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They say Muslims don't get it, as they don't use Jesus' WORD but profess Jesus, Thus they are wrong.

In This video, the spokesman says,

"This guy destroys this Muslims' objections, watch this." & "Jesus is calling himself GOD." & you honor GOD by bowing down and worshipping him"

"This guy destroys this Muslims' objections, watch this." No he does not. This man doesn't even know what he is saying. Save how you honor the son you honor the father. what that means is in order to be a son, you must keep command of the father, thus you would the son, obey his word the same. I have this covered in "IN GOD'S STEAD" in themes on the website, all free access for all.

& "Jesus is calling himself GOD." Jesus Never calls himself GOD; that would be a bit off, thus he doesn't do it; being in the flesh would make him a liar, for man is mortal. But that is how we know he is the Messiah, the voice of THE CREATOR, the FATHER, THE one. for if he had called himself, GOD it would be in contrary to scriptures, for man being mortal, must die, GOD does not die, he is immortal. But this is why the devils love that crappy theology, cause all the kids, see the ignorance of hypocrisy, they are as bill daddies giving your sons a mortal fleshly god to kill it, to kill their faith.

& you honor GOD by bowing down and worshipping him"

you HONOR GOD by keeping his command, not by kissing his ass. He is not entreated by your many words as it reads. You will obey with life offering of your blood men, or you will not even see or know GOD. If he was not entreated by Adam, you think THE FATHER to be entreated by you.

and you do worship him; he is the truth, our husbandman, and all brides should worship their husband. Go now and see a young wife, to her husband. Nothing will prevent her; she is in it all the way; GOD wants that as a man from us, to THE COMMAND, the truth, to our Husband.

In the way you use GOD, as the creator, it can not be in Jesus this, as it reads, "Not all things can be in man, for man is not immortal.

           Thus, Jesus, having died, proves you are wrong there, but worse, Jesus' word proves you are wrong in the way you say it, Jesus telling you THE FATHER IS GREATER, that is if you believe. Do you believe it?

          Now, THE TRUTH, THE COMMAND, is man's husbandman, for that is the first thing man receives after being made, THE COMMAND, to choose freely (Gen 2:16).

           Now, God spoke that word; the voice is all you know of God, for he is invisible and has no image.

           Jesus is that word, made incarnate, the husbandman, the word, the command come low to get us, to be our husband and cover us.

             All GODLY brides are blameless before GOD, and Hiim is the father who gives to every bride.

            Now, if we are given the command, then it is the command we are given too.

            Thus, we are brought forth last after all creation to rule over it under THE LORD GOD, that is, by his voice and his command.

             But wait up, we are not the last; she is THE WOMAN, but she is given to her husband, a man.

              Now, is it that she is to rule being last? No, but she is the crowning gift,

The same we are to the Christ the command.

               Thus, He came to be our husbandman, and we are to be hers.

           Now read Psalm 45 and look all through it again, THE HUSBAND is THE LORD GOD to his wife, as it reads Psalm 45, and the wives should worship him as such.

             Thus are we to believe in Christ, the word of God; that is, he is invisible, just like his father.

               So then you'll need to be him in his stead.

No man can hear God's word and say it isn't God; it never moves.

        Thus, Moses is called God by THE LORD himself. That isn't done for Jesus, but it need not be; he is the voice made flesh but is risen, only here like he always was, invisible truth, proper word, aka the command, the law of THE LORD Psalm(Psalm 119:142), the only way to GOD, our husbandman the way the life, the only. Thus do Moses and Elijah/John The Baptist at the Mount of Transfiguration before the crucifixion and resurrection. Therefore, they got there how you will, by the truth.

Oh, and clearly, he did not destroy the Muslim; stop that petty shit. You say things you know not.

         And Moses calls himself GOD, for THE LORD called him GOD, but Moses wrote it, and it was about Moses, though THE LORD.

        And as Jesus says, "You shall sit on THE THRONE OF MY FATHER, as I SIT ON THE THRONE OF MY FATHER."

All men are elected to be GOD in HIS stead.

          And you HONOR GOD, not by worship, that is a form of prayer; you honor him BY OBEYING HIS WORD, HIS COMMAND. How do I know this? GOD says it. If I am a father, then where is your obedience and my honor as a father.

        Thus if you follow Jesus, STOP ADDING TO JESUS's words; the first command is now 3:1 serpentine Gen 3:1, 666=3n1 60+60+60=180* 🔺 a triangle, aka 180 flips a bitch, about-face, from ONE GOD in HIS WORD HIS COMMAND to your opinions.

       DID not Jesus tell you," THE FATHER IS GREATER THAN I. I tell you this that you may believe." DO YOU BELIEVE IN JESUS OR NOT?

          To make a son equal as one with the father, you are trying to make two in one, of three, is to say the son goes to his father's couch to have his wife, Gen 49 & 1Cor5 it's a GOD damned insult.

            YOU HONOR GOD BY KEEPING HIS WORD, HIS COMMAND; this ain't hard.

                 The commandments are the righteousness that Jesus will render to every man, that is, if you keep and repent. It's a choosing a rest, a trust not a work of yours but of GOD's: " If only they would enter into MY REST, SAYS THE LORD, then I would save them." Don't steal, don't lie. See, it is a choice a rest, GOD's righteousness you put on as the garments of praise.



          That is the heart of GOD poured out; see how GOD was before he spoke. Thus, when I make a beginning, I also make an end.

          Thus, the Quran is correct when it says that ALLAH never took a son. That would be unfair.

           True, but THE LORD does beget a son. That is, the son chooses to believe that word before he ever even existed, long ago. Then the man marries it, being its bride, and the bride is the husband. They are one and not two. Thus, he was begotten by the word, the command.

         Now do you also see that GOD takes no brides, none but ONE, the begotten of begotten, the holy Spirit wisdom, is the only wife of GOD?

Now, if we are God's bride, it must be the son, not the father, creator, but HIS WORD, because nothing can be the creator. The closest we get is his holy spirit's wisdom and the word, the son of Father and wisdom, thus the word of God.

           And GOD's words never change, which means if you do it and choose it, you are GOD to all those not in it; until they are, you are both in GOD's stead. The same is true for Jesus, John, Moses, Abraham, and all who do the command word of GOD; it is never changing and eternally constant.

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