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They do NOT need another mother, they NEED a FATHER, just one, you!

Your children do not need another mother; they need a father.

The father keeps the command; he does not rear the children; the mother does that.

Do not read that Jesus at 12, he submits to his mother until he is 30, and then he comes out from under her.

And Jesus told you at 12 that he was about his father's business, that being his father in heaven. So, he was never a carpenter. He was a son of man to his God.

He did not work a day for money; he did not do a day of school.

But his mother was his educator, and she was not educated as we would have it today.

His mother birthed him in the major with the shit and the piss of the animals in the cold of a barn. They take kids for that nowadays. She lost him for 3 days at 12 years old. They take kids for that nowadays.

That was the point; whatever the mother does with the sons,, is holy and perfect, for GOD has given her the sons, and she is confirmed by the blood life offering to bring in the sons.

The way you approach it, you would have her works be judged of man, as though a man could mother better than his mother. What rubbish, what nonsense, what sin.

Jesus is the wisest man the world has ever known or will know, and Solomon has to be coming in a close second if there is a closest to Jesus.

Now, we see that both these men and their education as children are directly linked to their mothers. Not women of schooling or anything you have mentioned here at present times. Not women of Sunday schools or Noah's Ark, or of daddy telling his daughter she is in sin. But of the mother that GOD has instituted, and ordained, and confirmed.

The only person on earth you know loves you is your mother. Then comes Jesus. But if you don't believe the earthly, in your own life of the act of GOD, how is it you think the heavenly, as in that which you have only heard by word, Jesus Christ?

Do you ever hear of a GODLY man in all the world, specifically in the Scriptures, who turns back to speak of, at, or on the house? No. Do you know why? Whatever the mother has done is perfect and holy to GOD. For GOD has done it through her.

Now, if you are beaten, and you are so neglected that you think to rise up and judge it unfit, or unworthy, that work, then do tell us brother, how is it you are so nurtured you risen above your own mother, to judge? You see by your stand, that is a stand so tall you may judge Heaven's order of your placement to tell your Heavenly appointed mother she is wrong, you must therefore need have been nurtured very well, for you stand where Moses would not dare, where Jesus himself does not dare, where the bravest wisest most epic men of all the world do not dare. Yet here you are, so fit you have dared. Dared to try your mothers? Think you GOD not on her side. What rubbish, what none sense what sin.

The issue with your children is not the mothering; that will never be the issue; the problem is they have men playing mother, as though they are fit when they are unfit.

Mother, her, the daughter, she is fit at 12. or 11. or 15, or whatever age she sheds the blood as ordained by GOD, in natural law.

See you, Egypt. See you, Moses had two mothers: an Israeli Jew and an Egyptian. And see you, the Egyptian mother went to save him, and his own mother went to sail him down the river. Now see you, God is with both mothers, and no matter what she does, she is blameless, holy, and perfect in her work.

This is because God is in front, guarding and calling all men to the same. You go before her, you bring her blameless, leave the house and the operations of the field to her.

You are to be about your God, keeping his command, his covenant, your oath, your vow, your wife, and your children.

Think it not a full-time job keeping men from putting their hands on your wife and the children that she bore? Did you read the bible? Did you not put that in Israel in Herod's time? They were doing the same thing as at Moses' time? Do you not know that making idols overrule the mother's authority is the abomination of desolation? It is the time.

"Weep not for me, mothers, but weep for you." he was being led to crucifixion, the worst thing in all the world that could happen to a man. A son of a mother. A son of man.

Yet he says, "WEEP NOT FOR ME, but for you."

Think him to be a liar? No, he is confirmed, through and through He is true. The voice of GOD; he couldn't get it wrong if he wanted to; he can not sin; he is the word of GOD.

Thus, then, it is the mothers who are the worst treated, the most abused, the witnesses of GOD trampled in the streets; the daughter is the mother, and the mother is the daughter.

She is the two olive trees, the Cherubim over the mercy seat, and Eve, mother to all living. That means she is life, living, no matter what. She is an eternal work, finished at its beginning in the Garden of Eden.

DO NOT weep for me, but weep for you mothers... PRAY that you have a child, or give suck in those days. Why? Because men will rise up playing GODLY men, or well-to-do, with their idols and their opinions, and they will take your child that GOD gave you, and you faced death, yay, even a crucifixion to bring into this world. Your mothers are the only confirmed authority on earth from heaven in the children's lives.

All men play as though they serve you, but your mothers did.

All men play as though they would suffer for you, but your mothers did.

All men play as though they would bear you, and keep you, and die for you, but your mothers did.

And this is justly done at her menstrual cycle. How much more if labor and birthing scars have finished your work? They are wholly holy; heaven made and bound you to go back.

No matter what these men say or do, THE FATHER has marked you, THE FATHER has set your course, and you are the heart of him; by your birthright as a daughter, you are sealed in blood life offering; you are the daughter of THE KING, THE ONE FATHER, and you are gifted unto man, as a peace offering, to bring him into the father's kingdom, you are the dove, the olive branch extended to lying deceitful men, who by the lies, are the devil, at war with GOD. But GOD, in merciful forethought, has sent you women as that dove, that olive branch, offering the devil peace. To cease from his lies, to stop his war against GOD's kingdom. To bring him into the family of GOD as you are already a member of.

If he takes you in vain, it is not you he took in vain; it is THE LORD's NAME.

If he throws you down, boasting in his works, in his stones now called bread, turned into great towers dug down deep high, it is not you tempts: it is your father in heaven he tempts.

Your children are for the mothers. Boys are for their mothers. They, at best, are about their father's business. But it is your mother that has paid for your first life. You are to be a slave to her, and all fathers must need to be to this authority set by GOD, or he is in no wise to GOD.

The mother who is given the children is the first act of GOD to all mankind. And if you are going to build a GODLY world, a GODLY kingdom, a GODLY WORK of any kind, you see how you are trapped and must build here at the mother's authority, or you are not building sin, all but sin of men.

You have cops, judges, prisons, armies, defense, assault weapons, and what do you have all this for? If it is not to the defense of mothers over their children and her liberty to travel, touch, taste, and do, as she as a mother of right ought to be able to do, in her house, her city, her state, her nation, of which she as a daughter and did shed blood in and for, then what is it you have all these things for? To take children? To rob mothers? To press and fear daughters?

You see, God is just and the only wise, and a wise judge teaches his people about judgment. And there is but one cause for JUSTICE, for judgment, THE WIDOW, THE ORPHAN, and THE DUMB at the gate, who need a cover, a head, a hand, a foot planted before them in defense to answer. The mother is fighting her war, and it is accomplished. Think you to have her fight another. Telling her, "Arise now, mother, and stand sentry to keep the thief, the devil, from infiltrating the house and children." shall she grab the baby and shed blood in the house and at the doorpost?

Have you no honor? Have you not understood? She is tired, afraid, beaten, broken, abused, and in sorrows of many pains, and they only increase every day she is in this, Adam's flesh, the flesh of a sinful pig, the flesh of the curse. See, she is not cursed. She is blessed.

See, she is not ever cursed. Nor does she even have the option of a curse. YOU MUST NEVER CURSE your FATHER, but you must ALWAYS BLESS your MOTHERS. Because they are going to heaven, and if you curse that which goes to heaven, you are only from hell.

If it is, you are reborn; tell me, how is it you have a perfect HOLY LIFE to this point without your mother being a perfect HOLY LIFE WORK of GOD? If you are reborn and in GOD's perfect HOLY life, you can not have sin, a missing stone, or a stone set wrong in your building of that HOLY PERFECT LIFE. The Living shall not die, and the dead shall not live.

Jesus says, "But my true mother gave me life."

Do you think he means holy spirit wisdom herself or The Virgin Mary?

It is both, like with MOSES, the Israeli Jewish mothers and the Egyptian mothers. They are all mothers and daughters of the king, the one father gifted to man as a good, wholly holy, perfect gift. Thus, they both are his true mothers. Holy Spirit wisdom, the wife of YHVH ELOHIM, the only worthy, for he is only wise, and the only wisdom you can get is from GOD by this union. Thus, it is foolish not to account for every daughter as a wholly holy one. It is what Adam did. "her fault that YOU gave me."

That is a lot different than, "BONE OF MY BONE,' mark it in stone forever to come. This one is mine, as I received from the father, and I shall forever keep and guard her as the father before being the husband. This is why GOD, THE ONE FATHER, gifts every daughter to the man and not the man to her.

Laban teaches Jacob this, which is known to us as the ISRAELI COVENANT, or the ETERNAL COVENANT of GOD THE FATHER. All over the earth, you find this, and it is truly the truth, which makes it the only blessing for man over the world in which he may bless. Isa 65:16, thus, is THE BLESSING that Jacob holds on to to become Israel.

Now hear me, for I am a teacher of Israel, and I do know these things. as my LORD has taught them to me, to give to you. And why would you not give GOD his good pleasure and not love, honor, and keep and cherish your wife, mother, sisters, and daughters?

Do you think this is not a duty fit for you as a man? Think the whole of it: a game and a time for gaining in every way, in gain?

If it is a game, sons, hear me, play the man. Play nothing else, my son, nothing but the man, just the man.

Remember when your mother used to tell you that if everyone jumped off the bridge, were you so stupid to go with them? Well, sons, are you so stupid? Or is it that you shall play the man? Do you know why I am the one telling you today what your mothers told you yesterday? Because today, she is too damned fearful to tell you, you oh all man.

The devil has infiltrated the house, it is the time, the mother is beaten down by strangers and outsiders. She has fought her war, and will wake for no shouting no matter the words you use. As though she was but frozen, or not really here, because the devil that dragon has chased her with the child to her breaking point.

So thank you o all man GOD has reserved her safely in a spiritual state in heaven's keeping that when she is speaking now, it's not her, when she does things now it is not her. for the guard is not up, and the devil has her pinned.

See Moses' mother? Think her to want to flush her baby down the river? But yet, any man saying a woman flushed her baby down the sewage or put in a trash can, or aborted, will be charged with fault, is no righteous man of GOD, for it is not that she is at fault, she is scared and afraid, and all those god damned men in this nation or any other, is speaking evil words of pretended goodness that is but to eat up the widows house. Making men to be better mommas and not righteous fathers going before to keep her blameless as he did receive her.

Hear you o all you man, get to the guard for she is a ma, (Shema) and don't for one second tell your daughters she is less than the price THE LORD GOD THE ONE FATHER has set her as; Each one "The Pearl" worth all the world and all that is there in. Is it you men think to do even worse, that she is in sin. Hear you the truth, "SIN PASSED THROUGH HER." You men are in sin. You men sinned, you men may sin, but she is blameless, she is Jezebel the daughter of the oath. She is a blameless soul. She is paying her lifeblood on GOD's altar, living it out being judged already as we speak now, and this by GOD's DIVINE WORD from since before it began here in this flesh, it was in Eden with Eve. She is Eve each daughter a gate of New Jerusalem. She is each one a Jezebel the daughter of THE ONE FATHER by oath received.

All daughters are of as a piece of THE HOLY SPIRIT, each one they are wholly HOLY are they each one all one. And without this truth, this charge, you will not be Holy. As THE LORD says, "be you Holy for I THE LORD AM HOLY." and in another, "You will not see GOD without Holiness."

She will stand even if caught in the very act of adultery, while even Jesus Christ goes to her feet as dust. SHE WILL STAND. See the woman caught in adultery. See that Christ sends her out THE EXACT SAME THING THE FATHER THE LORD GOD IN EDEN DOES WITH EVE. "go and sin no more." Translation; BLOOD / BIRTHING PAINS AND SORROWS MUCH INCREASED AND TO YOUR HUSBAND HE WILL HAVE RULE OVER YOU.

Thus, Jesus does as he saw the Father do. Therefore, she stands because the father has already done it. She is already judged; she is now blameless. If you don't like the gift, you should not have presumed and eaten it, slaughtered it, f it while it bleeds out, have it face death, brought in a child, and then decided you will not go to death, like she already has done. And all this in GOD's HOLY NAME. And you claim you are with GOD. No freaking way, for it is not THE WAY! Not ever was the world not with ADAM and not with PHARAOH, and NOT with HEROD, and NOT WITH YOU. GOD THE FATHER IS EQUAL, he doesn't take a son, not any, they are begotten, they do his charge, his command, covering his daughters, to HIM HIS GLORY and HE WILL NOT SHARE HIS GLORY WITH ANY.

But if you keep your charge and obey his commands, statutes, and laws, you will be as Abraham. Nations will come from you, and your Sarahs, your Hagars even.

And see you hearing them that we hear here today and have heard most of all our lives. The men of such renown, they be giants, they be sons of GOD, they be Nephilim, the same as Noah's day, the same as sons of Kaine. For they judge daughters and mothers. See, in the adulterous woman's account, they all standing up toe to toe with her, encountered Jesus at her toes, and did not make it to her. Thus, she fell on Jesus; he never let her become dust but kept her the daughter of the king. Therefore, he goes to dust as told Adam; Jesus, the son of man, does as COMMANDED and told to man, thus dust. But she is Eve MOTHER to all living and the wife, the life. She sleeps, and Lazarus dies. The man is made to die, covering life, for all living things have a covering, and she is an eternal life, the fire of life. The wife.

Now, see them, from oldest to youngest; they go out, perishing, standing, not believing the first account of Eden going low to cover doing the FATHER'S BUSINESS. Then, every day, this happens: The Rapture, The end times are always, as it has always been. Then do your duty, cover your women, and stop playing Mothers as men; they need a father, not another mother. They need one father, you are to be that father, or is that men shall be so great as Nephilim by their works, idols, and education, that they shall be given more honor than the father. Do you not know, there is no honor in heaven, earth, hell or all the worlds that ever were, more in honor than that of the father. Yet what is that which we see today, Gentile court judges, nay, their pieces of paper in orders divorce & custody, even these things honored more than the father. Have you pondered life, the ways there of, and as to what kind of man this makes of sons. Sons who shall be NO LESS than sons, brothers, husbands, and most important, most estimable, most honored in all times at all places, FATHERS?

How do you know her works are perfect? We are all here, boys. Are we not all here, boys? Mother has made the boy and it's done, for we are here, GOD says so, by GOD she has done this. However o all you man, The God of your fathers makes the man, and no other but your GOD. Do not be as in Noah's day, where they had daughters. They always have daughters, and she is always Holy a good gift from THE LORD GOD made he her himself for you. But sadly, as Moses told us in Noah's day, they did not have that which GOD makes of men, save Noah. As Sarai becomes Sarah, they had, on that day, "NO-AH," NO AWE OF GOD THE FATHER, thus no honor for fathers, but much honor unto idols and the idol offices, established by your fathers, to administrate for THE HONOR OF FATHERS and not to the idols or the office itself. And this administrating all but to the defense of the daughters, the cause of justice itself.

Thus are wars, nations, ships, times, and events named after women only. Because then GOD may speak on it genuinely in truth. Men usually are given titles, not names, in scriptures when in negative accounts. Moses, especially with Moses, for he does not dishonor the fathers, so he just doesn't mention them, i.e., his father, which again proves my point; Moses didn't need a father momma; he was in need as all his people were; in need of a father. Not one to go to work, paying bills, but one to die at the gate to get in front, to be crucified, to take shoes off go before, as the priests over the Jordan. The Father, aka The Priest of his family, is always to be first in and always to be last out, while the mothers and kids are safely covered as the body, holy and perfect a good gift from THE FATHER THE MOST HIGH GOD.

It sucks, but if you have any love truly for your women, the gift from your GOD, you know as I do, so comfort yourselves; it is better you suffer in the shit than for your wife, your mom, your daughters. Better you ripped apart, mocked, scourged, slandered, and all the likes of hellish ignorant man and the devil within him may contrive. So if you are doing it already, MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU, for you are in honor amongst all fathers the same like you and all the angels and saints ever there was; you are the living of Christ, you are the one father, and may they honor you as such, your own family. But if you are already doing it, you know as well as I that your family may be the last on earth ever to do so. For you are to be tried, and GOD never hid this from you, then who is it you think GOD to use to try you?

It is your spouse of your youth, the mother to your kids, your wife. Your sons. If a Father, truly you must know he does not ask his wife and kids how to be a father to them. No man being husband can turn back to his wife, he must be to his husband The TRUTH, The Command, THE CHRIST, as a bride in order to be a husband. So ordained before the fall of Adam, and so proven ordained in Eden, with Christ at crucifixion, and resurrection. That is how to a husband, which is the father. The Father is to HIS GOD and HIS GOD ALONE; if you doubt this, my brother, FATHER, then look again to THE SON, for HE IS THE FATHER, and the hatred for the righteous son is only for the hatred of the righteous father. For the righteous father is proven, is manifested, in THE RIGHTEOUS SON, who does his will, his command, his charge, his law. Embrace the suck, you faithful, and keep giving glory to GOD, for he will bend their necks and he will smash their face prostrate to worship at your feet, for you will be worthy for him to do so to them, and you will sit on his throne the same that Jesus sits on HIS father's throne. For you would suffer dying for yours, as ThE FATHER and THE SON would and does do for theirs.

If You are not doing it, I pray you will believe. That is, believe the name you invoked, the oath you took, the mother who suffered to bring you into this world, the blood and word and sweat and tears and labors of your faithful fathers before you, for he is THE LORD GOD, THE LORD GOD of your fathers. And that chain, that link of which you are called to carry as a torch to your sons, is hellish, god damned blessedly heavy and depressing in this world often, but brothers, sons, fathers, it is worth it. For look about you, all you have is by it. So bear that shit, that crown of thorns, like a man, and suck it up, shout it out, ABBA FATHER. and tell of their lives, not being men, but playing mothers, as men, as fathers.

And if you never do it, never do repent; I pray to GOD he hurries your ass to hell, that before you swear to another daughter before you send another daughter to the hellish crucifixion of birthing children, then told she is not good enough before you spread another daughters legs and take her gift of virginity only to cast her out as a whore and no good as you reach with your other hand to take another one daughter.

I pray he rushes you so god damned fast your own mother doesn't grieve your passing to hell, so fast that she does not recognize you have robbed her of RE-JOYCING in heaven with the other mothers, over their sons who made it. Though she shall RE-JOYCE, for she like all daughters will be counted our mother, like to the olive trees, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH OLIVE, but makes little olive oil. So, to the mothers of the living, all their blood and suffering will be accounted for in the birthing of all the sons that are reborn.

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THE ONE FATHER LORD GOD made man and put him at the east of the garden, then THE LORD GOD formed the man, blew life/breathe into his nostrils, then THE LORD GOD commanded the man. This is in Gen 2:16-


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