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THE ONE FATHER LORD GOD made man and put him at the east of the garden, then THE LORD GOD formed the man, blew life/breathe into his nostrils, then THE LORD GOD commanded the man. This is in Gen 2:16-17.

NOTE that the only ones every commanded directly is the man, the male, and the female is spoken to, softly. One only need see Zachariah ask the same question that Mary does, and see the difference in the response of Gabriel to them. The are polar opposites almost, if she wasn't living out her offering her blood in child bearing pains and sorrows.

Now see that after man is commanded, he is then brought the animals to see what he will call them. This is to show that husbandry is ordained of THE LORD GOD. If you encounter this, i command you to call it whatever GOD taught you to call, with your salt. Now see after this then is the sleep, then is the daughter brought to Adam.

Now see that before this, right after the command, THE LORD GOD says, "it is not good that man be alone i shall make a help meat for him." That is every wife, all daughters are made by THE LORD GOD himself, and he claims them all, but man is not claimed yet, he must be begotten, for she is begotten, for she is chastised, and Adam is given the option of the curse, and the serpent is cursed.

Now you know the first time man is brought up, it is THE IMAGE OF GOD, Gen 1:26-28. and is Man as male and female, made GOD man, male and female made he them. Then 7days are finished, and then THE LORD GOD LIVING, makes Man, from dust breathe, animals, then wife. But she is mentioned before he names all the animals, showing that the word goes before the man, before all creation.

Now when THE LORD GOD brings her to him, that is every wedding in the world ever it was, but this the first of man's unions to woman, Adam sets a precedence that lasts through the ages, "BONE OF MY BONE..." This means to mark it in stone, forever to come, this is my pledge, my vow, my covenant, my duty.

Thus does Laban teaches Jacob this covenant, by saying to Jacob, "what can i do now for these my daughters and the children they bore? Come Jacob and let us make a covenant."

Gen 31:49  And Mizpah; for he said, The LORD watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another. 50  If thou shalt afflict my daughters, or if thou shalt take other wives beside my daughters, no man is with us; see, God is witness betwixt me and thee. 51  And Laban said to Jacob, Behold this heap, and behold this pillar, which I have cast betwixt me and thee; 52  This heap be witness, and this pillar is witness, that I will not pass over this heap to thee, and that thou shalt not pass over this heap and this pillar unto me, for harm.

So then you can see, that Laban also taught Jacob we don't trade out daughters, thus the eldest daughter is married first, and this is a pact of, you guessed it, the fathers. Now, when you have no fathers to their covenant, you will have divorce (die forced river red like the Nile deny all), then Custody cursed toad, popping up everywhere, and all things will just go demonic ignorant. Like dumb things, like people who can't tell their left from their right hand, as in Ninevie. Thus the oath hand. The mark of the beast is only on the right hand, and the forehead, so the oath hand, the die forced, images that speak like to GOD, but are no GODS at all.

Now, if the wife insists on a divorce decree, paper idolatry to undo THE TRUE WORD OF THE LORD GOD (how amazingly childish, do they play in pageantry show just to subtly rob another). For the sake of the daughter's liberty, so that none can say she is enslaved, for she is not; she is just made. Hence a bonded servant, a maidservant, thus does she labors on the sabbaths, for she is the Sabbath. The quail they eat is adultery like the Nile turned red, they deny all, die forced in divorce idolatry to force the river's course, hence die forced. This also brings the toads, frogs, and cursed toads of custody.

Now if a man can not accept the judgment of WISDOM HOLY SPIRIT, that a man can not go before a judge to swear falsely saying, "My oath to her is no good, i want a divorce, and my oath to you is good to accept though." how can this be? it can not. No man can render a judgment saying that is just, or wise, or judgment of any kind, no not ever the world was. Yet done in drove, by childish lying 7 year old mental men to deceive and beguile the daughters, of her children, for some even give the child to the father, and take the baby given to her by THE LORD GOD and her authority being confirmed by the blood life offering, that her husband did not give, but did pay idols to turn to stones to build up towers of adultery to throw her down from, to tempt THE ONE LORD GOD , if a man can not accept the judgment of WISDOM HOLY SPIRIT, the truth from GOD from Heaven come down for all, simply that a man can not go before a judge to swear falsely saying, "My oath to her is no good, but to you it is, so give me children.

See that Christ goes before them, "Who are you looking for." not "Adam, where are you." Cause of sowing idols, paying bills, bills above, Beelzebub, shit flies, busy, busy, buzz, busy. To cover the sins of betrayaWho are you looking for." not "Adam,l to the command of eternal life. THE COMMAND OF THE LORD GOD.

They say, "Jesus of Nazareth." Jesus responds, " I AM He... LET THESE GO." They fall straight way back at I AM He. For he broke the curse, Adam where are you, and what happened, and instead of blaming the daughter that the man received from THE FATHER, he keeps the faith and command to THE FATHER. This is with Jesus Christ, as our husband, you are to be hers; if you don't, Jesus will. For He is THE LAMB OF GOD that takes away the sins of the world. But you, oh man, are not of the world; you are of the word, the command, the spirit & truth.

Thus she is the world, the pearl each one, and each one a gate. The gate is the city, and the city is controlled at the gate. Thus the Angels of Israel go before her, to cover her blameless, as in the head the east, the forward, the covering.

This is marriage; the man is duty bound by the word blood oath vow command, the law of mother's blood, and the law of the truth, oh man, are not of the world; you are of the word, the command, the spirit, the LAW OF THE LORD.

Or & GOD forbid I pray, I do hope, that it isn't you think that marrying the daughter of the king is a light matter? How much more the king of kings, or THE KING THE LORD GOD ONE FATHER.

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