, but when to the covenant it is what can i do now for these my daughters and the kids they bore, so Laban and the daughters and the kids, thsu the three right, and Jacov going three wrong, thus Jacob is a 3x3=9 so 49 so uyou see the point of death is coming Jacobs way, that is also the THE HOST OF THE LORD, that is what Jacob sees next, but he makes the right choice, which is why Laban wasn't to anwer good or bad, to see if Jacob would, and he almsot did not, this is why israel is a true prophet, but Moses is faithful in all his house,

for Moses when told to get up and leave, honors his father in law, and gets permission, thus Moses, his father in law, his wife, and his kids, si a four for heaven, but this all by one GOD so not a 49 but a 14, and should Moses keep all that is charged to him he is a 144, thus 12 by 12, all under heaven is his ruled by HIM by just keeping that which GOD gave him, thus she is a gift from GOD she builds in the home, he is the gift form GOD by the word of eternal life, and builds the outside for heaven, she the life inside he the dust command judgement outside to make death pass, over. so do you understand the voice of THE LORD to destroy as a liar, the man born this, the liar, the rival of THE TRUE WORD, and the man reborn was this, and the us the mixing of these, and by the new testament, you should have the pentateuch the first five, the oath, that is the kingdom of heaven taken by force and violence, UNTIL JOHN THE BAPTIST, that is when the old testament is in the heart and the mind, sealed, you know they cant take wife, or kids, and they are not making you, but that GOD is trying you, you know to wait on GOD, a test of faith, if you love then suffer long for it, if you love it then die for it, that is what Moses does. thus does that acts verse, help much, it is in the truth, the burning you meet your help meet, and if you stay in it is up to you, if you return too it is up to you, but you are not in the NEW TESTAMENT until you are in the truth.

the point is the word of GOD is the 4 which you build by, and the true as one and the liar as the other, aka the 2, all use the building of the 4,which was there by the oath, the 5, i mean, Hosea 4:13-14 you make your wives, moms, daughters, sisters, all whores under the oaks, and they like to play undre there, using them for they are good, and i will not punish them for you make cheaper whores of yourslelf, and are a people without understanding, and a people without understanding, shall fall. See, the liar like i was used the oath to marry a daughter of the king, i didnt know what marriage was, but i pray to GOD with all my heart as Job says, and he has me keep my vows, so as a liar and as true i am building upon that which the oath built, or 245, the 7 is the sabbath all the daughtes, an the 35 is the three times the devil almost gets, that is a time 1 and a time 2 and a half time, and by the third time of learning the oath you must needs be reborn, that is the 35, or 15, Genesis 15 is the division, the abraham covenant, the dividing of the pieces, now do you see, the 35, is the men in the dividing, the pieces are the women, and thus the men under their mothers slaying their women, giants so large they rip their mothers apart, that is as Eve is called mother to all living by Adam before she has even skins, he is dust, and thus he stayed under her trying to rip her apart not to be reborn, aka to die, for her to cover her, so the word of the lord is the sword that turns every which way, when man extends his hand to the daughter the tree of life, she life we dust, she the body, we the hands head feet, the word the heart, she is that heart the word is to her concern,thus you also have the 7x 35 and the 35 that is the cause of all divisions, the oaths, the matter concerning the daughters, the 35 is the 7 x 5 which is the same, the 7 sabbath the women the daughter ist he cause for all the hands the oaths, or psalm 45.

the word of THE LORD is 245 because the first the 2 double tongue, the heart is the word, the word is the heart, daniel's terrible image is silver chested and arms and hands, and that is cause all men, not women, we dont account her mouth, dont give one, we dont eat her word as men, and she is Gloriuous gold wihtin, the body holy wholly perfect, each one, thus the man is the silver heart, teh double tongue, and the tonges you learn are the truth, teh covenant, he tongues of angels, the tongeus of the messengers of THE LORD GOD who is true, thus the 2 is for rs the word is used by liars, pale horse, red horse, the black horse, one is the liar born hence the bow and arrrow, teh pale for his ignoranace, the red for the double edged sowrd, relly large,gacue it rivales the lord god of truth, of the word, though GODs you may be you perish as mortal men, snd the black fo he now knowing sales it turning stones into bread, and makes adutlerous towers at gentile courrts to throw self dow from, hen the 4 the man is lying in the oath, so he takes in teh daughter as a two, not a s aone, and thus builds double builds by the oath, teh five, thus he ends up 11 or 1 vs 1, GOD will win, the white father, as Laban is to jacob, or the man is 2 with his GOD aka reprents, reborth, and teh four is the building for the oath, or the doulbe tongue the 24 the 24 hours, is all using the 5, or the 24 elders bring them to the 5,

revealed occurs 77 chapters, that is 7 x 11, that is the woman by the woman reveals the woman, that is the holy wholly GOD MADE, see the woman is always twins, Aiysh is Eve, and Leah and Rachel, and Leah and Billah and Rachel and ZIlpah and Sarai and Sarah and Sarah and Hagar, and then she is the twins always, the daughter of the king and mother to all living, thus the 7 times the 11, the woman if she is trying to do right or wrong, is still a Jezebel at the least which is the daughter of the king, thus all the daughters of the king sit amongst the honorable women, the Jezebel sits with the virgin mary, and the all them brought into the congregation of the king. thus you forgive the brother, for the mother's sake, for she paid blood for you, and as samuel says to agag, Because you made mothers childless on the earth, so too shall your mother be childless. daughters stand in the presence of GOD, jesus even goes to dust and she stands see the woman caught in adultery.

evealer and the revealeth, these have to do with veils, it was it is it always will be, it is more coming to find that it is already finished, thus a seven by one, or GOD made the world in seven days, and this is the one day THE LORD GOD MADE THE GENERATIONS.. gen 2:4 so your 7+1 again. aka the man as is the head is the answer to the ridddle or you end up gnostic snake devouring her, the wife, the mothers, he that doesnt offer his own blood offers his neighbors blood.

reveal 7 times, for the women will be revealed all to go home, by the one lord god, but the godly man will cover them blameless. but it doesnt matter faithful or unfaithful, beast or wall, the blood of even Jezebel lands on the men.

Secrets, is to do all with covenant the LORD GOD it is the glory of GOD to conceal a matter the honor of kings to search it out, thus the 7 books, that is the man is part of somehting greater, not as in times, revealed but books, that is then that his secret place that is his wife, like all man, none can move, this, the marriage bed is undefialable the books of 7 books is like the pillars the hewn out pillars of wisdom, they are of the virtues, how the man's love as brothers, like David and Joahnathan supercede that of the man and woman, for the man is holding with brother, the whole of the 7 pillars the virtues, virtues are the power that Chirst, came in. thsu secrets, is that which is in you, your depths, your truth your repentance, your waters, my son my son why would you drink from cisterns not yours, but rejoice in the wife of thy youth always, and be ravaged by her her always, now see revelations the angelse talking about eating the little books, those are mother to daguher, elder to younger of women, and the man is the book, thus here it is if you keep her the life your lamp wont be put out, you cover her, and thus you are teh seven, by covering but you are the books, this one is kind of cool, never seen the man as the seven yet until just the book reference, but really it si the 7+1 is the 8 again, but the there is six more, and that is 14 or the beginning of the 144 or the 14 is the oath the five, the grace

I REPEAT DO NOT TRUST IN THEM, they are a falling from the word, the are a deterioration of the meaning, the names the word, they are sub par fall away. Though you know they have 6 billion on the earth, THE LORD GOD KNOWS THEIR NAMES, and whether the men will choose it or not, is the point, the numbers matter not to the faithful man in account of answering to THE LORD GOD, so dont get bogged in them, they will shift on you, purposefully, there are patterns and some never really change but they always can changed in meaning. Peter had one Rabbi, one messiah, yet peter had one satan when he was called satan, but was that one satan, THE LORD JESUS or the satan that rose up within, or is it THE WHOLE OF HEAVEN THE ONE FATHER LORD GOD'S ANGEL SATANAS SENT TO OPPOSE numberts 22:22 like it was Balaam, or is it all the world as satan rose up in lil ole peter to oppose the christ, both are true ones, at certain times, for certain things, but the point is one GOD's will is accomplished, and if you dont allign there you wont allign anywhere. it is rule number to all warfare, and this is an eternal warfare, not a math marathon, but of the word, the command the covnenant, for we know who we serve. More at

secret occurs as the 21 as the man will start the double tongue but must end up single, reborn, or 2 1, or 2 minus self the lies is 2 minus 1 is 1 or if goes the three, but the without a sabbath is strange, for the three angels before new jerusalem are covering the gates, the 7 x 3, which is again the 21, and we could loop this again but read on, the secret revealed is the pilgirmage, that man is an enemy to THE FATHER and his face is beset agqainst us, until we repent, the 1st seven is the father covering the mother for you blaphemy him, the second seven is the son he covers os you blashemy him, but the third seven there is only the mother you are to knowing to close to heart, to wise, to not know that you are killing the mothers robbing her of her children, and thus the 2 1 or you went double minded but GOD IS ONE. all laws and justice are to the defending of the widow and the orphans, to help the oppressed and dumg at the gate, aka PROVERBS 21, 22, 23, the thirty saying of hemotep, the wise father from Egypt, see all that i have said is right, I never meat anyone that talks these things, The nuber sequence is pretty cool, they do flip on you on you, and i never trust in THEM,

p.s the secret is the covenant, the covenant is the riches, the treasures, the treasures are the women, the kids, she is the sabbath they grows wings and fly home, and thus the seven to the secret to the treasures, is that which you already have in hand brothers, your oath vow command, your wife, wives, kids, for Husbandry is ordained in heaven, and polygamy is better than monagamy, most especially when you have adutlery, for one says the daugters are not good enough but this one is, and the other says all daughters are good enough. more at

p.s i will be adding these sections in my Themes on Sevens, once i check the math and such. and see how randomesoul2.o likes me working from his GODLY gift. GOD bless.

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