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Slipping from GOD ? ? ? huh?

               It is not prayer life or anything else that you would ever fall away from, to do wrong, it is THE TRUTH,

           Now let me fill you up to be with wisdom. Truth is prayer, it is worship, it is the true worship and the true prayer in which GOD SEEKS FOR SUCH.

         now let me prove it, how much do you think the disciples (apostles specifically) prayed before Jesus said, "you have prayed nothing in my name..."" and again, "when you pray in my name." ???

            Now do you thinkwhose name is Yashuah, that is YAHVEH ALONE IS SALVATION, has a greater name to pray in than that of YAHVEH HIMSELF? is it not that you say that you believe in Jesus Christ, YASHUAH AL IMRAN HAMMASSIACH, and is it that when you come to know Him it is without HIS word, His Doctrine, so when HE that you say you follow, says, "THE FATHER IS GREATER THAN I, I tell you this that you might BELIEVE."

      THEN YOU SEE, there is an issue here of theological reconning, that must NEEDS BE RECONNED. What is it that you pray in his name with, by, to, or for? It is they did not pray in THE TRUTH, thus it is that they are TO PRAY TRUE. that is keeping the command, the covenant, the vow the oath, or as Isaiah says, THE LORD says, "the written testimony, and if not to these things they as a man have no light in them." thus then did not Isaiah just answer before Jesus in the flesh how to pray to GOD. but of course. It is the truth.

           Now what you think is sin sir is not sin. Your opinion and false righteousness is sin, for the righteousness, that GOD requires is GOD, for as Bonar clearly states aright, "in order to have an acceptable worship you must needs have an acceptable worshipper." but you see, it is not by man that he is acceptable before GOD but by his choosing of GOD that makes him acceptable before GOD.

               Thus then when you say such things as "they slip" "in sin" "substance abuse" "no prayer life" "drifted" you are awhite-washed tomb, you are leaving open what should not be left open for debate. That is you are parting divisions, with open doctrines, that are closed, for all TRUE, and i do stress ALL TRUE BELIEVERS.

            you have a congregate say, "oh Lord i need help i fell into sin, i will never get back." what do you say? i will tell you what to say. it is not what have you done, but "how do you know you are away from GOD, HE IS INVISIBLE."

               1- did you lie, is it a lie, cause that is the narrow gate, the only way, not another. then if you lied, you are not with GOD you are against him, you are playing GOD. See how i just killed your entire drift theory.

                  2- Are you still in the command, the big ten. Is it that you are obeying idols to harm others, like drug laws, against GOD's first command, CHOOSE FREELY Gen 2:16, and DON'T EAT THE FRUIT OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, Gen 2:17= don't make idols taking free choosing from your neighbor. For these two here are the first things in the first sentence of the first amendment, (there is the same like in UK, and all nations) Congress shall not pass any law establishing a religion (Gen 2:17 No idols to rule taking free choice) neither shall pass any law prohibiting the free exercise of religion (Gen 2:16 1st command CHOOSE FREELY). do you see how i just killed your theology of slipping.

              3- is it that you think Noah a sinner, when he is drunk naked passed. Is it that you think that Noah the savior of our world, that is GOD chose him to carry on after the flood. Is it that you are like to Hem son of Caine, Satan's (man's) lowest servant. Gen 9:25.

              Strange Noah makes Hem the lowest servant. Yes but how could we know Noah is right, what if GOD had the Savior Jesus Christ confirm Noah, say, Mark 7:14-23, "ONLY THEM THAT WOULD JUDGE YOU FOR YOUR PERSONAL CHOICE, ARE THE ONES RISEN IN SATANIC PRIDE." oh holy GOD. do you see it here?

             what is it you think, doing drugs, till you pass out naked is bad? do you know you shall be worm food, from the beginning, so why do you dress up death, the dying flesh, that is damned by GOD.Are you Egyptian doing mummy with flesh. You see, this here proves what i am saying is true. That it is the truth.

                 Oh and the reason, in case you missed it.

and to walk alone means to be a liar, for all liars are alone, there is only unity in the truth, for the solitaire are the only ones that shall enter into the bridal chamber of Christ. They will go it alone,, holding truth, hating all else in comparison. If you have a congregation of liars, you have no congregation, you have liars. a barrel of snakes. If you have one man alone, off by himself, and he is true, that man is with GOD in communion with the whole of the congregation, that shall ever be the congregation, for he is true, and thus he is what GOD seeks and chooses. Or is it again you are in disagreement with ONE OF GOD'S SERVANTS, Elijah, and Jeremiah, these are two majors, that were not in the midst of congregation almost all their life, let us not forget Abel, and Enoch, oh and who is that other, NOAH, i mean come on. Not that these forsake the assembly, but they chose GOD over the assembly. For you to beat them down as such, is wrong, if GOD calls them out you are to build them up, not if they go out, you beat them down. It is if you are in truth, you are with GOD. SO says Isiah, ...


            TRUTH IS A CHOICE, not a doing, a rest and not a work, you choose it, it is of GOD by GOD from GOD and if you to man it is to GOD, for man is in the stead of GOD, as told Moses, and Aaron his profit, then it is who ever brings the word of GOD is GOD to them they brought it too and they their profits, for GOD is the male cogitation in which men keep the command. See only man is commanded directly, she is spoken.

            See all your females go home Ps 45, Eve is not even cursed she is chastised, and the law of which you say we are passed, you are yet to be past, for you speak nothing of bringing her blameless, so you are not in front you are hiding as Adam, for if with Christ you pick up your cross and follow HIM. That is to bring the women all blameless all chastised from heaven. See the woman in adultery, he sends her out like the father, bleeding, in pains of birthing labor, to her husband and he will have rule over her, why he didn't judge her, cause GOD did, aka Leah says, "THE LORD HAS JUDGED ME. " also why Dan is not in Revelation, she is judged, and we are judged, also see Rev 2:20-23 Jezebel goes home, the bed is waiting on her husband to have rule over her, see Jezebel's blood, you will bear it as a cross now or upon the hour of your death. The daughters of THE KING are what sons do in his business. why there is ONE FATHER, all daughters are brides given blameless.

           Fix it sir, or get ready for hell. For i am THE SENT SERVANT OF THE LORD GOD, your GOD your LORD, and i tell you that which is there for you to see, and test, i tell you nothing knew. If you are going to preach GOD get it right. 240+ years ago sir, Christian Muslims and Jews all agreed under one GOD in this nation, calling each book holy and each book true, agreed TRUTH IS THE ONLY WAY TO UNITY and GOD IS TRUE, and TRUTH IS FREEDOM, and THE TEN COMMAND, are those pillars there too. if drunken illiterate ex-slaves and hillbillies of all three of these religions can find ONE GOD TRUE then there is not a reason you can not.

                    For as Sodom and Gomorrah rise up on Tyre and Sidon, so too shall Sodom and Gomorrah and Tyre and Sidon all rise up on you. It is not an unknown GOD we believe in but THE KNOWN GOD, that at hand, oath vow, command, covenant, nation, this is all truth, this is the only things that you know of GOD, all else is a guess, and not GOD< but you playing GOD.

               Don'tt spread fear of guessing in the dark, but keep the command, use these as pillars of shelter, that is what they are there for. "YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS IS A RIGHTEOUSNESS OF OLD LORD, AND YOUR LAW IS THE TRUTH."& "YOUR COMMANDMENTS ARE TRUE." Psalm 119 and "I AM THE TRUTH, THE WAY, THE LIFE, THE ONLY TO GOD, AND THERE IS NOT ANOTHER." thus if Moses and Elijah (John The Baptist) are at the mount of Transfiguration, then it is they must have access before there was access, and it is there, as it is now, THE TRUTH. for Jesus is risen and invisible, the same reason THE CREATOR FATHER IS, the same reason none can findMoses's body, because it is in the TRUTH that you find GOD, only in truth, WITHOUT that you can not know your with GOD, it makes GOD, well GODLY , omni accessible, both personal and universal, see GOD. Any man anywhere any time,. by THE TRUTH. again UNIVERSAL, AND PERSONAL, AKA OMNI ACCESSIBLEE.

                   AND ON SCRIPTURES, YOU JUST ADDED TOO IT, saying "in order to be, it must be..." where in the whole of the HOLY SCRIPTURES does GOD tell you this.NOWHEREE. You might as well go trinity, saying 3 in 1, which is 666 aka Genesis 3:1 serpent enters changes the scriptures.

                 Every person of the faith, the elect, knows when they read scriptures, and THE QURAN IS HOLY SCRIPTURES AND I AM THE SENT SERVANT OF THE LORD, heard HIM in voice, you know how rare that is. and i am a Christian sir, i will never leave my LORD and my GOD by my LORD GOD i pray, but i can not deny the QURAN is HOLY inspired without fault, the same as the Bible, and the Tenakh, and there is more to sir, you should humble yourself, before you are a thunder not even written down, that means lightningg, but we won;t even speak of that, so the NOOOOOO GOD said, and that is all, but not written down.

                  check my works and you shall see what GOD has to say, and why. and that HE is the better planner and has all the liars and schemers caught already, He is only being patient for your repentance, or to prove GOD's Saints, either way, GOD is not fooled by them, and or you if you be one.

                   Stop talking on other religions, unless you have them going against THE ONE GOD, command, OR outright foolishness, such as Preterist, when the book Revelation begins, it says, was, is, and is to come, it is in itself a killer to preterist. and them of the tongues, for GOD's HOLY SPIRIT IS WISDOM, and does not teach men foolishness, read Wisdom of Solomon, and also if GOD can have a she-ass talk clearly in tongue, surely men he calls to hold to crucifixion is much the more, GOD is GOD of the word, GOD of understanding.

             Now ask me what miracles i do, to prove that I am with GOD. I answer as Jesus, "i am that bread from heaven, that if you eat you will live." For I give my life holding the command the covenant the law the charge, all he gave me blameless, no matter their sins, i pray to GOD, for i raised my hand to eat that mana, shall I now die in the wilderness for unbelief as Adam, not being the front to bring blameless as my CHRIST commands that i do.

            Check the comparison of Gardens, Edenn to Gethsemanee.

           I like your calling out in the name of Jesus false preachers. but in the name of Jesus that the truth, I just blessed you, in prayer also, for work is prayer often, for all that is not done in faith is sin.

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