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I was watching this video and there were some misunderstandings.

Things that you say Jesus didn’t call sin are not, as you say, "that they are sin," for instance, slavery is not a sin. Where did you read that? You don’t, you know why?


       All man that is born is born into slavery; all children are enslaved. Thus, child and enslaved person are the same word in all ancient languages. 

       The wise enslaved person shall receive a reward equal to the brothers in the congregation. 

      It means, even if you buy a slave if he does the word, he is your son; if he keeps your command, he is your son; he is the one worthy, even more so than the son the rebels to not do your word. 


      Momma is chief of the house, doing all administrations there too. The Father does the covering, the blood at the door posts, and the crucifixion before the city gates. She is the gate, the pearl, each daughter, and he with Israel x12 tribes, that is reborn from the zodiac, seed of the serpent, but see her seed is still divine the whole time. Thus, 12x12=144, aka always multiplied added too, as Abraham’s seed so to the reborn. 

           Now, when the man is born a child under the mother, he does not know the father's business, the care for the children, as a father. As THE LORD Says, "Abraham kept my charge, command, statutes, and MY Laws." Gen 26:5

      Now, see Jesus at twelve; he is about his father’s business but submits under his mother. Then, at thirty, when he comes out from under her, he is baptized, tempted, then wedding. 

     The wedding is when you are mature enough as a man to take a daughter. What does Jesus say to his mother at this time? Woman, what do I have to do with you…?

       This means that he is not about his father’s business anymore, but he is his father’s business. This is why, at baptism, we hear the Father speak from heaven, "This is my son in whom I am well pleased." And so you know, in the tradition of Judaism, it goes to say, "My son is me, and we are one, when speaks I speak." and more, but they heard it would understand the point of the tradition, for it is the eternal covenant. 

       That being man is put to the east, the head, and he is given the woman, wife, not the wife him unless, again, you are under the mother. Thus the time gap is to show, at 12, you're a dumb ass slave; get back under your momma, and at 30, you should, though not always, some older, some younger, but 30 is when you're ready for a virgin bride, about 15 or so. 

       See the reason for this? Think it strange? That is cause the devil has you paying to pimp out your daughters as slaves to his windfall opinions. Do you think your daughter is not ready at such an age? And for you safeguard your daughters? Are you in honor of the father? Then why do other men tell you when your daughters may have sex? And tell you where you will take them, teach them drugs and their bodies; they now rule over like slaves. 

          The number one duty of the father is to secure her virginity; if he has a daughter, why? For her husband, as a token that you, her father, loved and kept her, but if you do not do this, do you think her husband, too? Do you think a husband has more love than a father? You are a fool, then and know nothing of love. 

        The father gives the husband the daughter for this very reason. Before you marry my daughter, being her husband, you must first be me, her father, always keeping her, as a father, to keep harm and others from her, and always covering her, faithful. Thus, if a father does not partake in finding this husband, that is, marry her off 15 16 13 12 8 4, 1, before she is born father, the moment you hear you have a daughter coming your way, in your hands, you had better prepare for war, and war alone is all you will have. 

         You have been sheltered or ignorant if you have not learned this from the wife or her mother. But like your wife, they come to fuck, your wife, your daughter, your mothers, your sisters. They are men, and they are sinners, and they are pig greedy. They are all swear to GOD god damned liars who don’t mind fucking your baby girl, throwing her down, taking babies, or leaving them; these are the same, greed, status, one life status, no kids, one life status it will benefit PTA in the adultery. The point is the men will kill your daughter and not give a fuck. 

         You think swearing to a daughter, who bleeds, who offers her body, and every wife does this to have babies or not, it is a whole life offering, you know that which we owe Christ, to GOD. Is it you can’t comprehend that swearing to death to a girl, and then watching her go, and then he changed his mind, is murder? NOT killing, like a shepherd, like she can do, with the kids she died to bring in, she can eat kill as she sees fit, until of age, or shedding blood, that is 29.5 years for men, and the blood for the girls. 

        For when she bleeds, brothers, she is a woman. There is no question about this. You deny the truth playing lying traitors to pimp out your daughters on idol Gentile court alters. 

                She is the two witness, the olive trees, why we get anointed with olive oil, we count all daughters wholly holy one, each one a pearl, each one a gate, each one a daughter of the king. 

       Now, this is just a little of the account of boys 12 to 30 in the business of THE HOLY FATHER. How many men do you know that eat meat so much? And this is just a piece of a piece of a piece.  Thus men are enslaved, god damned idolatrous adulterers, hiding under their fig leaf with momma in the house. They are turning their works and stones into bread as if we were eating their words, as though we could profit from such talk. We can not. 

            Thus, Jesus never says slavery is wrong, for you are under your mothers, and this as men, brewed of vapors even. To chew through her, refusing to come out, hence the adultery killing of your wives, the mothers to your kids. 

          You can’t fathom to do the oath, cover the wife, and you think to speak on GOD? How stupid are you?  ONE FATHER, Brothers, means you are the dust; she is the life. Mother to all living. As Jesus went to the dust with the woman caught in adultery, so too, if you do not, shall go out like the men, eldest to youngest. Dust in the wind, I didn’t believe the first account. 

           On the issue of rape, every man rapes his wife and every woman that he has sex with outside his marriage, and more so, every time he pushes up on his wife for sex, he is raping her. She is a sheep; he is a shepherd. He takes her as his wife. Thus it is rape.

      That is why it reads Shechem raped her. He is only 13. Think about. Can a boy of 13 rape a girl of the same age, for real? No. But Shechem was more honorable than all his fathers before him, Noah and Abraham, for when Moses wrote that, Shechem was married into the family. 

         Thus Shechem says she raped her cause that is how GOD judges it, in GODLY WISDOM. Even GOD takes wisdom, the begotten of begotten, wisdom, HOLY SPIRIT, the wife of THE LORD GOD, it reads, HE TOOK HER AS HIS WIFE, find she was the only one worthy to be his wife. THUS GOD IS SPIRIT and ALWAYS WISE, ONLY WISE, and wisdom, from THE LORD GOD. 

          Thus when a man, the stronger vessel, takes a woman, a wife, and has sex, it is almost every time RAPE. He is just getting his nut, and she is participating mainly out of fear, rejection, or some pressure or fear from him. Whether he is a fearfully frightening man or not, he is the man. Thus, he takes her. 

      Now take Shechem; he is honorable; he doesn’t let the daughter get blamed; he covers her. Thus, Adam, where are you? Shechem, at thirteen, is like, “MY FAULT RIGHT HERE I RAPED HER; SHE DID NO WRONG, SIR. ALL ON ME. I LOVE HER, NAME YOUR PRICE. ANYTHING, I LOVE HER THAT MUCH.” Crazy ass Shechem, for he says this to who but JACOB. 

         Fourteen years for two wives? Have you ever seen such a price tag on wives? YES! Whether you knew or not, each wife, each daughter you take in hand and slay, kill, and rape. But if you give your life for them to your GOD, getting in front, all is forgiven, and you keep her as your wife. But if not, it’s not killing her; it’s murder. And it’s not marriage, it’s just adulterous rape and murder, and because she could get pregnant, you know not, it is throwing her in the fire with baby, and you know this is true, by Judah and Tamara Account. 

        Judah says, “She is more righteous than I.” Thus, Isaiah says, “Bring all your righteous works, all you together, and put a dirty tampon in the middle, and it outweighs you all in righteousness.”  that is the same; she gave her lifeblood, so to partake is to kill rape-murder, but only kill and eat as a shepherd does his help meets if you get in front cover blameless. 

        See you also, David and Bathsheba account. Did he get with, have, or rape Bethsheba? He took her, he raped her. She is blameless, and the man is the stronger vessel. Thus, Bethsheba says, “You promised me saying Solomon would sit on the throne after you…” Why would David promise this? He murdered her husband, who became killed, by the duty to Bethsheba, for Solomon is Uriah, the same that Enoch is Able. 

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