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I came upon this preacher preaching that these issues are not you that you are not the issues but you are the children of God.

If they're children then they must understand God's word being under God for sons are made by doing the word of the father.

So I took the time to teach who they are. For all scripture is written aforetime for your benefits.

The woman hemorrhaging blood 12 years.

The woman caught in adultery, and even Christ does not accuse.

And the man that had the demons called legion cast into the pigs.

These are them three, and they understanding of why they were recorded taught to you in wisdom and Truth.


the woman with the issue of blood. is every woman who births sons but none of them grow up to be a man, standing faithful in the truth, covering the women blameless.

this is why she has to touch him just His garment just his Fringe. for the husband is the covering of the woman. the man the father is the covering of the children and the wife.

this is why virtue and power comes out of him when she does touch his Fringe. Fringe representing his lineage the duty of fathers before him the covenants the vows the oath.

it's for 12 years because it represents all the zodiac the 12 tribes every son born. representing 12 years one year for every son. roughly the time it would take to produce 12 sons.

this is also why she had to press through the crowd. one out of 1000 men are loyal.

virtue or translated by some as power. is also an exodus, having to do with the dealing with women.

and all the idolatry they had their doctors their professors their psychologists there lawyers their works they had no virtue. no True men.

does she was not being Eve the mother to life, but was just him urging blood. for all the boys would come out and grow up to be idolaters. none standing firm feet planted to be washed to burn in the fire to be crucified.

that's when she touched him and seen his lineage felt him his lineage fathers before Sons after them of Faith Abraham's seed, true fathers to True Sons all from the one father the GOD of Truth, after touching him she was made whole.

this is also represented by where He was heading to. that is the 12-year-old girl that was not dead but sleeping.

that is why he also kicked out the same people that the woman himaging for 12 years went to for help. that is degree holding idle paying prison building for their kids if they don't obey the idol, idolaters as we have in America today.

no Covenant no true word no trust in GOD.

this is why when he says she sleeps and is not dead, they laugh him to scourge. mock his faith like they are wise, trusting in their Gypsy Dr Wiseman.

laugh to scourging means they would laugh him to death they would kill him mocking. just so they could be right and the girl be dead.

means these type of people will do adultery build prisons for your kids mock and play their game Exodus 32.

that's why he kick them all out. save for two disciples and the parents of the girl.

he then gives his hand to the little girl which represents the same thing as the woman touching his fringe his lineage.

notice how the educated class say you come from water. claiming to be wise but you're not free.

well his minions is from God and you are free. and Truth sets you free.

therefore he gives the hand to the daughter. as a marriage as that same verse in Exodus says, if a man buy a maiden and is not pleased with her, he has no right to sell her for he has betrothed himself to her, and he will have no power, for he dealt deceitfully with her.

it means all daughters are under men that claim to be of GOD, betrothed to each one. for that verse later says that if he give her to his son to be married. that is speaks on other matters with her. as it goes on to say the maidens are not the same as men.

and every man of God is to be a father to the women before a husband. therefore any woman in your care is blameless and must be pleasing in your sight.

that's why the woman was hemorrhaging blood. it's Rachel sitting on the couch of the camel's furniture forgive me Father for not getting up it is that time of the month.

and also Rachel cried out and Ramah for her children but they were not. means they were idolaters. less than the shedding of a woman's egg in blood during menstrual cycle.

it's also why Isaiah says the Lord says all the righteous works put together with all these men does not equal the righteousness of a bloody dirty tampon.

because God does the blood of the tampon. and without blood you don't speak to the father as a man. you must offer your life. he divinely guides all the women in.

does the callers to Adam where are you. as Proverbs as wisdom says the call is to you sons and Men.

taking the little girl's hand, he says slave girl arise. children and slaves are the same word in all ancient languages. because they know nothing of the father's business nothing of his word and duty.

and all the educated class that they seek help from do not do the father's duty but do idolatry. adultery custody prisons lies pay pay again pagan pharaoh fair you owe the rich, ignorant ostrich mentality. owes to the rich. leaves her eggs for others to step on while she sticks her head in the ground worshiping the dust then pulls it out with her long slick legs making an ass out of themself she lifts her head high batting her eyelashes as though her beauty is to behold, and she is not an error. but she is ignorant, without wisdom because she refuses to do the truth and take her cleanly position as a mother cover for her children.

so too was this woman doing so too where these parents doing. and that is why Christ says to the parents after telling the slave girl to arise, he says to the parents feed her.

of course he is speaking on the word of God the truth give her her freedom her lineage her Covenant and not God damn lying coward people they boast in their works doing adultery.

so you do know who this lady is from Luke for it is all the women around you today.

all their blood all their birthing all their youthful jealous Fidelity to their husbands is for not and they might as well be counted as just hemorrhaging blood their whole life.

for the men are given the holy thing the Covenant the word. and they are to suffer with their feet in the fire that is why only defeat need be washed to stand true holding 10 commands 10 Bill of Rights in the United States another set from another country but they will all be based off the ten commands and they will all be arresting and a guard of freedom so the children may serve God and not God damn idols.

but mostly coward men would rather rebirth the children in a courtroom calling God a lie saying you come from the water and make the children less than cattle. while plowing their mother dishonoring them and their name. working real hard to build in prisons in case they thought to obey God's first Command and be free Gen 2:16 against his second command don't make any idols playing God to enslave your brothers or your own children Gen 2:17.

pay attention for all I've given you is wisdom. it is the gospel of God. it is how Christ preached it as the gospel of God as he said before crucifixion to John's disciples.

Gen 1:26-28, 2:16-17, 9:25, Mark 7:14-23, 1Tim 4:2-6, proof of maintenance of the Covenant making it new to gentiles / World Col 2:14-16 & Gal 5:1

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is actually Mary Magdalene. it was before her in Christ are betrothed, that is at His resurrection, the technically before that.

it's white so strange that she was found in adultery in the very act I mean who does that. who waits around for a woman to commit adultery. and then bring her before the crowd.

it is Mary Magdalene. that's why they were following her. why it was so important to catch her. she was the one always on his lap the disciple that he loved. the writer of John. and the Epistles. and Revelation.

John is another way of saying Hannah, in Hebrew it means GOD IS gracious. that is another way of saying when God brought Adam his wife. God was gracious.

Hannah is also known for being lonely but brought up by GOD'S graciousness. the gift of God. Theodore.

this is particular because in John 4 the woman at the well where they met. he calls himself the gift of God. does she goes under the name John.

you know it's her that wrote John because nobody asked of their conversation. them not speaking with Samaritans.

also because, Mary says to her that the Master wants to meet her in secret.

also because his napkin that went around his head is folded up when they look into the empty tomb. only a woman would write that.

and you know it's her because only a woman would not enter the tomb until Peter got there. especially if Jewish.

she is the disciple Jesus loved and always hung and kissed on him. you know this because Philip tells you in his gospel. Thomas alludes to the same.

you know this because in all the descriptions of the crucifixion no man is there. is John says the same but then there's the disciple Jesus loved. that is Mary Magdalene.

does the betrothing my mother and your mother. and again at the resurrection my father and your father, this at the same time he tells her you can't touch me like that I have yet to ascend, the body must be pure from women dealing with the father.

then you have Thomas putting fingers in his room, finger banging his wound but Mary can't touch him like that. then it must be some kind of touching.

then you have the Jews call him a Samaritan and has a devil. he only denies having the devil, but he honors his father. now why would they call him a Samaritan.

the same reason they would follow a woman around to catch her in the act of adultery.

because she is associated with him. knowing that she was a woman of the night shall we say, they knew they could catch her in the act, and they would want to catch her specifically her, because she was known to be a friend of his.

that's why when they brought her there was no man as Leviticus States you must bring both the man and the woman caught in adultery, they bring only the woman. and it doesn't say she should be stoned to death it says they should be killed. that being the ACT of adultery itself is murder.

it tells the children where they come from is not worth being faithful to, it tells the children the gifts God gave them is not good enough. it claims that God is wrong and therefore it is death, sin, error.

the reason that she calls him Lord, it's because she decided right then she was going to marry him.

the same as Sarah calls Abraham Lord. she decided this after he saved her life, dispensing the Sanhedrin looking to Stone an adulterous is absolutely a miracle proving the power of word.

this is also why she says when he asks where are thine accusers, is there to accuse you,

she repots no man my Lord.

this means and another way there is no other but you, that is like a husband is husband.

he responds neither do I accuse you. go and sin no more.

in the whole of the story it is don't miss, meaning she chose right if she stays not sinning. that is don't lie don't commit adultery anymore.

whether they had sexual relations is nobody's Business for the uncovered nakedness is sin.

but it is clear, that she took him as husband he took her his wife.

it is clear that he is her covering, and her savior Messiah.

why don't we need to read the Epistles of John to know this and in Revelation it is the full form of fulfillment of all of John

you also know this because remember in Genesis where it says Adam where are you.

well Christ goes in front in the Garden of Gethsemane who are you looking for.

that is the tradition that men walk in front for it is rude to approach the woman and not the man her husband Lord covering.

in John 21 Peter and Christ look behind them as Peter asks what of this one. that being the disciple again that Jesus loved.

when Asked in the Gospel Philip, why is Mary with us and why do you love her like that. Jesus responds you mean love her like a woman. never again did they bring it up none of us disciples.

therefore Peter asked about this one disciple why? because it's a woman. which is the only reason your best friend would ask about a member of the team, if it was your woman.

the matter are not dying he doesn't say they won't die he says they don't die by saying they sleep. which is why they laugh at him.

the same reason they laugh at me when I tell them all their women are going home, that the father never risked one. by the shedding of blood is there the remission of sin. what do all women do? why in all the world's history is a woman not crucified Roman style, suffocation. because it's a birthing pain, for men only.

Psalm 45 all the daughters of the king are glorious with them and shall enter into the congregation.

Psalm 75 3 all the inhabitants of the Earth shall dissolve away and I bear up the pillars says the Lord. selah

what is Lot's wife get turned into. pillar.

the women are the sea they are the salt they are the move tossed about life bearing pearls of the Lord, they are his secret hiding place, they are the matrix portal. they are Strong Tower of defense against death for their husband who is the wall in the gate. and the Lord is a strong tower of defense for them that run to him.

and what good are you to be saved, if you give your salt away. you're not your to be trampled under foot of men.

and who gets their head stepped on by Eve's seed that is the woman's seed. the serpent seed. but both these come from the women. then the women are never at risk of being under the serpent which means they are covered by the father. which is the Covenant of blood. what's the father definitely brings them in by if the men fell.

the woman is also the Pearl each one a gate each one of pearl and the men are them that cover them. the 12 tribes of Israel written on their heads. therefore

if you give your pearls to swine they will be trampled on your feet turn to kill you. it means if you go to let your wife be trampled on saying that she has to be traded in and out it's not really her that gets trampled on.

though you thought to throw her down from the adulterous Tower that is yourself by not dashing your feet throwing her. and then tempting God of course by taking another vow or saying that one was no good which is the calling of God a liar which again is sin.

thus you can see why Peter asks about this one.

and then there's the fact that the word true as is only used in all the Holy Scripture about a person once. when Christ calls her true at the well. he asked her about her husband's and he says in this matter you speak truly.

note this were true it's her you speak truly.

it's used about John the Baptist of his testimony about Christ not he speaks but his testimony is true about me says Christ. and again his testimony is true about the Messiah.

but the woman at the well this word true that is only associated to God God's word and the Christ the word conflesh in all the New testament, is given to her at the well. as though she is the wife of Truth itself.

it is also used at one other time in John 21, and we know the testimony of this disciple is true.

this Greek word I can't remember it but I remember the study of it is a word that is associated only to God. it's from the root of it. men can choose it but they can't beat it you see our testimony can be true but we cannot for all men have been found a liar at some point. but if a woman even if she lie she still covered by the father from the beginning and then if she become a disciple of Christ and his fleshly wife you can see how the word is associated to her by the Christ by his own righteousness that is the righteousness of God true righteousness.

in John 21 it says we know this disciples testimony is true. using this as in the way it's used with John the Baptist, the reason for this is because she's using it of herself, but Christ used it for her. in this you speak truly.

and it was when her testimony was not true, or so she thought, showing the Providence of the father sending the Messiah.

that is his wife his help meat. is it John 4 at the same story when they asking if he ate? he says I have meat to eat you know none of. what meat with the Messiah have to eat we would not know of. for all of it he gives. unless it was his wife.

for the man is to cover his wife, blameless. Adam where are you. as it says I shall make Adam help me. thus God made Jesus a help mate.

these are one in the same for every couple in the world. the man is to dig the well without anything from Men no matter how deep it is by the faith in God. if he's caught digging another well he will perish. he will want to repent before that.

the woman will run off doing idolatries and stupid sheepish s***. the same as the man did to his husband Christ before he came to the truth.

and we know that this testimony of this disciple that Jesus loved is true because of Christ says she speaks true.

and she didn't have six husbands because every time they were married before her.

and there is no association of John to the Gospel of John safer tradition from the fathers and the apostles.

and all the apostles with Christ and Mary Magdalene at that as times did the best they could to cover Mary her being a woman and all so they gave her the pseudonym John or she gave it to herself either way they all knew her as John and it's why it took so long to track him down and it's why she died on Patmos of old age. for if she had been a man causing such ruckus they would have crucified her.

And that is how you know the woman at the well, the disciple Jesus loved, the reason he was called a Samaritan, that's how you know the woman in adultery caught in the very act is Mary Magdalene.



AKA legion aka the cops and judges the legal standing Assyrian horse. them that are under oath but have decided to serve a lie in the shadows.

legion is not only 2000 meaning a lot or double minded or two-faced or silver tongue, no into the pits of hell no end to the feeling of their eyes which fills their lust of their belly their God.

it is also a way of saying troop or armed strength. I eat the Roman legion I either do the trade and the legality therein of the idols that's why he says my name is legion. that being of his father, the liar the lay of women technically the men that eat the women's words.

it's also said by saying Herod or herodians which originally meant heroes they play hero but really they rob your ass. cut off the head of righteous men serving witchcraft women.

also known as the monkey force of a wizard of Oz doing the witches bidding so that the wizard Idol rules.

and some translations you'll find bound by the oath. it's where they get you to go into court and the bailiff AKA Baal if all rise for their servants judge, as though it is God. for that is a calling of God arise. Baal if all swear eway Christ's command to not swear.

and they do this swearing that their own swear to God Vow to their spouse is no good, but to the judge that day it is, and to give them the children and divorce so they can go swear to another daughter of THE FATHER LORD GOD. because there was a problem with the first one he gave her.

they do this to their own destruction thus they destroy themselves with stones. Stones being legality of work and pay pharaoh, Fairview of the rich. pagan pay again. wizard of Oz Idol permission that Christ numbered the cross Colossians 2:14-16.

the cutting themselves with the stones is that turning stones into bread as though they are wise and what they do is life. only to build adulterous towers to throw their wife down from and raise their hand tempting God by swearing invoking the evil one.

this is why the man is restrained many times but eventually becomes too strong to restrain. it's what happens in every nation. it's the swearing lightly that is in vain in God's name to guard the Covenant but then they become the enemies of hence the two for legion 2000 because well they two face a lot and all they do.

they're among the tombs because it's the same as saying they do dead works pick up sticks on the Sabbath that is make ovens to cook you in there's Stone dungeons and they're cruel answers a barbaric mentality.

humans have pig skin. thus let us go into the pigs is the same as God casting Adam out in skins. fig leaf is pig leave. they hide in their works to do their adultery they true holy words taking the vow in God's holy name and then they turn around to part hoof with their spouse the parents of their children even.

they devour all, never contemplating in wisdom, being foolish and brutish, to serve their belly which is their God. which is why they don't mind swearing falsely in God's name, or do they care to repent to the truth that they have done this. not even for the children sake.

they don't let the children get the truth, but boast in their works did they pay their bills on time. bills-above beelzabub service. which is s*** flies, they serve the Lord a flies. busy busy buzz buzz. get a job lazy. which toasted children to fetch the idols other than make and if they don't they will put them in prison. cook them in the ovens they made them they're adulterous towers.

pigs will even eat their young. their spouse if they grow weak or hungry they will leave their young behind and their spouses the same. if they're not suiting to the next with that they get and they want to go eat. does there help me becomes a lust for God damn destruction.

This is why they divorce die Force curse their kids toads and custody. they do this claiming to be with God. they make their own servants for the current benefit into their guts to even rewrite the parents of their children on the paper they get at court.

they do this over the image of God in Genesis 1: 26-28 to bring the children into slavery so they have absolutely no Dominion. sending them to schools to teach them that come from water and evolution there are new witch Doctor wizards would degrees are so wise and their children so slavish scarecrow dumb they can't afford a brain like their wizard God Kings.

for any image of God you get Dominion with your spouse and your children the same and you get the rule over cattle but these would rather be ruled making pins for their children so their children's children get taken away and they get thrown into prison the same they did to their own spouse.

it is the Assyrian horse it is why the man was restrained and changed that is bound by oaths, but eventually grew too strong because of the greed and the theft. the bribery and then the basic complacency of fathers to Sons. for when there's no father keeping the oath why should your servant judge and cop. if you would betrayed your own wife the mother to your kids there is no one you will not betray. if you can't be faithful there you will not be faithful.

that is why he eventually breaks the chains. that is why they go into the pigs and the pigs are also representative of the piggy bank.

during the old times the livestock where the banks. that's how the banks would keep their collaterals. that's why the town wanted him to leave and did not care that he casted out demons and save them from hell or their children.

it is the same as the crowd that called out for the crucifixion of Christ and the release of Barabbas = bear-of-us.

crucify Christ release Barabbas for he will bear others telling our children that we are doing good and that we are Godly while doing God damn currently idolatry and adultery. leaving no truth for the children which equals no freedom.

does they will grow up being told that it's fair to pay wizards to be something like a doctor or a lawyer or a preacher or anything. because everything will become ruled by Rich aristocracy paid idle permission.

because the daddies are greedy lazy God damn pigs who will throw down the mother to their children and devour the children and the mother the same.

all men are born not all men will stay. some will repent.

this is why they kicked him out of the town. this is also the first man that was told to stay following Christ. as the man wanted to go with him. that is the man he cast the demons out of.

it is not that every judge or cop is crooked and evil it is that the mass majority is. and it is the duty of the fathers and brothers to the sons to keep them in check for their the Masters and they have inherited servants.

and to let a servant will the master is not even seemingly to a fool as into being good and there will be no delight found in letting a servant rule of Master.

no man hires a guard to come randomly pull him over frisk him tell him what to touch taste and do against God's very first command to be free.

if they're so against drugs why do we have billion dollar companies that is idols that make them that kill people all the time.

it's because they're not against drugs they're against the poor and they're doing God damn idolatry against their very own oath.

searching people without warrants, taking their property whether it be guns drugs cars whatever it be without a warrant. that is to do human idle sacrifice. for you have no accuser to face which is the sixth amendment and part of the fourth which is the warrantable jurisdiction.

but without an accuser to face you are only facing an idol that they made therefore idle obedience therefore God damn Idol sacrifice. and who do they sacrifice the poor. and only the poor.

Exodus 5 explains their God damn treachery right out clear. word for word. Pharaoh says pay pay till the bricks you're lazy you're lazy pay pay. do not listen to vain words of God. i.e. the Covenant they swore to uphold to God and you the country. you're lazy you're lazy pay. oh you can't pay not enough bricks well now go get your own straw. that is like where they take your car for not paying insurance. and then he says pay more pay more now that you could not pay that I will beat you and take more and you will pay more. because you are lazy lazy. back to work.

it's what Masters do to slave it's what tyrants do to them they count not worthy of life for they destroyed not only them but their children after them.

as is written to make the poor pay tributes tithe tax is to kill the son in front of the father.

and there is an endless supply of pretend God damn men that will do this evil act day in day out cowardly robbing their own country, clear as God damn day against their own oath.

for the Bill of Rights or 3rd grade level reading and you could get better guard from a Mall cop who gets paid less and does no oath to God and country.

it is not hard to conceive that children should not be taken without a jury of 12 the 7th amendment.

it is not hard to conceive that a child should obey anybody other than their parents 5th command,doinv only to enslave and uproot the sons. for their idol worship. exo 32.

as it's written who sacrificed the parents get to kiss the kids. and the kisses of an enemy are beyrayel.

that's why you always must have idols and no true word it is the most ignorant old religion in the world it's cutting yourself with stones it's worshiping in the tombs it's going mad the shouting is counted as being louder than the truth.

they have no reason no true word no justification and no standing.

one only need to read the Bill of Rights and see why our fathers with the father Lord God made them and left them as an inheritance for all the sons.

it is there to prove that they are cowardly serving tyrants using the name of God.

and it's not that men do this for all men do but it is that they will not repent.

God is God of the earth and the Covenant the god of Truth Isaiah 65:16 all of us all around the world are to God the one true God from our declaration are Constitution who they all take oath to & in.

the reason for this is because that same God is the god of Mercy for when Nations go straight as ours has as that man and the tomb represented Israel going so that when they do this they can repent to truth and everybody be given Mercy and forgiven.

nations are one house made of many houses houses are the image of God male and female.

a nation against itself cannot stand. A house divided will fall. and if Satan rises against Satan then All is Lost.

the nation must have understanding understanding is under one God that means truth without truth you cannot be unified without truth you are not free two cannot go on the same way unless they agree therefore if you have liars you are destroyed.

if one builds up and another tears down what point is there in life but to be a mule go to work and die let your master tell you what to plow where to plow how to plow and what mules you'll be playing with taking your children and your spouse as they so please. stocks feathers and beatings even death if you disagree.

A house divided will fall a house is on the unified under one thing the father. against the 7th amendment they take your children without juries making them less than $20 value. once they've taken your children for pretend to fend like drugs which God ordained in your free to choose unless you're dumber than a frog a cursed toad. you don't obey men that died like dogs but while you live they will make you obey their Idol.

avg age of men has been70 years of age since 800 BC we have proof of this. 2,800 years ago. Psalm 90:10. and more records. our own founders prove this living to be 90 80 years of age.

thus they make wizard idle God Kings out of them that die like dogs and all they did was put on an idol show to rape you and your children with a smile on their face. it's what idolaters do in their game. they all work together to lie and bring you into bondage sacrifice your children and you. well all the men cowardly God damn lie gang raping sons to force feed lies, like Christ is for adultery thus justifying the courts that crucified him that he proved ignorant evil fools only saying shit to do Idol sacrifice. Colossians 2:14-17. See GOD TOLD IT IN GEN 2:16-17.

that is the man he cast legion from.

that's also why Christ doesn't let him go because it is bound under oath, to do his duty what he most likely intended from the beginning.

as good men are daily made the tools of Injustice thinking they would go to serve God but end up serving Satan. some of them thinking they serve God but they are serving Satan.

that is to go fulfill his Covenant duty that he swore to.


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