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 This is why The Angel of THE LORD is talking to Hagar, because she is technically inside the city, safely guarded by THE LORD who is at the gate, thus The Angel is sent, for THE LORD doesn't put the female at the front, one only needs to see the model of New Jerusalem to understand, the males, the angels that are before the gate, are Israel, with the twelve tribes written on their forehead. That being the origination from their mothers, born in the zodiac, and these men, the angels, that kept the word of GOD to repent, to get a name, are renamed Israel, thus they are before the gates, the pearl, the females, which is the model instituted in Eden, by the ordination of husbandry. 

 The ordination of husbandry, is the Adam brought forth, commanded, and naming of the animals, then the wife, is given to him, as a crowning gift. No matter how much of a crown of thorns it is to you here, in this world, the objective of the devil is the same, to get you to cast this down, is to get you to cast down GOD's word. The belief in a good GOD is the belief that GOD gives good gifts. 

 All this comprised together and one can see clearly why The Angels talk to the females and THE LORD talks to the males. Why The Angel of THE LORD tells Hagar to lift up her son, it means to teach him to be the male, to get in front of you, in front of his wife, and to be instead of the invisible father which reigneth over all. 

 The same reason that THE FATHER LORD our GOD is invisible is the same reason that Jesus Christ is Risen, is the same reason that Moses' body can't be found, is the same reason that Elijah is ascended, so that every man is charged by divine election, by divine election to be in their stead. 

 See that all of these listed, are in the stead of THE FATHER, them all being known as faithful, patriarch, Patras which is to mean, fathers. This father issue is the whole summary of Exodus. Moses, taking all loss, suffering in front, gaining nothing, but for them sons after him to have a straight way made for them to be free to serve THE LORD, for them sons to have a highway for their GOD. 

 In modern American terms, it in the pursuit of happiness that Moses makes way for, that is the freedom to pursuit religiously. That is the first amendment in the Bill of Rights, so prevalent it is the first sentence, and I quote;

 "Congress shall not establish any religion, nor shall they prohibit the FREE exercise thereof.." 

 This is the removal of idols to pay and obey, as they had in Pharaoh's Egypt. Fair owe the rich is the doctrine of idolatry to bring all into bondage. It is expressed in the 5th chapter of Exodus as such;

 "pay, pay, obey, you are lazy, lazy, pay and obey, and if you do not pay, we will beat you take all you have, and you will pay more, because you didn't pay, cause you are lazy, now pay and obey. And as for THE LORD WHO IS HE that we should obey HIS word." 

 This is the summary of all nation's brought into bondage. It is the taxation without representation. That which is outside your general tax. That which is without representation, because it is other entities, it is mafia racketeering. The wise guy coming to you saying it best you pay, or something bad might happen to you or your stuff, so pay them cause some how they have mastered the world in that field. And it is a cunning trick of wise serpents cunningly acting in the field of that field. 

 I am not going to go off on the shear ignorance, of making one pay taxes to build a road, and how your fathers did build and pay for that road, which you sons now pay for today, and then to come back and say now you will pay this company also or you will be robbed on the road which your fathers built and you are maintain. That is clearly piracy, theft, and the tactics of Stone Age Egypt, fair owe the rich pharaoh, it is theft of the poor and giving to the richest of the rich. Anytime you are made to pay outside your general tax, it is idolatry, it is theft, it is tyranny and it is slavery. 

 To say the poor that have their taxes build the road, and then be refused the road, because they didn't pay more to a company entity outside of their general tax, is clear and present mafia tactics, aka idol religion, obedience and worship there too. As it was then so it s today. I will not go off on this here, any more than I just have, seeings how it is not hard to comprehend Stone Age slavery backed by barbaric tactics of men that place guards but in truth are mafia wise guys. 


 Now the man is known as the manservant, and all men are born boys, that is slaves, ignorant to any business, and the words in that business, to what they mean, and why you have to keep the masters words, for that is his business. However it is for the man, it is as I just stated, for that is the way that GOD has taught us, and GOD being only wise, then you know it is around this. 

 The female however, is not called a female-servant, but is called a maidservant. That is being made to do as she is told. If you oppress the man with idolatry, he is commanded to stand, even that before 1,000 men, even that before 10,000 men. And the manservant is commanded to hold, to be crucified here, holding the words of the business of THE FATHER, WHO reigns over all the worlds, this world, and heaven, and THE FATHER has one word, and the command is clear. 

 The female however you view it has a dictation different than the male. The female is not commanded to stand before 10,000 men, she is not commanded to stand before 1,000 or even 100, not even one. She is told to lift her men up to do this. She is not commanded because she is called to crucifixion, which is why in all the world's history you will never find a female crucified.

 She is maid, she is feared, she is swayed, she is retired of sorts, the moment that she sheds blood. That which men offer in the battle of life, against the pagan pay again slavery of all the nations on GOD's altar of truth, is that which THE LORD by natural law gets from the females in minstrel cycles of the moon. 

 This is not only seen in Egypt by the command to Moses to tell the Israel women to "barrow" from the Egyptian women, to the daughters of Zilophahad, to the Isaiah, "her warfare is accomplished," which has to do with the "maidservant" and how she does not go out as the manservants do. That is she will not be diminished from the position of THE KING's DAUGHTER. What is summed up very endearingly with "THERE IS ONE FATHER, EVEN FOR THE CHRIST."

 Jesus our Christ, THE MESSIAH to the world, does not miss a beat, and is the perfect Adam, the last Adam as it were, Him being THE ONLY born before THE FLESH, HIM knowing himself before this flesh that is, for all saints are before time, in THE LORD GOD's thoughts, but not only Adam and Jesus Christ are the two men that knew themselves before this flesh. 

 Thus then Christ is to fix that which Adam broke. Thus it is said, "cursed is the grown for our sakes." That is so that you learn the value THE FATHER puts on HIS daughters, how they are too be blameless, and how you are as the man, are to be Him in His stead, always. That is when a father gives you the daughter, you are the father. And here we have the issue, the whole of the issue if you have been measuring New Jerusalem with a golden reed. 


 By this gift of the female, you know the measurement of a man's faith. As the apostle states, "the body is blameless." So too Ben Sira states, "every GODLY bride is blameless before GOD." Then if there is one father, and the female, that is the mother, the wife, is the body aka the home, and if there is one father, then all daughters must be given to the men by THE ONE FATHER, and thus then the body is blameless, the daughters are blameless, for they are body, given to us by THE ONE FATHER LORD GOD ONLY GOOD, and He must then therefore for THE FAITH's SAKE give good gifts, and the female is the daughter of the king and all of them are therefore blameless for GOD has given them all.

 There is another way to say this. That is by the words of Christ Himself, that is Revelation 2:20-23 where Christ breaks off that worst named woman in all human history, who had played 1,000 faithful prophets of GOD, that Whore jezebel. He, THE CHRIST, The Son in His THE FATHER's GLORY, shall come and HE Himself shall break her off, and throw her in a bed. 

 What a threat. What a fear she should be having right about now. See, there is something a miss here. Who fears being thrown into a bed? And there is only one kind of a bed for the father, the marriage bed, by the ordination of husbandry, it is this, the husband, is the father, she, the wife, the mother, the sister, the daughter, the children, the younger or the dumber brother, is the sheep, for them that invoke the name of the son invoke the name of the father the same, thus then are in his stead, and he being father over all, must heard them in, by going before them.

 Thus then has GOD made the marriage bed undefilable, and yes, that word is correct, though there isn't one in the dictionary, it is real, and is a word, the marriage bed is this. Hebrews 13:4 makes it clear, this is real, stating, that "marriage is honorable amongst all, and the bed is undefilable

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