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they say GOD is trans??

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the only people Jesus spits in the face of are them that he gives sight too, that is in the dirt then makes it clay, to show that man is dust, that is THE LORD GOD called man dust and Eve is life,


if you hate gay marriage, then make men that die for their wife like the wife dies for the man inside the house,

you want men to be men, then teach them to be men, that is what man is made for the daily sacrifice of the blood at the door, hence pick up your ctross and follow me, the blood of the men, aka the lamb at the door post, because GOD is equal, GOD sheds the blood of the women in the house, men are to offer theirs in defense, why Christ lost not one GOD gave him, save the son of perdition. son,

hence Adam is dust, and Eve is life,


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