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They pick on Bible doing worse than Egypt exo 5

First off women are not made to stand when men enter the room the man is to be the head over the woman, thus if she stands so do the men so that she's not picked off or singled out. For a woman is standing shouldn't the men. Of course.

Numbers 22:27 you and your Chief of staff though imaginary have just beat the woman, aka your She ass, and I'm most assured that if you had a sword you would have slain her, like Balam.

However though the she ass in numbers only had it half right, saying the angel of the Lord would have slain us, but the angel of the Lord said I would have slain you and kept her alive.

Because the woman is not to stand, thus she falls under Balaam, and men are called to rise for GOD, not presidents, and not judges, but for GOD.

Now to destroy ignorance, u thot it was such a good meeting to beat on a woman, let less than an angel from the Lord correct you with the word.

You should have finished the Exodus quote of selling your daughter, as it goes on to say in 21:18 if she please not her master who has betrothed her to himself then shall he let her be redeemed to sell her to a strange Nation, he shall have no power, seeing his dealt deceitfully with her.

+But he bought her he didn't betrothe her, nay this is Israel, they claim to be with God and therefore every man holdeth the words of THE FATHER. And therefore the men purchasing the daughter is to be a father to the daughter. Also many fathers sell their daughter to get a better life. Especially when they are men of understanding sold too, it's a weighty matter as Laban did for his daughters.

Exodus 21:9 if that man decides to betrothe her to his son then he shall deal with her after the manner of daughters.

Here comes the kicker kicking all you ignorantment out, kicking out all men with no understanding

Exodus 21:10 if he take another wife, her food, and her payment, and her duty of marriage shall not be diminished.

Oh Mr President how many women, daughters, in your country are diminished, even so much the women have their children taken, given by GOD they die shedding blood to bring in.

Hence the Exodus account reads they shall have no power. For all daughters are given by one father. And any man that thinks that she is not worth keeping that she is not pleasing as Exodus 21:8 States then they shall have no power for they took the daughter of the king Psalm 45 and every one of female pays their warfare x2 vis blood Isaiah 40:1,- 3.

And that again is why they don't stand. Also why the word lay, Le, la, I mean ancient and held. For the women lay down, the men are made to stand. It's also why the she ass falls under Balaam in Numbers 22. And it's also why the angel will slay them and the women will go home.

As far as your sports fans, a bunch of men playing men and talking playing games, is a God damned atrocious thing, anyways how much more when you have fans of it by the drove as prisons go up and your daughters are robbed of their children.

God must truly have foresight. For your sack your own women to take the children in which God gave them and they bore in birthing pains of blood for God has confirmed the authority of the mothers over the Sons.

And the swine divide the hoof that is they know where to stand parting hoof, save they don't chew the cud, that is they don't understand. Parting hoof with spouse wife kids mom's oaths, and such.

Such as for the future of the children they stand against the mothers, to take their children away, and therefore you shall not eat their adulterous words, therefore you shall not touch their walking dead bodies.

For they like pigs would swallow holy things like taking in the daughter just like the man in Exodus 21:7 but if you read on through 21/8 he will have no power if he find her not pleasing. Meaning it's in his power to make her pleasing and therefore if he do not make the father's daughters pleasing, than he will have no power, for he is but a pig that will part hoof from even the women who all shed blood for their Nation.

But men that play pigskin games care not for the blood nor for them on the wal,l nor for their mothers, nor for the holy wor,d or the vows, in which they devour like a pig, then trample your pearls=women and then they turn to kill you.

As far as the chief of staff Leo McCurry Leo meaning lion Carrie means to carry and Mc means son, so the lion of the Son that carries, he is staffless without commands of GOD. .

For if he knew anything he would know that the Sabbath and the rest of the Lord, is the trust in God, as on all of our US currency in this country, and all of our fathers held the seventh day Friday night until sundown Saturday, and then they would do church on Sunday.

but they believed in the word of God and their fathers that were faithful but like drunken fools men now enter into the kingdom to drink from the golden vessels of the Lord to make idol fires to burn their children in playing pigskin games as prisons increase.

And the writing is on the wall even on daytime TV. Tell you a vision, I shall like every other Kingdom before you you're drunk off the blood of adultery, the enslavement of your children, and the pigskin God damned games, when you have a duty as a man to safeguard the family, and the daughters, and keep the commands of God,

And as any believer in God knows fear in God brings love, for the love of God is obedience to the commands, for they are are a resting, as it says of the Sabbath in Exodus 35:2. And anyone that will not keep the Sabbath will only work 7 days to gain for themselves thinking nothing of the future, therefore they will be pigs, to devour all things and find nothing holy such as their wife or their children, or their freedom or the Bill of Rights with the ten commands.

even the truth they will throw down as though it was nothing yet it was everything. And your father's already have gathered together to burn your mother for sowing two garments which represent the family lineage of the men, fidelity, but two is adulter.

thus the woman with blood, only births of lying sons of adultery, blood of menstrual, blood of prisons, had to touch only Jesus garment. thus you cannot sow a new patch to an old garment or it will rip tear.

this is of course divorce and custody where the men curse their kids toads in die forced witchcraft because they would not be men to defend their mothers.

therefore the woman is the city the woman is the town and wthe men grow up to be Giants to overrule that wisdom from God which is all good to all kids, family and mankind. Mom has authority over kids.

See then therefore you've already gathered to burn your women as witches, save game playing so called law abiding men are the witches, this to all of your mothers. All men until you are reborn, and you must needs be reborn.

e you can continue to gather to help your brother John which by the way means Grace from God a gift marriage the women, so ironic how he knows everybody in their pretend s*** with his own wisdom and they curse themselves for your brother John has sown in one field two different crops then he does adultery and counts the women of no value just like the men from Exodus 21: 8

This all means in biblical times when they sold their daughters they actually sold them for a valuable price and to men of understanding, and today you sell them as whores, cheaply without understanding,

Hosea 413-14 you make whores of your mothers and daughters and God shall not punish them because you are cheaper whores men, to sell them as whores without understanding and a people without understanding shall certainly fall.


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